From My Behind A Random Kind!

Did you survive the A to Z? Are you all wore out at your sea? Pfft it was a nice break for me, as now I just have to go and make random posts at my sea. No letter to lead the way. Oh well, at least you'll never know what is coming to my bay. For from my mind can come things that are sure one of a kind.

Close Encounters of a Third Kind,
Can you kind of guess what's on my mind?
Do we have the same kind of thinking?
Are you kind of winking?

What kind of Pokemon are you?
Yeah, I kind of went there at my zoo.
It's Kind of a Funny Story,
Just ask Richard Kind in all his glory.

The Fourth Kind,
Can blow your mind.
Not in the kind of way,
That kindly lets you have a nice day.

For you may call a kind-ergarden cop.
He may kind of make you stop.
I hear there are kind bars.
Takes all kinds to drive cars.

Are you kind of on to me yet?
Are you kind of annoyed by the pet?
Should I make sense of some kind?
At least my kind doesn't blow your mind.

Meant that kind of literally too,
As some humans kind of have a loose screw.
But some are kind of fun.
The ones that kind of get things done.

It is a Kind of Magic,
Even though it's kinda tragic.
That Groovy Kind of Love,
Can kind of get you slapped with a glove.

But that is just man-kind,
Kind of out of their mind.
What kind of post is this?
Aren't you in some kind of bliss?

Kindly keep that to yourself,
We don't want your birds and the bees kind at my shelf.
It would scare my one of a kind behind.
Have to be Cruel to be Kind.

That is some kind of tension,
I guess some kindness I should mention.
But I am of the Difficult Kind.
Thank you kindly from my little rhyming behind.

Just click away to kinda show some love and join the linky on display.

So you can see above that you can show kindness some love. That is all you have to do. Is write a post about some kind act that happened to you. Plus get more and new views at your zoo. Not that hard to do. Unless you are a mean old coot, then you can just go smell a toot. Was that kind? Hope I am not kind of in a bind. I am sure it will pass for I am a kinda enjoyable little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. An eyeball is even eyeballing you
      Special today at my zoo

    3. John is back in the saddle today!

    4. John Congrats
      John wears the crown
      No more will he frown

    5. Oh he'll still frown
      At least it won't look as bad as a clown

    6. Congrats John! You did it at 7.00am! which is the right time to be lurking!


    7. Yep such a lurker indeed
      As he did the deed

  2. I kind of don't know what to say
    Except I more than kind of beat Hank today

    1. That you did indeed
      Hank is late twice in a row at my feed

  3. Replies
    1. Think away
      Don't strain yourself though at your bay haha

  4. Replies
    1. Well it beats that rat
      He's hated by the cat

  5. Well, that was interesting stuff
    within those lines, sure enough

    "It is a Kind of Magic,
    Even though it's kinda tragic"

    Well, I think life has a bit of both
    it helps mold us with internal growth
    a random act of kindness, loveliness
    so spread your wings, and fly
    see what magic you can bring
    into the hearts of those unknown
    I think I will take part in this quest
    at your, excuse me
    as I must get dressed as it's off to
    work I must go

    Have a good day Pat and his cat
    do something amazing at your mat
    a random act of kindness at your show
    will make your eyes glow..

    1. So you were commenting here naked today?
      LOL I couldn't let that one go at my bay
      Yeah both is surely there
      As I'm all to aware
      But a little kindness can go a long way
      And make ones day

    2. Ok cat you are bad when I am away
      I know you couldn't let that slip by today
      but, hey what can I say.. You're quick
      with a quip, none is safe within your grip
      Now excuse me I have to remember
      to be kind .. Laughing

    3. Took you a long time to zip
      Couldn't get a good grip? hahaha
      Sometimes things just come about
      And the cat has to point them out

  6. I think we all need to do more random acts of kindness. Heading over to check them out now.

    1. Yeah that we all should
      In each and every hood

  7. As Ellen DeGeneres says on her show every day, "Be kind to one another"!

    1. You went there
      Geez is all I can say at my lair lol

  8. A random act of kindness a day
    Could make the world such a wonderful sunray
    All it takes is a small act by each one of us
    That way, the world would not be in such a fuss

    1. Yeah that is surely true
      Instead greed rings through
      And more and more
      Is grabbed at ones shore

  9. Close encounters are not always kind
    especially when a car hits from behind
    I agree with Optimistic's philosophy above
    like a random act a day to spread the love
    I never did understand about Pokeman
    probably because my head is in the 'san.'
    My comment seems pretty random today
    It might be a Fourth Encounter kind of day.

    1. Random as can be
      But those are always fun to see
      Such a car
      Prob just came from a bar
      And yeah Pokemon has a ton of stuff
      Following it can be rough

  10. Kindness I give
    a shout each day
    at my bay.

    Nice to one
    and all
    I am much
    like the King
    of Siam.

