A Science Lesson Today With Some Visuals On Display!

So Pat got one of those work emails showing stuff that was a bit off the rails. The cat just has to share, in case you are unaware. So get ready to go back to school. I will try to make it so you don't fall asleep and show all your drool.

Now the cat doesn't mind the protein.
But others may find it obscene.
Although with that many they must be yummy,
As they squirm around in your tummy.

Imagine having that in you.
That is just eww.
How can it even fit?
You wouldn't even be able to well umm shit.

That is one big heart.
Anyone could hit it with a dart.
A whale must know the meaning of ache,
Its heart must create an earthquake.

Clowns and heights you say?
What? No mimes on display?
I'd just chew off the rubber nose,
And my gas helps me float, so there she blows.

Did I just add,
Here at my pad,
An extra twitch?
My, 100,001 movements must be a bitch.

No wonder the drain doesn't flow.
But what I want to know,
Is who gathered it all up and measured?
To them hair truly must be treasured.

This one I knew,
But it is still just ewww.
Think of all the other crap you don't see,
Sometimes literally.

That is one big box.
I could use it to bury Pat's socks.
Be like a day at the beach.
To clean it, you'd need much bleach.

So you humans are full of more than crap?
I guess you get a bum rap.
See what I did there?
Enjoy your carboniated affair.

So they spit on you?
That is just eww too.
Such nasty things those bugs,
As they acts like thugs.

A booger lunch,
From supper to brunch.
Brian may swallow a little less though.
As he picks some out with his tongue, just so you know.

And one near and dear to my heart.
That of the fart.
See even women do it too,
No matter how much they try and pretend they have no clue.

So now you have learned some science facts on some very eww and strange acts, hope you were able to stay awake and your brain did not bake. All that carbon could boil, but hey, it beats oil. But then I suppose you would have slick gas. That would be fun for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Don't even know how they'd get rid of a worm that size

    1. Brian gave a way to get rid of it
      Although nasty as shit

  2. I've moved up just a bit,
    so now I'll never quit!

  3. Man I'm really struggling to work out the hair thing, call me stupid or whatever but how does that work? These facts are quite something, the clown one was really funny but as interesting as they are your comments on each fact is the best out of everything, so witty!

    1. Yeah the hair thing is weird
      But it be more for those with a beard

  4. I always knew it was so
    Women don't sweat, they glow
    To lose all that hair
    Eat bugs with a flair
    Expel all that gas
    Drink snot in a glass
    Excuse me, women don't do
    It's a man thing, thru and thru.

    1. Hahahaha... good for you Manzi!! That is why I love you!! You see the good in all of us women.

    2. In such denial
      Well all the while
      Out comes a little glass
      You put hair down the drain in mass
      And with a little sweat
      A bug or two you pet

  5. mmm a litre of snot, now that is hot, now go suck face, you know whats been in that places and like princess leia you can go kiss a wookie, what with all that hair growth it could get spooky, what interesting facts, just get two brick and wait for the tapeworm to stick his head out your ass

    1. Oh now there is a visual I'd rather not think about
      As the tapeworm comes out
      If it was that damn long
      You'd surely sing a song
      As you gave a yank
      Prob also smell rather rank

  6. I have no idea what you're talking about with that last one you've discussed. ;)

  7. And I want to high-5 Manzanita for taking it a step further and refusing to recognize any of the gross things as being female characteristics. :)

    1. hahaha you can keep on turning that refusal dial
      But all are just living in denial

  8. So, the cat has science facts at his mat
    some are not so pretty, like the large
    tape worm, it makes my stomach squirm
    but, I do like the part about the whale
    it makes me want to sail just to see his tail..

    A whale must know the meaning of ache,
    Its heart must create an earthquake.

    Actually, Cat this makes me want to write a whale poem
    so may have to see what I can do..I imagine a whale with a
    broken heart..surely, it's thumping could create an earthquake
    as he cries in a sea of loneliness..see what you have done to thee now, I need to write about this you see..I will dedicate to the cat for he motivated me..

    Have a good day Pat and his cat!

    1. Glad the cat can motivate
      Always fun to do at his gate
      I was thinking that too
      As I learned the fact at my zoo
      And yep yuck to the worm
      Never want one to grow full term
      So worm pills for me
      Here at my sea
      And for Pat too
      No worms coming due

  9. I guess some people are really snotty.

    1. In more ways than one
      But at least they can literally claim such things under their sun

  10. Oh yea I have seen these ads, I think they are great! But still some facts I wish I could unlearn...

    1. Yeah some you just don't want to know
      But then at least you'll be prepared at your show

  11. Found some interesting facts here ... about bugs.

  12. hehe...for bikers you may double the amount of snot and bugs they swallow...ha...smiles

    1. hahaha that is true
      Never want a bike at my zoo

  13. I believe everything here, except the first thing (about the bugs). Maybe they want to say that some of us eat bugs, some of us don't, and the average for a single person over a year is 430.

