Return of The Scary Mime That Can't Rhyme!

So Cassie and I were out and about when we heard a familiar shout. It was of course that Drazin fool but it seems he had gone back to thinking cat slippers were cool. What a so called god needs slippers for we have never figured out at our shore. But here we went again, with this bald freak who thinks he is above normal men.

"Fleabags, your time has come. Drazin is finally going to have Drazin's slippers. Don't bother running because there is no escaping the Great God Drazin this time."

Cassie sat very smug not afraid of the thug, as she let her tail whack me and I was also able to see. Along came a bus and got between us as Drazin continued to fuss. When it left his view, we were long gone heading back to our zoo.

"Sorry Godly one, but you can't board that bus. You have to wait for the short one."

Cassie could not help but rub it in and Drazin sure wasn't about to let us win. He stole a tricycle from some kid and started peddling while flipping his lid.

"Drazin will have Drazin's revenge, fleabags! You can't escape Drazin."

"Says the grown ass man riding a tricycle. You'd make better time on ice skates."

"Drazin would use them to skin you and make Drazin's slippers."

He was really back to his old ways, which we had not seen in many days. We darted off into a nearby crowd who were clapping really loud. As if this day was not already bad enough, now we saw that damn mime flaunting his stuff. Yep, Darzin was back and shaking things in his women's bathingsuit with his fake rack.

"All can be happy and bright, just walk in the light. Have a big smile and cheer up the vile."

A mime who can only talk in a disguise. Yet all he does is give hippie dippie cries. Why were these idiot humans listening to him? Last time dogs chased him away as things got grim. But we knew how to shut him up without the need of any pup.

"Drazin will spread the peace and love after Drazin takes care of the fleabags."

Now Drazin and his wacko twin were together and going for the win? This could not do, that is when we saw it in our view. Drazin and each silly human had a chip on the side of their head. It was obvious they were being force fed. So it was time to do what we do best, piss of that annoying Drazin pest.

"What do you call a god with no shoes? Royal toe jam!"

"Drazin will turn you to toe jam!"

"Peace and love my friends, peace and love."

That hideous sight was smiling with delight, as Drazin came near us continuing his third person fuss. The rest of the humans crowded around us too, but none of them had any clue. We sat pretending to be beat watching Drazin eyeing his bare feet. Then two humans picked each of us up in their arms, thinking it would raise alarms.

"Any last words, fleabags?"

"When it comes to you we'd be here a year recounting all of your issues, so instead."

I sprang free and kicked the human holding Cassie, both of us got loose and wacked the side of the head of the guy who thinks he is stronger than Zeus. The chip fell to the ground, then Drazin curled his nose up and looked around.

"Remember peace and love my friends, peace and love."

Drazin chucked the drone humans to the side ready to send the mime for a ride. We helped out the foolish humans too, whacking the chips off their head and unclouding their view.

"Drazin is going to make mime slippers."

Drazin grabbed Darzin by the neck and ripped of his fake Drazin suit, every speck. Say that three times fast. Now Darzin was once more a thing of the past. The mime stood there not able to say a word, which is truly absurd. Who needs to copy a third person talking clown and then wear a women's bathing suit, strutting across town?

Out of nowhere that bug eyed creep gave a call. Tarsier Man was going to make Drazin's attempt stall. Not today, we kept him busy with his popping eyes on display. Then when he finally put them back in going for the win. He saw there was no one to save. Drazin was gone with that clone mime, hopefully sending him to an early grave.

We strutted away, leaving the nut to go save some other bay. Maybe Zombie Man will eat him. Just a thought on a whim. So just another crazy day as we were out and about from our bay. Who knows what other tales will come to pass from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. 8 in a row
      Almost to double digits at my show

  2. Just another crazy day
    Held them all at bay
    Fake Drazin suit is ripped
    Sending them on a trip
    Looking for more crazy days
    Different forms and lots of ways


    1. More will come
      From my little rhyming bum
      As crazy I can be
      Here at my sea

  3. I will never look at mimes the same way again...

    1. That is a good thing
      Avoid the with their black and white bling

  4. Really crazy day it must have been,
    one of the craziest things on your blog that I have seen.

    (my first attempt in nearly 13 years :-)

    1. haha not bad at all
      And this is nothing compared to the past at my hall

  5. wearing a womans bathing suit strutting across town, wow...shut that stuff down...drones drones everywhere, and the mime only able to stare, i do like you let him talk in disguise, that is funny...your adventures are always zany...smiles.

    1. haha yeah shut it down indeed
      Makes ones eyes bleed
      A mime can talk when not a mime
      Zany sure is sublime

  6. Out for adventure, out for a song, away from the zoo, it didn't take very long. Two furry creatures out on the prowl, meet up with Senior Drazin who said with a scowl,"Cat slippers are fine. Today they'll be mine." Or something like that. It started a fracas, but met with a win when all the bystanders began to pitch in. Hurray and Hoot Mun here comes the sun as they scurried away to find other fun.

