Bored At Work So Why Not Smirk!

So poor Pat is oh so bored and the cat has to make up for that by picking at the work horde. This should be an interesting run. For plenty of strange beings seem to be found under the work sun.

There is the gossip hound.
I'd rather a dog be found.
As they just yap away,
Making up crap all damn day.

Next comes the lazy one,
Who thinks sitting one their ass is fun.
Pushing more on everyone else around,
Lucky if they'd ever make a sound.

Of course the loud crow.
Who always has to bellow.
Or be like old one eye and whine.
They too annoy the feline.

The know it all as well.
They are annoying as hell.
Always having done this and that.
Should get crushed flat.

The one always telling you,
Like you have no clue,
How to do your work.
Those idiots are not a perk.

The backstabber is there.
Those aren't really rare.
Ready to strike,
And run you down twice with a bike.

The ass kisser is everywhere.
Those are even less rare.
"Oh it wasn't me.
I pucker up, can't you see?"

The one with no clue,
That they smell like a sewer rat crew.
With germs galore.
Enough to open their own store.

Those that take and take some more.
Like some greedy god of lore.
Then you get to take a hike,
Once more being run over by a bike.

Then idiots who put nothing back,
I really really want to whack.
Give them a kick to the head,
For causing such dread.

And I know there are more but they all surely bore. They also annoy the cat and I don't even have to work like Pat. Such fun to pick on the working class that work even less than my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Been away in recent days
      Nice to be back as always!


    2. Hank
      When you're gone there's quite a gamble
      For your spot they take a scramble

    3. True Manzi, lurk at 7.00am as all others
      If luck is in, it'll work wonders


    4. Hank finally back on top
      After the last few days was a flop haha

  2. You mentioned almost every kind of non-working coworker I can imagine.

    It is kind of funny, there are only two kinds of people at a 'modern' sedentary workplace: ones who don't work and do everything else, and others who do work and get made fun of :-)

    1. haha yeah got them all in there
      And that seems to be the case at many a lair

  3. i hate the ones that steal my mug!!! Or never clean out the dishwasher...actually the whole sales department...I feel better now.

  4. The trick is fight fire with fire
    Once they tasted pain they've no desire
    To do you in or send bullies
    For you've knocked their allies
    They'll accord the due respect
    Otherwise they know what to expect


    1. That sounds like a plan
      One of which I'd be a fan
      And fire away
      At the work bay

  5. can do quite some good character studies at work...and being forced to work closely together can be a big challenge with some but also polishes our own character... hehe..just read poke the rocks one ever stole my mug at work...maybe that's because of the lipstick rests on the rim...smiles

    1. haha that is a good way to be
      Like the lipstick there and they will flee
      Stealing anothers mug
      As away they chug

  6. Oh, I know some of those people!
    They have their clones most everywhere.

    1. Yeah the clones are out and about
      They swim around like trout

  7. All could be forgiven
    at your bay
    If those nasty co-workers
    sent catnip your way

    1. haha then the cat would be high
      And he'd ignore every cry

  8. It really has to be a quirk
    To work with every kind of jerk
    So close that you can even study
    Don't touch or get yourself all muddy
    I've seen movies of work places
    And all their funny faces
    Tell the bunch to blank up a tree
    Sell more books and stay home like me.

    1. hahaha have to sell a TON more books
      And not just get looks
      For that to come to pass
      But it would sure be a delight for my little rhyming ass

  9. ha. i have some interesting co workers for sure
    and some that cause ache like a burr
    always wanting to stir the pot
    and probably a bit of pot too
    whew, um, i try not to steal mugs
    but in the case of emergency caffeination
    i need a way to get my ration

    1. Oh so you are a mug stealer
      Next you'll be stealing a four wheeler
      Then a truck
      Then you'll be out of luck
      Going to a bank for some loot
      And in jail you'll get the boot haha

  10. Oh, I've worked with all of those folks too! And nice ones, a few too. (er, also typo in V4, I think you mean 'they' instead of 'the'. Have a great weekend Pat!

