My Eyes, My Eyes, I Don't Want The Booby Prize!

So the other day, yes day, not night at my bay, we were going about the floor as I was pestering Cassie and Pat at our shore. Then I was through and a nap had to come due. I so wish I had stayed on the couch and never noticed Cassie's wagging tail as she peered out the window in a crouch.

There I was about to have a snooze,
When Cassie ducked down like she had gotten in the booze.
She gave a little growl,
So once more I went on the prowl.

I climbed the cat tower,
Being my usual meower.
I talk no matter where I go,
That you should already know.

So I grabbed the curtain and pulled it back,
Trying to find what caused Cassie's growling attack.
A car? A bird?
She wouldn't say a word.

She just gave another growl,
That is when I heard a howl.
My ears perked up,
And my eyes expected to see a yappy pup.

Oh how I wished for dog drool,
Even the rear end of a mule.
Instead I got a blinding sight,
Something that shouldn't be seen even in the night.

A bare naked ass,
And all the other features of a human lass.
What is wrong with that you say?
Even if I am snip snip at my bay?

The car I mentioned before,
Would probably have an easier time fitting through the door.
My head began to bob,
I could not believe the sight of such a blob.

If she didn't move around,
You'd think nothing in the window was found.
Yeah she took up that much space.
She could run her own three legged race.

And as I stared at this wall,
I can tell you no nude sun bathing was done at her hall.
So much junk in that trunk,
That she'd scare gay a monk.

Now my eyes are forever burned,
And one thing I sure have learned.
Cassie is a pervert,
And that lass would need extra large sheets if she was ever to convert.

One for each bun,
As she could block out the sun.
Cause an earthquake if she tried to run,
Alright, now I am done.

You want to be the size of a house or the size of a mouse, fine by me as it is your choice at your sea. But for the love of God, pulls the curtains so no one can see that thing you call a bod. Such is the life of crummy apartment dwelling. I hope I didn't scar you with my retelling. Maybe next time I'll get a picture of the lass so all can live in the misery that has come to pass for my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. If one cares for a snooze
    Get it done or one will lose
    Others will get one's attention
    Naked lass is a big distraction
    May not happen everyday of course
    But when it does the cause is lost


    1. Yeah such a fright
      You will never sleep good at night
      So avoid one should
      There in their hood

  2. Why is it those who like to wear the least amount of clothing are the people who really shouldn't do so? That's why I don't like going to the beach.

    1. I'm sorry but I'm shy and cover up like a normal guy!

    2. haha yeah that always seems to be the way
      Maybe it's because enough clothing to cover them up cost too much at their bay?

      Covering up is fine
      But not for the feline

  3. oh man, you might get in trouble for this one...haha..
    scare a gay a monk...snort....ha...extra large sheets if she converts...ha...oh my...

    1. hahaha those just popped in
      As away I went at my bin
      Not afraid though
      Will say anything at my show

  4. I like big butts and I can not lie
    You other brothers can't deny... you should have contact sir mix-a-lot

    1. If he likes that big of a butt
      He has to be a butt sniffing mutt

  5. Like my Dad always says, "If you tell her to haul ass, she's gonna have to make two trips".

    1. Just Keepin it Real
      Hahaha Never heard this before
      Made me laugh

    2. LOL first time I heard that one too
      And sadly very true

  6. Good Morning,

    Ouch I think you should have stayed on the couch
    climbing that tower can sometimes turn sour
    for one never knows what one will see
    when they take a peek, or play hide and seek
    perhaps, she didn't realize all was in view
    I have no problem with one being nude
    but, please pull the curtains when you do
    I guess you won't go seeking anytime soon
    better to stay on the couch and snooze..

    Have a good day at your bay, maybe take a nap you silly cat...

    1. Yeah one wants to be nude
      Go ahead, it isn't rude
      Just save my eyes the plight
      Pull the curtains and stay out of sight
      Especially when that big
      I'll have a nap after in the litter I dig

  7. Unless her sheets
    were stood on by big feets
    the smallest breeze
    might make you scream PLEASE!

  8. That was clever of the cat
    To sit around and chew the fat
    Too much flesh, I agree
    Sends some men on a spree
    With most women it's a biggie
    They all want to look like twiggie
    If you don't then please take cover
    Or you'll never have a lover

    1. Oh the twiggie crap is nasty too
      As you can see right through
      Pffft to that
      Says the Pat and cat
      But when so large
      As in a barge
      One needs not trot in the window
      When nude at one show haha

  9. Hope that was just a dream

  10. Ha ha this was a good way to start my day
    reading comings and goings at your bay.

    1. Not a sight that was a good start for me
      Rather have a flea

  11. The sheets and monk remark was very good

  12. What you happen to see
    Before you drift off to dream
    They claim is key to your fantasy.

    Lucy Lucy's Reality

    1. I only wish it was a dream
      Here at my stream

  13. Please no pictures here at this site,
    Your descriptions alone give me a fright.
    Some people have no sense at all
    They do't even think that seeing their stuff might give someone
    a fall.

