Time To Make My Own. Maybe Spielberg Will Phone!

So the cat and Pat always go on about movies at our mat. But we have never made one up yet. So that just has to be done by this pet. Now this is the full layout of what would come about as for M I give a new type of movie shout.

They were tired of their life.
From second grade they were caused strife.
Called all kinds of names,
And always left out of sports games.

But when he showed up it was the last straw.
It was time they exploited their so called flaw.
They now had a mission,
For he never should have stood over them granting admission.

The leader of the bunch,
Is ready to make some balls crunch.
He can also delve into strange lands,
From cartoon to videogame stands.

Next up is the brains of the bunch,
He always serves them lunch.
A real Reniassance Man,
Of the sun he is also a fan.

Then there is the Doc.
He heals them when pleted by a rock.
But now he wants to MASH,
And join in on the clash.

Then there is him,
Whenever things are grim,
He just puts on a show about nothing at all.
He still claims he was in the pool when caught in the shower stall.

Finally the mouthpiece of the group.
He hates drive thrus and their goop.
Also can be found Gone Fishin' too.
Plus he hangs out with the "I'm too old for this shit" crew.

Together they will take the titan down.
They are determined to make him frown.
Don't miss them coming to a theater near you,
For when "Short Bald Guys Attack" is surely worth a view.

Now don't you all want to see how the titan falls to the shrimpy? Could be quite the show. A short bald guy team up is overdue don't you know. Would surely give The Expendables a run for their money and could be kind of funny. It will soon be sent out in mass all thanks to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. That could actually work really well, number one too?

  2. I'm not gonna lie, I tried enlarging the pic of the dude in the speedo just to see his package. I'm such a perv!!!!!

    1. I had to scroll really quickly, just as I enlarged my boss walked past...

    2. hahaha such a perv indeed
      But oh well, at least you got a thrill at my feed

      haha that would be something you want to avoid
      With a boss around you have to be paranoid

    3. Poke the Rock
      Bosses tend to take a scorn
      When they think you look at porn

    4. hahaha that is so true
      Mine pretend they don't see what I do

  3. Well, there is a movie that does what it says on the tin!

    1. Yep, the cat doesn't lie
      Here under his sky

  4. I think this movie would be a hit!
    Short bald guys using not their muscles but their wit

    1. I am sure they would win
      If not, call roger Rabbit to their bin

  5. Sounds like an Oscar nominee for sure!

    1. They'd prob curl their nose up at me
      As they are rather stick up the bum type at the oscar sea

  6. A toughy for me, I just don't know
    I'll have to guess about so and so

    Short and bald and doing things
    A mystery to the stage he brings
    There's Joe and Danny, George and Gary
    Doing things that may look scary
    Play the fall guy, play it big
    To them it's just another gig
    The one who makes me laugh at Vinny
    Is Pesci when he's acting ninny

    1. Yeah he can sure act ninny with ease
      As away his mouth flaps like the breeze
      And for a toughy you did fine
      With a reference or two impressing the feline

  7. Who in the world is the first guy? And why is the camera angled that way? Gah!

    It took me a minute to realize who the guy from MASH was. I wasn't 100% sure until I read it.

    Any movie with George will be a good one. I'll see it once it's done!

    1. haha he's the guy from the Expendables and such
      But that one was taken from White Chicks as he wants all to touch
      Glad to know your one eye is in
      I'll only charge you half at my bin

  8. pool shrinkage...lol....oh, that show was the best!

    1. Yeah that show was grand
      One of the best across the land

    2. Seinfeld could be a fun weekly post
      if done by you the host.
      Seinfeld Saturday has a nice ring
      and everyone would laugh at each little thing.
      haha. Youtube clips would make it fun!
      I can't see a Marble Rye without laughing a ton.

