Damn Demand Here In My Land!

So the cat has to confess that each day what comes up is anyone's guess, but that you knew. What I have to confess is I'm addicted at my zoo. For the trail keeps blazing on as new ideas dawn. I hop around and all kinds of ideas are found. Plus just type one word and then comes out something absurd.

Damn, I can't stop.
Another post goes plop.
That point above,
Deserves more love.

The one below,
People have to know.
That ugly sight,
Was sure a fright.

But I just have to tell,
So what the hell.
Another post will come due,
Making me 100 ahead at my zoo.

Wow, I could take a three month break,
And go sit by a lake.
Look I even have to brag,
Should we discuss the rule of tag?

No, I really hate rules,
They are for fools.
The words give a command,
And to be told they demand.

I can't stop the flow,
They come high and low,
More ideas grow,
And give off their rhyming glow.

Even the old comes back,
On the rhyming attack.
Like turn OFF stupid WV at your shore.
Ever consider the mechanics of a slamming door?

See anything comes to mind.
This writing thing is so unkind.
Making me miss my nap,
So I can fill the gap.

But that gap never closes up.
It's like I have too much coffee in my cup.
Making the ideas hyper at my sea.
Of course no complaint will come out of me.

The writing just wants to be told.
Even if the post is three months old.
As it takes a while to come to pass.
Writing this one while I have gas.

It is November as well.
Boy, isn't writing swell?
It makes me do all of this.
I need to run around and hiss.

But oh no.
The rhymes have to flow.
About a speck of dirt.
Or some bimbo that wanted to flirt.

See that idea has to come out as well.
Plenty to tell.
Round and round the writing goes.
Now I will go chew on Pat's toes.

You know the bigger one is easy to grab. But if you can give the small one a nab, you may be able to run off with that. Although might hurt your human, poor Pat. But this writing hurts me. It is addicting you see. Actually I suppose it is better to do. Or the ideas would always be in my head turning me blue. Well I have to go write another post that keeps up the huge backload of this rhyming host. For another idea has come to pass. Writing is so demanding of my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. As my comment was publishing I checked my computer clock and I'd posted my comment just 17 seconds after posting! By the time it had published you were number one and John's comment had already processed too so it must have been so close, like a matter of seconds between the three of us, wow!

    2. Hank is on a roll, the pressure still is not taking a toll.

    3. Photo finish, all three
      Happened again,just crazy!


    4. Hank is just a smidgen faster than hall
      Each day at my hall

  2. No writers block for you and at least my #1 was shortest

    1. The shortest you are
      That is loaded at my bar

  3. As a blog writer, even if a poor one at that, I know how incredibly difficult it can be keeping up to date with posting. The fact that you are three months ahead to me is a testimony of how good you are at this Pat, crazy to think that ideas still are falling out of your hat! I wonder if you'll ever take a break although I don't want you too, your seven posts complete my week, I'd hate to see an end to your posting streak.

    1. Well when nonsense comes easily
      Can get ahead quite fast at my sea
      Gives me a nice break too
      One day my streak will break as all do

    2. waffles, that's because you write from your heart. The cat does not....it comes from an entirely different part of his body....lol.... He does quantity over quality and you do the opposite. ok...I'll stop now and run or the cat will have me cooked well done!


    3. Suck up you are
      Here at my bar
      You mean my ass
      Oh aren't you being crass
      At least the cat isn't as long winded as him
      If I did that things would get grim lol

  4. I love that you've got your writing caught up so far ahead. I usually put up whatever comes to mind first thing in the morning. If a hiccup comes around, then I have no back-ups written at all.

    Sounds like you have some business savvy in addition to rhyming talent. :)

    1. Yeah business savvy I can be
      Lots of things in the background at my sea
      I write what comes to mind too
      Just doesn't show for a few months at my zoo

  5. You're an absolute genius that's what you are. I have a hard time coming up with a post daily. Hoping that it here easier as time goes by. But it looks like I'm destined to always be in pain caz I'm racking my brain to get the most out of these post.

    Wow I had to get up at 4 am to have my comment so close to the top.

