Jack Is Back!

That is right, in about a year from last night, or last weeks last night. Did I confuse you at my site? Anyway, in roughly a year Jack will be back with a damn it cheer. Wish he'd just say shit, as anyone else would say it. What you are lost? I guess I will un-lost you at no cost.

Speaking of which,
That ending is still so crappy it makes me twitch.
But damn it, no.
Not the Jack on this show.


Damn it, not this guy.
One can wish under their sky.
But dumb MGM is sitting on their ass,
Letting it collect dust in mass.


Damn it, that breath is rank.
Could bust open a tank.
No Jack ass allowed,
No matter how proud.


Damn it, I'm blind.
No Jack's of this kind.
Olympic gold or not.
Makes my eyes rot.


Yes, it always comes back,
With a surprise attack.
But damn it you are wrong.
I hate its stupid song.


That was not up my sleeve.
I am just going to quickly leave.
Damn it, it was not me.
That other guy is the cheater, you see.


Damn it, no jack rabbit stew,
Is going to come due.
Those legs are damn long.
The luck in those feet must be strong.


Damn it, this guy is coming back,
For a fifth attack.
But damn it is all I can say,
As after one they sucked big time with each play.


I never said Jack,
Is on a back.
Besides it is an arm.
Damn it, I want to cause harm.


But I will let him do that.
When he squashes all flat.
For Jack is coming back.
And damn it, it better not lack.

There we go. Damn it, that was a lot of Jack's to show. So many more too. I would be damning things all day at my zoo. But damn it I am glad Jack Bauer is back on the TV at every pad. As long as there is no damn mole or the whole "Jack can't be trusted" thing takes a stroll, it may be good. Beats any reality TV crap at least as they are all as dull as wood. So another 12 hours will come to pass. He can sure hold it better than my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. #8 It's your fate
      Step up to the plate
      2 to go
      And 10 will show
      (go Hank)

    2. JWC,Manzi Ma'am
      You're all a gem!


    3. Cheering for Hank
      Let's hope he doesn't walk the plank

  2. Always enjoyed 24, hopefully they can make it better than season 6 at least

  3. A few Jack's I never cared to see, but 24 coming back is fine by me

  4. ha. fun way to get there,
    showing jack at your lair
    but its another 24
    does that make it 48
    and what does eddie murphy think
    yeah it better not stink.

    1. All Jacked up
      With today's hiccup
      But technically it is going to be 12
      So 48 it could no delve

  5. Hi! Pat Hatt, Miss Priss, and The Cat...

    Because my television viewing I do lack...Therefore, I'm only familiar with two Of those Jack[s]...Which ones you may ask...

    ...Well, not the one you use when you play poker, but the Jack, who portrayed the Joker...and the other one familiar to me is the one who travel not by land, but by Sea...argh!!!
    deedee :)

    1. The first is grand
      The second pffft he needs to go on land

  6. Replies
    1. Have to wait a year
      With my little rhyming rear

  7. Never watched 24 but heard it is great. I think it is time for Jack Sparrow to walk the plank.

    1. Yeah Sparrow needs to die
      Those movies are horrible the longer they fly

  8. 24 is coming back for real?
    This show knew how to make me feel
    I am one of the few who enjoyed the ending to LOST
    It was an epic show, despite the cost

    1. Yeah back once more
      On Fox's shore
      Although only 12 hours this time
      With its 24 chime

  9. Jack and Jill were well remembered
    Then followed in succession aplenty
    Jack in the box hiding up all boxed
    Jumping Jack when it jumped to see

    When it hurt most Jack the ripper
    And did climb Jack and the beanstalk
    Careful of the mean Jack the slayer
    Jack of all Trades was all the talk
    Man of the hour
    Pat and the Cat!
    No others to the fore
    Up the Union Jack!