    3. Well with almost 200 episode it would last me four years or so
      Here at my show
      But then I'd be stuck
      That is why I never give such thing a cluck
      Just post what I want
      When I want at my haunt

    4. ok, nevermind,
      wouldn't want you to have a 'stuck' chime.
      I was really just thinking aloud
      and not trying to suggest what your posts should be about. :)

    5. your new header is really fun!

    6. haha I knew that is what you were doing
      With your seinfeld viewing

      Yeah lots there
      And a bush with a crack too if you give a stare

    7. yeah, and Drazin looks like a golf ball and tee
      Might be fun to give a whack or three!

    8. haha I thought of a bobblehead
      But yeah a whack would work too and give him dread

  9. I guess I just can't get into bald men!! Sorry John. Give me a man with hair.... long beautiful hair. Isn't that a song or something?

    1. hahaha a barbie guy you want?
      And nice with the John taunt

  10. LOL it's a great idea for a movie.

  11. Sorry to ruin the fun, but Jason Alexander has hair now. He transplanted it... from a goat. Or maybe it just looks like he did.


    He was better off looking like Costanza...

    1. So your retarded goat
      Helped hair float his boat?
      So looks like a wig
      Bet it would fall off if he danced a jig

    2. ha ha ha - that's funny! ABFTS goat helping George!

    3. You replied there
      Guess blogger is touch and go with your one eyed stare

  12. These are funny men and now a part of a rhyme. Great job!

  13. Replies
    1. All with no hair
      At least as far as I was aware

  14. They may be funny dudes, but everyone looks funny in a speedo!

    1. haha that is true
      Could also be a scary view

  15. That big old titan and the view made me cringe,
    Shrimpy bald guys all share a kind of grey tinge.
    At lest they're all pretty funny,
    One even works with a bunny.

    Yeah, I would like to see your flick,
    Although it might not be suitable for a chick.
    But sick around I will to see what comes next
    Love all the rhymes included in your text.

    1. hahaha made me cringe too
      But was too funny not to do
      And yeah may not be suitable I suppose
      But we could throw in some bald women to curl such woes

  16. What a team! I'm sure Spielberg with be knocking your door down. I like your new banner. Looks cool!

    1. Be nice if he did
      Then I'd get enough dough to buy a giant squid
      Glad you like the banner too
      Here at my zoo

  17. I like to measure someone's range
    by size of dream or wit's exchange.
    You dare to aim a blow a movie,
    and Spielberg phones you -
    this is groovy!

    1. That is the best way to go
      To measure their range at your show
      Still waiting for the phone to ring
      Then the cat will surely sing

  18. I know Pat and the cat don't answer to demands but this is absolutely amazing and if you guys have ever had other film ideas I'd love to see more posts like this haha, you have the imagination to make an amazing film!

    1. I suppose we could do it another time or two
      Here at our zoo
      As it is fun
      To give a run
      And if only I had the dough
      Then a movie may show

  19. I love it! Short Bald Guys Attack!
    For such a mission you have a knack.
    And it's about time! I'm such a shrimp,
    and I love a short guy who's not a wimp!
    It's time for some push back
    to Randy Newman and others.
    I'd see your movie, given my druthers!

    1. Glad you would see
      My short guy movie
      As they fight back
      And go on the attack

  20. I just really don't know what to say to this post.
    Those poor old bald guys look ready to roast!
    Happy M day, and I like your motto.

  21. short bald guys attack! sounds like an action comedy film waiting to happen :)


    1. Yeah would beat many today
      They put on display

  22. Gotta love those short bald guys! They make the movie far more interesting than it sometimes deserves.

    1. Yeah that is very true
      Sometimes they are the only thing worth a view

  23. Funny and interesting post. I really like all those character actors.

  24. I was actually watching an old episode of Seinfeld over the weekend- that George knows how to make me laugh.

    Did you change the header image for your blog? I like it!

