Whoopdi Friggin Doo Does Something Brand New!

So for W the cat knew there was nothing he could do but take a break at his zoo. But Robbie Raisin will pick up the slack, as he goes once more on the Whoopdi Friggin Doo attack.


Welcome to another edition of Whoopdi Friggin Doo, I'm your host Robbie Raisin and Camera Joe is here too. But this isn't just any edition of Whoopdi Friggin Doo. Oh no! For we are going to go to all of you. Whoopdi Friggin Doo does not want to hog all the glory. So we will do tons of W's, warning things may get gory.

Now Hank, what comes to mind when I mention the word, Wig? Don't be afriad to think big.

90% discount 'until stocks last'

Wow, Hank really knows where to shop for wigs. He must like getting wiggy with it on some rigs. And what about you Anne? Of Wiggle are you a fan?

a doohicky thing a magigy

I think Anne is a fan of something on a man. So Candida Journey does Wimp bring forth any festering thoughts of a past tourney?

she was calling a dog and said here clerky, clerky, clerky

I guess so. Out of the dog house we will go. So Brian what comes to mind when I mentuion Workout? There is no need to shout.

did you know i can pick my nose with my tongue, yeah its that long, must be kin to a cow...or gene simmons

Hmmmm maybe there is a need to shout. I mean you can pick boogers with your tongue and work your inner Gene Simmons out. Mary do you like the word Wart? Come now, don't be afriad to address the court.

They always say good things come in small packages.

I did not need to know you like warts down there. Damn, must be quite the affair. Keepin it Real what comes to mind when I mention Wheel?

Sounds to me like the customer wanted a vibrator

Well someone has her head in the gutter. But Gloria won't stutter. What comes to mind when I mention Wand? To infinity and beyond?

You love bury me sigh!"

Shhh don't give our secrets away on live TV. That was supposed to stay between you and me. Manzanita what comes to mind when I mention Wild? Anything about a child?

I have a coupon that ran last year

Wow, you really live on the wild side. Those out of date coupons can buy a real wild ride. Optimistic Existentialist is hard to say. What comes to mind when I say Way?

I know many people who are less desirable than critters

My what bad habits you share. Just keep it confined to your lair. Adam have you come up with something for Worm? No need to squirm.

Hey can you help me find that thing that does that stuff

Someone has been drinking the worm I'd say. Hope you had a very nice day. Grace are you ready? What comes to mind when I say Wick? Keep steady.

its hard to please a customer

Wow, now that is a can of worms too. I think that is enough out of you. That corgi, have you thought about Wade yet? Come now, don't fret.

ick with the cockroaches, that just doesn't seem fair

Why must we always talk about fetishes today? This is a pg rated show, okay. Brian the cat how about Wit, Wipe and Wire at your mat?

Dang, those were all interesting and I had not heard any of those!

Hmph, just full of infomation aren't you? Waffles what come to mind, well when we mention your name, if you'd be so kind.

clutch at straws and it can be infuriating

Look a new olympic sport. Straw clutching doesn't even need a court. Mail4Rosey what do you think when I say Whip? Feel free to do a flip.

I won't be blogging about hairbrushes or using the word A%# on my site

I said whip not a hairbrush or an A with signs. I should start charging fines. Al be a pal and say what Whip means unlike that Rosey gal.

MY nuts, by chance
are under my pants.

I never said you had to whip anything out. You officially have no Whoopdi Friggin Doo clout. Betsy do you know? With your crafts you must be able to give Whip a go.

I just want to buy the doo-hicky

At least you are honest I suppose. Watch the kick back to your nose. Theresa can you top Betsy at all, with a whip call?

This scenario happens almost daily. It's exhausting!

Wow that too is quite a share, must be plenty of bruises at your lair. Oui Oui with whip can you impress me?

was someone asking if sewing machine needles came in standard sizes

Ummm no! My this is sinking to a new low. Miss Caitlin, being  a miss and all you must have some clue? Care to share your Whip thoughts with Whoopdi Friggin Doo?

HER hands flutter showing HER

Let me stop you right there, this isn't some playboy affair. Sigh no one can define whip. Lets see if DWei can give it a trip.

And this is why I've been doing more of my shopping online

Keep it hidden away, at least you are smart at your bay. M.J. Joachim you are my last hope, what is a whip like a rope?

Bet your thumb could cause a lot of damage too

Fetishes abound, guess I will ask Sophie the hound.

send the customer over the cliff

That sounds like a plan, better than any man. If they whip anything out, don't pout or shout, just toss them over a cliff. Then no more fetishes to whiff.

