With The First Run Comes Some ABC Fun!

So A to Z is off and running and I'm sure the amount that joined will once more be stunning. Having wrote this a while ago, that I can't say for sure though. But just in case you still have some to write for it I thought I would help your plight a bit. For A is for alphabet today and another ABC's of Rhyme Time on display.

A could be apple or ant eater too.
But if those you can't grapple give your ass a view.
B rocks the boat or maybe the bush.
With a baboon loving goat having a tattoo on his tush.

C has to be cat and not something like cattle.
If not let's chat, I'll win that battle.
D is for danger or maybe dear Dick.
Don't be a stranger, I hear he can do the trick.

E could be eat or maybe elite.
Of course with each treat you may not look so sweet.
F works for fling or even better, fornacate.
Just cover your thing if you tend to aggravate.

G works with grim or even gigantic.
There is still time to sink the Titanic.
H grabs a hoe and maybe a howdy doo.
Helping grass grow can be beneficial to you.

I goes for insane or maybe itch.
You missed the Great Dane, come now don't bitch.
J is for juice or their jugs.
Hang all loose with a few tugs.

K shows off pretty kites or the kit kat bar.
Although with such bites, give me a break won't get you very far.
L brings leprechauns those leap laughing loons.
Only one I would keep buried in my litter box dunes.

M brings a monkey or maybe a mouse.
Could get all funky and show off your house.
N spins forth ninja nuns or ninny nuts.
One gives the runs the other breaks ruts.

O shows operation or maybe an otter.
Get cooperation or you may become cannon fodder.
P brings people and scary peepers.
Attached to a steeple turning to creepers

Q goes for queen or maybe a quiz
At one scene it's hard to do that hand waving biz.
R starts a riot or shows a roach.
Eureka! You cry it, as you actually get off the couch.

S shows off road signs and maybe some slippers.
If your head shines at least there is no need for clippers.
T stretches tall or allows you to show off your truck.
Watch the writing on the wall or you may make one go cluck.

U unites us under a certain urge or utensil.
Let your mind purge, you can't do that with a pencil.
V works with vintage or helps with Viagra.
Be nice to win a mintage the size of Niagra

W lets you whore, I mean show off your work.
Could whore an encore. That made me smirk.
X yells with Xena and then just xerox.
Laugh like a hyena and eat some fancy socks.

Y give a yippee and yoodle with Yoda.
That would be trippy even in a pagoda.
Z zips along with such a treat,
For it's all wrong but you need to show zombie feet.

Now if you can't find and idea somewhere in that, you can't even be helped by the cat. Call it a day, pack up your bags or just find a warm bay and burn the blog like rags. Hmm or find a picture and cheat. Then you won't suffer any defeat. That is all for today class, now I must go stretch my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Brilliant one Cat, start off with a bang
    Superb suggestions for all of the gang
    Those who aren't ready are probably frantic
    Could there really be time to sink the titanic?
    I choked on my OJ at leap laughing loons
    I hear they're quite fond of all the saloons
    We're off to adventure, an April of fun
    Cat entertain us with your punny-pun-pun.

    1. Will entertain away
      At my bay
      As I have my say
      The A to Z way
      Sorry for the choking too
      That wasn't meant to come due haha

  2. Hope you have a fun time doing the A-Z. I am not doing it but will be checking out a few blogs.

  3. Brilliant post Cat, although I just realised that in a roundabout way you've kind of covered absolutely everything in one go, love it and can't wait to see the rest of your posts during this challenge. It's a tough one to get a massive 26 posts up in one month, are you sure you'll be able to manage it alright mate? ;)

    1. Yep all done
      Now under my sun
      But the cat will still go
      And continue with the a to z flow
      Pfft no problem at all
      Here at my hall

  4. ah the scream of xena the warrior princess, actually c stands for cat in my post so no need to talk.

  5. Most excellent start to the challenge for sure!!!

  6. C says Cat
    only you
    could do that.

    Cover A-Z in only
    one go at your

    C, I only did one letter.