    1. Yeah of sense she had none
      With her nude run
      And don't worry about a pic
      I think just looking at it my camera would get sick

  14. Ugg, not a sight that brings any delight

  15. When I lived in an apartment I used to see stuff like this as well. I had a neighbor who was so fat she was literally handicapped. As in, she had a handicapped sticker on her car, drove around in a little scooter, etc. So imagine seeing THAT change when her blinds weren't closed. Ugh.

    1. hahaha yeah after my sight
      No need to imagine such a plight
      Need to go reach
      For the bleach
      Hate crummy apts and their sights
      An the sounds of nights lol

  16. Replies
    1. haha did not make me laugh on bit
      When I saw such scary shit haha

  17. Weight was never an issue for me until I got sick... then I looked worse than Twiggy. Now that I am well, I have gained most of my weight back.

  18. Orlin and Cassie the voyeurs! Who'da'thunk-it??? :)

    We stayed at a hotel on Wall Street once that was so ridiculous. It was huge, and the apartment building directly across from it was huge too. All windows on both. I just knew there were telescopes over there. It gave me the creepies. It still does when I think about it. I hated that hotel.

    They may have DRs. avail. for assisting your cats w/their peeping Tom and Tomette problems. It's worth considering. ;)

    1. Yeah who knew
      Here at our zoo
      hahaha the pervs probably loved their place
      As they could embrace
      Cassie needs such a guy
      As she is a perv under our sky

  19. Please do not torture us with pictures of that lass! I cringe just thinking about it!

    1. haha could torture all
      Not just me at my hall

  20. Gee, I usually just see birds and squirrels outside my window!

  21. Looks like cassie scared you
    forever for good!
    if you recover from it anyway,
    stay away from the window!

    1. Yes I will avoid the window
      Don't need another show

  22. This is one post that certainly does NOT need a photo to accompany it.

    1. haha maybe one day
      But then all would go blind at their bay

  23. To fat, to skinny, just right?
    That was the question yesterday, not night.
    I guess beauty is in the "eye" of the beholder,
    thin, medium or great big and bolder!!!

    1. Yeah to each their own
      Just leave my eyes alone

  24. Very funny, Pat!
    Scary sight where you're all at!!!!

  25. So thankful to live in a house
    Even with the occasional mouse
    Better not to see
    What has been seen by thee

    1. Yes not a sight you want to see
      Rather see a money in a tree

  26. orlin N cassie...

    trust me...ya sur dont wanna see me momz azz either...eye dunno how big it iz, dunno how small it iz...all eye can say for sure iz...eye feel sorree for de toy let lid ...coz it haz ta look at her azz.... everee time her...stands up !!


    1. hahahaha poor toilet lid gets all the flack
      From a big arse attack

    2. that's why toilets don't have eyes
      I would surmise.

    3. haha yeah they'd go blind
      From every behind

  27. Glad there were no illustrations or photos or diagrams.

    1. haha guess not drawing is a good thing
      For once at my wing

  28. do dogs and cats get along?

    who's right and who's wrong

    1. They can get along
      But they all hate donkey kong

  29. Tower and meower might be one of the last things that you've never rhymed before Pat, love this post man, I guess that was the plan?

    1. Yeah first time I used that
      And scary sight at my mat

  30. Well, that'll teach you for peeking, lol. My bum is as wide as a house too; I keep windows, doors and everything else closed whenever I undress. Its wide enough, and white enough to scare little children and old men.


    1. haha sure it isn't that size
      She was scary enough to block out the skies haha

  31. My oh my, in the middle of the day?
    With the curtains open, and a nude display?
    Scary sight I would agree
    Sorry your eyes had to see such misery!

    1. haha yeah misery was there
      As I went blind from her in no underwear

  32. Good thing she didn't see you gawk
    or she might have taken a walk
    right to your door to knock
    and ask you undo the lock!

    1. hahaha blah to that
      Would squash Pat
      Already screwed up enough
      No need for her in the buff

  33. One wonders how she sees herself
    As wide, or narrow? A whale or elf?
    Cuz if she were an honest lass
    She'd close the curtains
    And start a lifelong fast.


    1. Must think she is grand
      In her imaginary land
      As she flaunts away
      With her open display

  34. So many talks!
    This "lady" probably
    having hiccups...

    1. Wish she would have had those
      And stayed away avoiding eye woes

  35. I live in an apartment too. I saw a grandmotherly woman come out of her apartment last month to shut her screen problem except for the fact that she only wore a pants.

    1. hahaha not something I'd want to see
      So many are creepy

  36. Something weird is going on in your crib, for sure. Hate apartment living, glad I live more rural, but the smell of sh.. this time of year, can be a bit overwhelming. But can't complain, I look out the window and see green trees, not a big white earth bound 'moon'. :)

    1. haha the smell of shit
      Would cause less of a fit
      Then such a full moon
      At high noon


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