Is It Your Fate To Have A Personalized Plate?

So the other day the cat saw a license plate when going to that other place that I hate. It said T0P CAT. But the driver was anything but that. Figures you humans would pretend to be a cat. He was bald, old and fat. I think he needed a top hat. Anyway, that got me looking for others to share at my mat.

EATME comes first.
Hopefully there is something to quench my thirst.
N0M N0M suggests so.
Or they are a cannibal and just letting you know.

L0VE BJS was found.
I'm snip snip, go bother a hound.
HI0FCER gives a wave.
Bet the cops think you are all the rave.

CHIL BR0 likes to take it easy.
Or maybe they like things that are cheesy.
Y0U F00L doesn't agree.
Maybe they'll drive into the sea.

MUWHAHA that was funny.
For that plate they actually paid money?
FK Y0U doesn't like me making fun.
But it will still be done.

WTF OMFG really has a word on the brain.
Bet they say it with each changing lane.
PMS 247 scares me.
See that and I will flee.

IMN269S likes numbers?
Or is it doing things with cucumbers?
OUTTAGAS is a liar.
Unless it's another part they can't sire.

U LQQKED might get a grin.
Or you could run them off the road for a win.
SAVESEX, for what?
You are a nut.

ADHD, thanks for telling me.
I will avoid thee.
G0C0CKS is the worse one.
I never want to see your cocky fun.

L0L R0AD is so dumb.
Must have made it up while drunk off rum.
I95 SUKZ, that I don't know.
Sure some will agree though.

AZZ KIKR you say?
Does kicking them give you joy at your bay?
CYABR0 has it right.
These things need to get out of my sight.

So there you are, some personalized plates near and far. Do you have one at your show? Seen any you just have to give a go? Most of them are so dumb but a few are okay to strum. The cat would use FULL0FGAS if he ever got a car for his little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. If I had a personalized plate
      It would say BKOFF MATE
      Hate it when people tail gate
      Today I'm first NO1 FAN
      Great post at your den :)

    2. Loredana....#1
      Everyone is rather late
      Must have had a Friday date

    3. She was close on time
      Nabbing the first chime
      LOL at your pick too
      Hate when they act like they are about to ram you

  2. Replies
    1. Anyway, thought I'd visit The Cat's bay.
      But I didn't come to play
      But here's what we say
      About The Cat today ;)


    2. P.S. Of course the here's a link.
      What else did you think?

    3. Not sure what to think
      About the here at my link
      Until you gave it a go
      And let it show
      Yapping about the cat
      How rude of you once more at your mat hahaha

  3. haha believe it or not once upon a time
    i had a personalized plate, i was young
    so forgive me, some are pretty funny and
    it makes for a nice distraction while
    i am driving the figure them out as i scout
    them---some funny ones you found as you
    gawked around town

    1. There is no shame
      In having once to bring fame
      As long as it is fun
      And yeah many found under my sun

    2. But wait!
      You can't say that and leave the gate!
      We want to know what you put on your plate,
      young and stupid at any rate!

    3. He doesn't share
      Maybe it had something to do with his hair
      Or gave of a glare
      As one could not help but stare

  4. I don't have a personalized plate
    but they would be kind of cool
    I'd opt for 3DOGNITE
    which would make a cat drool!!

    1. Pfft drool and then spit
      Right on it haha

    2. and maybe a little spray?
      what the hay!

    3. And with Orlin's liquid crap
      Could throw that in to fill the gap

  5. I haven't seen an interesting personalized plate
    Like the one you just mentioned, but I will state
    that I like Loredana's BKOFF MATE
    since I hate cars coming too close since they are late ~

    Happy Saturday ~

    1. Yeah she picked a good one
      To use under her sun
      Hate that too
      Happy Saturday to you

  6. Save sec? Is it in danger of extinction?
    NinjaCap would be cool, but then I'd give away my secret Ninja identity.

    1. If that were the case
      There would be no rugrats all over the place
      Can't go and give that away
      But it'd be fine if no blogger lived close to your bay

  7. Hahaha Funny post of all the plates
    Want something more than name the States
    An asset on the road could be
    If they did something illegal(ly)
    Cutesy names are remembered long
    Numbers leave just like a song

    1. Yeah that is the one down fall
      They are easy to recall
      So if you do something bad
      Off to a jailhouse pad

  8. never got the point of personalized plates, you'll just stick out in case you break the law, not that I am planning to.

