Even The Broke Can Make A Rich Bloke!

The cat was thinking about this the other day as he saw the word Free on display, on some social media site.  Now that is nothing new by any height. But well they provide this and that for free, we stay broke, they get big money!

Make a Facebook account,
And look at the cost amount.
It is entirely free,
To talk, show pictures, and make dumb updates with glee.

Go to reddit for all the news.
I mean how can you lose?
You get it all for free,
Stuff can even be submitted by thee.

The same old song and dance,
No matter where you prance,
Is oh so true,
Things are free for you.

You get to have your say,
Show things on your display,
Even make an account for your cat,
Nothing wrong with that.

Even finding porn for free,
Is out there if wished by thee.
But with this free trend,
Your time is what you lend.

You work and make so much an hour,
But free is where you have the power.
For by playing online,
Up goes the dollar sign.

You just make Facebook all the more rich,
So much so if you knew you'd twitch.
Same for everything from reddit to porn,
As more and more ads are born.

Just from you taking your free time,
And giving a chime.
Free time using stuff that is free,
Is oh so loved by the greedy.

As they laugh all the way to the bank,
While you complain about no gas in your tank,
Or update saying you took a pee.
Oh how great is the word free?

See even if you are flat broke,
You can help out a rich bloke.
Doesn't that give you a warm and tingly feeling?
As now you make some rich guys wallet get stuffed and the poor thing is left reeling.

The cat just had to have some fun with that, as we all do it at our mat. Obviously or I wouldn't be yapping about it right now. Still oh so wrong somehow. But oh well, what the hell, as at least the cat can give some sass from my daily little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Free stuff is free,
    like the air and a sting of a bee

    1. Not free to the bee
      As they are dead when they sting thee

  2. A lot of us (including me) feel it like an obligation to make use of anything that is free. And something for the sake of something is never good. Or almost never good.

    1. Yeah making use of one or two
      Isn't so bad at ones zoo
      But ten or show
      Gets rather ridiculous at ones show

  3. Very few things are free in life, and we do give away our time as if it meant nothing.
    You owe me $5.37 for me taking the time to read your poem. Payable in Hot Tamales.

    1. Hmmm never seen them around here
      I'll have to owe you I fear
      Or maybe ship some to your door
      What currency is that in though at your shore? haha

  4. Never thought about it before, but by typing this comment I am making blogger richer, how about you?

    1. Not making me richer
      Still a broke twitcher
      Literally too
      As I twitch away on cue

  5. But then they are making us rich by letting us use their free stuff as we make them rich, we are all rich right?

    1. Rich you say?
      Don't know the meaning of the word at my bay haha

  6. You really made me think with this one
    There's no true "free" think under the sun
    FOr even though we don't pay a dime
    We pay dearly with lost time

    1. Making you think
      Hope it didn't bring you to the brink
      And yeah time is gone
      While we make them rich at their over sized lawn

  7. So true that games which say they are free
    eventually cause a person to spend money
    unless you want to be frustrated forever
    so the idea of totally free is really never
    they find a way to get your buck
    in their pockets your money they tuck!

    1. Not sure in their pocket
      As google has money coming out their eye socket
      So it may not fit
      But they sure still take it

  8. Replies
    1. Unless you dumpster dive
      But you may not survive

  9. free gets you in the door
    then they slip the cost in under the floor
    oh you actually want to do something
    cha ching
    they make their money of that you can be sure...

    1. Yep that is how they roll
      Let you stroll
      And then poof
      Ooops a goof
      But if you pay
      It will go away

  10. Time is money...the saying goes. I lose money by the hour. My kids suck it all out of me.

    1. hahaha hopefully they at least ask nice
      Maybe you should pay them in mice

  11. We all have our fun
    Others have theirs
    It's win-win situation
    Money garnered by others

    Payment for service provided
    they did their efforts
    They deserved what they get
    We enjoyed what they fed


    1. True indeed
      We can use their feed
      And they put they effort in
      So why shouldn't they win

  12. Ads bring people money? I've never seen it first hand, but I have heard you're right. ;)

    1. Oh I've done it a time or ten
      It does work at ones den

  13. You speak the truth alright,
    These guys aren't giving anything away free day or night.
    The folks who know the worth of their time
    Would much rather joke around with a rhyme.

