Head West For A Fest!

So today is the start of a kind fest around each blog cart. Hmmm kind is so foreign to my little rhyming behind. I'll pass some gas and send it west. That will sure announce this fest. Like sky writing in a fart cloud. That would make me proud.

Kindness that is done,
Sure can be fun.
Which in blogland it surrounds.
Even old one eye with her hounds.

Not sure on nasty Irish Air,
She is vile at her lair.
Hank is also kind,
Going on the road so first some can find.

At least once in a while.
Did I mention Irish Air is vile?
Betsy pretends to be kind all the stinkin time,
But I have seen her scary chime.

The gawker must have kind eyes,
Or people think he is wise.
As he glares at them all day,
With a Peeping Tom display.

Plus no matter what I say,
From the litterbox to zombie feet on display,
Many come every day,
From May to May.

So with that,
I guess for one week I'll be a kind cat.
At least in spirit I suppose,
As I will still cause woes.

Except now all the kiddos can cheer,
Thanks to my rhyming rear.
Or the kid at heart,
Or some other part.

But the cat won't judge,
Just give a little nudge.
Did that go over your head?
Maybe you need to be fed?

So how about Free,
From little old me.
As in all week,
At Amazon's creek.

16 children's book to view,
All free at amazon's zoo.
So download away,
And be so kind as to leave a review and have your say.

All are above in case you forgot or are new. Grab every single one and give them a view. And feel free to be kind and shout out the free days to one in all if you have the mind. With so many on display which will you pick first at your bay? Now enough of this niceness sass. I am now going back to being a mean little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Only number 2, but all free, that is a great thing to do

    1. Five minutes too late
      Yeah free is a fun fate

  2. How kind of your behind, will dwl a few, heck maybe them all

    1. Go ahead and get them all
      There at amazon's hall

  3. The prolific writer
    All books for free
    A review is in order
    For all to see
    Congrats many times
    Go West for a Fest
    More in the pipeline
    Healthy writer's quest!
    Fulfilling a vision
    for youngsters,a mission!


    1. Yeah more to come
      From my rhyming bum
      At least for a while
      In typical style

  4. That is quite the book fest you have going on there!!!

  5. Replies
    1. Fun to impress too
      And taking a day off at your zoo?

  6. Holy zeebies, that's loads of freebies!
    You really are too kind, but I still like your stinky behind.

    1. I will soon go back to being rude
      And giving attitude

  7. wow, impressive. I hope you get your reviews!

  8. The cat is kind I do remind
    But a little whooshy in the behind
    To give a week of free books
    Will bring generous looks
    And comments galore
    Will sell books by the score.

    1. Be interesting to see
      How many go from the book tree
      With tons galore
      To view at my shore

  9. Just done
    with Amazon..
    a few...
    of you

  10. Kind is good and so are your books Pat!

    1. Kind can be grand
      But it might hurt the cats rep, so don't spread that across the land lol

  11. Kindness is never overrated, and now I'm going over to select a book. :) I'll be sure to write a review when we're done...since kindness is also easily reciprocated.

    Many thanks for the FYI!

    1. Thanks a ton
      For giving one a run
      Kindness can be fun
      Under every sun

  12. sky writing in fart gas, think i will pass as i wont gawk at your ass...ha...you are def a kind soul sir pat, and even you cat...and how nice to scatter the seed of your books in the wind never knowing where it will end up...

    1. haha no need to gawk at that
      Seen one you've seen them all at your mat
      Being kind I can be
      But the cat just likes to cause misery

  13. That is so generous!
    A blog fest I missed out on, and yet I do recall reading about it earlier in your blog. Mind is not cooperating, maybe due to the editing mode I'm in right now. Missing out on a lot of the blogging fun. I might try to squeeze in a post just simply because it's too fun not to. Thanks for the reminder, I'm even going to check out your creations, cause, why not - it's free, and you asked so kindly! But them I'm beholden, an act of kindness to return!