    1. Yep that is sure the case
      You? I now you never would at your place haha

  9. Loredana's "BKOFF Mate", is good
    but if the jerk's already that near,
    it's already to late if you hit the brake,
    they'll be right-up your rear...
    (ok guys, I talking your car trunk here) ;)

    1. haha but then you could sue
      Them right up the gazoo
      So the rear
      Is kina near

  10. My neighbor has a plate that says AQUEEN because Queen is her last name and Anne is her first.

    1. Well that makes sense I suppose
      But I'm sure people will thin she's a snob who don't knows

  11. I like the numbers
    give the meaning
    numerology alchemy...
    If I'd have a pers.plate chance-
    I'd use FULLOFGAZ
    just like your "rhyming ass"

    1. haha fullofgaz is sure fun
      Let it blow and see them run

  12. Wow, didn't know some of those, could actually be used!!!!

    1. Yeah surprising what they allow
      To take a bow

  13. I have one,
    And it confuses some,
    Can't figure out the coo.
    Of course, it is all about ME.
    How else would it be?
    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. haha could be a looky loo
      Gawking at all in view

  14. Good Morning,

    Oh, this post was rather funny
    as I have seen a few in my travels
    it's a good way for the state to make money
    personalized plates with dates..or mates
    I don't have one as I am a number person
    and feel some attachment to my plate
    what would I want to say, everyday
    a trademark of some sorts..

    perhaps - Dreams2go

    Have a good day at your bay..thanks for the smile it goes miles..

    1. Yeah they crop up here and there
      At each lair
      Not a bad pick from you
      But attached to numbers at your zoo?
      Geez you need to get out more
      Are you also attached to the numbers on your front door? lol

    2. You are funny, when I say I am attached I mean the number on my plate seems to be lucky for me. I do try to get out and

    3. hahaha so you don't snuggle with it at night?
      It is just lucky to have in sight haha

  15. I have never been a fan of the vanity plate
    They are one of the few things I almost hate
    They are just a way to draw attention to oneself
    They need to be removed from all cars and put on a shelf

    1. A plate hater I see
      Can't say I disagree
      But they don't cause me that much hate
      As they are easy to remeber at any rate

  16. I love this but the BJs bit not being important to the cat because he has no bit really made me laugh a lot, it's crazy some of the plates that you can have customised, really is, we have some weird ones over here as well.

    1. Yeah they were sure fun to give a run
      And many weird ones show under each sun

  17. Someone is stupid enough to have FK YOU on their plate? What cop isn't going to want to ticket that FKN AHOLE?!


    1. Yeah they will have to go really slow
      For a cop not want to make a ticket grow

  18. I saw a plate with "C U N L"
    I wonder if that means "see you in hell"
    I've got a date with a license plate
    Oh great who's that cell mate..

    1. I think you have that down
      But the last would make me frown
      Would rather hit the trail
      Then end up in jail

  19. I need one that says IMDCAT! We saw one at was OICU81.

    1. That one would be fun
      I guess you were seen under your sun

  20. I'm going to get a plate, ANCNT1!

    1. But then you will need to drive slow
      There at your show

  21. Full of Gas is a good one. I like U LQQKED too. :)

    We just have the randomly assigned #s from the DMV. ;)

    1. Yeah random as can be
      Here too at my sea
      For a personalized one
      Costs more money under our sun

  22. hahaha...Maybe GOCOCKS is a rooster race.
    Either way, I'd give them space!

    1. Yeah I will surely avoid
      They'd just make me paranoid

  23. I would not pay money just to have personalized plates. I'd rather spend my money on chocolate truffles. lol

    1. haha a better thing to spend it on
      At just about any lawn

  24. haha...i won't tell you what plate my son had on his first car...but he's more grown up now...and has a he removed it...smiles

    1. hahaha hmmm got me thinking now
      Must have been quite the meow

  25. Mofo Mam would be mine
    But I'd rather have the real word back behind

  26. I never had a personal plate but I did have a couple that said yum, yum time is over.

    1. Hm yum yum time
      That is quite the yum yum crime

  27. My plate was first it said "SCRAPPR" because I was really "into" scrapbooking. I have painted and "junked-it-up" and have it hanging in my studio.

    Then I got one for Ornery but I had a senior/blond moment at the tag agency and spelled it ONERY. He has it hanging up in his man cave.

    We both used them for a while but changed vehicles and just got tired of it.

    1. Well at least they can hang
      And fall and go clang
      Every now and again
      There at your den haha

  28. I don't care for tags of any kind, but if I had to create one for myself -- hmm, maybe MDR RTR or RTS MDR. Not really imaginative.

    Which is a sin for someone who writes fiction. :)

    1. LOL you imagination was just put on hold
      Sure you can come up with one that is pure gold

  29. If I had personalized plate it would have some silly video game reference on it probably. :P

    1. Some may think that is random too
      So could work out well for you

  30. No personalized plates,
    not for me.
    I prefer anonymity.
    Once saw a plate that read ILKPOOH.
    Still not sure whether it meant bear or doo.

    VR Barkowski

    1. Yeah better not to be found
      By human or hound
      An I hope it is the bear
      Otherwise they'd get a weird glare

  31. Not worth the effort of thinking one up

  32. Personalized plates can be fun
    They are not popular at my run
    Here the plates stay with the car
    It costs way extra to go that far.

    1. Yeah the cost can surely suck
      Whether car or truck

  33. My favorite is Claus. There is a man who drives around a spiffy red truck and looks just like Santa Claus in my town. My daughter loves seeing him drive around in the summertime because she gets to see what he does in his off hours lol.

    1. hahaha sounds like he would be fun to see
      As the kids watch with glee

  34. To tell how much I like the creativity in your rhyme...
    I stand outside your lair...hey it's award time!!! !!!

    1. Award time you say
      I'll have a look at your bay


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