Back We Go For A dVerse Club Show!

So back a long time ago, while not so long to me since I am so far ahead at my show, but long to you, dVerse had an idea at their zoo. If you could chat with folks living or dead who would you invite to your bed. Hmmm that came out wrong. But go blame Donkey Kong.

The cat went back too far,
There is a door ajar.
At least no feather and tar,
Or some pirate arrrr.

Instead a dino rack,
At some bedrock shack.
My what strong feet,
Must be all that meat.

Kitty want a cracker?
That guy must be a slacker.
Clubba clubba,
Ducktales lost its Bubba.

That little thong,
Is just all wrong.
Plus your smell is strong,
I can't remain here long.

But this could make me some dough,
I'll have to stoop low,
And create a reality tv show.
Gross, I know.

Live In A Cave.
It will be all the rave.
One syllable words,
Or the language of the birds.

Either way it will please the masses,
Might even help some through classes.
Bam Bam,
Will really help some through the 12th grade, damn.

This could be a hit,
They even chew while they um shit.
In and out,
That is something to talk about.

By the water cooler all could yap,
About what is between each toe gap.
Is it breakfast, is it lunch?
Why not meet halfway and call it brunch?

I bet his baloney has no name,
My this show won't be tame.
Prehistoric porn,
A star is born.

Okay, that went elsewhere than what I meant at my lair. But that is how the rhymes flow and where it goes, hell if anyone around here knows. There was my history pass class and I am sure that would be a historic show from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Dead heat
      What a feat!
      Congrats, Yeamie!


    2. Just a second or two either way
      For #1 today

  2. No matter what or how bad life gets I don't think that the answer is to make a reality show haha, it's just not the thing I'd do, I'd rather do anything else to be honest, great post Pat!

    1. hahaha yeah that is true
      Unless they throw tons of dough at you

  3. With the state of tv now a days, many may welcome such a show. I want to put #1b too!

    1. #1b you say?
      Are you trying something new at my bay

  4. There's a lot of people I would like to meet from the past
    but most of them Irish and things would go blast!

    1. Things would go boom
      Hopefully you wouldn't cause too much doom

  5. In Bedrock Flinstone can still survive
    Not to hoodwink just live a good life
    Barney and Dino
    Those they know
    Extend him support and remain much alive


    1. Extend support
      With a retort
      And they won't chow down
      On the cat making him frown?

  6. Digging the Flintstones reference, that's so totally back in my day. ;) We have the vid. series, but my kids aren't interested. phffffffffffft You try to raise 'em right... but sometimes things go so very wrong. ;)

    1. hahaha sometimes what can you do
      They have bad taste no matter what at your zoo

  7. Time travel is sure an interesting concept

  8. Flintstone and porn...
    Only if Betty is involved.

  9. in and out...eating and shitting
    while the sabre tooth is sitting
    just over your left shoulder on a boulder
    read to clean up after you with its own chew

    1. Damn quite the image there
      You left at my lair
      Curls my ocd

  10. Did you ever see the movie version of the Flinstones?
    I would advise against it - the theater was filled with groans

    1. Sadly i gave the first one a run
      It was crap by the ton
      But the second was waaaaaaay worse
      Watching that all you want to do is curse

  11. Add some porn to the Flintstones and you are solid as a rock.

  12. Kitty want a cracker?
    Oh wait....hmmm, where is Polly?
    Hmmm, that is the mystery
    except Kitty is looking a bit TOO jolly!!!!

    And now I am going back to my cave!

    1. Enjoy your cave
      Don't rant and rave
      As the jolly kitty
      May reign down on your city

  13. Live in a cave?
    Life would be a dismal haze.
    I'd rather live high in a treehouse,
    Than down in the dirt next to the s***house.