    1. Yep rhyming is the way to be
      Even if you live by the sea
      All nice and warm
      Without a snow storm haha

  14. It's damn near close enough to free. Too free and people call it piracy.

    1. Yeah but piracy is only called it
      When they throw a fit
      As no money can be made
      So they call the FBI to raid

  15. I hardly think my little "blog"
    will make someone laugh all the way to the bank.
    I don't have many "friends or followers"
    except a talented few, and to those I do thank.
    So it is still feels free to me
    when I do not pay a fee,
    but if it ever costs money,
    I'm out-of-here, honey!

    1. Another blog out there
      No matter the popularity of the lair
      Just means another ad for blogger is out
      Adding that much more clout
      So it all factors in
      To adding money to their bin

  16. Yes I feel all warm and tingly
    To the rich more dough I bring(ly)
    To all computers I say I'll quit
    But what to do when I want to writ
    This morning computer was on the fritz
    Oh my god, what a bitch
    But no matter how hard I tried
    If I say I'll quit, I know I lied.

    1. Yeah I will agree
      Most I'd ever do is flee
      For a week or so
      Away I'd never fully go
      Hopefully you scratched the itch
      And the computer is no longer a bitch

  17. If anything were truly free
    We'd toss it for being 'too easy'.
    Ah now, hold back your mirth,
    Just look and see what we've done to the Earth.

    1. No argument here
      What humans do causes fear

  18. Oh how I wish the rich would choke!
    If all of us had gone out and spoke
    of all the pains that add to our yoke--
    I tell you true, it is no joke!

    1. Choke on their own spit
      And all over where they sit
      The go broke with medical bills
      Losing their money hills

  19. Free porn, what the internet is for.

    1. To go and explore
      Regions not at ones shore

  20. Replies
    1. Yeah he sure got the job done
      As he said anything under his sun

  21. I have come over to say you're a brat brat! And I say it kindly (after reaading the elephant storming one to bits reply you have put on my blog today). LOL!

    1. hahahahahaha oh I knew I'd get a rise out of that
      So fun to be a brat

  22. Dad always said, "No free lunch."
    He'd still agree, I have a hunch.
    Time is money, money is time
    Well look at that! I made it rhyme!!

    1. Look at you go
      With the flow
      And yeah to or fro
      Time is valuable at each show

  23. Very funny and also true!
    Woo! Woo!
    Have a good day, you!

  24. What a very smart cat you are!

  25. Good one to think about Pat. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for your comment on the Terry Brooks Chat :) Isn't it funny how doing nothing in front of the blank screen is actually a key part of accomplishing something great sometimes? I love that fellow writers can commiserate.

    Thanks for the input on the google plus comments. I wasn't entirely sure how it worked, but for now I went ahead and nixed it as you suggested :) Unfortunately that deleted your previous comment. Talk to you soon.

    1. Yeah doing nothing at all
      Is actually something at ones hall
      Who knew that?
      I guess the one at your mat
      And yeah those comments are dumb
      But sooner or later they'll prob be the only way stupid google lets us leave a comment hum

  26. Even The Broke
    Can Make A Rich Bloke...

    if he eats the уоlk,
    reach on protein
    this food rocks!
    improves brain's talk

    1. haha but eggs cost a ton
      So have to be a rich one
      To stay rich
      And scratch the itch

  27. It really annoys me man, all these companies saying how it's free when it's not really. What's your opinion on these new charges Youtube are making for certain online channels?

    1. Never knew Youtube was doing such a thing
      Figures they'd suck more out of each wing
      Already making a crap load
      Now they suck more away with a new mode

  28. The only porn I do is food porn,
    With asparagus tipped and parmesan shorn

    1. Doesn't sound as thrilling
      Maybe a bit chilling

  29. Without a charge, it seems to me,
    I'm enjoying blogger for free, free, free!
    So, someone gets rich? It could be worse.
    They could be pulling the money outta my purse.

    1. Yeah true indeed
      At least they aren't sucking it directly from our feed

  30. Very true..nothing is really for free.

  31. Your books look cute. Greetings from a fellow cat lover ;-)

  32. Nothing is free - unless it's from me! ;) Your gift card is in the mail!

  33. This kind of stuff always starts out free
    Until they see the potential money they can charge thee
    Like Facebook wanting me to pay to promote my post
    They are the site I hate the most.

