Exploiting The Feline Is Crossing The Line!

Have you ever noticed at every sea how they are obsessed with cute pictures of the kitty? They show them here, they show them there. They are around every friggin' lair. Now the cat isn't complaining about that. For it just shows the magnitude of the cat. But we are being used and the cat feels so abused.

Car accident kills ten,
Cat jumps on dog in den.
World is going to explode,
Cat goes into hyper mode.

War on Planet Nimrod.
Cat fishes out a cod.
Serial killer on the loose.
Cat makes friends with a moose.

Woman jumps from roof.
Cat pulls a goof.
Couple drowns in lake.
Cat predicts an earthquake.

Notice a pattern yet?
If you're slow don't fret.
Yeah I know cats are grand,
Even noticing a shift in the land.

But we are used as a magic trick.
As news sites think they are slick.
Look at the cute kitty doing this and that.
Forget about the killer bacteria on your doormat.

We told you the truth,
You were just too busy looking at the cats of Ruth.
She has twenty or so,
All lined up in a row.

How could you refuse to look?
Who cares if such and such plastic faced actress became a crook.
With that long of a headline,
You'll have to go for the feline.

Wait! You mean you clicked on that story?
That is just far too gory.
Whoops, how did that get there?
A cute cat popped up, I was so unaware.

The spirits are calling out to you.
Click on the cat in your view.
Forget the other stuff.
That will just leave you in a huff.

So just take the kitty,
The world ending is such a pity.
But fido and fluffy running around,
Fighting over some dirt mound.

It really is a sight to see.
So go and watch with glee.
I bet Fluffy beats the hound.
Don't forget to turn up the sound.

See! Pat even exploits little old me.

So you see how we are used so much by you? We deserve a royalty or two. You humans take all our dough as we put on the show. That is just rude. No wonder the cat is crude. Or maybe I just like the sass that always comes from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Is that baby Orlin in the pic
    Cuteness really does the trick
    Who can deny to aahh and oooww
    When cuteness praise is really due
    Posters sell for lots of money
    Of kitty cats behaving funny
    Doing things that humans do
    From golf to yoga at their zoo
    Click click click now it's time
    Do something funny, say a rhyme.

    1. Yeah that is Orlin indeed
      Before he came to my feed
      Say something funny you say
      Putting me on the spot at my bay
      I just can't find something funny
      Maybe you need to ask a bunny
      They crap eggs out
      Or that singing trout

  2. Aww what a cute kitty
    If the world ends, what a pity
    But we'll always have cats
    To delight us at our mats
    Forget all the rest
    Kitties are the best :)

    1. Yeah all else goes away
      With a cat on display
      As they try and avert your eyes
      Through their already made up lies

  3. ooo what a conspiracy you have uncovered
    the secret to zen living is discovered
    don't worry be happy
    bobby mcfarrin should have used cat pics instead of getting sappy...ooo a lyric, yeah my rhymes are sic today,
    (insert a cat pic, so you forget
    i just said it)
    yeah this is slick,
    might have to use this jedi trick

    1. haha a jedi mind trick
      And you are kinda slick
      But saying a cat pic and not showing one
      Doesn't work under any sun
      So I would forget one bit
      The lyrics you hit

  4. Kitties are cute for sure
    can't help but like them
    not sure about cats
    predicting earthquakes though!
    But anything is possible.
    That is indeed a nice pic!

    1. haha yeah you never know
      Many animals go wacko at their show
      When an earthquake is about to hit
      Don't want to fall in a pit

  5. Thankfully cats can't think like us, and I think they don't care as long as we are not eating, milking or skinning them.

    1. Yeah they should be fine
      Unless you snip snip a feline

  6. Kitties are cute :)cool :)

  7. I hadn't noticed this conspiracy before
    Although it seems "littered" throughout the lore
    Yes, millions in royalties are due
    Even for the big cats in the zoo

    1. Yep they all need the dough
      Glad you now know the conspiracy at your show

  8. I wonder what all the lolcats would think of their internet fame?

    Would they be so angry they'd put grumpy cat to shame?

