Kitty Instead Of Cat, How About That?

You knew there was a post about me in some form or another coming for the A to Z. I could use a number of letters it seems, as there are many ways to say cat on ones stream. But the cat went with K again. Maybe next year I'll change it at my den. But you know thanks to you guys, I missed the bed as I give my rhyming cries.

See what I mean?
I only get a crummy blanket at our scene.

I tried the rolly chair.
But all that does is show me off with flair.

Next the butt pillow of Pat,
His impression leaves that rather flat.

So the fight was on. 
I figured I'd distract Cassie with some baking soda at dawn.

 Yeah she ate it up fast,
It was now I add to employ that other cast.

Prissy kitty one just stood there,
He was no help at all at that other lair.

The old grumpy gal,
Was not in the mood to be a pal.

And this other black thing,
Kept giving a purring ring.

He was as creepy as can be,
Doing nothing but stare at me.

Of course the biggest poser of all,
Never leaves that spot at the other hall.

So I had to employ some bait.
A hotdog served up on a plate. 

A dog who thinks it is a cat,
That had to distract her at the other mat.

 But nothing worked at all,
Until the big moose gave his call.

 That sure got Cassie's attention,
And she ran away like she was about to get detention.

 Ahhhh, success.
But after all of that I have to confess.

This is a much more comfortable spot.
Still I had to prove Cassie would lose with my plot.

Yeah, even employed dogs at my sea. They are good for something here and there between peeing on a tree. And never fear, I gave those posing kitties fear. I swatted them upside the head for not helping me get my bed. Now there was my kitty adventure for today, back to lounging about my bay. I don't care if I have any class. I just enjoy being a little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. That's just what I needed this morning. Pictures of dogs and cats combined with rhymes!

    1. Rock,
      See what happens when you don't even try
      Your are #1

      Ya gotta down that O.J. faster and run.

    2. Glad I could give you what you need
      Here at my feed
      And number one without even trying
      Leaving one or two crying haha

    3. Play on words there
      At my lair

  2. Aww, they're all cute as can be, and they look very happy and spoiled...which is a good thing. :)

    1. Yeah each and every one
      Is spoiled under our sun

  3. You won in the end that is all that matters

    1. The cat always wins the day
      Chasing Cassie away

  4. Every time I see someone with a furry pet I get sad since I'm not allowed one, ever.

  5. I like this jungle better than the last,
    That Kitty is pretty and oh so fast.
    Dogs make and appearance here too at last,
    Glad you added them to this four legged cast.

    1. Yeah this jungle is better, I agree
      The other can be more scary
      And yeah a mutt or three
      Is shown off by me

  6. I thought they were all you had a shelter or just loved animals...including cats!

    1. haha nope no way are they all mine
      Two cats is enough, no need for nine

  7. Orlin's friends were a great big distraction
    Cassie may have a similar reaction
    He gave out the word
    Though it may sound absurd
    The bed is mine, think it fine, or I'll zap you to a fraction

    1. Going all limerick today
      Here at my bay
      And Orlin does thing he is king
      But really he hates all the other cats at nanny's wing

  8. ha. my cat hogs the bed,
    that said she does wait til we vacate in the morning now
    so she can stretch out and lie about...
    but nice trick,
    slick in how you proved cassie could lose the spot
    bet she watches next time you take a shot

    1. Yeah she'll be on her guard
      The next time we visit that other yard
      When the humans vacate it is grand
      To hog the bed across the land

  9. Wow that is one grump looking cat
    I would not want to be near that if I was a rat
    Cassie is quite a beautiful feline
    Do you feed her Fancy Feast since she's so divine?

    1. Yeah she is one grumpy gal
      No one is her pal
      Likes to be left alone
      And will give off quite the hissing tone
      She knows it too
      But no Fancy Feast can come due
      With her allergy crap
      Went food isn't like by either much though at our lap

  10. That hot dog is cute as can be
    Sure wish I had one at my sea.

    1. He is one big sook too
      The bites his tail, it is true

    2. The cat bites his tale
      That was a fail

  11. Aww the world of pets. They have way too much time on their...paws.

    Very entertaining.

    1. That they surely do
      As they run around each zoo

  12. The 'biggest poser'-
    my favorite after
    Orlin of course,
    and Cassie -
    the Queen

  13. There is a whole lot of comfy going on!

  14. Hotdog doggies are 'way' good for somethin'
    like keeping the kitties out of your pumpkin
    patch when growing the biggest in the nation
    but alas Howard Dill had that frustration
    So letting the kitties assume their position
    comfy and cuddled without competition.

    1. Yeah they can have their say
      And be helpful in a way
      But the kitties will still come to play
      And find a way around such a canine display

  15. Um, how many pets do you have, dude?

  16. Oh I like the "kitty" way, of saying "CAT." :-)

  17. These photos are amazing Pat, love when you do posts about your cats, none of them are prats! Haha that rhymes lame but the cuteness game has put good rhymes out of the frame. There's c for cat, f for feline and p for pussy but good to see you just k like last year, it was reliable and induced no fear. Haha enough of the poor rhymes, great post buddy.

    1. Yeah pussy just sounds dirty
      And wouldn't want the search engine freaks to get flirty
      So kitty it will be
      With many on display at my sea

  18. Loved the reclining on the bed pose, Pat. I don't know what it is about cats and dogs...but the human bed seems to be their favorite spot to lounge. And they think they OWN it! I have to keep the bedroom door closed during the day, as there are plenty of other places for the dogs to recline!