    1. Nope it was the at my bay
      Just one person to point towards my say
      And yeah those folks are all around
      Worse than a butt sniffing hound

  11. Experienced all of those, including the perfectionist critic who finds fault with everything you do.
    And I'm half-asleep at home, making a really lame poem.

    1. Yeah that critic is a pain in the ass
      I have been known to give them sass
      Hey it rhymed indeed
      Half asleep works for you at my feed

  12. Haha you've got them all, including the ones that don't put anything back. Hello Pat, it has been a while, and I LOVE everything about your template and layout. I have missed visiting your nook.

    1. Yeah the ones that don't put stuff back
      Really deserve a smack
      Glad you love the new look
      Here at my nook

  13. Ahhh yes, those who don't put things back! Grrrrr... :-)

    1. Yep such a pain in the ass
      No matter the work class

  14. Oh cat I know a few
    of these in your view
    perhaps you should
    set a trap and shut
    their yaps, or maybe
    just yawn and take a nap
    the ones who say they
    do it all but, really
    don't have much to
    show in their halls
    but, hey it's Saturday
    and for that I say Yea!

    Enjoy your day at your bay

    PS you have turned by words into constant rhymes here at your zoo. Laughing..thanks for the smiles it goes miles

    1. A mouse trap you say?
      I'll try that at my bay
      But if they don't smirk
      And I get fired from work
      It will be all your fault
      So you'll have to put Pat and the cats up at your vault hahaha
      Probably safer taking a nap
      And so very true, the know it all is usually a sap
      Always fun to convert people to rhyme
      Each and every time

    2. Hey Pat and his cai I really don't mind rhyming
      You see it's fun by the tons under your sun!

    3. Yeah fun is surely had
      With each rhyme at my pad

  15. Haha this is true
    Such a weird work crew
    They do exist everywhere
    But I avoid them like grizzly bears
    Just do my work
    Then go home and soak
    In the sunshine
    Away from the whine
    It's just a job, not your life
    No reason to get any strife :)

    1. Yeah all around
      They can be found
      Avoid them like bears one should
      Even if they spring up like wood
      But what if it is cloudy and raining?
      Then can I put a kink in the neck they are craning? lol

  16. I've been out of the job scene
    about 10 years now...retired.
    I don't miss "them" at all,
    I'm "free" now, not mired.

    Have a great day at your bay~~~

    1. Want to trade?
      I'd lie my job scene to fade
      And stay at home
      Not wanting to roam

  17. I've been at my current job for about a year, and every employee of the month is usually some favorite who doesn't do terribly much. It would be rather fun if they did worst employee of the month. I know a few who could win that one.

    especially the girl who says she's allergic to work.

    1. hahaha allergic to work you say
      She must be the cream of the crop at your work bay

  18. I have worked with most of these types
    most of the time they live up to the not-so-good hype
    I prefer to mind my business and do my job
    And pay no attention to those that act like a snob

    1. Yeah best way to be
      As they cause no glee
      But you could always get a flea
      And give them an itchy knee

  19. The work-a-day world
    oh what a grind
    the oh so boring
    nine to five
    a slave to that
    you surely are
    would be better
    working at a bar.

    Oh no not there
    for you'd surely
    swear at the crazy
    cooks who frequent
    that lair.

    A lion tamer
    you could be
    as you swim
    with cats
    at your sea.

    Hey Cat, I hit the snooze on my alarm so many times it finally stopped going off. I just woke up. This is the plus side for not having a job.

    1. haha prob make more at a bar
      But then the drunks I'd want to tar
      Swimming and cats generally doesn't go hand and hand
      And hmph to you at your non working land

    2. We may have found a cheap beater to replace our broken car. Five hundred for a Chevy Cavalier. We're going to have a mechanic look at it before we buy it. If I can get two years out it then I made a good deal. If not, I'm stupid.

    3. Oh how the cat could play
      With that last remark you say haha
      Lets hope you can get a year or two
      Then dump it as you go back to Ireland's zoo

  20. Wow, you did awesome describing the personality types. I find it amazing how most working environments have them. Nice how you can sit back and watch them and thank your lucky stars you're not like them.