    1. Well you know
      Bugs are in the things you eat at your show
      Like a chocolate bar and such
      So you can easily eat much

  14. OMG... Pat, if you only seen the pictures of worms that people send me. It would make you want to cleanse for the rest of your life.... which I now do.

    1. I would cringe indeed
      Gonna do it every 4-6 months at my feed
      As the cat had worms too
      So can easily spread across the zoo

  15. I live with 2 teenage boys so I want to dispute that last one. They blow at least one of those balloons outta their ass every other hour.

    1. hahaha maybe it is an average when puberty is through
      Then less farting can come due

  16. Yikes 430 bugs a year
    that is one fact
    I wish I didn't hear!

    And as for farts
    my granddaughter and I
    always blame dog name Basil
    even if we are miles away
    and he is at home.
    We laugh and say
    his farts are legendary!!
    (we do this with burps as well,
    always Basil no matter where)
    Basil is a good sport
    never gives a bad retort!

    1. haha Basil getting all the blame
      As you shout his name
      I guess he gets lots of fame
      So at least he can make that claim

    2. Ha ha, it is good to be able to blame a dog
      for all the fart and burp fot!
      He doesn't care
      even though I've really never seen him pollute the air

    3. Oh I'm sure he does
      Just good at hiding his buzz
      As both cats here have done it
      Right before they have to well umm shit haha

  17. Whoa, thanks for that science education. Imagine all the farting we do as a nation. We eat bugs and get bitten by thugs. And I think my cat needs that giant litter box so the black light won't display his miss-the-box-pox.

    1. We have a giant litterbox here
      So nice for my rhyming rear
      And a whole nation giving a fart
      would at least put shame to the people of walmart

  18. How interesting to read facts galore
    My eye muscle twitch with some more
    Thanks for sharing
    Hope you have a bug free morning ~

    1. Giving your eye some exercise
      So much can be done under my skies

  19. Yeah a fart is magically some one elses fault with women

    1. haha but they can't fool me with their magic
      As it is them, so tragic

  20. Psssh, please, as a trail cyclist, I probably swallow 430 bugs in one ride.

    Also, I think a fart-filled balloon would be the perfect birthday present for someone you absolutely hate.

    1. hahaha you sure get your protein
      Biking such a scene
      Not sure how you would fill up the balloon though
      But yeah be an awesome thing to get those enemies with at your show

  21. To know to much
    is a curse.
    To know to little
    is worse.
    So instead of
    making a scene,
    I'll just remain
    somewhere in between.

    1. yuch? hahaha...that's a new one!

    2. Rather know too much, than to little
      No need to have the brain of a skittle
      And what the umm truck
      Do you mean Yuck? lol

    3. yuck - definition of yuck by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus ...



      Used to express rejection or strong disgust. yuck 2 (y k) Informal. n. & v. Variant of yuk1. yuck, yuk [jʌk]. interj. Slang an exclamation indicating contempt, dislike, ...

    4. Forgot to add that I used a "h" instead of a "k"...hey, I'm 67 so I forget things...:)

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. This author needs to quit while
      she still has her wits.
      My brain is dissolving
      bits by bits!!!

    7. Damn you are really having fun
      But you may be proving your age under my sun lol

  22. Science facts I never wanted to know,
    Popping up here and there at your show.
    Most of them make me start to gag,
    Wrap this up and toss it in a paper bag.

    1. haha and then it will float
      By trout or boat
      All the way to your shore
      Where you can explore

  23. I'm glad very few of my facts makes people wanna barf

    1. I'm sure you could do a few
      Go ahead at your zoo

  24. A bug buffet is great any day!

  25. Oh, those were funny
    but I would bet money
    that I don't consume that many bugs.
    Many just a few,
    with some cat hairs, too!
    And how polite of the tigers
    not dumping under your tires!

    1. Depends what you eat
      For a tasty treat
      As bugs make up much of such things
      Like chocolate bars and such at each wings
      Even big cats are nice
      Having clean dumps and eating some mice

  26. I need to do a cleanse and then never eat again :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. LOL should deworm twice a year
      To avoid such fear

  27. I think people who eat chocolate actually eat more bugs than that. Bleh. I have no doubt about the hair, as I probably lose that much every day. Annoying!

    I haven't ever seen any of those signs. I must live a sheltered life. :) Happy Thursday Pat and Cat!

    1. You sure clog up the drain
      There at your lane
      And I have never seen one in real life
      So you aren't that bad of a sheltered wife haha

  28. A fart among mates
    is just a sweet (okay sour) love call
    A bug in your Wheaties
    is caused by the shortage of raisins
    And hair in the shower
    is a sign of your growing power!

