It's Friday So Jump Away!

So Anne is always blithering on at her mat something about enjoying your weekend and all of that. For you just never know the way things will go. The cat agrees so he'll send her some party fleas to her knees. Meanwhile I will help out all of you and give you fun things to do.

Pretend your a plane.
Then land on a train.
Or just fall like the rain,
Either way you'll make quite a splash at any lane.

Play chicken with a dragon.
Could even load it in a wagon.
But things could get dire,
Either way you may get set on fire.

De-evolve to your true form.
One that is more the norm.
Put on a tutu to.
Won't that be fun to do?

Be a bit rude,
Play with your food.
Fun things can be done with a weiner.
WARNING! This post is not going to get any cleaner.

Flex those muscles at your sea.
Throw a friend with glee.
Right into traffic I suggest,
It will prove you are the best.


Look at all the ass.
Blah to such a mass.
But if it is your thing,
Go naked bike riding at your wing.

Or you could just pick your nose,
To see if your booger glows.
You just never know,
It could put on quite the show.

Pumpkin canoeing is great.
You could take a date.
Then as it rots,
You get wet lots.

Or forget the food,
Tell the plate it is crude.
Smash it with your head.
That will cause that plate dread.

Or visit skull land.
Would that not be grand?
If you attempt some of these,
You may get there with ease.

Now was that not great? I hope you don't make any of them your fate. But if you are bored and want to listen to Anne, go show your butt, I hear she's a fan. That is all I will say about that mass. You humans are so disturbing to my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. I think I'll just go see Fast and Furious 6, visit with friends, and practice my guitar. Sounds much safer.
    Not that I wouldn't mind seeing some sexy ladies bicycling in the nude...

    1. Yeah a safer way to be
      And FF6 will be seen soon too by me

  2. Some weird things
    Though can be fun
    Pumpkin canoeing?
    Lots under the sun
    Would rather not
    Partake in knots


    1. Yeah the pumpkin canoe
      Could be fun to do
      But some of those
      Would curl my toes

  3. Thank you for all of the suggestions. I would definitely smash my head on a plate if I had to eat that smiley faced weiner!

    1. hahaha don't lie a happy wiener on your plate?
      Could make a fun date

  4. Skull land, now you know I might just do that.

    I won't pick my nose or play with my wiener though..not that I have one..LOL

    1. hahaha you could go get one
      And have some fun

  5. Twain said redheads are descended from a cat
    What does your rhyming ass think about that?
    I think it's better than a pumpkin canoe
    Although it would make a real splash at your zoo;
    Surely we can come up with ways that are better
    To get yourself wet, and then even wetter...
    Would it be too terribly twee
    To suggest, that for starters, we could jump in the sea?
    And then, to be a wee bit meaner,
    Drown that scary octopi wiener.

    Have exactly the kind of weekend you prefer!

    1. haha that isn't a bad suggestion from you
      Could also just flush it down the loo
      That would be fun to do
      Watch it spin and the go out of view

  6. that is one freaky hot dog....just saying,
    and not spraying but jumping out a plane
    to land on a train would surely be exciting
    this weekend i am hosting a blog friend
    who drove up from florida with his wife to hang
    out, so we will be out and about, scouting out
    some fun...sorry i am ramblin, have a great weekend

    1. Let me know how it goes
      If you try to fly like crows
      And land on a train
      Have fun meeting up with another blogger at your lane

  7. the weekend is great
    the weekend is fun
    lets play the drum
    and work of some weight!

    I should be a poet.

  8. If you are in for high adventure
    Do the things that Anne won't censor
    Jumping, falling, floating too
    Hope you have the appropriate shoe
    Biking shoes will help you settle
    If naked you decide to pedal

    1. haha prob go to jail
      If that were to set sail
      Be cold on the rump too
      As the wind blew

  9. Lotta ass in that pic with the bikes
    Surely makes a lot of people go Yikes!
    I am not sure about challenging a dragon to a game
    I would end up scorched and that's kinda lame

    1. Yikes is the right word
      At least there wasn't a bird
      And you could win
      Just cheat at your bin

  10. Smashing a plate with one's head
    is bad for your brain, so it's said
    and if you smash hard enough
    you might end up brain dead!

