A Pun Of Fun!

The cat will take a page from Folklore and go punning forever more. Or at least until the end of this post. For that would just get boring to this host. But for one time the pun can even rhyme. Damn, the cat is good rhyming anything at his hood.

Male deer have buck teeth.
Rednecks put that on a Christmas wreath.
I once had insominia so bad I was awake until it dawned on me.
Oh that was oh so very corny.

The railway constructions are on track.
Just don't come through my shack.
Your nose is in the scenter of your face.
It would be scary if it was in another place.

Sign language teachers are very good with their hands.
Also must work out those sweat glands.
When I lost my thesaurus I was at a lose for words.
Go tell it to the birds.

A surgeon did an insect surgery on the fly.
I hope the poor bug didn't die.
You should never take rocks for granite.
But there are so many across the planet.

The computer savvy mutt's bark was worse than its byte.
For a butt sniffer that surely is a plight.
One of my new shoes isn't right.
Maybe you just have screwed up sight?

They hid in the sauna where they could sweat it out.
Were they scared of a killer trout?
That annoying dermatologist always gets under my skin.
Maybe you should suck back some gin.

You never know when a tiger might be lion.
But you can tell when it is cryin.
Can't starve at the beach because of all the sand which is there.
And you can even run around bare.

Writers under pressure are, at present, tense.
Or maybe they are just sorta dense.
When tennis balls are on sale it's first come first serve.
Wow, that one really threw me for a swerve.

A car stuck in the mud had to be toad.
You should never go off the road.
I know I'm going to heaven but I won't harp on it.
You may not get their with that shit.

When he invented the lightbulb Edison was seen in a new light.
But was he still a scary sight?
She is the best girl I've met to date.
My, you must have such a sad fate.

The boxer thought he had a fighting chance.
Too bad he didn't have the correct stance.
With her marriage she got a new name and a dress.
Making her life one big mess.

That is all the fun,
With the pun,
That will be spun,
So always remember the once a pun a time that was run.

The cat could not help himself and had to have some pun fun at his shelf. Many are oh so lame but that is what brings them fame. So there was my under the pun sass. I hope you found me a punny little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Great work with many a pun that caused me to have fun, work is soon so I've got to run. Also I did steal the rhyme used in the title and I'm sorry for that buddy haha.

    1. Stealing from the cat
      How rude is that haha

  2. Edison was seen in a new light
    That was also quite a big bite
    Pun was fun
    On the run
    For one to get airborne with delight


    1. He was saw
      But with a flaw
      As now the light
      Was a fright
      As the cat raised his claw

  3. I wonder how good sign language teachers really are

    1. Hmmm I went to the gutter
      With your little mutter

  4. These were great, Pat! Love that Edison was seen in a new light. LOL. And male deer having buck teeth. Have to remember some of these. Smiles.

    1. haha yeah they are fun and lame at the same time
      Had to go and give them a rhyme

  5. I was firing deer ammo yesterday
    but at metal deer,
    no fear to real deer!

    1. Did the metal ones run away?
      As you shot them on display

  6. Would you please explain something, to me, "The Dense One"?

    What do you mean, about blog Visitors coming, via Search Engines? For your blog, do they type in CAT, to Search? For my blog, do they type in AUNT, maybe? I'm confused, as to what words, bring Visitors, to our blogs....

    1. haha the dense one
      I guess i can help out under my sun
      Go to stats and then traffic sources at your sea
      Scroll down and you can see search keywords how people find thee

  7. So much of pun
    In single marathon
    Made my head spun
    To finally realize what have you done

    1. Well at least you caught on
      As punned at my lawn

  8. a new name and new dress making all the mess eh,
    i'd say you have a fighting chance
    of making us laugh with your puns
    buck teeth better watch the guns
    once hunting seasons begun

    1. Yeah it is just a mess
      I will confess
      And buck teeth may get buck shot
      That would not be so hot

  9. Clever, clever, clever pun
    Cat makes mornings tons of fun
    Life's a song a merry schtick
    Even the guitar player has his pick
    A drummer likes to beat the band
    Don't fence me in, give me lots of land

    1. Isn't there a song don't fence me in
      Heard it in Riding Sun at my bin
      Glad I can make them fun
      As a pun is spun

  10. It takes everything in me just to try and rhyme. Lord knows I couldn't even begin to pun and rhyme. So, today I will skip and just leave a comment, my head hurts from thinking too hard but I always enjoy your tale above :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. What? You can't pun and rhyme
      That is just a crime haha

  11. I am with Lucy... I have a hard time rhyming or punning for that matter. Now Manzanita.... she sure can give you a run for your money.

    1. Sweet Journey
      Give the champion a run? I think not. But here is the greatest compliment I could give Pat...... I wish my grandkids were more like he is.

    2. I'd have to have money though
      For her to give me a run for it at my show lol

      They little trouble makers are they?
      There at your bay

  12. I love these. These are my favorite kind of puns. I can do these all day.

    I've been to the dentist a bunch, so I already know the drill.

    I told my doctor I'd be late. He really lost his patients.

