Some dVerse Head, That's What I Said!

Oh the dVerse thoughts that come to your mind as you read the title from my little rhyming behind. But I won't make you stutter as you're the one who went to the gutter. Either way for H we will explore all the previous headers at my bay. For they can sure be quite the display and some may not have seen or forgotten as well. Plus the bush with the tush is back to cause hell.

Took up tons of room.
Which caused some scrolling doom.
But the earth wast controlled by the feline,
With a hat that looked divine.

Also actually looked like Pat,
Unlike the rest at our mat.
Just look at Cassie cat,
Thinking I'm crazy and all of that.

I still rule all,
Staring you down with glowing eyes at our hall.
Cassie still thinks I'm nuts,
Even a bush that gives people the butts.

Yep, it moons away,
To all on display.
Pat is all Star Trek looking too.
Who knew?

A bigger bush with a tush,
Probably makes it easier to push.
Plus the cat is still king,
Here at his wing.

Tons of litterbox sand too,
Can automatically use the loo.
And that suck up Cassie,
I hope Pat gets gassy.

Then comes the one above,
Which gets lots of love.
One of the favorites at my sea,
But all are liked by me.

For I'm a superhero cat,
Ruling the world and all of that.
No more suck up Cassie cat,
But then there is pink Pat.

I suppose it could be worse.
Pat could look all perverse.
Just have a gander below,
Bad choice of words, I know.

And this one is new,
I had done up for my zoo.
Haven't used it yet,
Does it make me look like a cocky pet?

There we go. I think I have once more scared all enough at my show. But it was truly dVerse and a bit perverse. As I always say, TMI is never at play at my bay. So make your header grand, make your header fun. Go out and moon the sun, it might impress someone. That is the end of my H sass with all the headers containing my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. My journey wears her running shoes
      Even to bed so she won't lose
      Hanks prob splashing in the ocean
      Using up tons of oil and lotion

    2. LOL Congratulations
      Now you and John can fight it out
      For #1 who has the clout

    3. Trying to be Hank
      As he's off floating in some ocean tank
      Soaking in the sun
      As away the two of you run
      All for number one
      Fun to see under my sun

  2. Oh I remember them, especially the zebra one! I like the last one, a bit like a sphinx eh, speaking in riddles and all.

    1. Yeah all riddles with no reason
      Plus no one commits treason

  3. Yep, I like the one above, that gets lots of love. They are all pretty cool though!

    1. Glad they are cool
      As they show off the rhyming fool

  4. Some fine headers for sure, although forgo the 2nd last one, might scare people away

    1. I had to go look again, lololololololol

    2. LOL escaped some the first time
      But not you with Pat's eye crime

  5. These are great, my fave is the cozy family scene, but they're all good work.

    1. The cozy family one is grand
      Except Pat looks like he is from star trek land

  6. ha i rather like the new one, you in the sun, the bush showing a camel bun, not cocky surely, and glad you skipped the perverse one as it makes you look a bit girly

    1. haha that it does
      Would get quite the buzz
      And will have to give the new one a go
      Some day soon at my show

  7. Ya, the perverse one is 'for the birds,'
    but it might attract some herds
    Better to have a happy family show
    where eyes don't have to be kept in tow!

    1. Yeah it could attract the nuts
      Who really sniff butts
      And yeah happy and family it may seem
      But the cat goes down a whole other stream

  8. No wonder, Cat, you look so proud
    In header with no one allowed
    To share your sand in the big box
    Not even Gus the neighbor fox
    When you expose your little bum
    Don't get burned from the scorching sun

    1. Yeah taking the ego to new heights
      Under those desert nights
      And lots of place to go
      Should the cat need to at his show
      I'll hide under the camel for shade
      So my but will never burn and fade

  9. It's fun to see what's been on your page,
    Some of those headers must have been all the rage.
    I like the idea of the cat center stage,
    Looking all wise and if she's a sage.

    1. Yeah center stage
      Is all the rage
      Here at our page
      As the cat likes to be free of any cage

  10. My son is four,
    The top header he adored
    And you in Zebra stripes . . .

    1. Yeah the top one is grand
      Just way too big in my land
      And the zebra thing kind of stuck
      After I gave it a cluck

  11. Hello, blog hopping and I found you here.
    Enjoyed the post very much.


  12. Wow! I have been following you a long time!
    Reading each and every rhyme
    Admiring what you have up at the top
    and never seeing one that's a flop
    Even when it's been Orlin up there
    He gives the page a bit of flair
    Although Cassie much more worthy
    And she's header deservey

    1. Not one a flop
      Try and make things fun up top
      And show the cat off with glee
      AS he thinks he is better than Cassie
      We'll just let him believe that
      Here at my mat

    2. The cat is so full of himself but it's all just poop!

    3. Have to save some for pringle cans
      To chuck at unwanted fans

  13. My favorite is the first one
    The cats hugging the earth and hiding it from the sun

  14. What can I say?
    You're beginning to make my day!

    jean A to Z

    1. Glad your day I can make
      With the rhymes I bake

  15. Ha, this was pretty cool
    Sharing headers unseen by this fool
    All the different perches for a cat
    To drag along human Pat

    1. And drag along he does
      Sometimes just because

  16. Great idea -- all your headers. I like all of your headers and wouldn't be able to choose, if you made me. So don't. Make me.

  17. Fun to see your creative flair
    Most before I found your lair!

    A glimpse into the future too
    An Eyptian feel to grace your zoo!