    1. Doesn't get easier I fear
      Just lucky to be able to do what ever the hell I want with my little rhyming rear
      And need to be fast
      To make Hank's #1 a thing of the past

  6. Replies
    1. you never know
      I could get caught at my show

  7. You post about 15 times more than me in a month, so writing is indeed demanding of your little rhyming ass.

    1. Yeah demanding as hell
      Thankfully I have a deep well

  8. Ideas come real and quick
    Gives Pat such a big kick
    If it is that easy
    What about his energy?
    It's bubbling,fluid and big!


    1. Energy abounds
      Here at my grounds
      Still broke
      So don't poke
      Or you may hear swearing sounds lol

  9. ha, but its fun
    and better than shooting a gun
    hope the blasters set to stun
    3 months ahead, its almost back to the future
    can you tell if i win the lottery?

    1. If only I could
      As well I would
      Then demand a kick back
      For being so kind at my shack lol

  10. Don't take a three month break
    That's too much for your readers to take
    There's worse things for you to be addicted to
    Like heroin, reality tv, or those Nickleback dudes

    1. haha I can take the break
      Sit by a nice lake
      And still have plenty to show
      Being 100 ahead has its perks you know

  11. Three months ahead on posts? I do good to come up with something the day before.

    1. haha but you have lots of people to give a shout
      At least that gives you something to talk about

  12. You are the cat's pajamas of what a mind can do
    Determination is a word you bring it to your zoo
    Semper Paratus brings you peace without a frantic face
    While others grabbing at the wind are in a losing race

    1. If I see one grabbing at the wind somewhere
      I'll send them to a rubber room lair
      Only if they expect to catch it though
      Wish when you admitted nuts they still paid dough lol

  13. 100 posts ahead... good for you. I am maybe like 5 ahead.

    1. Well that helps too
      5 gives you a break at your zoo

  14. Dang, it takes my brain 2 days to come up with some witty puns for some of my weird and wacky posts.

    1. But they are good
      There in your hood
      That sure counts
      As the pun amounts

  15. Wait, your head is Blue? Like the Grumpy One?

    Always bragging over here. It's no wonder your heading is swelling. Maybe it will just go POP!! One can hope. Brag. Brag. Brag. *Yawn*

    The only thing I can agree with you on today, cat - turn off the WV!!

    Happy Wednesday, Pat. Get Bent, cat.

    1. I have to once in a while
      After you visit it smells so vile
      The cyclops stench scare people away
      So I brag to bring them back at my bay
      Bite me one eye
      Then you'll choke and die lol

    2. I love our friendly banter, cat
      it makes me want to come back and chat
      but I have better things to do
      than waste my time with the likes of you!

    3. Yeah like climb so stairs
      Or avoid the flares
      As you get them shot at you
      By trackers trying to end your one eyed view

  16. I'll give you a cent for the toes!

  17. It will be November before we know it

    time goes by so fast it won't quit

  18. I think you are the most AHEAD blogger, I know!!! :-)

  19. 100 posts ahead!
    You can easily rest in your bed.
    Hell, when I get up seven!
    I am in total Heaven :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. haha just times it by ten
      And you'll get near by den

  20. Oops finger slip

    Good Morning,

    Addicted to your zoo
    who would have knew (lol)
    3 months ahead
    now you can stay in bed
    or take a break
    off to a lake that
    sounds great..wish
    I could do that at
    my flat..

    So many things you need to say
    new rhymes can come each day
    as we come to say hey, you
    brighten our day...

    So, now I know where to
    find you and the cat
    you're laying on a beach
    drinking refreshing tea
    oh, what a treat..
    can I tag along
    I could write a song
    or poem or two get
    lost in the view..

    dreaming away
    here at my bay
    my head is always
    in some cloud drifting
    away..but, hey that's ok

    So, we just keep writing
    as we have so many things
    to say and well it is
    the creative way..

    Wishing my friend
    a great day
    from start to end...

    Someday, cat...Pat and I will head to the beach..(lol)
    what do you think of that..

