Do You Notice The Trend With The Titles I Send?

The cat has not done a show one in a while and figured he would do one in typical rhyming style. Show title that is too, just in case it was forgotten by you. The cat won't reveal which one as that would just spoil the fun.

Mixed Messages I may convey,
In my Split Decision today.
But I was Under The Gun.
Would you rather I give the Last Rites for fun?

That might leave some Scorched Earth,
Giving off a Shock Wave of worth.
But Desperate Times,
Result in Unchained rhymes.

Official Business would be a bore.
Like some Reunion uproar.
So it was a Necessary Evil today,
That I play Mind Games at my bay.

I am an Army of One,
No Better Halves under my sun.
I have you Dead to Rights,
Sending you back to Square One most nights.

Damned If You Do,
For there is No Good Deed at my zoo.
You just got Out of the Fire,
As Dead or Alive things get dire.

Will you make a Last Stand?
Show some Brotherly Love at my land?
I know you have a Blind Spot for me.
Guilty as Charged are thee.

For Where There's Smoke,
It means Friends and Enemies will choke.
And it is better the Devil You Know,
Than those Good Intentions that show.

But watch that Friendly Fire,
Such Noble Causes won't get you the hire.
Might bring your Enemies Closer though.
It is a Shot in The Dark, I know.

If you become The Hunter soon,
A Fearless Leader you may be by noon.
You may have to make an End Run.
I hear with Friends and Family it can be fun.

Which one is the Lesser Evil of the two?
Such Truth and Reconciliation is up to you.
Did I put you in the Hot Spot?
Do No Harm to that black pot.

Especially if you are the kettle and Double Booked.
It could create Bad Blood and get over looked.
So play the Good Soldier and salute.
If it is Rough Seas play your flute.

Trust Me it is the thing to do.
Turn and Burn without a clue.
Now we have reached the Scatter Point,
And there should be No Loose Ends at my joint.

So did you notice the show as I added the episode titles into my rhyming flow? I dropped a hint somewhere along the way. But I will only give one today. Now more useless TV knowledge has come to pass from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling..


  1. Replies
    1. Wow Hank, when I originally posted it came up with a Blogger error because of two "conflicting edits" at the same time, is it possible we both hit the publish button with literally a millisecond between us? Absolutely insane if so, also congratulations buddy, the one good thing about having no work right now is this battle as sad as that sounds!

    2. Not just human speed
      But technology intrudes
      You may be right,Yeamie!


    3. hahaha blogger made you lose
      Good excuse you use haha

    4. No definitely not guys! The conflict coming up for me means Hank was first, I just find it insane we were possibly milliseconds from each other hahaha, insane!

    5. Yeah that is a bit insane
      Tough to get #1 at my lane

  2. I love when you do this Pat although I am pretty ashamed to say that there was actually a good few ones here that I didn't get the reference too so I guess I'm showing my age, great post though buddy, always enjoy when titles get in the mix it puts my brain into a fix.

    1. Never got the reference at my sea
      I guess only one was able so far with the hints from me

  3. I think I got it, but I don't want to get burned

    1. Yes you are spot on
      No one has noticed at my lawn

  4. Interseting way of going about it, don't know

  5. Sorry, can't guess the show. I either don't know it or it's just too early.

    1. Too early
      So your brain is still squirrely?

  6. Hi! Pat Hatt, Miss Priss, and as The Cat...
    say here at his bay today:
    "So did you notice the show as I added the episode titles into my rhyming flow?" dropped a KOTT-Bomb as you have fun... as you take a fast run... through [television titles] for your readers, all to see...

    ...However, I must admit that you have! Ha!ha!
    deedee :(

  7. Cannot really see the umm title
    Clues aren't working,am befuddled
    Will just have to wait
    Hopes something great
    Pat sure has ways of being subtle


    1. haha can't see
      No notice from thee?
      Subtle I can be
      But since I know is sticks right out for me

  8. Don't have a clue....
    or should I say
    clues don't help
    as I don't watch much TV
    on any given day!

    1. Well that is good
      Get a lot more done in your hood

  9. It seems like 1984
    And newspeak reigns forevermore
    Fuzzy loopers golly whopper
    This mind game's a real show stopper
    I think I may get confuzeled today
    Nothing new but what the hey

    1. Confuzeled isn't bad to be
      Unless you can't find where to pee
      Then that could spell doom
      Maybe it's time for a rubber room? hahaha

  10. It is way too early in the day, to play guessing games.



    1. Sigh another not so early bird
      Sigh is a fun word haha

  11. saluting at my zoo
    i havent a clue
    which leaves me blue
    but unlike a monkey
    i wont fling poo

    But Desperate Times,
    Result in Unchained rhymes.

    ha i like that
    well that is that
    about TV i know squat

    1. there's that poo again!
      I'm sure that made Pat grin!