    1. Yeah they seem to think it is their no matter what
      Then again they do rule the hut
      They would scratch at the door
      If I kept it closed at my shore

  19. Fun post, fun blog, just good fun! Thanks for visiting Zoe Cottage! Happy K day!

  20. your rhyming ass is always fun../
    and kitty or cat.. you can make us laugh both ways :P
    loved that awesome combo of your verses and those pics :D

    1. Glad it was grand
      Here in my land
      Whether kitty or cat
      Can have fun at my mat

  21. You've amassed a fine kitty team!
    I have two kitties, one likes to scheme.
    She claws and she bites and refuses to straighten.
    Her name is LucyFur 'cause she pounces like Satan.

    ~VR Barkowski

    1. haha must cause Hell
      Where you dwell
      As she schemes away
      Night and day

  22. This is a wonderful post,
    and you are an amazing rhyming host.
    With super fun photos too
    --I always love to visit YOU!

    jean xox

  23. All I could do when I looked at those pictures was wonder how much pet hair was going to be on everything.

    Must be fun vacuuming it all up. :P

    1. haha bah I don't bother with that
      As they don't leave much at my mat

  24. Cassie ate baking soda? OMG. Did she get sick?

    1. haha nope not sick at all
      Then she did just lick it once and take off down the hall
      But that didn't have the same ring
      For the story I bring

  25. dood...ewe noe.... with de mega millionz yur dad makes frum book sales ya think him wood be kind enuff ta buy each oh ewe a king sized mattress, several sofas, a few ree clinerz chairs N while we R at it a 2013 FURRareez for ewe red for cassie...ore other colors if ya want.....

    just saying

    hope everee one haza grate week oh end !

    1. haha if only that were the case
      Then we'd have such things all over the place

  26. I used to breed Bouvier De Flanders and Miniature Schnauzers. Now, since we travel a lot, I don't have any animals. Kind of miss them.... but because of all I am going through, I am glad I don't have them.

    1. Yeah the cat isn't happy with all my crap
      Since I can't take a lap
      Dogs would be even worse
      They would surely curse

  27. Cats KNOW they own all in their kingdom. Be glad they let you live, Pat.

  28. I am glad to see that it's not just dogs that have to trick each other to get their beds back. My dogs take a more aggressive approach. They will sit on the offending bed thief's head until it can no longer breath and is forced to get up.

    1. haha that is a more aggressive way
      Gasping for air at your bay

  29. Ah yes I see
    You do the alternative A to Zee, (or Zed instead)
    The cat and the dog
    Do a good blog
    Of course I'm a superstar
    Just staying modest from afar

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!
    Z to A Ha! Ha!

    1. Zed of Zee
      Goes that way for me
      Maybe next year I'll copy you
      And do it backwards too

  30. That was one grumpy cat

    more scary than that.

  31. The biggest poser is a beauty, and
    The hot dog is a cutie


  32. The cats though look so well rested and fed ~

    Enjoyed this one Pat, specially the last picture ~

    1. Yeah they are rather large
      Most at that other barge

  33. Those are such cute pictures, especially of the dog, who thinks he's a cat.

    1. Yeah that one climbed away
      To look out across the bay

  34. What kind of cat is that spotted one??

    1. He's a Savannah cat
      Breed with a Serval at ones mat

  35. Great pictures!

    That is definitely a bit of an evil look coming from the cat beneath the chair . . .

    1. hahaha yeah he is stalker like
      Waiting for a moment to strike

  36. Calling a 'cat' a 'kitty'?
    That sounds kinda wussy.
    But not as shitty
    as calling it a 'pussy.'

    1. But I already had F and C
      So it was either kitty or pussy

    2. The letters are fussy.
      Oh, ain't that the way?
      You could use 'P' for 'pussy.'
      Or use that ole 'K.'

    3. A fussy pussy could also have be done
      That might have been fun

  37. I see when I am a way the cat does play
    so much animal fun, by the ton
    hey what can I say these cats
    are here to stay at your bay..

    PS..I like pic number 10 it reminds me of cat
    I had growing up..his name was Pepi he thought
    he was french..Bonjour my friend..

    1. This guy isn't french at the other show
      But he sure thinks he is the king until I go
      And play we do
      Here at our zoo

  38. Love the kitty and puppy show. (:
    It's almost 2am here, so I'm fresh out of rhyme,
    sorry but I'd rather be drinking Corona with lime

  39. Did the two other dogs
    belong to the siblings at that other slog?
    Or did nanny replace the two
    kitties with the canine crew?

    Pretty cat with the blue eyes there
    I would love one like that at my lair!

    Orlin has such pretty markings
    and Cassie is, as always, just darling!

    The cats here fight over who gets to sleep
    on a red pillow that my desk does keep!

    And look at us thinking the same!
    Those who love cats are never lame!

    1. Yeah the same one indeed
      At each others feed
      And the canine crew
      Were past ones at the other zoo
      The blue eyed one is one great cat
      I'd take him no problem at my mat
      And yeah the two are sucks ups
      As they pose better than pups

    2. You need to get Nanny a canary of yellow
      That first cat is a dead ringer for that Sylvester fellow!

    3. Yeah he is pretty much a dead ringer
      And quite the clinger

    4. Orlin has some really long whiskers! That photo of him on the bed really shows them off... if I click on it and make it larger.

      Cat's look so long when stretched out like that.
      I always laugh when jack does that at my mat.

      yeah, only half of this rhymes..
      just to give your ocd some chimes.

    5. haha a half rhyme is a cheat
      Here at my street
      And yeah they are long
      Loses them here and there as he sings his song
      And they do look really large
      Plus they always like to be in charge

  40. I loved the pictures. They are all adorable.

    Dark Thoughts Blog

  41. Some of these cats are cute
    But others are quite brute
    With a look so scary
    Even the dog is leery
    Don't mess with cats at your bay
    If you want to have a nice day :)


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