    But not
    to you I
    say with cheer
    for out your
    arse comes
    noxious gas
    that you always
    like to pass.

    1. hahaha pffft to you
      Mean at your zoo
      With that plane
      That you charge all to even walk up the lane
      And use the loo
      So I'll keep passing gas in front of you

  11. I want to be a fun human who gets things done. That sounds like, well, fun. :D

  12. Random Acts of Kindness... cute...

    Happy May!!!


    1. Be fun to see
      A cute brute hang from a tree

  13. random acts of kindness are good things
    as long as sincere and not trying to get
    something from your own rear, i fear
    too many just want the recognition
    at the ignition of their cardiac
    condition--but then again that is judgemental
    and can belittle the humble tumble
    of those that bumble along and sing the song
    of the masses

    1. Yeah that is true though
      Even if judgemental in your flow
      All grab in mass
      As they enlarge their ass

  14. do we have the same kind of thinking?
    No,! haha.

    1. hahaha you afraid to think like the cat?
      Some may take offense to that
      But I am kind
      with my behind haha

  15. So you write about a kindness that happened to you
    instead of going out and being kind to a few?
    That is a different twist
    maybe there's a pay-it-forward gist?

    1. Will I follow the rules?
      Pff rules are for fools
      But i will do something i suppose
      That doesn't involve zombie toes

    2. could be fun to do
      I'll check it out like you!
      Like you? Ugh...think like you?
      Do like you?
      Let me out of that brain of yours, would ya?

    3. haha too many halls
      And lots of walls
      One day you may get out
      Just don't shout

  16. Seems to me everyone beat Hank today. I'm slightly worried.

    1. Hank must be on the road
      Or in sleep mode

    2. Or turned back into the toad
      About which the Grimms wrote
      I guess you never know
      What happens next on your show

    3. Hank turning into a toad
      We will have to find the code
      To turn him back
      With a clackity clack

  17. can wild animal be kind?
    if it's tamed..
    but its master?
    is he kind?
    just too famed...

    1. Hmmm only kind to one
      Everyone else better run

  18. I'll have to remember this fest back at my nest.

    1. Is your memory good?
      Might want to write it down in your hood lol

  19. What a blessing life has been
    Often take it on the chin
    To learn life's lessons is our goal
    That is for every single soul
    When acts of kindness come your way
    Just say thank you, what the hey
    Then go out and do the same
    Soon kindness is the name of the game.

    1. Yeah that is sure a win
      To keep on giving it a spin
      Then the crap will get a flush
      and the idiots will shush
      Wishful thinking I suppose
      Maybe I should just show them zombie toes lol

  20. Hey, that's kind of cool. I clicked your button and the approved posts are going into a book. Wayman rocks! :)

    1. Yeah forgot about that
      A book they will go in at ones mat

  21. I am kind of "all wore out at your sea". Somehow we keep going. :)

    1. And going we will indeed
      As I somehow do at my feed

  22. I am all for kindness, random or not!

  23. A kinda post about being kind
    That brings certain people to mind
    Some days it's really hard to find
    Love being said, 'it's the tie to bind'.

    1. Yeah hard to reach
      Even on the beach
      As those ties
      Can lead to hateful cries

  24. Your poems always cause me to think hard to figure them out. I am not used to that sort of exercise! :D The other concern I have at visiting here is that all my former poetic abilities seem to evaporate in your midst... why IS that? :-/

    Kindness is a good theme.
    I'd rather that than a meme

    There. Phew! I found one! :D Happy May Day, Pat and the cat!

    1. Hmm is the cat just scary with his rhyme
      That he makes you go all mime?
      You at least got one down
      And yeah every so often i stray into thinking town

  25. Rhyming and tootin'
    a rooty toot tootin'
    should be fun again
    after a month of A to Zing'gan
    took a short reprieve
    but back in your sleeve
    cheers and salut
    from me to you!

    1. Yeah back to just fun
      With the a to z done
      And spring around to run
      Allowing you to sniff butts a ton

  26. Planning Random Acts of Kindness
    Sounds like awesomeness
    Until you think of the silliness
    at one 'planning' randomness?
    But,hey,whatever motivates
    and stops the hate!

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. hahaha that is true
      Good point from you
      Random isn't random if it is planned
      Maybe doing it while tanned?

  27. Love it! We need more of this--so much so that it becomes habit for people to do a RAoK.

    1. Yeah that we do
      A great habit unlike chewing nails or something at ones zoo haha

  28. Hard to be kind,
    when the gray sky behind,
    snow on display -
    Happy 1st May! :)

    1. Blah to that
      Keep the snow at your mat haha

  29. That was a trip down movie and music memory lane.
    Right now the greatest kindness is in those who continue to visit and support me.

    1. Yeah many pop in with ease at my bin
      But of the two the movie will win
      And yeah agree
      Always fun to see those who visit me

  30. All signed up and ready to go. What I might share, you never will know. Had some fun with this post today. Thank you Pat is all I can say.

