The Strobe Probe!

So dVerse is going all picture once more at their shore and the cat just had to share, with each and every lair, the scary sight that is out there. Go out at night if you dare!

Beware the evil stare.
For when you get caught in his glare,
You are screwed.
The alien with the mohawk will give you attitude.

As in shove his instrument up your bum.
It will give off a hum.
I hear it gives off the tune,
To I Did It My Way making your cheeks swoon.

And nowhere across the globe,
Are you safe from the singing probe.
Worse yet it is like a disco ball,
And lights you up at your hall.

You will turn all new shades,
And sadly it never fades.
One day you will be brown,
The next day blue as you go across town.

Oh the misery,
That will be brought upon thee.
If you were to see,
This alien at your tree.

But there is a way,
To kill it at your bay.
I hear it is hard to do,
And has only been attempted by a few.

Sadly they were too late,
And the probe was their fate.
It is something you may hate,
And not something you'd ever put on your plate.

But it has to be done,
Unless you want probing fun.
The cat is even appalled,
As it could make anyone go bald.

In order to kill the mohawk alien at your sea,
You have to go back to Z.
As in what I showed you,
That is right, you have to grab a zombie toe and chew.

Then when he glares at you,
He will be zombified from such a view.
Then just chop off his head,
And that is that, he'll be dead.

So now you know how to kill a mohawk alien with a probe that hums I Did It My Way and turns you all the colors of the rainbow. So which will you choose? Either way you kind of lose. You have to eat a zombie toe or allow the probe to make you all disco. Decisions, decisions for one and all. I hope he never comes to your hall. The cat will try gas if he tries to stick any humming, glowy thing up my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Congratulations Hank!! Maybe this time you can make a perfect 10

    2. Thanks Ma'am
      That'll be fun!


    3. That is four
      That you have taken the tour

    4. Hank
      Maybe you'll even be a perfect 10 plus and give Bo Derek a run for her money.

    5. One may ruin his day
      Have to see at my bay

    6. And not forgetting
      The other perfect 10 darling
      Nadia Comaneci
      Wonder how she is now,Manzi!


    7. Hmmm never heard of her at my sea
      Have to have a looksy

    8. Nadia got 3 Gold Medals In gymnastics
      at the Montreal 1976 Olympics!
      With score of first ever Perfect 10
      In her event!


  2. I hope he never comes to my Hall either, I would turn tail and run.

    1. He may lie it if you turn tale
      As then his probe could set sail

  3. Mohawk aliens, zombies
    They're around
    do they?
    Where can they be found

    Frightening to lament
    Attempts to kill them
    failed most times
    Dead men
    tell no tales
    Pity when one fails!


    1. Yeah such a pity
      They are in every city
      So stay in the woods
      And avoid such hoods

  4. chew the zombie toe, that will make it flow and thats no fun for the probe...i bet i was abducted by them and that how i got this haircut, hmm...all take me to your leader---here's my probe, are you a screamer?

    1. Hmm they must have wiped your brain
      So you don't remember at your lane
      I guess that was nice of them though
      Wouldn't want to remember that or eating zombie toe

  5. This had me writhing on the floor: "I hear it gives off the tune/To I Did It My Way making your cheeks swoon." Could barely make it out of the kitchen door! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. haha glad it was fun
      As I surely do it my way under my sun

  6. Really impressed at Hank getting the top spot so early on a Sunday, he's getting better and better at his craft. Great post too Pat, actually gave me a "giggle," a word that I hate using but this was so funny it was more than apt, great job mate.

    1. Hank is on the go
      As his streak does grow
      That word is blah to me too
      But it works at my zoo

  7. A photo is fine, thank you. :)

  8. And it was a good thing you didn't post
    that zombie toe image, or else all will go to toast

    Happy Sunday Pat ~

    1. Yeah once a year
      Is enough for zombie toe fear

  9. This made me laugh. This image is 'right up your alley.' Perhaps the alien with the mohawk could even be the subject of another book. Smiles.

    1. Not sure a probe would be good
      For kiddies to learn about in their hood haha

  10. Oh my, that bumm instrument makes my whiskers shake!

  11. Wow! Great post.. Enjoyed reading it.. I'm a new blogger... Do visit my blog..

  12. I chose that pic, too... but yours is much funnier than mine (and why am I not surprised?).

    1. haha well that cat does have a style
      That goes a bit more vile

  13. They all have probes I hear
    Greys, Anunnaki, Oh Dear
    Mohawks at worst are so scary
    Of them I'll especially be wary
    The trap of the old disco ball
    For that I'm afraid I would fall

    1. haha well as long as it is in the air
      And not a probe affair
      It is okay to fall
      For it at your hall

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. we must all beware the evil stare

      but what's worse is an old Aunt's armpit hair

    2. Yeah that is a nasty sight
      One I wouldn't want to take flight

    3. that's a vision
      that is not make me grinnin'.

    4. haha and that one wasn't me
      Adam is at fault at my sea

  15. So, now i have been exposed to abstract art.


    Think i'll turn around and head back the other way.


    1. Don't like the abstract
      Or the probing act lol

  16. It was like that:
    the day is gray,
    I drag my tail,
    when Cat brought
    rainbow on display
    with this nice
    pic and probe:
    I did it in my way...