    1. haha what if you already are
      There at your bar?

  11. I can pretend a ...lion
    and land on my spine,
    then play and sing
    with client,
    and after sit
    too quiet...

    I like to change
    depending on
    from art
    to walking
    'a la carte'

    I wish you
    take your part
    in sparkling
    from the beginning
    to the end.

    1. Hopefully is will sparkle with fun
      Before it is done
      And changing things on a whim
      Can be fun or grim

  12. A whole lot of ass here today

  13. even though the dragon isn't real

    he looks like the real deal

    1. Yeah have to do a double take
      To see it is fake

  14. Sure, pick on Anne when she's off enjoying some painting time. Low blow, Cat. Typical of the likes of you!

    Those bikers need to get some sun on their buns!

    1. Not my problem she ran away
      To paint at your bay
      These things are done months in advance you now
      So you want more ass to show?
      Such a dirty one eye
      With your buns cry

    2. Ha ha, I'm here. There was a disturbance in the force that told me the Cat was talking about me.

    3. We'll go with that
      At my mat

    4. Remember your catch phrase Cat....

    5. What one is that?
      Little rhyming ass of the cat?

  15. Some things should always be done w/clothes on. Biking is one of them. ;)

    1. Yeah with that I agree
      But some people like to be free haha

  16. We don't have skull land,
    But we do have catacombs on hand.
    And For Anne,
    (_!_) a ham.

    Have a good weekend! :D

    1. They would be fun to look through
      As long as the exit was in view

  17. Gorillas in tutus
    Naked biking and all those woo hoos.
    Skull land to boot
    And tossing a friend might be a hoot.

    I think I'll skip all of those
    Especially picking my nose.
    It's the beach for me
    Down here at my sea.

    1. Well you could go to the beach
      With a friend in reach
      In a tutu too
      And pick you nose eating a wiener in view

  18. I just sit and stare
    in my comfy lair
    at those crazy humans
    always ending up in ruins
    trying to out-do
    everyone's fondue

    1. haha yeah nothing to do but stare
      I wonder if they are aware
      How foolish they are
      Near and far

  19. Pumpkin Canoeing?
    Mine would probably sink and leave me boo hooing!

    1. Well as long as you can swim
      Shouldn't be so grim

  20. I really need to go pumpkin canoeing more often!

    1. Should be a sport
      Could go to a pumpkin fort

  21. Are those nudists actually going biking? There will be some mighty sore parts when they come to the finish line.

  22. I don't have much else to do this weekend so I might just go ahead and pretend to be an aeroplane, that stuff would not be in vain. Great post that's put me into the Friday mood, how bloody good.

    1. Glad I could
      Put you in the friday mood at your hood
      Just stay alive
      Some of the stuff you may not survive

  23. We have a ballon festival this weekend here and I hope nobody jumps!

    1. If they have a bungee cord
      May jump by the horde

  24. I think I can figure out the why, but surely if I were you, I wouldn't even try. Some of these people just make me want to cry. Some of the things they do, I think I'd rather ... run the other way, since I really don't have a death wish looming over my shoulder and tormenting me.

    1. Yeah not doing any of that
      Here at my mat
      No death wish yet
      For this pet

  25. Yeah, that was pretty disturbing. But pumpkin canoeing might be fun if they don't spring a leak and tip you into the creek.

    1. haha prob rot away
      And you would sink in the bay

  26. When the weekend
    comes here
    under my sun
    never do I
    show my bum.

    Nor row a canoe
    no, that would
    not do
    as swimming
    I can do not.

    But to throw
    some one far
    and wide
    oh what a surprise
    I'd see in their eyes.

    But never a friend
    for those I don't have
    but my neighbor will do
    as a flinging has come

    She's a bitch and by summers end I'll send her flying.