    1. Yeah George was great
      Could bring a laugh as he goes irate
      Yep new header too
      Here for all to view

  25. I didn't realize how similar Jason Alexander and Danny DeVito look until this post. Then again, I guess all short, bald(ing) men look alike.


    1. Yeah they all look similar in view
      When side by side at my zoo

  26. orlin N cassie...yur new header iz rockin....

    N joe...why wuz thoze YOOTS in alabama.... ??!!

    1. Glad you like the new header
      Hmm Alabama may make him deader?

  27. That guy from White Chicks is hilarious. Actually, they all are, but he's my fav!

    Love the new header too!

    1. Yeah he is such fun
      Under the white chicks and expendable sun

  28. First up,

    I like the new header oh so clever
    a nice new view on your busy wall
    new rhyming fun within your halls
    a new movie, you could be the star
    save all your money, buy a new car
    I think this cat and Pat would go far
    but, hold on to your hair at your lair
    always fun by the ton under your sun

    1. Yeah added many to it this time
      With Tarsier Man and Drazin who give an odd chime
      And that would be grand
      As long as I did not go bald in my land

  29. The baldies? What fun!
    But you got me in a funk.
    Still, thank God number one
    had cloth cov'ring his junk.

    1. Yeah no porn here
      At least nothing more than a rear
      Or maybe a crack
      But that is all the same attack

  30. Blogger is being a jerk and won't let me reply underneath my comment.

    I can't believe you would charge me fee. You're always so mean to me. It should be free!!

    Another new header at your show? Looking good!!

    1. A jerk to thee
      Oh that amuses me
      But yeah blogger is a pain
      At any old lane
      And you'd get charged a ton
      For with that one eye you'd scare away everyone
      And glad you like too
      As many are in view

  31. I'd request a pirate DVD of this movie. If it's truly worth it's salt then it'll be on a black market stall quicker than you can say Oscar!

    1. That sounds like a plan
      Then I'd get many a fan

  32. Ha! Oh the old bald guys attack! I love it :) It is on my wish list.

    I feel like I haven't seen Danny Devito in a while. I never got in to the Sunny in Philadelphia show.

    Love your awesome rhymes as always!

    1. Yeah he hasn't done much in a long time
      Besides that Philadelphia show which is okay to give a chime

  33. You make a movie
    A yes or a maybe?
    Groovy baby!
    As Austin Powers would say

    1. It would be grand
      But that would cost money across the land

  34. I love this Pat! You have more than one calling.
    Screenwriter has now been added to your list!
    Ah, yes, and casting director as well.
    Very awesome!!! jean xox

    1. That would sure be fun
      Have tried my hand at the first one

  35. Short and bald is fine and dandy
    with lots o' laughs
    who needs eye candy?

    VR Barkowski

  36. Hmmm . . . it definitely doesn't look like a romance!

  37. Nice banner, i like the cartoon cat with the quizzical look. The black guy in his underpants...what an image to hit a man with at 3am...
    Most of your expendables are under four feet, at least they are the last to feel rain, but the first to smell a fart.
    I spotted a flaw though, Costanza isn't bald now, he had a hair transplant.

    1. hahaha yeah not something you wish to see
      At night at your tree
      LOL like that view too
      At least for a fart they can warn you
      Yeah I just learned that today
      Looks rather weird with his transplant I say

  38. I can't wait for the movie. But I think you need to throw in a little romance. :D

    1. I could do that too
      With a little twist at my zoo

  39. Perhaps an Ocean's... half dozen, would it be?
    What a cast assembled by thee.

    Oh, and a new header you've placed,
    Much feistier than the one erased!

    1. Yeah that could work
      Make me smirk
      And another one
      Including many under my sun

  40. A new banner at your bay

    very nice I say

  41. We think baldies can be beauties
    But I don't want to see a new me
    I lubs me my furs
    If I lose it I'll curse

  42. haha you got all the besties together! I love them all- bald or not :)

    1. Bald or not they are fun
      As away they will run


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