Sadly There Are More That Are In Store!

So after the last time the cat had to see if those female humans improved at all with their chime. Sadly, not a one, which works for me under our sun. Don't need Pat bringing home any ball and chain. So let the crazies rain.

I am a arsy person mos days.
So are you lippy under sun rays?
What does an arsy person do,
When they go to the zoo?

Luv forweeling.
Your language just left me reeling.
Plus you want to play in the mud?
Must have been where your head took a thud.

Hoping to real in a reel fish.
Click your heals and make a heel wish.
Damn, now you got me doing it too.
That just will not do.

Beautful an talented an also sweat!
Wow, you will make many hearts skip a beat.
Just to get through your rant,
Makes me want to date a plant.

I enjoy outdoors including movies too.
Do drive ins still exist near you?
Or do you charge your little DVD thing,
And hike with it letting the movie sing?

New to this, which me luck.
You'd have better luck dating a truck.
I'll give you a buck,
To quack like a duck.

I only speak French.
Umm did you get hit with a wrench?
None of your words are French at all.
I guess you talk French and write English on your wall?

Been having the wort dats ever.
How so, when you are clearly so clever?
I mean how could anyone not want to date you?
You sound so wonderful at your zoo.

Trying this out....might be crazy.
At least you are not lazy.
But thanks for the stalker heads up.
I'll go play with a pup.

I go for jail birds, but no bad boys.
What, do they have different toys?
Some dyslexic tendencies there,
Or maybe you like feathers instead of hair?

So as you can see, still all are very scary. I guess they don't know spell check has been invented at their show. Or maybe they have the hillbilly kind just to give them a little piece of mind. At least there is no worry of Pat bringing home a lass which delights my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Yay Rosey!!!
      You slipped right in there and broke the Hank reign.

    2. Yay
      Queen Rosey for a day
      Have your stay

    3. Wow 4 in a row
      Today at my show
      First time for that
      All trying to be #1 at my mat

  2. Replies
    1. Dead-heat 3 in a row
      First time that I know
      Had not happened before


    2. Beg your pardon
      4 in a row!


    3. Yeah first time that one has happened at my sea
      And you almost had double digits with your first spree

  3. Replies
    1. So close yet so far
      At least there is no tar

  4. Some people with all their spelling actually does scream out either dyslexia or somebody using a foreign search robot thing or something. I love when you do these posts buddy, every time I think that the idiots will stop you always make a post displaying the most recent flop.

    Shocked when I made my mad dash to your page that two had already beaten me, striving for first comment is all the rage!

    1. Like to show a flop
      Just can't stop
      Yeah quite the shock
      All want to be first at my rock

  5. Quite sure Orlin never expected a girl (Cassie) to come rushing in... just saying. These things just happen. :)

    1. Actually Cassie was here first
      So it was the other way around with such a burst

    2. Ahahha, I have that book! Never mind me, I'm a dingo. ;)

    3. haha too busy gloating over first
      Making Hank the worst haha

  6. Number 1 was a fight today at your bay. I guess no one has to wonder why they are still single

  7. Maybe you'll even start dating a girl who can't spell...bwuahahaha. Never mind me, I'm just giddy with being #1 today. ;) Happy Wed. to ya.

    1. hahaha sure taking 1 to heart
      Today at my cart
      As long as she uses spellcheck at my bay
      I can be fine with a bad speller my way

  8. Don't these people look at their awful spelling?

    1. You would think
      But instead they go to the brink

  9. desperate out there...I won't even put my big toe into the dating pool. I might just clone myself and marry myself. is there any law against that?

    1. Hmmm not sure if there is a law
      but with that deal there may be a flaw

  10. Just ask Hank what females can do to you..... They sneak right in and break a perfect 10.

    Sorry Hank but I gotta say it again. YAY ROSEY!!!!

    1. Will give way to a lady
      She's a fighter Ms Rosey
      At the top
      A great hop
      Congrats! Females are happy!


    2. haha yeah they are all happy
      You losing made them quite yappy haha

  11. Waw, Mr. Pat Hatt, you know how to rhyme... A pity I'm not good enough at English to answer you in the same way. I've done a couple of courses with our Blue friend, but that doesn't suffice to say what I have to say in a rhyme. Hope you'll be able to forgive me for that!

    I'll come back soon to check out your rhymes. Let's say I need some distraction from this bloody MA thesis :D

    1. Bah don't have to rhyme
      With a chime
      The blue guy teaches you too
      I guess he isn't such a grumpy goo
      I'd need a break from that too
      If such a thing was in view

    2. Oh my, what do my eyes see?
      Could this be Debz at the furry Cat's sea?
      Calling him Mister and all, how polite!
      Telling the Cat how the Blue's out-a sight?
      How could she not be good at English...
      You reckon, Pat, I taught her some Spanglish?
      Just for fun as a joke
      MA thesis going up into smoke?
      What d'you mean you need a break?
      So many questions - that I know
      Bet the Cat's got the answers at his show.