    1. haha take pictures of that
      Be fun for the cat
      To watch you throw
      Your neighbor as she flies like a crow

  27. Smile, Pat. You're on Celebrate the Small Things:

    1. So you're saying the cat is small
      Here at his hall? lol

  28. Ah...naked bike riding would make folks run, but pumpkin canoeing might be fun! lol! Love this!

    1. haha the naked folks seem to like it
      And yeah pumpkin canoeing could be a hit

  29. How about you come to my little lake behind my house and I will watch you go pumpkin canoeing. I will throw you a life saver if needed.

  30. orlin N cassie...act shoo a lee de dood puttin de komodo dragon two gether iz pretty talented...wunder if him iz glue inn de scales on... one by de naybors stay de hell a way :)

    hay, haza awesum week oh end !!

    1. Yeah one way to scare
      All pesky neighbors from ones lair

  31. All I have to say is oh, those poor bike seats.
    I'm sure they think those rumps are not neat!

    1. hahaha especially if they don't wipe
      Would sure make one gripe

  32. Ahemmmm... Hooray for the weekend! I will 'celebrate' it by taking more meds. For the COLD which will not quit. Bleahhhh...

    I'm learning that this spring is a horrrrrrible one, for allergies, which I have. The allergies may have messed up my sinus, and then, a "bug" came along and found a happy home, in my messed up sinus insides. Yuck!

    Hey, this comment is as bad as your posting! loll...

    1. Blah keep your germs away
      From my bay haha

  33. Pumpkin canoe?
    Now that might be something to do.
    But naked biking?
    Would not be to my liking!

    1. Not a naked bike rider at your sea?
      Don't want to live clothing free? lol

  34. "Tempus Fugit" goes the pun,
    trying Latin is so much fun!
    When time is fleeting, fleeing, away--
    I will fly away too, someday...
    Hopefully off to a better place,
    (hopefully gone without a trace).
    In my mind I always fly
    up to the sky so high.
    What reason to come down, have I?
    Into this boring town, should I?
    When we are grounded in this boring life,
    Shouldn't we all try to break this strife?

    1. Yes it should go away
      As it would be great to fly over the bay
      Going wherever one would like
      Telling the mundane to take a hike

  35. The guy with his head on the plate reminds me of my kids at dinner time. Either they are tired of waiting for me to get up and cook, or they hate what I finally decided to serve.

    Yeah, sometimes and empty plate is best :)

    Have a good weekend.


    1. haha time to order in
      That is a better win

  36. I am so boring.
    Clearly I would cause snoring.
    But, I rather nap
    than do some of that crap.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. haha you'll be all rested at least
      To have a dragon feast

  37. Going back to my real form
    Apparently it's my real norm
    Are we not men
    I say then
    We are Devo
    Don't you know...

    1. I did not know
      Now I do at my show
      Good luck to that
      I'll still be a cat

  38. Well it sounds like you and the cat have a fun weekend planned Pat!

  39. Well, that is some list of weekend to do's
    I think I'll have to pass on a few
    I'll leave them there just for you
    canoeing can be fun under the sun
    If it gets real warm or some bees swarm
    You can just take a dip in the cool water
    I like to swim so this could be fun
    playing all day in the bay,what more can I say
    a movie would be fun and that could be done
    perhaps, write a poem or two about the day
    I met you at your crazy zoo,..we could play a kazoo
    make up a song sing it all day long until
    the sun melts in the horizon and is gone..,

    Good night Pat and his cat..

    1. haha there are some things to do
      Already went to a movie at my zoo
      So that one is done
      And I may make people run
      With the tune
      Can't carry a tune in a bucket night or noon
      Can write ten rhymes in a day
      Easily when the arm doesn't sway
      So that I could check of too
      Hope you had a good night at your zoo

  40. IT'S NOT WINTER ANYMORE PATT. At least, I hope it doesn't snow again where I am.

    Asides from that, was that sand dragon picture taken in San Fran? I think I've seen that guy before.

    1. hahaha you are the first to notice that
      I think that is where it was taken at that mat

  41. skull land sounds grand in one of those pumpkin boats designed to float
    like a college hazing and subsequent police tasing
    cheers to the cat and your rhyming ass frat!

    1. Doing two in one
      You sure know how to have fun


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