  17. Ha supoerfunny-- but that zombitoe is not good to remember so close to dinner...

    1. Yeah so close to dinner
      It is not a winner

  18. Wow, you can make poetry out of anything :-)

  19. oh! the rhyme and rhythm added to the motion of the tale through the contours and the colours!! Nice take on the pic!!

  20. seriously i don't believe aliens wouldn't have anything better to do than pushing probes up our bums...i hope

    1. I hope too
      Maybe some aliens have a loose screw

  21. Not the probe! Anything but the probe!

    1. Anything at all
      Even zombie toe at your hall?

  22. I hope this is all a bad dream
    or I might scream!

    1. haha you mean you wouldn't be nice
      And feed it mice

    2. No extra mice around...
      not a one can be found! ha.

    3. Prob get a finger taken away
      Should you try that at your bay

    4. haha. They were playing soccer with a couple of dead birds
      when I looked out this morning. Quite absurd.
      I guess the slow ones get caught in the dark
      and they play with the carcass of a lark.
      But there is no mice
      which is very nice.

      And I just realized your whole post
      came from you the host
      just by looking at the photo there.
      that is some serious imagination, I swear!

    5. haha dead bird soccer
      They are off their rocker
      But not a shocker
      Maybe to a human gawker
      And yeah imagination I do not lack
      Just the arm that causes flack

  23. Stay away from those probing aliens.

    1. Welll, what is this talk of strobes
      and invading probes
      to this I say No No no
      aliens in UFO's hey
      you never know
      you better hold on to your hat
      or they might find a way to attack
      the shack of a rhyming cat
      did I just say that??
      beware my dear cat
      at your mat, those aliens
      can be brats, perhaps
      you can stick them with a tack
      zombie toes, no not again
      at your show..the dreaded
      toe jam, I'd rather hear
      Pearl Jam, rockin my socks
      off in a rock N' roll jam
      strumming to the beat
      I'm dancing on happy feet
      under the heat of the sun
      so, my dear cat what do
      you have to say sitting
      at the dock of the bay
      watching time slip away...

      PS Enjoy your day Pat and his cat...

    2. Not much to say
      As the aliens play
      And away goes the day
      As I hide from them at my bay
      With no zombie toe on display
      So here I can lay
      At least in a certain way
      So I don't turn to clay
      The sky outside is grey
      The cat wants to roll in hay
      I wonder if they make you pay
      Like a fast food food tray
      My I guess I had a lot to say
      On this day of May

    3. Good morning

      It seems you had a lot to say
      on this morning in May
      the cat wants to roll in the hay (lol)
      well, I guess that is ok
      have fun by your grey bay
      is what I have to say this day..

      PS How's your plan going for that cash
      you'll need a hideaway... smiling.. you are a mischievous cat can I come and play...

    4. haha the plan is all set
      For this pet
      Scoped out the bank the other day
      Ready to go all Inside Man at my bay

    5. Now cat you need to ditch that plan
      I don't want to visit you in a cell
      a cat behind bars not a good sight
      would that make you a cat burglar

    6. haha that it would
      But I'm a first time offender in my hood
      So they will go easy on me
      Plus they can't catch me as I flee

  24. I saw one of those Mohawk Aliens last time I went to the amusement park. I avoided riding on the same roller coaster as him!

  25. This one caught me by surprise
    And I ain't telling you no lies.

  26. LMAO does it sing along as it probes?

    1. Could sing the tune
      Bet it sounds like a baboon

  27. I totally see the alien with the mohawk, but idk about that probe! Yikes!

    1. Yeah a scary affair
      Hide away at your lair

  28. Now where would I find a zombie toe? Do they freeze well? I must keep one on hand in case I am ever unlucky enough to run across a butt probing alien.

    1. Haha can find them all around
      You just need to take peoples shoes off and one could be found

  29. When I see the word 'probes'
    the house rings with shrieks.
    I put on my clothes
    and tighten my cheeks.

    NOTE: I normally don't lounge around in the nude. It's just that the only thing which would rhyme with "probes" (and make sense) was "clothes." Come to think of it, though, my jeans ARE a little restricting....

    1. haha nice clarification too
      But as long as no one is around to view
      Why restrict yourself,
      There at your shelf

  30. I don't like that thing
    No matter the bling
    That makes it all shiny
    I'll still kick it in the hiney
    And then have that toe
    But I'll take mine To Go.

    1. You'll eat the toe
      Wow look at you go
      Be quite the show
      Hope your toes don't grow

  31. Can I chew the toe with ketchup
    Or must I eat it plain?
    Will its nail be trimmed down
    Or will jaggedness remain?
    I must know these options
    Before I can decide
    But this one's a no-brainer
    If I can cook it up deep fried.

    PS It's good to be back at your mat, Pat and cat.

    1. Welcome back
      Take it all went well at the germ shack
      I.e, the scary hospital place
      Glad the zombie toe you can embrace

  32. I don't know what's worse
    The glowing mohawk or probing curse
    Oh my, that is unpleasant,
    I think I'll avoid it at present!
    Once your safe for the night
    come swing by my site
    to read something quite scary
    about the origins of the tooth fairy!

    1. haha scary you say
      Will have a look at your bay
      And yeah not something
      I would want to give a ring

  33. Never been a fan of being probed
    Happened at my last doctors visit when I took off my robe

    1. haha yeah been there too
      They aren't afraid to go up the gazoo


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