    1. Editing mode
      Can leave on with overload
      Thanks for any return too
      From you

  14. Free you say? Well, don't mind if I do!
    I might even try to write a review.

    Sort of rhymes...yea

    1. Rhymed really well
      But if you would have ended it "a review or two" it would have been even more swell
      Rhyming wise I mean
      Not being greedy at my scene lol

  15. Would love to download and review
    I don't have a kindle, boohoo, boohoo
    Instead I'll promote, if you don't mind
    Since after all, you're being so kind

    1. Don't need a kindle at all
      I don't have one at my hall
      Common misconception to most
      But thanks for promoting at your coast

  16. Wow! Not sure which is kinder, your words about me or all that was free?! I hope you will be nice all week long but I don't think your will is that strong.

    1. Damn, the one day you came out of migraineville
      You saw the cat's kindness now I feel ill lol

  17. Very kind to offer all those books for free!

  18. Free is great

    all you can take

  19. Not sure I knew
    Total of 16 books by you;
    What an incredible fete!
    And such kindness cannot be beat.

    Haven't had many reading days
    While getting ready for a big bike craze,
    So I may wait and pay
    For a book or two your way,
    Which I hope will make your day
    And spread even more kindness at your bay.

    1. Bike craze at your sea
      Takes priority
      That would sure make my day
      Here at my bay

  20. Hey Pat, Would have been by before but the hubby was in the hospital. Have a good one.

    1. No problem at all
      Hope he is doing better at your hall

  21. This had me laughing so hard:
    "Like sky writing in a fart cloud. That would make me proud."

    Pure awesome LOL!

    Thanks for being part of this. And wow--so many free books. That's awfully nice of you :)

    1. LOL just came to me
      As I started to join in with thee
      And tons of free
      At least it's digital and I won't kill a tree

  22. Need to check this out quick
    time to learn a new trick
    Never done a download
    sounds like I will have a boat load :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. Never done a one
      My you are behind the times under your sun haha

  23. That's so wonderful that you're giving so many books away for free! I will check them out right now!

  24. The Honk Of Gazonk sounds like the ultimate read Pat, love these blog fests too, great post mate.

  25. Congrats on the new releases. Love the RAoK fest.

  26. Replies
    1. Lovely pfft to that
      Such words scare the cat haha

  27. wow..you aren't just being kind, you know...
    you're giving up some dough
    even when you need it most
    that is a kindhearted host!

    My favorite is still the gawker
    because he is my brother
    and also because I'm biased within,
    drew him with lines and colored him in!

    1. haha bah so far down now
      Need a big cash cow
      So away they can go
      For all at my show
      And biased is fine
      By this feline

  28. Hey, the Bizarre Superstar is free, too! Very cool. I recognize that story.

    I bought a few of these for my nephew but I'm sure he'd enjoy having the full set, Superstar included. Cheers to your good deed of the year! Now you can be a dick and not feel bad about it. That's the whole point of this fest, right? (That's how I justify being a dick, anyway...)

    1. Yeah that one is grand
      Across the game show land
      Hope he enjoys them all
      And yep, now I can be a dick until the snow starts to fall

  29. pretend???
    you think I pretend????

    1. LOL didn't catch that the first time
      Slow with your chime haha

    2. silly! I dont think Betsy pretend be kind!!
      she is always!

    3. Pffft so you say
      At your bay haha

  30. I will try and pay a visit,
    stop and take a look.
    I know the books that I've received
    have got me on a hook!
    You have a way with rhyming
    and that is all it took.
    Now I have to start a collection
    of each and every book!

    1. Glad I got you on the hook
      With each book
      Fun to do
      At my zoo

  31. I will take a look
    but truly I have so many unread books
    on my kindle already that I feel SO guilty
    every time I even think about getting another
    and that's the real truth.....