    1. Fun is tried to had
      Everyday at my pad
      And thanks for the sign up too
      Sure it will be fun to view

  31. It is never too late to show some kindness! Your post today brought a smile to my face.

    1. Glad I could get a smile
      Going the kindness mile

  32. More consideration and kindness this world needs
    A step in the right direction by blogger feeds
    What a great idea from you
    I just may have to participate, too

    1. Yeah that it does
      So the cat thought he'd help out with his buzz
      And that will be grand
      To have you join in at your land

  33. I love when the Cat has free reign over random topics, speaking of random I love the random acts of kindness idea, great job buddy.

    1. Yep back to form
      Kicking up a random storm

  34. I can't see the cat being kind for very long. Although, he did manage to annoy me and that is right up his alley (alley cat). So, I'm guessing it will be Pat that does random acts of kindness. As for me, it's part of the new and improved me. I have to do random acts of kindness every day. Yeah, I'm that awesome, oops, I'm not supposed to brag. Dammit, cat, look what you did!!!

    1. Pfft you do it every day
      Easily at your bay
      Just hide yourself from sight
      And no one will have a one eyed fright hahahahahaha

  35. We try to do acts of kindness all the time at my sea. I want my kids to grow up full of generosity.

    1. That is a great thing to do
      There at your zoo

  36. Thank you so much, Pat! :)
    You've just done something very kind for me ;)

    1. No problem at all
      Happy to do it at my hall

  37. orlin N cassie...

    kindness bee a good thing...mor peepul shuld haz it...WAAAAAAY mor...

    heerez ta a wild whitefish wednesday :)

    1. Yeah more people need it waaaaay more
      There at their shore

  38. This will be a great blogfest! And it's for such a good cause. Thanks for spreading the word!

  39. another year for A to Z, and now to do acts of kindness, which the world sorely needs. Thanks, Elisa, for the idea! Thanks, Pat, for promoting this.

    1. Yep a to z is done
      Now back to random fun
      And random kindness too
      Even if it isn't so random at ones zoo haha

  40. I'm a squirtle

    turtle turtle

  41. A little kindness goes a long way
    will check this hop out if I may

  42. More and more I find
    I'm happiest whilst being kind
    BUT that doesn't mean I'd ever ignore
    the chance to be silly, and that's 'fer shore'!

    1. Yeah silly is sure grand
      But fun to be kind to across the land

  43. Random acts of kindness needed at this zoo,
    Lots of pushing and shoving to go see Shamu
    He and his friends made a big splash
    Tourists applauded and happily gave up their cash.

    1. LOL isn't the whale big enough to see from far away?
      Unless one needs glasses and left them home at their bay

  44. Acts of kindness given when straight from the heart,
    is where it's all at and I'll do my part.
    I must say that you, Pat, are good and kind,
    you make us feel good with your rhyming mind :)


    1. haha doing something wrong
      Need to go back to zebra thong lol

  45. People seem surprised when they receive random acts of kindness. If it were done more often it wouldn't be so shocking.

    1. Yeah that is true
      They treat it like it is something brand new

  46. Kindness is blind,
    which makes it truly fine
    and a lovely set of mind
    we should aspire to.

    VR Barkowski

  47. I like this kind post
    What we need most
    Is people to be kind
    And have a great mind
    Random acts of kindness
    And all kinds of loveliness :)

    1. That we surely do
      At every zoo
      And a great mind
      Hmm I have a great rhyming behind lol

  48. We like random acts
    & those are the facts.
    I try to be kind,
    But often I find
    It's quite hard to do.
    But I'll tell you true--
    I'll spread some good cheer
    Buy you a shot and a beer ;-)

    1. Just don't get to drunk
      Or go into a funk
      Then you may cause fear
      As you bite an ear

  49. Random Acts of Kindness! What a great idea, we support it 100% and more.

    1. And more
      Aren't you kind at your shore

    2. Well, we try to be, but you know, we all have our off days too.

    3. Yeah same everywhere
      As we are very unwelcoming at our lair

  50. Kindness!? ? Really??I wanna see that:)

    1. LOL I throw more dirt on you
      To make you all warm and snug that is kindness coming due

  51. After getting through A to Z, I'm not sure if I'm ready to do another blogfest just yet...I'll have to think about it. But it does sound like it could be a lot of fun to read about other people's experiences with Random Acts of Kindness!

    1. Well it is only one day
      But yeah the a to z can drain one at their bay

  52. I'd love to do this challenge one day. Except that it always happens during finals month. :\

    1. That can be a drag
      Need to stop playing finals tag

  53. kindness is all around, in spite of all the terror n greed there are many random acts of kindness which makes this place still worth living :)

    Random or scheduled.. having fun is always sure :)

    1. Yeah that is true
      Just have to open ones eyes for it to come due


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