    2. Well it is different from ass and gas
      He usually lets come to pass
      And not a clue
      Some episode titles do fit in so well as I rhyme away at my zoo

  12. going for the burn I see..
    so very clever at your sea!

    1. Noticed you may
      At my bay today

    2. And when you said you have the same as me
      were you talking about Clicky?

    3. The same as you?
      Am I missing something at my zoo

    4. a comment the other day
      right here at your bay.
      Maybe I misunderstood
      what you were saying at your hood.
      I'll have to go back and find it
      so you can decipher it!
      it and it...I know, I know!

    5. Making me think back to the other day
      After answering 100's of comments at my bay
      Geez giving my brain over load
      It and it, in cheating mode

    6. I'll find it, since I'm full of caffeine
      and you are not, it seems. ha.

    7.'s in the Skim post
      the second group by me and you the host

    8. That was three days ago
      And you are just now bringing it up, who is slow? lol

    9. Gotcha now,
      Talking about the tracker thingy with me meow

    10. mine is Clicky
      not to be confused with dicky.

    11. Mine is another one
      But same thing under my sun

  13. What a burn!
    Careful u might need an urn
    Clever cat
    Always a trick in if hat

  14. yes I noticed :)) are you working Pat?
    work, work. lol

    1. You noticed you say?
      Does that mean you got the show at your bay?
      Yes, at work
      At least lurking is a perk

  15. If it doesn't have Sam and Dean,
    then I'm not interested in your team,
    wow, that does sound kinda mean,
    But I've crowned myself Queen,
    of the Super Natural drooling machine.
    Makes me feel like I'm thirteen,
    all silly and giggly and in need of a good vaccine.

    1. Already did them a long time ago
      Here at my show
      Did Stargate too
      Just don't drool at my zoo

  16. A Show you give a run,
    my guess:
    "Annie Get Your Gun",
    not a TV show,
    but musical fun

    1. haha was never played in it
      But the song could be a hit

      Here the link
      Sing while you fling...

    3. Can't carry a tune in a bucket
      But umm duck it

  17. I'm thinking the key is in the capitalized words?
    But that's a wild guess - that's fer sure
    I'm rather stumped here I must admit
    I'll ponder more while I go and sit

    1. The capitalized ones
      Are the titles the show gives a run
      For each episode
      In it there is never a toad

  18. I get the "burn" clue so I think I "noticed" what show this is. However, I've never seen it, and I actually have no idea what the show is about. A firefighter? An arsonist?

    Every preview I've ever seen for the show is the main character in a pair of sunglasses and a nice suit spinning around as if modeling them. Also, there's a lot of hot women. So... what the hell is this show about?

    1. hahaha never even seen the show
      And showing up many by giving it a go
      They do like to spin around
      Much product placement is easily found
      A burned spy helping the little guy
      He can do everything but fly

  19. I have no clue about what's on TV, but I'll be checking back to see if you post the answer. :)

    1. The answer is in the comments below
      Like the one just above yours at my show
      Cut on the D in the "" marks
      And then the title sparks

  20. I've never seen the show either, but the clues gave me a hint. Then I did a Google search for three of the individual titles and discovered I was right!

    1. haha if I recall
      You cheated like that the last time you were here during one of these at my hall haha

    2. Well, I had the answer before I "cheated" and looked for confirmation. Ha.

    3. I believe you did indeed
      Always good at solving things at my feed

  21. Notice a burn? I'm still unsure.

  22. I need to go google too. Need to watch more TV ;)

    1. With all those kiddos at your show
      Tv watching has to be low

  23. Alright, I am gonna Guess a few but you have me totally stumped, "Army Wives, Burn Notice, Blue Bloods and Necessary Roughness"

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. One of those is right
      And 3 are wrong at my site

    2. Only One, man, you really stumped me.

    3. Well It starts with B
      So that makes it 50/50

  24. m just scratching my head in confusion :P
    so many series, so many episodes...
    plz tell me the title, that only you know :D

    1. It is in the comment above
      Notice the love?

  25. So many titles, so many years. Thanks for the run down memory road.

  26. Dang, we would be lost since we never watch much TV here.

  27. Afraid that I couldn't even venture a guess
    After the 6:00 o'clock news the "off" button I press!

    I read Lucy's guesses and I've never watched one
    I don't have the answer, but this was quite fun!

    1. Pfft the news I can't stand
      Don't even have cable in my land
      Just watch what I want on the net
      And that is that for this pet

  28. Am I worse or better off?
    Don't know.
    But I've no guesses of a show.
    Humbled now,
    I guess I'll go.


    1. Well at least you save time
      By not watching fakers stop crime

  29. Holy carp, I'm really left in the dark
    Television has not been seen at my park
    In this new place cable comes with the joint
    But the little I've seen makes me wonder what's the point.