    1. You are good
      At my hood
      With just a C
      You came to C little old me

  7. I've had rap battles, but I've not yet had a chat battle. That sounds fun. "I challenge you to a chat battle. How's the weather? How's your aunt? Is she still sick with that one thing?"

    1. Are you sure you want to go?
      Didn't that last movie blow?
      Are you going to the store?
      How was it the last time you went to the shore?

  8. All in one go, only at your show

  9. Nah, D has got to be for DOG!!
    Happy spring, enjoy some bling.

  10. Using all of the letters of the alphabet in one post
    This is why we love your blog among the most
    I will definitely do A to Z next year
    But I wasn't read yet to get my butt in gear

    1. Keith
      This is a great little rhyme
      Sentiments fitting in time. :)

    2. Glad my coast
      Is among the most
      And not really that hard to do
      As I've been done since January at my zoo haha

  11. Well, there you go A to Z all in one post,
    now for the rest of the month you surely can coast.
    Lazy I am for not doing it this year,
    but at my place there's still reason to cheer.

    1. Coast away
      Here at my bay
      All the way to May
      Sure you will still chime in here and there with your say

  12. whoa dude, you start giving quizzes and i might flip my lids...have enough of those in grad school, ha. encore whore? does that mean you pay twice, but is it twice as nice?

    1. haha no quizzes around
      At least not yet to be found
      Hmmm paying twice
      Would be a hefty price

  13. To yoodle with Yoda, I would love.

  14. To write about 'Dick"
    would be quite a trick.
    To keep a straight face
    or not laugh until sick.

    1. That is true
      But once it came due
      Fun post through and through
      To amuse all who come to view

  15. I love your A-Z rhyme. You are the Master of rhyming. Secretly, I try to rhyme like you do, but fail miserably.

    1. Well at least you try and give it a go
      And surely have the a to z flow

  16. Oh my goodness, the alphabet soup tastes great!

  17. Happy first Rhyming Post of April!!!

    1. The first to be had
      As plenty more will hit my pad

  18. A is for an awesome comment by me

    E is for exaggerating the awesomeness of said comment.

    1. Well at least you got two
      Of the 26 in one go for all to view

  19. Alphabet Soup comes to mind. Thanks for giving me an idea to make for dinner tonight:) And hope you had a lovely Easter too!

  20. ABC with a little twist
    It makes for some fun
    Like a game it's bliss
    If one gets a good run
    Can give a great shout
    If you know your way about!


    1. That one can do
      At their zoo
      With an a to z in view
      Could also turn some blue

  21. omgosh--so are you through--this was great :)

  22. This is AWESOME!!!!! What a great, witty list!!
    I'm visiting from the A to Z Blog Challenge
    Peanut Butter and Whine

    1. Glad you liked the list
      Not one to be missed

  23. I love your background picture and had to chuckle at your list. Great post! Good luck with the challenge! I participated last year and had a blast!

    Donna L Martin

    1. Yeah second year for me
      Here at my sea
      Gives me a break
      And an easy post of the day it will make

  24. Well you see
    That ABC just aint for me
    You know Penny with her paws
    I'm a a rebel without a cause.
    Yes, it's me Gary
    Twiddly dum and Twiddly dee
    "The official anti-A to Z spokesman"
    That alphabet challenge is full of ham....

    1. haha the cat would eat
      Such a ham treat
      And after posting every day
      Already at my bay
      Why not join on in
      And have an easy month at my bin

  25. Very cute, I love all these rhyming replies too.

    Cynthia from The Sock Zone, http://blueflute.wordpress.com/

  26. Well, there you go!
    All the ideas for anyone to know!
    Should be a lot of fun
    as we give the ABC run!
    And you'd be proud of me!
    I already have drafts for B and C!

    1. Yep now there is no excuse
      To cut the a to z loose
      And two ahead
      My, can't believe that is what you said haha

    2. and if I ever get stuck
      I'll come back to this suggestion truck.