    1. Hahaha Good ones
      Laughs tons
      Do them all day?
      What the hey?

    2. All day you say
      Lets do the math at my bay
      1 a minute we will go with easily
      So that means you have to post 1440 of them at my sea
      Rather 1398 now
      And those are two places that give me a cow

  13. Ha, these are my favorite kind of punnies. Well done! :)

    1. Punnies abound
      Glad they were fun at my ground

  14. Peanuts are pricey
    Walnuts the same
    Cashews are dicey
    Almonds are lame
    But, if a bargain you seek
    Well, Pat, you're in luck!
    Just get you some Deer Nuts.
    They're under a buck.

    1. Cashews are my choice
      In them I rejoice
      But when it comes to the dear
      Those I fear
      As I may instead
      Get a little head

  15. Damn there's like an evelasting list of puns here
    But it's sure to make people grin from ear to ear
    Every time I try to tell a pun, it falls sorta flat
    I s'pose I need more practice. More of this or that.

    1. Yeah there are a ton
      Had to stop under my sun
      Or would have been too long
      Of a punny song

  16. I changed my iPod's name to Titanic.
    It's syncing now.

    1. hahaha oh you may regret that
      Could be the third thing to break now at your mat haha

    2. no.....the frig is dying a slow death.
      Is the frig what you would have guessed?

    3. haha can I pretend that is what I would have said
      And it was the first to pop into my head

    4. it's very old, that is for sure
      couldn't you pick something cheap for this tour? ha.

    5. haha cheap is overrated I suppose
      At least it wasn't the thing that washes clothes

  17. I spill my coffee on keyboard
    and still without notes/words
    click, click - in one letter
    on-screen mode

  18. I sure did like those puns you intended!

    1. Glad you liked the cat going all punny
      Beats showing the easter bunny

  19. you know...when it comes to picasso...he didn't think the nose has to be in the center of the face..smiles

    1. haha yeah he went his own trail
      Some may consider it a fail

  20. Lot of fun,
    day in the sun,
    pun pun pun

    *I tried!

    1. haha well you tried
      To give the rhyme a ride

  21. orlin N cassie....grate post two day....we loved em !!

    1. Loved going all punny
      Here where it is sunny

  22. This one is extra creative, Pat.
    I don't have a pun for you at your mat.
    So I'll go for a swim and let it sink in
    Hope I don't unravel, since I have thin skin

    This one makes no cents
    But neither do I
    A few bucks a day
    Makes my butt sore, no lie.

    I better end now
    And cut my losses right here
    While the scissors are sharp
    But my wit's dull, I fear.


    1. haha well in it can sink
      There at your rink
      With a nod and a wink
      Just remember not to blink
      No sense there
      But I barely make any at my lair.

  23. I think you might have listed every pun I know right there. lol

  24. This was clever Cat, one of your best and it's so good, I can't come up with a rhyming response that wouldn't make me look like a brain dead chimpanzee.

    1. No rhyming response you say
      Damn i out did myself at my bay

  25. How fun to see who gets # 1 mark
    then read the comments rhyming spark
    Fun post to read at your mat
    Don't hide in the sauna to sweat it out

    1. Nah I will avoid that
      And yeah they all go for one at my mat

  26. Very impressive. Really enjoyed this one!

    1. Impressing the grammar nazi
      That is fun at my sea

  27. I agree with Anne that this is "one of your best." I'm glad I stopped by today to enjoy reading it. Very, very good. Nicely put together... and funny too.

    "Male deer have buck teeth."

    "I once had insominia so bad I was awake until it dawned on me."

  28. You are a rhyming mad man....well done!

  29. Oh, oh, oh! We are going to run from any pun.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Oops..I have clown feet..it's been a long day and I am beat so let's try this again..so I can go to sleep..

      That's a lot of pun under your sun..

      Hey cat the best way to communicate with a fish
      is to drop him a line..perhaps, you should try
      I have no doubt you could catch a big trout
      then you could have a fish fry

      Today, at your bay it's puns by the ton
      It's really hard to come up with a purrfect one.

      Here's one you might enjoy...
      What happened when the cat swallowed a coin?
      - There was some money in the kitty..a kitty bank(lol)

      Sleeping comes so naturally to me, I could do it with my eyes closed. Which is exactly what this girl intends to do at her zoo.

      Good Night my friend..

    2. Wish i could sleep like that
      Here at my mat
      Too much in my head
      causing me dread
      And nice one with the kitty
      But if that happened a vet visit would come at my city
      So we won't go there
      and just drop a line to a fishes lair

  31. Edison was seen in a new light

    as the Wright Brothers took flight.

  32. I am crappy with coming up with puns. The only kind I seem to make are unintentional ones.

    1. Unintentional are sometimes the best
      To put to the pun test

  33. As my hubby cuts the grass
    I sit on my ass
    He works ever so hard
    Out in the yard
    While I play with words
    he skips over the turds!
    While I drink cool water
    He gets hotter and hotter!
    My life is well defined
    by a man that is all mine!
    Here at my crib
    I struggle to be glib
    I'll make him a scrumptious dinner
    But I'm still the winner.

    1. Get to laze about
      Well in the hot sun he is out
      Sounds like a sweet deal
      Just to make a meal

  34. Wow, this is so clever
    My favorite post ever
    You are very creative
    Your rhymes are innovative
    What fun in a pun :)

    1. Fun with the pun
      Seemed to be liked a ton
      Never would have guessed that
      Just another one done by the cat

  35. Hey Pat, I checked out Orlin after you mentioned he's a Sava cat. He's quite the handsome fellow.


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