    Lovely new trivia, I could have lived without! :)

    1. haha you put a good spin
      On the facts at my bin
      Had to share
      At my lair

  29. ewww lol I didn't need to know all that.

  30. A fart among mates
    is just a sweet love tone
    A bug in your cereal
    is due to a shortage of raisins
    And hair in the shower
    is a sign of your growing power

    A lovely listing of trivia that I could have lived without! :)

    1. Interesting to see the two
      As you changed them a bit at your zoo
      Fun all the same
      Blogger must have been playing a game

    2. Hey that's not too bad. I composed the first one, went to 'publish' and my screen went white, then black and I lost the internet. I did pretty good remembering, a bit of a change -- not bad. Next time I'll compose in Word and paste it! :)

      Got two responses from you -- that counts - right?

    3. Yeah not bad at all
      And getting two responses is cool too at my hall

  31. orlin N cassie...cat pee glows under a black lite !!!??? ..seer ee iz lee..we dinna noe this.....we iz gonna get R mom de lite for a present N then start pee inn away......but we wont tell her wear...it will kinda bee like a treasure hunt !!!

    1. Yeah they have done it at that other shore
      And Pat went to explore
      Found it here and there
      Such a nasty lair

  32. Back in school I never minded science/in fact, we formed a good alliance/now, here's a clever cat/I'm sure it will be next cooking a rat! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. haha cooking a rat has been done
      Or at least a rat burger run

  33. Me and the whale have something in common and there's no reason to be scared of clowns!

    1. You have a big heart tooo
      Awww how nice of you lol

  34. I think the best quote is Ignorance Is Bliss!
    The only fact I knew was the one about cat piss.

    1. haha and now your no more
      Bliss is gone from your shore

  35. A litre of nasal mucus a day?! That's about a litre too much!

    1. Yeah way more than i need
      Here at my feed

  36. I, too, can attest
    More bugs than that in one ride fest
    And in my ears and in my hair
    And in my eyes and everywhere!!!

    1. Blah to that
      So glad a car is all that is driven by Pat

  37. I eat bugs?
    Oh man, oh man.
    You mean those WEREN'T raisins
    in my Raisin Bran?

    1. Nope not at all
      They were the bugs last call
      Beats the electric chair
      Maybe they did it on a dare

  38. Al thinks there are bugs in raisin bran?
    Nah, it's their poop - that naive man.


  39. Oh My Gosh. Eww-ish and crazy and hilarious. That is why I love your posts. And I love the top-most photo on your blog. :)

    1. haha you just never know
      What is going to show
      As I rhyme away
      Glad you love the header and my bay

  40. Those are some interesting science facts! My daughter was just telling me that the average person eats six spiders in their sleep each year. Pretty gross! Hopefully not too many of those are tarantulas!

    1. Bet Schultz gets to them first
      So no need for such a spider thirst

  41. who comes up with this stuff
    some kinda ruff
    squirming I am
    as I read this spam
    but I'm tough
    and that ain't no bluff!

    1. Who knows
      But pee surely glows
      Along with other stuff
      That is off the cuff

  42. Science fact or science fart
    Sometimes it's hard to tell them apart....

    1. That is very true
      Make believe land is where many a fact are in view

  43. It's okay
    you have visible display
    what about invisible side?
    when you asleep
    they might come to play...

    1. Yeah those scare me too
      Better they aren't in view

  44. Thats one big kitty litter box :)


  45. My, those ads are funny,
    they must all have lot'sa money,
    to make you feel like such a dummy,
    as you're walkin' when it's sunny.
    Guess it's back to school now, chummy!

    1. School you say
      Pffft hope you don't stay
      Glad that is done
      Under my sun

  46. You've twirled my world with these science facts
    although some could use a slam with an axe.
    About those four hundred thirty bugs, I'll stay quiet,
    but today is the day I start my diet.

    VR Barkowski

    1. haha only 200 bugs this year?
      That should cause less fear

  47. I've seen the cat pee one before. It's pretty smart!

    1. Yeah but not something I want to look for
      As I go explore

  48. That is one huge litter box
    Large enough for an ox
    I had no idea how many bugs I eat per year
    That's all I need is another fear haha

    1. haha can't climb a tree
      And now scared of a flea

  49. My third graders would have loved this lesson! I did, too, by the way!

    1. Rhyming away
      Can lead to teaching and play

  50. Holy crap, Pat! You out-ewwwed my beaver post. 430 bugs... it makes my blue skin crawl. Good thing I've got bug loving cats in da house. So maybe in my case it's only 230 bugs a year....

    1. haha out ewwwed you
      That is so fun to do
      Here at my zoo
      And so far last has come due

    2. It's so not funny
      Where's my money
      I want honey
      a blue bunny
      Make it fast
      For I'm last

    3. Pfft I'll give you honey
      From a bunny that has crap so runny


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