  32. I don't have an ereader,
    I still get my meals from an archaic feeder,
    But I do have kindle for PC
    It's terrible for reading and hard to see,
    But I'll take a look and download some
    And read them to my daughter and son,
    Thank you for the freebie,
    From your kind rhyming tree
    I'll be sure to leave a little review
    For everyone to view.

    1. Yeah the computer one is so so
      But they can still be given a go
      Enjoy at your sea
      Each freebie

  33. Wow, I am impressed the cat
    with a heart of great kindness
    this is so generous of you
    to do,..I would love to read them all
    from the writer ion these walls
    How long is the offer up for
    as I cannot do from my phone
    I want to read each one so I
    will know you a little better
    with each letter..gee you are
    sweet, you deserve a treat
    so I will write a poem for you
    Soon at my zoo...

    Really too kind of you especially when you need the cash
    so much love it makes me smile and you know what I say
    smiles go miles...

    1. Fun to impress
      That I will confess
      Most are free for the full week
      A few only a couple days as they were all the free days left at my creek
      Yeah my cash reserves are in such a black hole
      Couldn't reach them with a telephone pole lol
      So what the hell
      Free is swell

  34. I would expect nothing less from your, Pat!

    1. Geez I am too nice of late
      Need to bring forth the hate lol

  35. This is completely awesome! I just downloaded 'em and my little son and I have some great reading and rhyming fun to look forward to this summer!! A huge thanks to your generosity! :)

  36. Too kind Pat :) Thanks for the freebies!

  37. Blogfest
    You jest?
    Still what the heck
    I'm checking your deck
    Sharing your fun
    To everyone.

    And just to see
    What rhyme from thee
    Five happy things
    On my site you sings
    All will be there
    On my next post if you dare.

    1. I will have to see
      What comes from thee
      As I buzz about like a bee
      Here at my sea

  38. We love random acts of kindness, but will pass on the gas!

  39. Is it in my nature to be kind?
    The Human says it's not.
    But I think she will find
    That I am not always such a snot.

    1. Yeah once in a while
      All can not be so vile

  40. that is a tsunami of free content there

  41. Dear Pat, how kind of you to give away so many of your books to all of us who enjoy your children's rhyming stories. Yours is a wonderful random act of kindness during this blogfest. Peace.

    1. Glad I can be kind
      At least one day from my rhyming brhind

  42. That's a lot of free books.


  43. Replies
    1. Don't share that
      Wouldn't want to hurt the rep of the cat

  44. Wow... so many books! You are truly very kind. :)

  45. So fun!!! I will have to check some out! I think it's so cool that you write Children's Books- I still love them to this day. They're just so fun to read.

    1. Yeah I enjoy them too
      Hence why so many are in view

  46. Awww... I was hoping for a Bel Air joke in there somewhere. :(

    1. haha Bel Air never popped in
      But could have done it at my bin

  47. Hi! Pat Hatt, Miss Priss, and the Cat...

    I have just returned... just in time and to my shock and amazement what do I FIND you being KIND?...I thought have I lost my Mind?...Because this have even shocked my "film loving" behind!

    Ah! Therefore, you are not a "fiend" as you share "sixteen" Of your e-books too!

    So, dear readers, here is what you should do:
    "Grab every single one and give them a view. And feel free to be kind and shout out the free days to one in all if you don't mind."

    With so many Of Pat Hatt's book on display Which will you pick first at his bay? let me tell you...
    Hurry Up! and Hurry Fast!...Before he goes back to being a mean little rhyming _ss.

    deedee :)

  48. Replies
    1. And one even has dog drool
      Not sure that is cool haha

  49. This is really awesome of you
    Your books deserve many views
    See, you're a big teddy bear deep down
    Ok Ok I'll hit the road and head back into town

    1. Now the cat really has to be mean
      No teddy bears allowed at his scene

  50. Wow! You really know how to rhyme, and I surely don't. Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment!!!


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