    1. haha and the in at tree
      When an enemy you see
      Simply cause them to flee
      By having a pee

  14. Oh,my gosh I had to go back and reread thank goodness because I thought you had put Buddha in with the Flintstones and then I saw it was Bubba, not sure where my mind was going LOL

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. No making fun of Buddha today
      Here at my bay
      Although I'm not above that
      Bubba was a caveman duck at the Ducktales mat

  15. To pull someone from history
    You'd find it all a mystery
    In books we thought we knew a hero
    Reality will reduce to zero
    The two sides on that coin of gold
    To speak if one may be so bold
    Elephant or donkey the sides can turn
    By story-teller for all concern

    1. That is all too true
      All depends on the view
      As anything written by man
      Whether or not you are a fan
      Is 90% BS and 10% truth
      If that at your booth

  16. Could make you a million
    as people will be thrillin'!
    They will watch anything at all
    no matter how worthless the call.
    Could have them discover fire
    and chisel out a rock tire.
    Ride a big a dinosaur
    even if it makes them saddle sore.

    1. Damn must give it a go
      To get all that dough
      And as long as no saddle came due for me
      I'd just sit back and collect the money

  17. Since I am a reality TV hoe, I would be the first one signed up to watch.

  18. In the good ol' caveman days, when all went out to lunch.
    They had to travel in a group, stay heaped-up in a bunch!

    It wasn't safe to be alone, you might come upon a beast.
    Then instead of having lunch, you became the feast!

    Now let's all "fast forward" to the present age.
    Instead of being a caveman, a "man cave's" all the rage!

    So I have to wonder, have we really come that far?
    Bedrock was a modern city, why they even had a bar!

    The next time your are walking,
    without shoes upon your feet,
    Think of your caveman ancestor,
    who was probably a dinosaur's lunch meat!

    1. So the old adage was true
      Even back in the days of dino poo
      By staying in a large group
      Those limber could fly to coup
      When a beast showed
      While those with a huge back load
      Were the real winner
      As they were invited to dinner
      Not even good shoes
      Could take away those blues

    2. "There's safety in numbers" is still true today.

      If you're caught by yourself a big price you could pay!

      If you couldn't run then you could become lunch!

      A dinosaur smorgasbord if he caught the whole bunch!!!

    3. But then if you were to flip such a thought
      Instead of traveling around with a huge lot
      Being by yourself could be the safer way
      You could hide easier should there be bushes or a bay

    4. Yes...but think of those fish who ball up as one.
      Those in the center may not end up on a bun!

      Or all of the animals who travel in herds
      to travel alone would just be absurd!

      I think you need to be right in the middle
      It's safer when the time comes for all to skiddle!!!

    5. Don't know on that
      Being stuck in the middle at ones mat
      Could leave you trampled and waiting
      For you'd only be able to run when the group was deflating

  19. kitty may want a cracker

    but my dog would devour the whole case with a smacker

    1. In one gulp too
      Then move on to backyard poo

  20. Nope, cave man days don't appeal to me.
    And here in the south, the reason you see
    Is I can't survive without central AC.

    1. I wish AC I had
      Would make my place a better pad

  21. We talk to the dead all the time here, but we call them neighbors!

    1. haha those neighbors must be a pain
      For sure at your lane

  22. There are days when I'd practically kill to have a time machine...

    1. You could kill
      Go back in time at your hill
      Then tell yourself all about it
      And avoid the kill at your pit

  23. Serious? A thing AND a bad smell? *shudders*

  24. Do caves have air conditioning? Because I won't go if there's no air conditioning (or toilets)!

    1. There are cracks for that
      And a hole in the ground big enough for the cat

  25. Wasn't it the Flintstones who were the first couple shown in bed together on tv?

    I'm thinking porn for them would be the next step, naturally.

    1. haha not sure on that
      But if true then I could be on to something at my mat

  26. No to reality show Pat
    But I will meet you for brunch
    or lunch ~

  27. You should sell the idea, I am sure some channel will pick up this idea!

  28. smiles..i'm all up for a decent brunch and for meeting halfway...smiles

  29. orlon N kewl wood thiz bee....oh kay, may bee "kewlz" knot de rite kewl wood this bee... ta haza conversayshun with Godzilla....wunder what de hot topik oh de day wood bee ~~~~~~~~~


    1. Godzilla can talk?
      Does he write in chalk?
      It would be grand
      As long as he didn't eat my hand

  30. The cat wouldn't make it back in the stone age
    although I would be all the rage!
    Any show with me would be a super hit
    I assure you, I'm not full of s&!*

    Happy Tuesday, Pat!