    1. Hmmm they may think it is fun
      Especially if the dog they can shun

  9. So, dropping by your zoo to read
    a bit or two..conspiracies at your bay
    it seems many want to get their share
    take part in the big pay day..
    but, you are a wise cat, and that is a fact
    I know you'll stay on your toes and
    watch out for all those woes...
    Pat putting the little kitty on display
    oh, what can I say, you are a cute one
    and I think you would like to play
    do you want a string ball, or climbing wall
    we cannot stop mother nature from making her call
    just be careful all within your halls..

    Wishing you a great day sitting by your bay...

    1. See all else goes away
      With the kitty on display
      Proved my point
      Once more at my joint haha
      Nice dreary day
      Here at my bay
      So I'll will sit
      Hope your day is a hit

    2. The kitty made my day
      you see my bird is sick today
      seems he is a she and needs
      to lay an egg..off to vet we did go
      now, if she just can pass the egg
      she'll be happier today..

      so, I am watching with eye of the hawk
      over my feathered friend..hope she'll
      be on the mend..

      Sitting my her cage singing her a song...

    3. Oh a he she
      As she sings with no so much glee
      Trying to out the egg for you
      So it can be in few
      Hope you vet bills aren't as big as mine
      When last week I took the feline
      And hope she he is well
      Sick whether human or animal is not swell

    4. Hey Pat,

      The vet bill was not pretty
      no insurance for pets
      So, it cost me a bundle
      may have to work some overtime
      to foot the bill but, as
      long as she is well that is
      all that matters, she doesn't
      want to sing today, so I'm afraid
      some music I will have to play
      I wonder if I have to change his
      name as now I know he is a she
      good grief..

      Thanks for the note

    5. haha yeah they aren't pretty at all
      It seems at any hall
      Many names can be both genders though
      Had a cat like that a long time ago
      Thought he was a she
      When really he was a he
      Sure she will sing soon
      Under the full moon

    6. Hey Pat,

      I guess her name can be crossed gendered
      still no egg to be seen, my poor birdie
      she is not well and this worries me
      the medicine she does not like and
      it makes me cry to see her strain
      wish this egg would just let go..

      Have a nice night under starlight...

    7. Bet it is hard to give a bird medicine too
      At least a cat or dog you can sit on and throw it in their gazoo

  10. Guess I haven't noticed the conspiracy either.

  11. isn't it a pity
    that the meows of a kitty
    are exploited for us all
    to laugh and scrawl
    ditties on my hall
    my doodle
    shakes his noodle
    in gall

    1. Yeah such a pity
      From country to city
      But with your little ditty
      Keep your noodle away from the kitty haha

  12. Pussies have been exploited since the beginning of time.

  13. So, was that picture the one that made you say,
    "Yes, I want that kitty at my bay!"?

    1. Yes it was indeed
      And so he was shipped to my feed

    2. I wouldn't have been able to resist myself
      and would have brought him to my shelf.
      So where exactly was he born
      and did he have far to sojourn?
      I know he came on a jet
      so it was a little ways, I bet!

    3. Yeah born up near Niagara Falls
      Where he gave his first cat calls
      The flown half way across the country he was here
      Becoming a little rhyming rear

    4. Aw, how exciting that must have been,
      like waiting for a baby to be born at your den!
      He sure was a cute one
      from now, until when he begun.

    5. Yeah and he still thins so
      Strutting about our show
      And waiting or a baby you say?
      Hmm no poo machine so better at our bay haha

  14. You're right Pat, exploitation is not a good creation, quite annoying to be honest with you.

  15. Well I think I will take a nap and ponder the exploits!

    1. Nap away
      But that flashy thing will capture your display

  16. Yes, it has become about the cat
    And I've had quite enough of that
    They boast of your superpowers - Geeze!
    Your personalities alone appease.
    You've enough going without the need
    For exploitation due to greed
    But little one, you're cute and sweet
    Excuse me while that pic I re-tweet.