    1. Yep despise facebook too
      They can shove their pay crap up their gazoo

  34. Good day Pat and his cat
    all the things one can get for free
    you can get this or that at your mat
    but, what is the price a piece of your soul
    I do believe some things are free
    like a smile from me to thee
    or a message from the heart
    it sure gives the day a good jump start!
    So have fun at your sea while
    sipping some ice tea..
    glad to see you on my wall
    always nice of you to call
    Ring ring ..enjoy the spring
    it always makes me sing
    Okay I'll leave you be or
    maybe I'll be a bee and
    leave honey for thee.. Lol

    PS working on that whale poem thanks for the inspiration
    you are one noisey cat and that is a fact...

    1. Look at you
      With the long flow
      Here at my show
      On the go
      And getting all lovey dovey too
      With heart message in cue lol
      A smile could be free
      Or just to suck on in at their sea
      Then where would we be?
      Have to watch between glee and free
      Honey too?
      That may make the cat run to the loo

    2. Run to the loo???? laughing not sure what that is???? maybe, not enough characters..

    3. Don't know what a loo is
      It is where one goes to do their biz lol

    4. lol..well, as long as they do their biz
      away from me..then it's all good you see..
      good night Pat and his cat..I am tired today
      work wears me out..and that is all I can say...

      sweet dreams Pat and his cat
      or should I say wildcat...lol..

      in any case have a good night..dream tight...

    5. Hope you are all refreshed from work
      Being worn out isn't a perk
      And a goo night sleep came due
      Or at least the best that is possible in this sauna I call a zoo lol

  35. The Cat has shown he's very wise
    For 'free' is yet another a penny in disguise

    1. P.S. Pat, have you ever seen so many comments? CLICK

    2. Holy shit
      That puts to shame every blog pit

    3. Holy shit plus two!
      Just had to share this find with you.

    4. Damn, 5000 for the post just posted today
      I'd never ever be able to keep up with that many at my bay

  36. The only thing you spend is time!

    1. That is all I have to spend
      A life long trend

  37. Yep..even Blogs are free!
    And I don't charge you to read!
    Auction trash is free, too!
    And taking that, you know I like to do.
    Vets, however, are not free!
    And you, Orlin, don't even have free pee!
    Yep, it has a price tag on it,
    giving poor Pat fits!

    1. hahaha had to go back today
      To the stinkin vet bay
      He pooped on them once more
      As in his bladder they did explore
      Having spasms down there
      Now I my lair

    2. Well, I don't blame him a bit
      for letting out a little sh*t!
      Feels a bit violated I'm sure
      as they did the big explore.
      Poor cat
      and you, Pat!

    3. Yeah I'm sure he does
      He sure growled and let his voice buzz

  38. Susan Flett Swiderski hit the nail on the head
    I agree with all she said
    Loved the Cat's line about foolish tweets
    Like a lamb that endlessly bleets
    I don't mind spending time
    Sharing photos, prose and rhyme
    Freely these things are all out there
    Hoping smiles will spread everywhere

    1. She has the right thought
      As we can blabber a lot
      But just don't miss the nail
      Hitting your thumb can make one wail

  39. Isn't there a saying... the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

    1. Yep that is it
      Certainty true at my pit haha

  40. like many times you have reason but the blogs are free cat!

    1. The blogs aren't entirely free
      They suck time and are used to make google money

  41. "My" blog takes up her time
    That should rightfully be mine!

  42. You've got their strategy down pat, cat.
    They advertise all sorts of "freebies" at their mat
    But they take from us all and fill their own hat
    There's something really wrong with that.


    1. Yeah they screw us through and through
      Not in a fun way either at our zoo

  43. Really odd that you don't have ads on your blog. Well, besides ads for your own stuff.

    1. Yeah got rid of all that crap
      Not advertising for stupid google at my map

  44. I honestly didn't know we had a choice, even my radio show has ads I've not seen a dime for. I assume there's a way to do it but I'm not tech savy enough to figure it out. I hate FB for that very reason.

    Oh dear, I'm off on a rant. Got to run :)

    1. Rant away
      As it is fun at my bay
      And yeah you can turn the crap off too
      Which away it went at my zoo


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