This Or That With Ease From The Cat!

The cat saw a guy the other day that would not do things the easy way. He had to go do them the hard way which should make for some fun at my bay.

There was a man,
Let's call him Stan.
Who could have saved time,
Instead he wasted his prime.

First he tried to get fit,
Had some weight and wanted to lose it.
So he hit the gym pit,
Could have lost it fast if he only realized he was so full of shit.

Then he wanted a ride.
Stuck behind his pride,
Instead of buying a truck,
He tested his car hopping luck.

Next he tried to get rich,
By marrying some witch.
But all he got was a high pitch,
And a need to have a stitch.

Then he had to give a speech,
But it was just out of reach.
As he drank lots of liquor,
Instead of quicker he got sicker.

Next he tried to make a flick,
He attached a camera to a stick.
And stuck it to a cow.
The Academy will never ask him to take a bow.

Then he wanted a house,
So he hired a mouse.
Thinking it was mighty.
At least he didn't think it was Aphrodite.

Next he tried to be a hero,
Instead he become a zero.
Literally too.
When you are dead they erase you.

Should have called the cops,
When trying to save lamb chops.
Those hicks don't like strife,
Especially when you steal their wife.

Hard or easy, easy or hard.
Either way he's beneath the yard.
Poor old Stan,
Should have went and got a tan.

Easy isn't always best but it can pass the test, especially if hard will get you beneath the backyard. Like jumping from car to car or too much liquor at the bar. One could make one shiver the other kill the liver. Easy or hard depends on what comes to pass. The direct route is always found by my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Whether easy or hard
    Got to play it smart
    Easy way or hard way
    Must give it fair play
    Don't make it difficult
    Might get complicated


    1. Yeah complicated it does not need to be
      Find the most direct route and avoid climbing the tree

  2. Poor Stan is 6 feet under pushing up daisies. That will teach him to take the easy way out.

    1. At least some daises got fertilized I suppose
      From all his woes

  3. taking the easy rout might save a pout at least til you see what is raught with adversity and over come....and how they are when done...sometimes its that which makes us rise above.

    1. Yeah overcoming is quite the thing too
      Just don't overcome a rich person, they may sue

  4. You rhymed Aphrodite, high five for not taking the easy route, lol!

    It's the weekend, wooot!

    1. haha it worked so well
      The weekend is swell

  5. The anorexics are gonna love your line about how easy it is to lose weight when you are full of shit. The laxatives are gonna fly off the shelves.

    1. Hopefully the drug companies give me a kickback
      As they fly off the rack

  6. Hey that's not true! What about Zombie Man? He's dead, doing something, and they haven't erased him.

    Well, not yet...

    1. He is still around
      But zombies still can't dig their way out of the ground

  7. We nearly always try it the easy way but rarely works.....I know from experience....I'm stan!

    1. Well stan and fran rhyme
      So not such a crime

  8. I'd say Stan kept making the wrong choices!!
    I hope he learned from his mistakes!

  9. Some people are always looking for an easy way
    Not realizing that's how things go astray
    There are no shortcuts in life
    Even by marrying a rich wife
    Winning the powerball might help though
    Somethins tells me you could make use of that dough

    1. Yes that I could use
      Light such a fuse
      A rich wife ay work too
      A long as she didn't make things turn blue lol

  10. I don't think the cow flick will be breaking the billion dollar mark anytime soon.

  11. Stan wants to live on Easy Street
    Rub elbows with the glam elite
    Choose the life of least resistance
    Climb corp. ladder with persistence
    If the ladder starts to tip
    Down comes Stan, who gives a rip?

    1. Maybe he'll cushion his fall
      As he heads toward the hall
      And really let it rip
      The gas will slow his trip

    2. Hahaha Visuals you clearly drew
      Brought me to laughing through and through
      Cat on my lap jumped to the floor
      She thought me nuts forever more.

    3. haha scared the more kitty
      That is a pity

  12. Never gonna happen, has to be a balance

    1. That there does indeed
      Many fail to take heed

  13. Pure genius, cat - Lord it pains me to say that!

    Should have gone for that tan, that's what I'm gonna do, Stan!

    1. HUH? You are giving praise to the cat?
      I'll have to save that
      Those drugs must have gone to your head
      One too many a med lol

    2. Lots of drugs in this young brain
      hoping they'll bring me less pain
      side effects cause me to be nice
      but what will be the price?