    1. And you forgot one
      With your Jack run
      What about the Jack who jumped over the candle stick
      He was rather slick

  10. I loved Jack, but gave up on Lost early on when they kept doing the Repeats!! They Lost Me!!

  11. Well I never watched 24
    so won't welcome this Jack to my door
    my favorite jack is in the cards
    if he doesn't wear leotards!

    1. Cards can be grand
      They tend to cause more swearing across the land haha

  12. Now all can take note and rejoice
    24 will appear by your choice
    When Jacks on the track
    Show relief that he's back
    His name is Jack, not Julie or Joyce.

    1. Hmm Joyce would be strange
      Might have better damn it range haha

  13. I like your stack of Jacks. Works for me.

  14. awh Richard Dean Anderson is my favourite Jack

  15. Jack Sparrow
    I'd follow...
    By the way
    Thanks, Pat
    for following
    my crazy muse

    1. haha no problem at all
      And you can have sparrow at your hall

  16. Glad he's coming back but wish O'Neill would come back too!

    1. Yeah he needs to come back as well
      Shouldn't be a tough sell

  17. I'll take a nice steaming bowl of jack rabbit stew, please. Those little bastards are still running rampant in this neighborhood, eating car wiring and destroying our yards. That's 'jack'ed up, right?

    1. Damn they are jacked in
      At your bin
      Causing much pain
      To the cars in every lane

  18. We really enjoyed '24.' but will we come back for '12'? -grin- shall see...

    1. haha 12 has to be seen
      Although doesn't sound right saying that at my scene

  19. Good Morning at the house of Jack's
    now, Lost I did watch and what a game
    I became lost in between here and there
    but, I still watched until the end, such a shame

    I do like the jack rabbit
    a hopping he does go
    it's a habit at his show
    or perhaps, just the way he flows

    The Jack of Diamonds is oh so clever
    hide him up your sleeve, hope for three
    Jack of Diamonds may have been an old movie
    think he was thief or a cat burglar of some kind (hahaha)

    So many interesting Jacks at your sea
    but, now I have to flee..have a great day
    Pat and his supercat...

    At Jack Sparrow I will throw no arrow
    might just want to cruise the sea with thee
    the pirate's life for me, searching for hidden
    treasure from sea to shining sea

    1. Pfft I'll throw the arrow for you
      Make sure death to that series comes due haha
      Yeah Jack of Diamonds was like 5 movies of some sort
      Never seen a one at my court
      Yeah the end of Lost was crap
      Should blow it off the map
      But I won't rant
      At my plant

    2. Haha - throw and arrow at Jack Sparrow
      I think that series is over at his sea
      but, I did enjoy the movies you see
      I don't think I will go sailing
      with this pirate, I didn't know
      there was more than on Jack of Diamonds
      I've never seen a one at my sea..
      Hey Pat and his cat lets just relax
      and drink some tea..I could use some company

    3. Drank my one tea for the day
      But I can still sit and have my say
      And sadly he is coming back
      With a Pirates of the Caribbean 5 attack.
      Yuck to that
      And yeah he made a ton of dough at his mat
      Lets rob him
      Be less grim

    4. hahaha so now you have a new plan
      rob the pirate of his gold
      then away we go, go, go
      to a tropical paradise
      Bora, Bora I heard is nice
      you bring the rum, I'll
      bring a drum and we'll
      dance in the sun..hahaha

    5. There we go
      All set to our our show
      Just find his address
      And I'll steal without leaving a mess

  20. Believe it or not, I've never watched 24

    1. Geez one you so get into
      Then you can review

  21. Hey, don't look at me, I don't know Jack!!

  22. I have the best Jack of all!
    He lives here at my hall!
    His voice is a funny squeak
    but he loves me, I think!