I know viewers our show was strange today. So many fetishes revealed as each had their say. But you never know what will come into your view with each new edition of Whoopdi Friggin Doo. Now I bid adieu, as I think I need a bath after talking to this crew.


Wow you scared Robbie Raisin away, great job I say. Although some things the cat didn't need to know. But hey, it was a fun Whoopdi Friggin Doo show. Have fun whipping in mass, just stay away from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. whoopdi friggin doo!!
    I also regularly wish I could send my customers over a cliff!

    1. That would be fun
      Watching them get pushed or run

  2. haha you turn our words against us
    and have a little fun at our behest
    but its all good,
    as to the length of tongue in my hood,
    a cockroach fetish is err...disturbing
    but not the thought of hands a fluttering

    1. Yeah all for fun
      Under my sun
      haha flutter
      Into the gutter
      As the tongue grows large
      Like a barge

  3. WOW
    Cat must always sit and lurk
    To figure out each person's quirk
    Fetishes run wild today
    What other secrets will he say?
    When truth comes out and all is said
    Might be wise to hide under the bed.

    1. Cat can surely lurk
      Does so with a smirk
      You can't run or hide
      For the cat will still spill all and smile wide

  4. Hi Pat, Just passing by.
    You have an impressive array of Books and a great Blog.
    Thanks again for the follow on Twitter.
    Have a great weekend. :)

  5. Things out of context can be a lot of fun,
    Looks like you've got all your readers on the run.
    A little twist here and a little turn there
    Followed up by giving everyone a scare.

    1. Yeah have to watch what you say
      As next time sure you'll be on display
      As the words get a twist
      And some ay make a fist haha

  6. The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round.
    My synapsis today are really down, down, down.
    Please refresh my warped and wacky mind.
    If you would be so kind.

    1. Way back when
      You said that at my den
      For the customer post
      Who wanted a do hickey at my coast

    2. Ah Hah, told you I was a bit slow
      Of course to the gutter my mind would go
      Wonder if that customer ever got his vibrating toy?
      It can bring so much pleasure and joy!

    3. That I would not know
      But I'll take your word for it at my show haha

  7. A 90% discount
    That's a giveaway
    Not many can be found
    As one wished one may
    But to buy a wig?
    Hank not quite needs it
    His turfs need no fix
    Happy as it is!


    1. haha glad there is no need
      For one at your feed
      And the turf isn't astro
      Like a stadium at your show

  8. Whips, hairbrushes, and knowing how to dole out a good a%* kicking are all required elements of straw clutching you know.

    Al's the one who told me so.

    And LOL at Manzanita being possibly wild, I can see it, Pat, I can see it. And I bet she tore the dance floor UP! :)

    1. I guess you have it down pat
      Score one for you at your mat
      Al likes yo spread things around
      And you can see that too at my ground haha

  9. Haha love when you include all of your readers in your rhymes
    We could read those thousands and thousands of times3
    It's true that my moniker is difficult to say
    Maybe I need an abbreviation to make way
    But OE just doesn't have the same ring
    Though it is easier to sing

    1. Could go with Op E
      Like something out of the military haha

  10. Ha, you gave me the word 'wart'
    and for that I will give a snort
    which is my simplistic retort
    I send back to your court!

    Warts are for frogs
    who sit on logs in bogs
    not those who love dogs
    or go out for jogs!

    1. Snorting today
      Here at my bay
      The isn't frog or dog
      That is more of a hog lol

  11. Wow you really spun the words around to many here

  12. DAMN! I've got to remember to not read here, till well after breakfast!


    1. hahaha many have learned that fact
      With my rhyming act

  13. My favorite post of the day -- as yet. Funny and clever.

    1. I try to do both here
      With my little rhyming rear

  14. I do not believe how amazing this was to read--you are great!

    jean !!! :)

  15. LOL.... I love the way you include all of us in your posts!! WhoopDi Friggin Do To You Too!!

    1. haha so fun to do to
      With a whoopdi friggin doo

  16. another post of us all

    quite the ball

  17. Replies
    1. That may be so
      As the cat just repeats what is said at his show

  18. Dang, I can't believe I missed the deal on the thing a magigy!

    1. Yeah oh so close
      Might have won a furry mouse

  19. I got the wrong idea about that 'nuts under pants' comment.. I was like, what, on the outside of the pants? Underneath the... yeah. :)

    1. hahaha all gutter indeed
      You went at my feed

  20. lol Optimistic Existentialist. Yeah, hard once. Try it five times, fast.