    3. Hmm the price is too high
      For you old one eye

  14. Stan wants to get to the top.
    Stan doesn't want a hard or long hop.
    My husband knows a lot like Stan the flop.
    They are driving him nuts at his shop.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. yeah they are a pain
      Trying for the fast lane
      Ending in the gutter
      As they whine and mutter

  15. I see your Stan
    had big big plans,
    ideas - a few
    he- the one who
    could start
    research crew...
    (the key -
    where stumbling -
    it's your treasure -
    go and dig
    with no pressure)

    our calling
    shouldn't have
    to be too hard
    and boring

    the hardest
    part -
    to find
    this art...

    1. Yeah that is a hard part
      To take it to heart
      And slow down and dig
      Instead of first going big

  16. Poor Stan, he's NOT the man--no more.

  17. Poor Stan; I think I like Jack better.

  18. A zero could be a hero

    in the bizzaro land of nero

    1. Unless he is zombie man
      Or that tarsier of which so many is a fan

  19. today i have learned not to hire a mouse if I want a house and not to marry a witch if I'd like to get rich...thanks ;)

  20. There is no easy solution during a Stan Doff.

  21. "First he tried to get fit,
    Had some weight and wanted to lose it.
    So he hit the gym pit,
    Could have lost it fast if he only realized he was so full of shit."

    This is quite possibly my favourite Pat verse EVER and obviously there's been lots! I was shocked to hear you using the word shit, maybe that's why it gave my brain such a hard hit, great post mate.

  22. We can sweat and strain and make things hard,
    Or get 'em over with, then hit the yard.
    We can follow directions to the letter,
    But shortcuts are faster, and so much better.

    1. That they can be
      But not if you get it wrong and it has to be done over by thee

  23. I guess the guy learned that good things don't come easy!

  24. orlin N cassie...itz a maze zing how ewe guys noe R familee sew well...yesterday we saw jack ass N two day de rest of de familee memburrs who be full oh shitz bee fea chured !!!!


    hay....hope everee one haza grate week oh end !

  25. So, let me get this right
    Stan the man, was trying
    to take a stand so he
    devised various plans
    he wanted the easy way
    but, found life the hard way
    a liver that quivers is not good
    heard he dreamed of being Robin Hood
    then he would be a hero, help his ego
    now, Maid Marian was a skillful fighter
    and she told Stan of her desires
    she said they would rise higher
    in the kingdom of the green forest
    we'll ride our horses wild and free
    to the emerald sea..but, first
    we need to flee...or they will
    catch thee..

    Sorry got carried at your bay...

    1. Sorry, it should say I got carried away at your bay...I guess away ran

    2. Damn look at you go
      Away carrying, something at my show haha
      Going for an ancient tale
      that Stan couldn't set sail
      As he would be far too old
      To have that one sold
      Unless he was immortal I suppose
      And just liked to cause woes

    3. Good Morning,

      Well, Stan had a dream
      and in dreams anything goes
      even Robin Hood, well I
      suppose he could be a
      modern hood, or maybe
      Stan is just misunderstood..

      I don't know but, it was fun
      to pen, but, then again
      it's your show, So Stan
      will have to go with the flow
      as easy isn't always best

    4. haha always fun
      To see what others give a run
      Under my sun
      And away you went before done
      Poor Stan is all around
      Who knows where he'll be found

    5. As always thank you for letting me
      have a run with fun under your sun...


    6. Any day
      Welcome too at my bay

  26. But now Stan is helping the garden grow,
    The daisies are happy they'll have you know,
    I'd like to add a line or more
    But it's past my bedtime and my rhyming behind is on the floor.

  27. Baloo, Baloo, oh where are you?
    Easy is where it's at
    Pushing up daisies will not do
    Said Pat and his rhyming cat!

  28. After one brief scan,
    it appears Stan was not The Man.
    He ended up planted like an old tin can?
    Poor fat Stan, that surely wasn't his plan.

    VR Barkowski

    1. nope, not at all
      Should have read the writing on the wall

  29. Is Stan buried beside Gloria? lol...

    1. haha gave her some company
      Should delight her and fill her with glee

  30. The evil booze
    A friend I wont choose
    From being your best friend
    It kills you in the end.

    1. That it does indeed
      Around it all should take heed

  31. A response in rhyme,
    Who has the time?
    It couldn't be me,
    As I am rhythm free....

  32. Stan sounded like a jack ass. Maybe he should have went into yesterday's Jack post.

    1. He can relate to a post or two
      Damn Stan is a real gazoo

  33. I like life easy,
    Light and breezy.
    Snacks crisp and greasy
    Don't make me queasy-
    But too much booze is for the sleezy
    Getting drunk is kind of cheesy.

  34. I enjoyed this moral tale
    Life's a hard lesson to fail
    Yet people do it everyday
    Scraping by the easy way


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