Do You Enjoy? Come Now Don't Be Coy!

Do you enjoy where you go? You know it just brings me such joy at my show. I can remember the days when there was a small little box. It could barely fit a pair of human socks. Also such things as the brand of litterbox sand.

Do you like where you go?
Where the smell does grow?
As you dig and dig,
Looking like you dance a jig.

That crystal stuff doesn't do.
You seriously have no clue.
It doesn't capture much,
We can still smell it in such.

Digging in your own crap,
Would bother any chap.
Don't you agree,
With little old me?

That dusty stuff is awful too.
Who wants to sneeze when they use the loo?
I guess if you can do three things at once,
You would at least not be a dunce.

But it fills the air,
And goes about the lair.
So strike that as well.
That stuff causes my allergies hell.

Then you have that sawdust stuff.
That is all a bunch of fluff.
That stucks to your fur,
And can make your eyes blur.

Stick with the clumping,
Or your leg I'll be humping.
Even if I'm snip snip,
I can still get a good grip.

And don't give me a small one.
That is just no fun.
You can't dig two holes,
And dig around like moles.

Instead on you I have to wait,
And if you are late.
I have to hold it,
Simply because there is nowhere to shit.

You have to like where you go.
Or so many problems show up at your show.
The smell, the size and the sand,
All matter across the land.

Do you like where you go? What things do you prefer at your show? Big or small? Water or TP at your hall? All should clearly enjoy and be an Optimistic Existentialist asking tons of questions, so don't be coy. Do you have a certain need for something high class? I am now done asking questions with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. No takers for 1 clear minute
      Had to rush in to make it!


    2. You gave them a minute too
      How nice of you

  2. Today I read some funny blogs
    One said that it was raining frogs
    A familiar quote by Gypsy Rose Lee
    Said a gimmick attracts people to thee
    To ask a question is Optimistic's style
    Readers offer opinions in a big pile

    1. haha raining frogs would be scary
      Things could get kinda hairy
      And yeah they load up in a pile
      With his question mile

  3. Quite a bother to find a clean one
    And sieving through the sand is no fun
    A litter box
    Gives the knocks
    Would rather give it a miss and run


    1. A miss for you
      At your zoo
      I suppose
      Could cause woes
      And turn you blue

  4. nah hold the water...that is a shocker
    TP will do, what did Lou ever do to have it named
    so by you? i like a good sturdy porcelin,
    but will use a tree, even had an outhouse once
    but that gets cold on our butts...

    1. haha Lou just deserved it
      He is so full of umm spit
      A tree can work
      Yeah an outhouse is no perk

  5. Ha, I have taken long hikes already....and you have to go where you can. LOL. Like most animals do. Haha.

    1. LOL yep have to go
      When you need to at your show

  6. My cats are the same as yours
    and prefer the clumping, no dust lures
    Has to be plenty big
    so they have a empty place to dig.
    And you must keep it clean
    or they'll split a spleen.

    1. haha the same here
      And at the other place I fear
      Has to clump
      Or each one will turn into a grump

  7. Do you like the places you go?
    well, lets hope the places are clean
    dirty ones make me run & scream
    would rather go at my own show
    but, sometimes one is on the go
    try not to touch anything if you can
    & don't forget to wash your hands

    Cat, how do you like your sand
    do you have a hooded loo design
    is it fresh & lite or scented pine
    you could have Pat teach you to
    use the human kind..I've seen
    cats that do this on you-tube
    perhaps, he can train you too

    Pat and Cats have fun today in
    the sun and watch out for sand
    or perhaps, you will find a
    shady place to lay in the hay
    if not you could always roll
    downhill I heard it was a thrill
    ...(so laughing)....

    Have a great day at your bay..

    1. No way
      would Pat do that at our bay
      He is a bit ocd
      And would be afraid we'd cover the seat with pee haha
      And never use a loo at our place
      That is out and about in the rat race
      Germs galore
      At such a shore
      Rather roll down a hill
      Still not believing it is a thrill

    2. Well, may two could roll together
      as one down that hill around & around
      they might be a thrill

    3. Depends on how they roll
      If it were a thrilling goal

  8. I refuse to go any mo'
    And I hope it don't show.

  9. Someone got squeaky shoe heel,
    been suggested like in idiom:
    squeaky wheel gets the oil -
    so,we brought it to repair-
    to dig couple holes,
    pour the oil into pair...
    its squeak after all,
    so back to ?? about the holes-
    how many one has to discover/dig
    holes that will be enough to
    fulfill his/her world? lol

    1. lol hole a plenty can work
      Can be quite a perk
      If things come gushing
      Other wise one may be pushing while constantly shushing

  10. -chuckle- Truly, one can never know what subject to expect, when they click here. Giggggggggggggggggggggles...