    3. haha I would not put it passed you
      As you can make another a grumpy goo
      Questions and answers I can do
      As soon as they payment comes through lol

  12. On an unrelated note I just caught a stray cat with an ingrowing claw and have taken it to the vets.

    1. Great thing to do
      Hope it is cheap at the vet's zoo

  13. Oi! There are days when I'd like to wear a tshirt saying "Duct tape: use it on your fingers!"

    Methinks that when it comes to spelling
    their skills are truly smelling.

    1. That they are
      Near and far
      And duct tape would prob make it worse
      They'd be bad enough to make me curse

  14. HaHaHa my girl friend would never go out with any guy who couldn't spell or use proper grammar on those online dating sites. I suppose it irks both sexes.

    1. That it does indeed
      They should at least be able to use spellcheck at their feed

  15. I think spelling is quite important but English isn't my first language so I'm afraid I make many mistakes as well!

    1. Well mistakes here and there
      I do at my lair
      Not problem with that
      Blatant crap annoys the cat

  16. Yep spelling is a pre-req
    Needs to be checked
    Although I'm not one to talk about it
    Since I notice on here that sometimes my comments need an edit
    I type to fast and then don't proof-read
    Goes to show that quality wins rather than speed

    1. Yeah I do that too
      Especially with the crap computer at my zoo
      As the damn buttons barely work
      Sooo not a perk

  17. Robyn would so approve of your verse today!

  18. beautiful, talented and also sweat?
    Oh, that will get some dates, I bet.
    I mean, who doesn't want a perspiring girl
    to take on a dating whirl?

    1. Yeah always have a drip
      From lip to hip
      Maybe one likes to lick
      Then both are sick haha

    2. Ew. Sweat I do not like.
      One reason I don't like to hike.
      Quite the sissy I am.
      I avoid sweat whenever I can.

    3. hahaha but with all that heat
      Must be tough to beat
      When summer rolls around
      Just hop in the shower when it is found

  19. ok, dont get started on grammar
    to me you can take the hammer
    no boyfriends in the slammer
    and i know i am guilty in the comment box
    perhaps i need to wake up jus a beet
    lol, did that one on porpoise

    1. haha we all do it in the comment box
      Doesn't ruffle my socks
      As you have a little fun
      But no need for dating sites under your sun
      Lucky you
      Scary at such a zoo

  20. People who talk like this, give hill billies a bad name! Harrrrumph...

    1. Maybe they'll get attacked by a hillbilly
      All willy nilly

  21. Cat is really sharp today
    In the verses has his say
    The beauty queen with armpits drip'n
    Would ruin any drink one's sipp'n
    So now they put GOOD boys in jail
    Send her one without a fail
    All the lasses for the books
    Turn the page they may be crooks

    1. Yeah away I went
      No time will be spent
      On such ones at my sea
      I just had to use them for a rhyme with glee
      As it proves one should stay away
      From such a fishy bay

  22. Handel it with care
    Verdi’s AIDA melodious
    Shell we dance King & I
    Esso! One that’s tedious
    Blew Danube so Strauss
    Been a long day
    One just got away!


    1. Damn look at you go
      At your show
      References galore
      Find one, I'll latch on at my shore

  23. "I go for jail birds, but no bad boys." WTF?

    1. Yeah dyslexic I will say
      Or really screwed up at their bay

  24. The - I only speak French - gave me laughing stitches
    But yikes on those spelling glitches
    No wonder some would rather be single
    Than date someone who is better off in a jungle ~

    Have a nice day Pat ~

    1. haha in a jungle they should go
      And go wild letting everything grow
      And yeah the french one
      Was really fun

  25. in all my life I think I drove past a sign for a drive-in just once. My local city does put a show in the park as an outside movie.

    1. Never ever been to one
      None even near my sun

  26. Replies
    1. That is the cat speaking not Pat
      He'd fear getting smacked if he said that haha

  27. Was here before and blogger wounldn't let me post
    Sometimes I think they hate me the most.
    Such beauties as these are had to pass up
    Maybe Pat should consider taking one out to sup.

    Be warn him to be careful the women who flock to these sites
    Some of them may have more than a few mites.
    Best to be such, meet a nice girl at church.
    Those are the ones that won't leave you in a lurch.