    1. Yeah being ahead
      Gets things out of my head
      And lets me lounge about
      While the cat eats trout
      You do seem to drift away
      Fun where you go at my bay
      With your blabbermouth display lol
      Even if you screw up and have to re-comment what you want to say
      Someday a beach will come due?
      Pffft the cat has no fear you are too far away from our zoo
      And if it is true
      At least there is lots of room for the cat to dig and use the loo

    2. You are funny, that you are
      Pat the Hatt and his magic cats
      100 posts ahead, that's a lot of thread
      well, now you can rest in a feather bed
      yikess..second thought scratch no feathers
      thanks for letting me go at your bay
      it really makes my day..as my thoughts
      run astray..(lol) and I become a blabbermouth
      on display..wanted in your land..
      Well, I hope that beach comes due for you
      you deserve it my friend..where the fun
      never ends..
      Perhaps, the cat can dig his way to the sand
      now, that would be grand..

      PS - I hope the cat did well at the vet
      and didn't put you in too much debt..
      maybe, the cat would like a little
      red corvette..teehee..

      Wishing you a good night..sleep tight..

    3. Vet is tomorrow I fear
      For cassie and his rhyming rear
      So no bill yet
      To make me fret
      Blabbermouthing too soon
      The cat will dig a sand dune
      And keep you all away
      While in the sand he does play

  21. 100 posts ahead? Would you like to write some for me? ;)

    1. Sure you can keep up
      Just write about the pup

  22. I'm zero ahead.
    You get today's thoughts live, like I said.
    I write and hit publish!
    None of this 100 ahead rubbish.
    For me, things would be outdated
    or maybe over-rated
    if they were to post 3 months later
    than when they happened at the zoo without a gator!
    But you have that luxury
    when you write in a timeless way, don't you see.
    As you write about anything at all
    and I write in the here and now at my stall!

    1. Yeah the way the cat goes
      He cat write whatever flows
      And get away with pushing them here and there
      You too could do some at your lair
      As famous people and cats
      Don't need any here and now at your doormats
      Just have to think outside the box
      Could even rant at poor old fox lol
      Only time I have to be sure is holiday ones
      For christmas in july would not seem right to give runs

    2. rant about poor old fox?
      Oh, that might make him loose his socks!

    3. hahaha dare you too
      At your zoo

    4. Oh, he's so shy, he'd hate the attention
      or get the wrong idea and misread my intentions.

    5. haha yeah wouldn't want that
      Luckily being nuts like me you can't offend at my mat haha

    6. A rant about me?
      That I'd like to see.
      How can you complain?
      Do I cause you two pain?
      But to dedicate a post to me
      Would show I am "The Most," you see!

    7. haha the ego would rise
      With the fox cries

  23. Oh, yeah!
    "The rhymes
    have to flow"
    You set your
    up and low
    for us dance the limbo
    to catch and follow

    1. Dancing a limbo
      And avoiding a bimbo
      Damn, never knew
      That is what I do lol

  24. Still 100 ahead at your zoo?
    You could do what I do
    You could pretend to be a teach
    And sit on a beach
    You could fly to Blue's Pandora
    Or do do prefer Bora Bora?
    You could do my grammar course
    Or sit on a horse
    I mean 100 is a lot
    It's like your very own adrenaline shot. ;)

    1. So you pretend to teach
      While you play as peach
      Beating mario up
      Or lying on the beach like a pup
      No shots of that
      Screwed up enough at my mat

    2. Blogger ate my response
      Maybe it contained a nuance?
      Damn thing doesn't like me
      Responding to the blue guy at my sea
      Maybe because you are a fake
      Sitting by a lake

    3. Aha Blogger again that can't be good
      Eating zombiebutts is what they should
      Too many of those in my neighborhood
      Wish I had a lake at my sea
      There's one two miles down south and it's for free
      So no complaining here like little DWei
      This is fake sweat is all I can say :)

    4. You are giving me fake sweat?
      Not wanted by this pet
      Go jump in a lake
      Wash away the fake

    5. It's hard work pretending to work hard
      It's so much easier to catch a fart
      Make it explode and jump in a lake
      Go to Gloria and have some cake

    6. Fart and cake
      Not sure such a combo I want to make

  25. Mama Zen is right! That is quite a sight!
    Congratulations. You know, at your zoo
    there are far worse things to be addicted to!