    1. Yeah seems they are all around
      And can be easily found
      Nice too
      That no likeness is had at my zoo

  21. It takes all types to make up the work place...
    I'm wondering, do you also dream in rhyming verse? LOL

    Writer In Transit

    1. Not most of the time
      But once in a while I may dream in rhyme

  22. Here I was thinking it was safe to visit on a Saturday. I was mistaken, the cat still has to be mean to me. How vile!

    Nothing worse than those who spread crap.
    Giving others a totally bad rap.

    Coming in at a close second are those who do nothing.
    But collect a nice fat paycheck while we do all the shuffling.

    So happy I don't have to deal with that at my shore.
    I just get bothered by solicitors at my door.

    Happy weekend, Pat.
    Get bent, cat.


    1. haha at least you can slam the door
      As they come to implore
      That you give them dough
      For this or that at your show
      And pfft to you
      You think all are bent with your one eyed view

    2. If I saw the cat, I'd slam the door for sure! he he he

    3. Slam away
      He's so fast he'd get in anyway

  23. So glad I work from home..nothing to deal with but rats..the furry

    1. Better in most every way
      As they scurry and play

  24. Sounds like every single working environment I've ever been in, except when I worked with all men. There was no backstabbing or gossip. Women are the worst for that.

    1. Yeah I'm the other way around
      Women are waaaaay worse as these types abound

  25. Please don't use the C word. I'm trying to enjoy my weekend.

    1. C word? Co worker would that be?
      That is bothering little old thee?

    2. In this case, I'd say yes.
      I'm impressed by your wild guess.

    3. Damn I am good
      Here at my hood

    4. If only I could
      Make money from wood

  26. Ass-kisser and back stabber
    So many in my work, they blabber
    too in their suits and tie
    sometimes I want to whack their lies
    like a speck of nosy fly
    them away I run like a spy ~

    Happy Saturday ~ Glorious day outside ~

    1. Sounds like you have many too
      That you catch in view
      And yeah was nice here as well
      Where we dwell

  27. From what I hear, you've covered it clear!

    1. That I think
      I did all but the kitchen sink

  28. "The smile on their face
    All the time they want to take your place"
    Face-fit folks get the rewards
    Those who work get the swords

  29. Have come across each and every one

  30. It's somehow comforting to see
    there's loons where you work.
    Just like me.
    (NOTE: I don't mean to imply that I'M a loon. Well, not much.)

    1. haha all a loon a bit
      But not like the above at my pit

  31. When Pat is picking on someone..
    god save them :P

    1. As I rant and rave
      He may come for the save

  32. Here I am, arriving very late!
    But I wanted to keep my comment streak at any rate! ha.
    Now off to bed I go to dream of something.
    At midnight, I'll turn into a pumpkin.

    1. haha just don't get carved out
      That would make you shout

  33. Poor Pat bored at work with these ass kisse
    oh dear:)

  34. In a high school the worst features
    Are for sure the freakin' teachers.
    When the sophomores act like fools,
    Well, it's okay; teens should be tools.
    But when the grown-ups whine and cry,
    My Human wishes they'd all die!

    1. hahaha wow in the high school marsh
      Things must be harh

  35. Great Poem!!

    You have an award over at my place.

  36. Great post Pat that definitely made me smirk, being bored at work is never good and could lead to a reaction that is knee jerk.

  37. So glad I never have to deal with that

  38. Ahhh, being a skiver sometimes carries its own charm/how else could I enjoy what the cat has to offer in its fun farm? :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. I guess that is true
      Gives me a post when they come in view

  39. Just me an my computer down by the sea
    Most days I feel lucky just to be me.
    Working with others takes patience and charm
    Having neither, I would only do them harm.

    1. haha lucky as can be
      Sitting by the sea
      With no work for thee
      Can even drop your drawers wherever and have a pee lol

  40. These types must abound. At my workplace, they all are found. I just try to hide in my square, wishing myself to some better lair.

    1. Wish the wish would come true
      For me and you

  41. I used to work and had to put up with all those that you mentioned. So glad there is just me and my Hubs.... it is bad enough that we put up with each other.

    1. hahaha well beats a work sea
      Where these types prance with glee

  42. Work- Just like high school, except run by adults...

    1. haha pretty much the size of it
      And full of shit haha


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