    1. And you summed it up quite grand
      Here in my land
      As away we go
      To another show
      Seeking more fun
      Found it but arm has to be well to give it a run haha

  7. Well do tell: How did Drazin's fake rack look when you stripped off that bathing suit?

    1. Drazin and Darzin ran away
      The cat didn't get a good look at his fake rack on display
      Maybe they went to play?
      Hm what the hey

  8. I could give many a dime
    To learn more about this mime

    1. haha he only came once before
      About a year ago at my shore

  9. Mimes are the devil's advertising boards, arse water purveyor's!

    1. hahaha good way to say
      They are a creepy display

  10. Ha, I will watch for those other tales
    or should I say tails!
    With or without rhyme
    I am not a fan of creepy mime!

    1. Yeah not a fan one bit
      And sure more tails will come that are a hit

  11. Drazin, Darzin
    tripping, falling
    from my feet
    to my head
    saying three
    times what
    can't be said.

    Cat skin slippers
    that will not do
    put a mime in
    a zoo.

    "Peace and love"
    so he said,
    the hippy movement
    is quite dead!

    1. Yeah he is behind the times
      With his miming crimes
      And hard to say fast
      May put ones tongue in a cast

  12. Wow that was sure out there, in a good way though

  13. I'm pretty sure if I had an evil twin, he would be a clone mime. That just seems like the evilest possible variant of myself.

    1. Yeah but at least he'd shut up too
      With all the miming in view

  14. Maybe now that the weather is warm, Drazin would prefer flip flops over slippers. Provided he's had a recent pedicure, of course. lol....

    1. Lets just pray he doesn't have zombie feet
      That wouldn't be neat

  15. I laughed out loud when you got to the mime not being able to say a word, ha! Still laughing. :)

    1. haha take the suit away
      And all he can do is mime through the day

  16. mimes...don't trust mimes and clowns! I struggled a bit reading this today, maybe my brain is a bit broken.

    1. haha from that break
      A break you should never partake

  17. A-salting a mime
    Is a terrible crime
    You should have peppered his head
    or his bum instead!

    1. Hmmm no way to the bum
      That would be strange and then some haha

  18. What an adventure. Mime slippers? lol

    1. Mime slippers could be grand
      Across the land

  19. A woman's bathing suit, not a good disguise ~
    But the royal toe jam made me laugh, what a rouse -

    Happy Victoria day Pat ~

    1. haha happy victoria day too
      To all at your zoo
      And yeah not a good diguise
      Mimes aren't wise

  20. This is amazing Pat. A weird thought just occurred, about how weird it would be to read a Pat Hatt post that didn't rhyme, a bizarre thought indeed.

    1. haha barely ever happens at my sea
      There may only be a part or two once in a blue moon that causes no glee

  21. This is really random Pat but I just realised that you're now over 800 posts into this blog so congratulations! A 1000th post celebration party in 2014 will need to commence if you continue this blog for that long which you will I guess!

    1. Actually 1000 will hit around early December
      Not sure what the hell I'll do for 1000 but sure it will involve many a member

  22. Toe jam and slippers makes the whiskers twitch!

    1. haha worse than a flea itch
      Could cause a stitch

  23. now that was a day indeed..ha...the Royal toe jam made me almost spit my drink...smiles

    1. haha trying to cause a mess
      That is fun to do I will confess

  24. Pat's world is filled with all kinds of interesting things - mime and cat slippers, Zombie Man, royal toe jam and popping eyes to name a few! You just never know what there will be here on any day.

    1. Nope all kinds come due
      As much happens at our zoo

  25. I fear mimes, they give me the creeps!

    But cat slippers...they sound so cozy!

    1. haha a Drazin wannabe
      I'll send a mime to thee

  26. Men with fake racks wearing ladies suits is fine for this story.
    But hopefully I don't see anything like that at my beach this summer. That would be pretty gory!

    1. Yeah not a sight to see
      Would give me no glee

  27. Drazin must be stopped, somehow. Is there a website for ninjas?

    1. Hmmm ninja for hire
      Could set Drazin on fire

  28. I want a pair of mime slippers!

  29. I don't get it, Pat. What was crazy about that day? ;)

  30. Replies
    1. The cat would play
      With fluffy slippers all day

  31. happee victoria day orlin.. cassie.. pat.. drazin.. tarsier man.. zombie man.... honk oh plentee N drink much N ewe wont care if drazin iz makin mimez with slipperz ore if him iz butt azzed nekkid :(

    1. haha that is a good way to be
      Get drunk and nothing will matter to thee

  32. Dear Pat, Drazin and Darzin lost me for a while, but I think I finally tuned in to the story. Some of us--mainly me-- are slower than others! I'm tuning into spring and it's really being something here on the western edge of Missouri. Where I live is called "Tornado Alley" and last evening we had tornados all around us with winds over 70 miles and hour right here. Things blowing around; tree limbs snapping; torrential rain! But today it's simply humid here. Now what would Drazin and Darzin make of that????? Peace.