    1. Yeah no point at all
      Better off ditching it at your hall
      And going with netflix at your sea
      Cheaper and can watch things easy

  30. Whoa. I'm lost. But I want to point out I love this cryptic bit:

    "For Where There's Smoke,
    It means Friends and Enemies will choke.
    And it is better the Devil You Know,
    Than those Good Intentions that show."

    Nicely worded!

    1. A little lost many are
      When the visit my bar
      So never fear
      Just give an oh dear

  31. ha - don't watch much tv and then no american or canadian tv..but surely like..Desperate Times,
    Result in Unchained rhymes... true that, true that..

    1. Desperation can sure bring about
      Much rhymes for me to shout

  32. Pretty tricky! I'm noticing a burn, though!

    1. You are burning up
      Noticing it like poop to a pup

  33. orlin N cassie

    tee vees knot on in trout any mor
    but while we chillax N sleep on de floor
    R mom bee watchin her dee vee and deez
    frum tee vee airin in 60 & seven teez

    haza grate week oh end...we bee outta heer
    til monday, enjoy N haz fun :) ~~~~

    1. Enjoy lazing about
      Hope you get some great trout

  34. Keep your little rhyming ass away from me if you are going to give Last Rites for fun? Don't even want to think about those.

  35. Not familiar with tv series nor titles Pat ~

    Nobody watches the programs in the house as everyone
    is either on netflix or downloading the series on the
    laptop ~ Unchained rhymes, that will be the day Pat ~

    1. Yeah laptop downloading is the way to go
      Much faster at ones show

  36. I read this as an astrological horoscope, but then again I don't get around as much as I need to. I will not pretend to get the mystical elements of the riddle. I'm puzzled, but still greatful to read these eloquent rhymes.

    1. That is an interesting way to give it a few
      Glad you liked what came due

  37. Well, I am a bit confused
    and I'm sure you are amused
    too many rhymes, for me to
    find the right line...
    now, I'm blue without a clue
    your masterful rhymes
    are twisted with crime
    but, what am I to do
    it's a sleuth for Blue Bloods
    as I kinda like that show
    Maybe, I should pay a call on Elementary
    that one is full of hot chemistry
    but, what does that have to
    do with your clues..Oh right,
    they are detectives hot in
    pursuit..So, tell me Sherlock
    what's Watson to do..
    Interesting plot within your hall
    I guess I'll have to go back
    and read your wall, review
    the crime scene..or maybe
    just scream..Cat, I haven't
    a clue...(laughing)
    now, I better go before
    you throw flames and I
    get burned..

    But Desperate Times,
    Result in Unchained rhymes..never will happen at your zoo...

    PS really tight rhymes today..sure was a fun game
    but,then it always is here at your show...

    Waiting for tomorrow cat..what do you have
    hidden under your hat...a new plan of attack..

    1. Good luck hiring a sleuth
      To find the answer at my booth
      Most would go insane
      Just by looking at my lane
      And nice drop with the shows
      So fun to cause you woes
      Maybe you should count some crows
      Then off you will doze
      Finding the answer in a dream
      Oh just wait for tomorrow at my stream
      May not be as much rhyme
      But it will be a fun time

    2. I knew you would be amused
      to cause me to be confused
      it seems I do like to dream
      I can dream of your stream
      or climb Kilimanjaro
      seeking the the highest peak
      as I wait for tomorrow..

    3. Can dream of a stream
      But none near here to beam
      A little brook
      If you give a hard look
      I know went literal there
      Dream away at your lair haha

  38. Hey are you talking Burn Notice's 100 anniversary episode tonight or are you talking Peters Sellers/Pink Panther?
    I love them both ! xox jean

    1. The firs would be correct
      Although the 100th I neglect
      As this was written a long time ago
      Just a coincidence at my show

  39. didn't get the references which I hate

    shouldn't have posted today so late.

  40. These sound so familiar, but I can guarantee I probably would never guess right. My tivo is so backed up right now, I need to take a week and just watch it all.

    1. Wow that is quite the haul
      You need to watch on your tv wall

  41. We've never seen that show
    But we would give a go
    If you made your rhyme
    with Fringe titles the next time!

    1. haha Fringe titles I could do
      At some point at my zoo

  42. It is better the Devil You Know? Helloooo Kylie.
    No? Well, I thought that was a good show.
    The Last Stand
    Made me rant.

    1. haha a rant is fun from you
      As they are always great to read and do

    2. Always great to read and do?
      Some Hollyheads can eat my zombieshoe.

    3. Hope it is tasty as can be
      Or they may try and eat thee

  43. Stumped is what this did to me
    Don't watch any TV
    But fun to read guesses all
    Surely they had a ball


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