    1. haha church you say
      Never tried meeting one there at my bay
      I guess Pat would have to go first
      But yeah online is the worst

  28. Beautiful,talented and willing to sweat would have definitely been enticing to some I bet. *wink* *wink*

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. haha I suppose she surely would
      In many a hood

  29. Well I hope you get to reel in that real ><(((ยบ>

  30. OMG each of these made me snicker
    But the bad boys comment was a real kicker!

    1. Yeah that one takes the cake
      One with a file she may make

  31. Gee, Pat, that was phun!
    I wonder if these folks can walk and chew gum at the same time...

    1. Prob can't even walk in a straight line
      So sad to the feline

  32. I'm actually afraid to comment in fear of not having a clever rhyme... so I'll just say, "Best post of all time!"

    1. haha and yet you rhymed away
      Works for me at my bay

  33. Glad I stooped by today. Fun post! And I think that cat needs a cheeseburger.

    1. The cat needs something after that
      So sad to see these crazies at his mat haha

  34. better luck dating a truck. *snort*
    love your rhymes

    1. That I would
      When ever I wanted I could lift the hood lol

  35. I know some of these,
    willing to please,
    with bad knees!

    1. Rather have fleas
      Or arm myself with anti-freeze

  36. I bet you hate auto-correct, right?

    1. Auto correct is a pain too
      As it screws up many a time with what comes due

  37. Another fine bunch of lasses at your shore!

    1. Yeah fine
      To get pringle cans of crap thrown at from the feline

  38. I agree about auto correct!
    So often they are auto-wrong
    I'd rather make my own mistakes
    with words either short or long!

    1. Yeah at least then
      You can blame yourself at your den
      And no some stupid machine
      To which you shout words rather obscene

  39. orlin...thiz iz why we has ree maned bachelorz all R lifez

    boomer N tuna ~~~~~~~~ =^..^=


  40. An ARSY person?
    Now that's a fright.
    She must love your bum
    when seen on first sight.

    1. A bum toucher you say
      Wouldn't want to hold her hand any day

  41. Arsy persons that go to the zoo,
    Stop to tell the tigers toodle doo.

    cough cough choke choke

    1. haha with that
      They may get eaten by the stripped cat

  42. I had forgotten how much fun
    Could be had by reading some
    Dating ads by lonely folks,
    So much better than knock knock jokes.
    If you think personals are bad
    Imagine the souls who are glad
    To respond to such a fad...
    Scary thought, don't you think?
    Perhaps in need of a shrink.

    1. Or perhaps they are a shrink
      Who wants to give a wink
      Or maybe drum up business too
      My the things a shrink could do

  43. Not a native English speaker myself, so might expect some of these, and some more.

    Hopefully, I am the last commentator on this post.

    #last :-)

    1. Not a chance I would say
      Someone will be about while I sleep at my bay

  44. There's a drive-in movie place about 2 hours south of where I live. I caught the movie the Avengers there last summer. Loved it. I wish there were one closer to me. This gives me a great idea for an activity with friends. Yes!

    1. Sounds like a place to go
      None around my show

  45. Hey! We'd like in on the jail birds! We bet they are tasty and fun to play with!

  46. What's a dats and how can one make it better?

    1. Pat, how come DWei never ever has the answers? Do you reckon we need to send him to my summer camp? Who doesn't know what a dats is, right? ;)

    2. Not sure how
      Maybe ask a weather predicting cow?

      Yeah you need to enroll him
      And make his life grim haha

  47. Good thing I speak Cat at you show
    MEOW! Well, what d'you know?

    1. Wow you got it down
      Should get a burger king crown

  48. Well, I can see why these things
    would scare you away from a date
    who knows what these dates would bring
    perhaps, you just need a spring fling
    dance under the moon and play a tune
    do you sing and kiss in French (lol)
    drive in movie could be cozy do
    they even still exist in the digital world?
    perhaps, you could give it a whirl..
    what movie would you see by your sea?
    I have to run enjoy your sun..Hun...

    1. Yeah them all I avoid
      They make me paranoid
      Had a stalker at my den
      No need to make ten
      I can ask where the bathroom is in french at my sea
      That is about it for little old me
      The kissing I could do though
      And nope, no drive in movies near my show
      But Iron Man 3
      Was seen the other day by little old me

    2. Hi

      Iron Man you did see with
      what did you think
      about it at your sea
      do you feel stronger

      PS I wanted to tell you my birdie layed her egg
      she is much better this day!

    3. It was waaay better than two
      And well worth a view
      Not sure I am stronger though
      And glad you birdie is happy now at your show

  49. 'Thanks for the stalker heads up' lol
    Reminds me of a dating site post i saw where a guy called himself 'logophile', don't put anything on a dating site with the word 'phile' in it dude.

    1. Yeah that is just common sense
      That dude must be dense


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