    1. haha around you're going
      With the pic showing
      Proving my point
      But the ego of the cat doesn't mind it at our joint

  17. A kitty is so cute no doubt
    Given to extraordinary feats
    Being nice they get exploited
    By such elements who are slick
    Fido and fluffy have their way
    Kitty later will have their say


    1. Yeah both get used
      And keep the humans amused
      But we get our say
      By the end of the day

  18. Thanks for the welcome back Pat Hatt. How are you and the cat? :)

  19. That is a cute kitty picture
    no matter the conspiracy galore
    they bring smile specially the YT ones
    along with the hits & ads, its not a surprise ~

    1. Yeah all the hits they get each day
      They are used to get pay
      With each ad
      To some far away human pad

  20. The power of
    cats when they
    come into view
    is hard to
    resist so
    their greatness
    comes due.

    They hypnotize
    with their
    feline eyes
    bringing us here
    to play at your bay.

    To distract from
    the horror where
    reality flows in
    news so bad
    my blood it runs

    So if I could choose
    and I certainly can
    a kitten will do
    most fine I think
    beats a zombie toe
    now that really stinks.

    I'll click on anything that has a cute cat on it and I'm not ashamed to admit it. And then I'll pass it on for others to view. Oh God, I'm part of the problem!

    1. haha beats a zombie toe any day
      With its huge display
      And yeah distract we easily do
      With a pic in view
      And you are part of the issue as well
      Shame on you for causing cats hell haha

    2. My kitty Fang is outside full time now that the weather is good. She's not eating as much cat food now as she's killing her own food. She even brought me a little baby bird she killed as present.

    3. haha showing her gratitude for keeping her warm
      Through each snow storm

  21. It's sad for me because I really like cats, but I'm allergic to everything and as cool as they are, they make me sick as hell and I end up resenting them =/

    1. Well that is a conundrum indeed
      At least you like them at your feed

  22. Oh my gosh, look at him, he's so adorable and cute!!

  23. Good thing all cats want to do is eat, sleep and s... Maybe sometimse they want a cuddle or two.

    1. Not sure they want to shit
      But like all they have to do it

  24. Replies
    1. Now he's a brute
      Who still thinks he's cute

  25. see...this is what i like about cats...no matter what happens in the world and around them, they just stay relaxed...

    1. Well usually they do
      Unless something scary like a vacuum comes into view

  26. I KNOW!!! Honestly, she uses a picture of me every single day and do I ever see any recompense??? NO, of course I do not. There oughta be a law.

    Thanks for visiting me last week and leaving those nice messages--I am feeling WAAAAAY better now and the Humn should start helping me visit more. But you never know during the last 6 weeks of school. Sigh.

    1. Yeah have to get a law passed
      For all the pics that have been amassed
      Glad all is better too
      There at your zoo

  27. Hey Cat and Pat,
    Thanks for making me laugh.
    I like your new banner. The old one was great too!
    Tracy :-)

    1. Yeah switch it up every once in a while
      Always enjoy each one with their own style

  28. we pet
    while we greet -
    "how nice
    to meet!"

    with joy
    using as toy...-

    how not fair is that
    for "old little cat"!

    1. Yeah teasing the cat
      Not fun at my mat
      I want the toy
      That string is such a ploy

  29. only I can say
    I really love cute cats pictures
    likein the Betsy place
    all these pictures make me feel
    want a cat in my bay
    but Im afraid of that
    because I know dogs and cats
    never feel love:)

    1. Never say never though
      As most cats don't mind rover at their show
      Dogs are hard to come around sometimes though
      But many do at their show

  30. And that's why the Internet is so beloved and used. Because it is the fastest way to distribute pictures of cats.

    1. Yep, see I knew it
      We need a kick back for inspiring the internet pit

  31. Yeah, I know how it feels Mr Feline/Go on youtube, you've got your own "line"/of endless clips of cats falling over/does it ever occur to humans that you're also a very good rover? :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Nope doesn't occur at all
      At their hall
      Need a kick to the butt
      So they'll go bug a mutt

  32. Awww! That is the cutest, even if it is exploitation!

    1. A little exploiting is fine
      When it is this feline

  33. I think you are owed some back allowance

  34. Cutest little kitty cat that I've ever seen
    Wait...That's you! How could you be so mean?

    1. haha the cat grew into it
      A he has each rhyming fit

    2. You tricked me into calling you cute!

    3. That cat is slick
      With such a trick


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