    1. haha could be anything at my mat
      TMI is never thought about by the cat

  11. When it comes to the nature's call
    Does matter if it's big or small
    Time often suggests to rush
    To feel relieved after the gush

    1. That it does
      Feel the buzz
      And off you go
      Letting it flow

  12. I think you covered it quite nicely MOL!!!

  13. My cat Ruby is so messy with the litter box
    She fills the floor around it with those little rocks
    Litter here, litter there, litter litter everywhere
    Makes me want to pull out all her hair
    But I know it's not her fault or anything like that
    But still, learn some manners silly cat

    1. Mine do that, too!
      Can really make you blue!
      Had to buy a whisk broom and dust pan
      because of that mess I'm not a fan! haha.

    2. Yeah Orlin is a big time slob at our sea
      Flicking litter with glee
      But not cassie
      She is far to ocd

  14. With a window and Febreeze in tow
    I am fine with where I go.
    Mojo likes his too, though I don't stare
    He's got a box next to his food at the lair.
    To eat and poop, and poop and eat, what else is there?


    1. haha hope he doesn't flick little on the food
      that would put me in a bad mood

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. digging through your old crap

      cleaning your room deserves a nap

    2. That is does indeed
      At ones feed

  16. hey, I cannot rhyme
    saving you some time

    good lines bro.

  17. I think I'd much rather stay clumped than have my leg be humped haha, stay away from me cat, if humping is expected from that haha. Great rhymes buddy.

    1. So you'd rather be constipated
      then be humper rated haha

  18. I only like clean places to go. I won't go in a putrid, smelly, disgusting loo at my show!

    1. Yeah we avoid those too
      Not a great place to use the loo

  19. Porcelain that shines
    when it cups my behind
    and holds it in place
    while splish splash I make.

    If I had a bidet
    I'd stay there
    all day whilst
    smile lit my face.

    1. haha well look at you
      Loving the loo
      Where you go
      At your show

  20. I tried to litter box train my rats...they just ended up sleeping in it. So now they pick a corner to go and sometimes they throw it out the back of the back and onto the floor.

    1. haha that is sure a mess I bet
      Oh the woes of a pet

  21. I don't have a cat, but my daughter does.... This cat is so persnickity that she will only go if her litter box is in the right spot with the right litter. Spoiled CATS!!

    1. haha Pat can at least move ours around
      But it has to be clumping and a great big mound

  22. Scratch, scratch,
    Litter here, Litter there.
    Scratch, scratch
    Littering flying everywhere.

  23. Im Ok with my two bunnies and two dogs thanks:)
    (and all these birds always around bu these count??)

    1. No they don't count
      The cat could help you decrease the amount

  24. Well Pat! You've covered this topic thoroughly! Tee Hee! In bathrooms in Thailand and Malaysia, there would sometimes be just a hole in the floor. It would crack me up in airports to find western style toilets with footprints on the seats because the locals didn't like the western approach. Conveying this in rhyme was beyond me! Have a good one!

    1. haha wow that is sad
      Would hold it at that pad
      And funny about the seat
      Who knows what were on their feet

  25. Don't really have a pet
    But I hope they don't cause such a mess
    I have my hands full just
    cleaning up the house free from sand & dust

    1. haha sand and dust
      Can sure make cleaning a bust
      As they come back
      As in people track

  26. If you don't like where you go, you may choose some place else

  27. I'm quite picky like a cat!
    - But not messy-
    Now enough of that :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  28. I saw some videos of "how to teach your cat to use the toilet". It's a thought.

    1. Yeah no thanks to that
      Prob pee on the seat at my mat

  29. my cat would say goodbye to us every morning, but one day we learned where he would go the minute we walked out the door, to his sand dune..

    1. haha the best place to go
      With lots of sand to let it flow

  30. I like my box, you see
    And so it's where I pee
    I even like it to poop in
    But my Human should do more scoopin'

    1. Yeah those humans are slow
      As the smell does grow

  31. I like to go to places that are within my reach ;)

  32. We live in the country and I once told the mail lady she could come in anytime she wanted and use the restroom if she needed to (there's really nowhere around for her to 'go'). She told me, and I'm still gasping, "No, it's okay, I have my outside bathrooms all mapped out."

    I like our mail lady, but I have to overlook such notions, egahds. :/

    1. hahaha she knows where to drop her drawers
      No need to dirty up yours

  33. money can only bring you certain things
    they can be shiny and have wings
    but if we are really digging down into the human soul
    there is one thing that can avoid a major taking of a toll
    it is a place with a hole
    and you get down low
    because nothing matters more than liking where you go

    1. Exactly the fact
      Have to like where you do the act

  34. After seeing how some other people have to use the bathroom across the globe, I definitely like where I go!

    1. yeah way better here
      Other places cause fear

  35. To keep it simple, let's just say I appreciate cleanliness in bathrooms. =)

  36. Nothin' worse than unchanged litter
    Until you reach the outhouse spitter
    In the woods so deep
    Filled by more than one creep
    Poopers who miss the pot
    And leave an icky spot
    For others unknowingly to sit upon
    In the dark with no lights on

    1. Yeah does not sound
      Like a place I'd want to hang around


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