    1. haha full of hot air
      That I am aware
      AS your bad breath
      Would cause viewers death

  31. You can't do that to a kids show,
    it's a definite NO!
    Dads might go "phwoar"
    but it would make Dino sore.

    Happy 100th OLN, Pat

    1. haha yeah would ruin the show
      For the kiddies high and low

  32. One of the things I would like
    to do is time travel, so many
    things, I could unravel
    Oh what fun under the sun
    but, no reality show hun
    that just shouldn't be done
    I think it might rock
    to live in Bedrock..
    certainly wouldn't need any socks
    barefoot we go, from here to there
    might be fun to have a pet dinosaur
    as long as it doesn't snore..
    an alien friend would be nice
    the great Gazoo might fly right to you..
    could we fit in his flying saucer
    he also did a mighty good disappearing act
    you're imaginative I'll give you that
    and that is what keeps me coming back
    to your crazy mat..Mr Pat Hatt and his cats...

    Hope you are enjoying your day..and might
    I say is this another one of your plans
    to get us to the white

    Have a great night!

    1. Well we could get there
      Easily time traveling at ones lair
      But then the great gazoo
      May cry boo hoo
      And send us to a pit
      That wouldn't be a hit
      Yet you just never know
      How things will go
      Can't go back
      Must go on a forward attack
      So away we go
      That bank still seems like the best idea you know

    2. Oh what am I to do with you
      I told you what I think of
      that plan it's out of whack
      Might be fun a modern Bedrock
      all I can say is Yabba Dabba Do..

      Does the great Gazoo grant wishes????
      if so put away your dishes, and
      away we go...

    3. haha my plan can be done
      I have three under my sun
      They could work with ease
      Then away we would breeze
      And hmm only if he did
      Then I would live free like a kid

  33. Imagine 'at, me sed down to da pub,
    whilst dem partic'lars was habbin ' dey grub,
    Ol' Pat's Cat could'a had anyone......
    Doris Day or Jackie Gleason!
    Dat "Sharpshooter" or dat "Flyin' Nun!"
    Dat fine ol' Queen or dat Ronald Reagan!
    But OH NO! Couldn't hab all dat!
    Couldn't hab just some 'spectable cat!
    It had to be some two-legg-ed heathen
    who duz his poopin' while he duz his eatin'.
    An' tuh think he passed up Art Carney
    to pick dem old Fred 'n Barney!

    1. haha well that is what happened at my sea
      When I went back with glee
      And attempted to interact
      That is a face it fact
      Rather meet those guys too
      Instead I'm stuck with the guy letting loose his poo

  34. Mime - for bed time
    and Dino-ragtime :)

    1. Dino ragtime is catchy too
      Could use that at my zoo

  35. I have to say when you said he chews when I pictures someone's actually chewing on shit. Needless to say not a pleasant image...thanks a lot Pat!

    1. haha geez you went too far
      Nasty image indeed at my bar
      But fun to do
      And give to you haha

  36. Try again
    From this end
    Internet went down
    Gremlins clown

    Your rhyming has a fluid flow
    This I tell ya dontcha know
    And speaking of flow
    Before I go
    Diarrhoea runs in the family
    At least that's what my human tells me

    Pawsitive wishes
    Doggy kisses
    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!
    Pawing this comment from afar

    1. Those gremlins are a pest
      Can get to the best
      The flow does flow
      As the cat makes all eat crow
      And that I know
      As the runs can show

  37. In a cave
    You can rant and rave
    here and there
    the rhyme takes you everywhere!

  38. Godzilla would waver
    for a nilla wafer
    but barney and frank
    would load up the tank
    and poor Betty would be quite the chafer.

    1. Poor Betty may chafer in more ways than one
      Oh the gutter is where I run

  39. wherever your rhymes flow
    we just follow :)

  40. Hi! Pat Hatt, Miss Priss and the Cat...
    Thanks, for sharing this was a blast as you pointed out all those you would have liked to met in the past...
    ...I must say, you didn't take a breather as you spurted out each word very fast...
    Once again, I must admit what a nice feat from your little rhyming _ss !

  41. There are a few reality shows that make me go GAH. But hey, they're out there. So who knows what results you'd get if you pitch this idea somewhere...=)

    1. haha yeah I guess you never truly know
      Should give pitching it a go


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