    3. Glad I could help out
      In case you need a shout

  27. You must be traveling home today!
    Bet your cats had a lot to say!

    1. They had a hiss and meow
      And a little bit of a cow

    2. Oh, sounds like fun
      as you did the left foot run.

    3. Yep left foot all the way
      With tons of rain on display

  28. I like to capture all your rhymes
    Cat - you good teacher,
    Class has a great time!

    1. Could teach away
      But would scare many at my bay

  29. The alphabet on roller skates, per Pat.

  30. Nothing like having the whole alphabet laid out on day one! Good job, cat!

  31. Looks like you did the challenge in just one day, and it's great.
    Thanks for saying to cover your thing if you tend to aggravate.


    1. haha yeah cover away
      Many sure night and day
      And one day all done
      With ease under my sun

  32. orlin N cassie:

    H bee for cattle
    in reely big herdz
    two day we iz gonna
    eat uz sum burds

    f iz for fish
    who be swimmin in skewls
    happee april furst day
    frum de trout towne foolz

    1. haha knew you had to joke
      As on burds you'd choke

  33. Clever intro to the challenge. Thanks for sharing!

    Hi from Nagzilla bloghopping A to Z

  34. Loved it. Thankfully I have all of my posts written for the a to z challenge and already scheduled.

    1. It's grand to be all done
      Then you can just sit back and relax under your sun

  35. Hey there Pat, how you been
    just rhyming along as I can see
    I can't wait to read your pen
    and all those posts from a to z

    1. Yep, rhyming away
      Each and every day
      Here at my bay
      As I have to have my say

  36. I'm all for experiencing spring -- and maybe this year that's what it will take -- a fling!

    I'm in a blue funk,
    And maybe all I need is a good. . . fling!

    sorry, I am bad, bad, bad -- cause I'm mad, mad, mad!

    1. haha well it rhymes rhymes rhymes
      Such fun times times times
      And all need a fling
      Could use with a couple at my wing haha

  37. your rhyme
    makes me smile
    every time!

  38. A is for astonished 'cause that's what I am.
    You've done the alphabet in one grand slam.
    From apples to zombies, you've provided us clues, now we Challengers just can't lose.

    ~VR Barkowski

    1. Glad I could astonish at my sea
      That sure fills me with glee

  39. Well, there goes the A to Z Challenge in one fell swoop! LOL. I'm looking forward to your posts this April; I remember last year's were so much fun to read.

    1. Yep all done
      Under my sun
      Yeah I think many are fun
      To give a run
      We shall see
      As they come forth from A to Z

  40. Replies
    1. Stroking the ego of the cat
      He sure likes that

  41. So fun Pat ~ I remember you did this last year ~ Here we go again ~

    1. Yep, once more around the bend
      With the A To Z trend

  42. Pat...

    I dropped in to get today's scoop
    and you fed me alphabet soup
    so many words in your head to group
    thought you might like to hoola hoop...

    1. haha my hips might break
      If a did a hula hoop take
      And then I'd be on the floor
      No longer able to explore

  43. Please pass me some of your blogging motivation. Already have the whole alphabet written? Now that's dedication!

    1. Pfft I'm almost into July
      And that's no lie

  44. Omg havent' you just completed the whole damn A-Z in one post?? What will you do from now on? You'll have run out of rhyme ... ha ha ha ha ha ... I am rhyming tomorrow ... be afraid, be really afraid!

    1. Bah I'll double up this year
      Do it once and then once again go in reverse gear
      Your rhyme was grand
      There in your land

  45. Ass or arse, fast and farst, your A-Z is Ace with us

  46. Maybe they should teach your alphabet in schools instead of the alphabet song.

    1. Some parents might have a fright
      If mine came to light

  47. your rhyming skills never cease to amaze me! They are never boring or overdone. So awesome.

    1. Glad I never bore
      Would not want to hear people snore

  48. Awesome! I still have some to finish with. Ugh.


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