    1. haha loves fishing too
      There at your zoo

    2. Yes, he does let Fishy swim.
      Isn't that so kind of him?

    3. Until he chews him up
      Like a pup haha

  23. Nice show for those who know
    Intense and fun, Jack with a gun

    1. And damning this and that
      Stopping all flat

  24. They made 5 Pirates of the Caribbean films?
    I only saw the one with old squid face, i mean octopus face.
    He must have made some money that Depp guy...
    24 sucked after the first series, they really struggled to keep his daughter in, i stopped watching after all those comedy moments with that autistic programmer and her hiding a baby around the office...don't know who found that funny. I liked the irony of Keifer Sutherland being very liberal and his character Baur is ultra right wing. But i think most of the super spies/agents were hawkish.
    How many times has he been shot anyway, i fired a gun once, you 'aint getting up from being shot. I still might go back and watch them though.
    Nice collection of Jacks. I thought you were going to end it with a jack off joke though.

    1. It got waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better after they gave Kim the boot from the show
      Her storylines were so ridiculous she may as well have stubbed her toe
      Well there have been four
      The fifth will soon take the tour

  25. So many Jacks. I'm confused though. So which Jack is really coming back?

    1. Jack Bauer of course
      To get the bad guys without remorse

  26. It really is crack just how many Jacks there are as main characters in television shows, has to be the most popular name! I love this so much, it was a jack attack and I'm glad that he came back!

    1. Yeah many Jack's in each one
      Between those and John a ton are spun

  27. what can i say...i don't even know him..uhg..shame on me..smiles

  28. Can you believe I have never seen 24?
    I really need to get caught up at my shore.

  29. I didn't know he was coming back. I thought he was doing another show. Touch maybe? Well, that's exciting.

    I have another Jack for you... http://www.huffingtonpost.com/laura-prudom/once-upon-a-time-recap-tiny_b_2660757.html.

    Have a good week :)

    1. They cancelled touch and brought this back
      So would rather have Jack
      And yes that is a Jack too
      But Hurley was better between me and you

  30. Replies
    1. Least there aren't any asses
      The kind that give off gasses

  31. I'll take a lot of flack
    For enjoying Cap'n Jack
    But mostly for the preacher guy
    And his mermaid on the fly
    Can't wait to see the next one
    I think they're all fun!

    1. The first one was grand
      But pffft to the rest in my land haha

  32. Just one more Jack you could have had
    Jack Bach a great guy, who is my dad! :o)

    1. Well that I never knew
      Do now though at my zoo

    2. Hope you and all the zoo-folk have a good weekend Pat.

  33. My hubby actually loves this Jack B series ~ And why not with the Pirates, its all fun and entertainment anyway ~

    1. Yeah I suppose so
      But blah to him at my show

  34. Jack of all trades! Too many Jacks!


  35. orlin N cassie.....pick sure bee a familee memburr...we dinna noe ewe knew em !!!! awesum :) N we liked watchin lost...then we getted ...lost...watchin it.....

    1. Getting lost with lost once more
      Seems many felt that at their shore

  36. My Dad is so happy he loves 24!
    I am still stuck way back in time loving MacGyver!!!

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. Pfft his mullet scares me
      Jack Bauer on my tv

  37. Then there's Jack Black
    Who always comes back
    He's not nearly as stern
    As the other Jacks
    I grew up with him too
    And would like to take back
    My silly rhyme then: "Jack Black could eat no fat."
    But it's too late, ya know.
    Cuz now he's fat, famed and rich, and
    I'm the one eating crow.


    1. haha making fun of poor Jack Black
      With your name call attack
      Can't say he really makes anything grand though
      A few are worth a go

  38. My gosh, how did you come up with all those Jacks. You left me in the dust.

    1. haha there are a ton
      O Jack's to give a run

  39. Hmm, Maybe I should have added 'what a fuss' to go with 'left in the dust'.

    1. Could have squeeze it in
      Would have been a win

  40. That was a lot of Jacks! And thank you for not posting Jack Shit's picture! MOL

    1. haha no problem at all
      Too brown for my wall

  41. 24 is coming back? Really? Yay!!!!!

  42. You forgot to mention Jack White, demmit.

    1. Way too many to mention
      Hope you don't throw me in detention


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