    1. Drazin would just yap
      And as he gave a flap
      Bye bye tornado
      Darzin would just run though haha

  33. so worried about slippers

    Drazin must need to match his snuggie

    1. Yeah he has a godly one
      There under his sun

  34. Mimes are a bit scary and bizarre,
    But much better than cleaning doggie mess out of the back of my car.

    1. Yeah such a mess
      Is something I would not bless

  35. Pat and his cat,

    No rhyming today at your bay...
    a mime in clever
    this is one crazy trail of a tale
    one giant endeavor in this view
    Drazen and Darzin, I'm confused
    can there be two? Help me please
    I'm a bit scared of these two
    mimes who have nothing to say
    how do they say what's on their minds
    Pat you and that cat have your hands full
    did you ever try to ride a mechanical bull
    I heard it was fun, I wanted to try
    but, I was too afraid I'd flip and cry
    or perhaps, be tossed into the sky
    so tell me Pat what is the catch
    are Drazen and Darzin a match..
    I think I'll pass on the toe jam
    but, I do enjoy strawberry jam on toast
    sometimes, I'll even eat it with a ghost
    oh, wait I heard he flew to the coast
    left me high and dry..floating in an
    endless moaning sea..under a moonlit sky
    so many things to see, under the sea
    there are a lot of creatures with
    amazing features..but, that is another
    story..Once upon a time in a far away

    Hope you are enjoying your holiday!
    it was a work day for me... birdie still did not lay that egg
    I am so worried about my feathered friend

    1. One more thanks for listening to my rants. I really do enjoy your show. Wishing you much success under your sun.

    2. Rant away
      Any day at my bay
      As off you go
      Providing quite the show
      And I will always rhyme
      To not to is a crime
      Just that Drazin fellow
      With his third person bellow
      That some times refuses too
      What can you do?
      And he has been around the block
      But Darzin has only given once or twice a previous knock
      So him/it you may not know
      Never tried a bull at my show
      Don't even think one is found
      Near our ground
      But I would give it a go
      Although it may hurt parts down below lol
      And yeah it take a while for them to gt passed it
      Took the cat two weeks at my pit
      She will hopefully pass it soon
      And sing out to the moon
      And a nice day of indeed
      Here at my feed
      Wish it were always the way
      Sadly never gonna be the case at my bay
      At least not any tie soon
      At least next monday you are off at your dune
      Away I go
      As the arm is feeling that nervy flow haha

    3. I like your post so much fun to read
      at your feed and thanks for filling
      me as I don't know much about these
      characters at your show.
      I'm not sure what happened to your arm
      but, I hope you get some release
      as you sleep under the moon..

      Good Night..

    4. Arm has been crap for a year
      Sadly I fear
      Type with my left is all I do
      At least until it craps out at my zoo
      And this is nothing at all
      Wait until I continue Glitch of a Witch at my hall haha

    5. Sorry, to hear about the arm
      it must be tough to type at times
      but, you seem to do a great job
      at your, what's this
      Glitch of a Witch..hmmm sounds
      disturbing in your hall..does
      the witch twitch and fly on a broom
      all around the

    6. It can be a pain
      At any lane
      And not won't you would surmise
      As candyland wins the prize

  36. Fleabags come and fleabags go,
    But Royal Cats, they steal the show.

    Not sure that has any bearing on anything;) grin.

  37. I really hate mimes. All of the times.

  38. I HATE mimes. I blame Clint Eastwood...

    And yes, experience spring.

    Feel like I'm totally missing that~ :P <3

    1. Lots of hate for mimes
      With their miming crimes

  39. Since Drazin has a fake rack and wears a womens swim suit... Could it be she... or maybe a heshe. I am with LTM... can't stand mimes.

    1. It is Darzin with the fake rake
      Drazin just has a third person talking attack

  40. Congrats! I have nominated you for the Liebster award. Please go to the post where I nominated your blog. There you will find 11 questions to answer as an acceptance for the award and it is now your task to nominate 11 worthy bloggers!

  41. We tried really hard
    To understand this tale;
    But, by the inch or by the yard,
    It was to no avail!
    I'm puttin' on my slippers
    And watchin' feline strippers!

  42. royal toe jam? really? my gosh that was funny!! gotta tell my son that one...

    1. haha glad it was a good one
      As it popped in as I gave it a run

  43. I think a cat in slippers sounds like the cutest thing I've ever seen!!! Don't hate, appreciate! :)

    1. haha I would rather hate
      As Drazin comes by my gate

  44. I'm not sure if it's a good idea for Zombie man to try and eat him. He might choke to death.

    1. haha but if he is already dead
      Could he choke on such things like human or bread

  45. hey nice site you have here :) THANKS for dropping by my blog! Hope to see yah again :)


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