    :P <-- that was supposed to be a smiley face but I hit the wrong letter! DOH!


    1. Yeah worse things indeed
      Then rhyming at my feed
      Poor smiley guy
      Doesn't get to spy

  26. orlin N cassie...if yur dadz gonna take a break for three months, N we noe thiz iz one oh thoz math questionz kinda deelz, but he better make sure therz about 739,012,455 canz oh cat food in de houz sew ewe guys haz sum stuff ta eat....that ore give ewe hiz charge oh card sew ewe can dial up sum carry out ~~~~~~ !!!

    1. Sadly we won't eat from a can
      Those can's we ban
      Which is why the cat has to go back to the vet
      Such a pain in the arse pet

  27. You're way ahead of my too. I have about 30 days worth of posts written at any given time.

    1. well that is a good spot to be
      keeps you a month ahead at your sea

  28. My goodness, what is your secret, Pat?
    Are powers held by your hero cat?
    Or do you wear a magic hat?
    Tell us, how does your brain work like that??

    PS Great poem at your mat.


    1. Brain just clicks on
      From dusk to dawn
      Doesn't want to go off
      But i don't scoff

  29. Gee, I feel good getting a weeks worth of posts done early! I agree with the no WV!

    1. Well a week in advance
      At least lets you go around and glance

  30. I have ideas, but they're always too timely.
    When I write in advance, my posts are behind me.
    Today I have ten that wait in my hopper,
    all are old news and will end in the chopper. :(

    VR Barkowski

    1. haha can't chop them up
      Or feed them to a pup
      Just wait for the a to z
      Then make it old posts from thee

  31. Holy carp, Pat Man; it seems you can't stop
    You write and write right over the top
    Your posts give cheer to every ear
    That you one day might be see that spinning gear.

    OK, got a little carried away there
    But you sure do have hold of a bear
    Keep writing your thoughts in rhyme
    We'll keep reading the sublime.

    1. Carried away is grand
      Hear at my land
      Hope nothing spins out my ear
      That would cause fear lol

  32. Good grief
    What a relief
    Your words go plop
    Watch them drop
    Watch them stop
    In the bowel below
    I told you so.

    1. Telling me so
      At my show
      Pfft I say
      I will stray

  33. Everything glows
    When ideas flow.
    But when they go splat
    Everything's flat.

  34. Dear Pat, I've spoken to the three cats with whom I live about setting up a blog but after reading the meows and mews and yowls of the cat with whom you live--the Rhymer!--Ellie, Maggie, and Matthew had said, "We know we don't have those skills. We find something else with which to pay the bills." Peace.

    1. hahaha could go into manure
      There at your shore
      With three cats
      Must has to come due at your mats

  35. Yeah I think you cant stop Pat and maybe you are really crazy:)

    1. Crazy I am each and every day
      So fun at my bay

  36. Its really great you are so inspired! Sometimes our mom doesn't know what she is going to write about until its time to start.

    1. Sure you kitties inspire her
      With all your fur

  37. You are a true writer indeed
    Over here at your feed!

    I wish I could be as motivated as you
    But some days, I just don't have a clue.

    1. Motivation is key
      Or I'm motivated so then i can be lazy haha

  38. A HUNDRED posts ahead??? As in 100?? 10 x 10??? Geez, Louise! My Human barely has ONE ahead and sometimes the cupboard is totally bare indeed! OMG. The Human has to go lie down now.

    1. haha all wore out from the math?
      Maybe spitty will give you a bath

  39. I, too, have written ahead
    But not as far as at your shed
    I knew internet access would not be good
    This month in my neighborhood
    So all is done in advance
    So I can pretend to be... Lance


    1. That is the way to be
      Let your inner Lance free lol

  40. Just the right thought in just the right time...
    You can make almost everything rhyme!

    1. That I can at my sea
      And if I can't I'll make up a word with glee

  41. hehe..
    Patt please never stop writing
    blogosphere won't be same without your rhyming ass :)

    1. haha I will try not to
      But there may came a time at my zoo


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