    1. Yeah the cat will go
      All egyptian on day at his show
      At least until another idea comes
      As he still rhymes and flaps his gums

  18. Replies
    1. The first two are grand
      More homey in my land

  19. Those are great. Loved all of them.

  20. Did you grow breasts in the purple suit or just bigger pecks from serious gym workouts? Either way, I dig it.

    1. haha some man boobs either way
      Glad they didn't scare you from my bay

  21. Well I have seen them all ~ It's nice to switch it up, like a seasonal thing ~ I am fine with the one now but I do like that warmth in the fireplace ~

    Have a good day Pat ~

    1. Yeah the fire place is cozy indeed
      And you have seen them all as you've been here a while at my feed

  22. The first one is best. Cats dominate the world and the sun. The rest of us are merely their slaves.

    1. That is very true
      But the first is so damn big in its view

  23. headers, all of them...and now if you would excuse me..i go and moon the sun...smiles

    1. haha may give the sun a smile
      Sure it wouldn't find a moon vile

  24. I admire
    the peaceful scene by the fire,
    while the last pic
    says you got conflict
    and must attack
    an invisible hack

    but assume - better to have real sword
    as a bonus to golden word...

    1. Yeah the pen may have might
      But the pointy sword can help win a fight

  25. orlin n cassie....all of em rock but next ta de beach deesign we gotta go with de library deesign... coz ya noe next ta lunch brake in skewl, spellin wuz R best subject !!

    1. The library is surely a good one
      But then you can't dig where you want and go like under the sun

  26. Maybe since I'm new around here, I am liking the current one the best. However, the 1st one is another close favorite!

    1. All have a place
      That the cat likes to embrace

  27. Always fun to see your headers. Not sure about the one with the zebra thingy, though. ;)

    1. haha yeah that one is hidden away
      Only comes out today at my bay

  28. This is cool :) You are awesome!

    1. Awesome and cool work for me
      Here at my sea

  29. Yes, you look like a cocky pussy on that head.

    Oops, I meant that as an innocent response to the kitty's question. Really. Or did I?


  30. That perverse one is just gross!
    All the nice people would leave you, the host!
    And you'd be left with the weird search folks
    and that would be a really bad joke!
    My favorite is the library
    but the new one I really want to see!

    1. LOL bah if I can survive zombie feet
      I'm sure that won't lead to my defeat
      But yeah the search engines nuts
      Will sure be out and about from their huts

  31. who knew, indeed
    that Star Treck would be
    so very popular!

  32. I love seeing your different headers all in one place. The library one is my favorite--though the space-themed one you have up now is awesome!

    1. Is fun seeing them all in one place
      And yeah the library one has such an embrace

  33. Some of those images remind me of this old gray cat that used to loiter around my parents' house years ago. We started feeding it, and then it sort of became "our cat" until it passed away from old age.

  34. Such a great look at the past.
    Man, what a blast!

  35. Won't let my cats see your post,
    because they'll expect their host—that's me—
    to treat them the same and feature their game on my blog, and that just cannot be.

    ~VR Barkowski

    1. haha the cats here rule
      Pat if the fool
      For letting it so
      But away they go

  36. We remember some of those headers! The kitties always look great (especially on top of the world), as does Pat, in most of them. There IS the current one which makes him look like he needs to visit the gym, but we are sure that isn't the case.

    1. haha yeah there is that
      Prob some truth to it at our mat
      Yet can't go
      Oh well at least the kitties can show

  37. Enjoyed this story, Mr. Hatt
    about you and your lovely cats!
    I own two indoor cats, you see,
    Ragamuffin and Yoshi
    And two ferals we feed outside too
    Spooky and Toffee, that's our zoo!

    1. A nice zoo to have indeed
      There at your feed
      And named after Mario world too
      That is fun to come due

  38. All great headers, what a show
    Most of them, I didn't know
    I only became a fan this year
    Bringing you even more cheer
    No header over at my place
    Just flowers behind my face
    Flower power :)

    1. Yeah they come and go
      As I change them at my show
      And flower power is fine
      Except they would be eaten by a feline

  39. I am a massive fan said Stan (Lee) to Super Zebra Pat-man:
    I have a plan, lets head to Cannes and go on a Rhyming spree!
    You and me, and bring your fury pussy -

    Party! party!

    1. hahaha there you go
      We'd be the talk of the show
      And scare all away
      With such a display

  40. I remember them all

    what a call

  41. The re-make with Pat looking all sexed up made me laugh so much even though I really don't know which one I prefer. The one when I first started reading was just awesome but it's not like anything after that disappointed so it's quite a hard choice to be honest.

    1. haha yeah is a bit dirty but fun
      And I enjoy each one under my sun

  42. Heeheehee - my fav is Star Trek in the library! (Is that like Colonel Mustard in the library with the candlestick?)

    1. haha you know that could work
      At least made me smirk

  43. I have my favorite Cat/Pat I love you in the Library is really special!

    1. That on is grand
      If only Pat didn't look lie he was from star trek land

  44. really? star trek land? anyway love it!

  45. Just how big are your cats Patt?
    In some they appear as god like, dominating the earth, in others they are big as a pyramid. I know cats were worshiped in some Egyptian cultures, lots of cultures engaged in animal spirit worship. And you need lots of spirits to think a cat is a god, preferably the fifty proof variety. Though i could agree cats act like they are gods most of the time.


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