    1. Not a chance from me
      Once and done at my sea haha

  21. Stopping by to say hi on the A-Z Challenge!

  22. With W today "Whoopdi friggin doo" just had to come up at your bay. Honestly I'm more than happy with that, love these kind of posts Pat, but you already know that.

    1. Yep know that indeed
      As whoopdi friggin doo does the deed

  23. Replies
    1. Glad I can get a smile
      As I go the rhyming mile

  24. Noose is on the loose and it isn't after moose...

    This was fun, Pat. Thanks and have a great weekend! :)

    1. Hope it gets the moose
      And not a silly goose

  25. That's one wild and bizarre run today
    So many doo-hickeys getting charged up at your bay.


    1. Yeah so many out and about
      Scary what comes out

  26. orlin N cassie...just when ya think ya noe sum one.....

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ we iz gonna hafta hassle brian de cat !!!


    hope everee one haza grate week oh end

  27. Must be cautious what I here write
    Might come back and me bite!

    Seriously, this was good stuff,
    Could hardly get enough!

    1. hahaha yeah have to watch watch you say
      Bite could be good to use for a display

  28. Darn, I thought the sweet girl next store vibe was working.
    Who would have known you'd be lurking.
    To discover my love for whips and other things kinky.
    I could make that 50 shades dude look like a slinky.

    1. Nope the cat is a lurker indeed
      At each and every feed
      And caught on to you
      Being all kinky at your zoo

  29. Funny, I was just listening to NPR yesterday. They said if companies actually read their customers feedback instead of spending money on telephone-hold music they would be better off.

    1. Yeah that is sure true
      Instea they pretty much flip off you

  30. Whoopdi Friggin' Doo
    What a perfect day
    to give a shout and a nod
    to those who visit you!

    VR Barkowski

    1. Yep works all the time
      With a whoopdi rhyme

  31. I don't know how you keep this up ~ but it's a lot of fun!

    1. Helps when you are a ton ahead
      Then I can take breaks but too broke to go to club med lol

  32. I got that thingamagigy at Dollar Tree.

    1. Glad you cleared that up for all
      Here at my hall haha

  33. I wouldn't know how to answer many of these questions if I were on the show!

    1. haha one day you just may be
      As it comes back around at my sea

  34. Replies
    1. X and what
      Geez you are off today at your hut lol

    2. a lady of few words.
      better than Flappy, being all absurd.

    3. Since when?
      But yeah that is true at my den
      Haven't had her in months at my zoo
      So nice between me and you

  35. Well, that was an adventure
    into never never land, by your hand
    one doesn't know what you have planned
    guard your words, or they may fly like a bird
    but, watch out the raisin might catch a few
    he'll come out blazing, twist them around
    for all his friends to view...
    we all get a laugh on your behalf
    oh, what fun under your sun..
    as I ride a giraffe in a tutu
    within the compounds of your zoo..

    Thanks for the smile it crossed many miles..

    Always, entertaining..have a good night Pat..

    1. A giraffe with a tutu you say
      That could go a whole other way
      Hmmm that may come in handy
      When whoopdi friggin doo searches for eye candy

    2. (laughing) Well, a giraffe in a tutu would be some sight but, nothing is impossible at your zoo..perhaps, a kangaroo in striped tights..you are a funny man who rules in his land.

      Don't forget to lay a kiss on your pillow..dream bright..

    3. My pillow could be full of cat hair
      Kissing that could be nasty at my lair haha

  36. Way to respond to comments! This was definitely an entertaining way to construe what people say around here. :)

  37. My son had a doll he named Raisin, back in the day. About all these fetishes, I just don't know what to say.

    1. haha some can surely scare
      At least now you are aware

  38. That was an impressive line-up
    For the next show, I'd love to sign-up
    I'll be back to view the rerun
    To read where it had begun!

    1. You just may
      Get on there one day
      As it will never end
      The whoopdi friggin doo trend

  39. Shopping online isn't the only thing I do to keep things hidden. ;)

    Also, I'm not smart. I'm just good at pretending but thanks anyways.

    1. haha well at least you can pretend
      That helps in the end

  40. I was scared by my toy
    My brains were all rattled
    With this torrent of words
    I couldn't do battle

    MOL, we's all cornfyoozed!

    1. hahaha poor guy
      Getting wrapped there would make anyone cry


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