Have To Watch Out Today At Your Bay!

This day in age something is all the rage. For it is another thing for those who can't do. They simply sue. Looking for the easy way out as they oops slip like a trout, getting lots of dough as their pain continues to grow. So away we go with a suing show.

I stubbed my toe,
As I came into your show.
I am going to sue,
For step abuse at your zoo.

Or would that be abuse of a toe?
To hell if I know.
Damn, now that blade of grass,
Is oh so crass.

It is longer than the rest of you lawn,
Making the sun shine off it at dawn.
It blinded my right eye.
I am giving a sue cry.

Not to mention you stepped foot in my yard.
That made my ground all hard.
It packed it down,
And you made me the mockery of town.

That has to be slander in some way.
I will add it to my lawsuit today.
You also stuck a bag in my trash.
That gave my garbage can a bad rash.

I had to go get a new one.
Garbage can abuse is no fun.
I'll tack on more damages there,
I will own your whole lair.

Your TV I can also see,
Through the window staring at me.
You turned on a Christmas show.
That offends my religion don't you know.

So I am going to sue for that.
Not to mention your cat.
You brush its hair off your clothes,
As you go to work and away the wind blows.

That hair floats up above,
Like some dove,
Then comes and lands on my grass.
I can't let such a thing pass.

You have some attitude,
And are just plain rude.
I peeked through your window and saw you nude.
That will also get you sued.

My the things you can sue over and I did not even touch on rover. But it keeps the lawyers at work as they sue for some jerk. Of course some are legit but most are just away for their wallet to take a reverse hit. Way better chances than the lotto to sue at your show. So if you see a stray blade of grass sue and thank my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Wow you are on top
      Hank, John and Waffles are a big flop!

  2. A world without absurdities
    it's a world without amusement possibilities.

    As for the law,
    dura lex sed lex?
    It's marvelous you can get sued
    by the craziest dudes
    and the law usually sides
    with the absurd.

    Have a fun weekend!

    1. Yeah as pathetic as can be
      Those that are sue happy
      Always seem to win
      There at their bin

  3. Good post how true, the suing few
    From them don't ever take your cue
    Don't let your kid point like a gun
    The school will sue you just for fun
    (In the US of A, that is)

    1. Yeah that is ridiculous as can be
      Sue happy big time at your US sea
      Take my fake gun and poke em the eye
      Then at least if I get sued I could make them cry

  4. Ya some people are sue crazy
    they want money but they are lazy
    suing others can be a way of life
    bringing other people strife
    yes there are legitimate cases
    but false exaggerated claims take their places
    and raise cost of insurance for all
    as the false claimers have a ball!

    1. That is exactly the way
      All get screwed in the end each day
      By these fake nuts
      With their fake bruises and cuts

  5. "You turned on a Christmas show.
    That offends my religion don't you know."
    Its so sad how true that is these days. You cant say Merry Christmas as a friendly gesture anymore. Basically you need to ask someones entire background before offering a friendly greeting.

    1. Yeah it is such a load of crap
      I say it anyway and screw the pc idiots across the map

  6. any way to make a quick buck eh?
    litigate your way to wealth
    no need for stealth
    its why there is a warning label
    every where you turn your eye
    i wonder what i can get for this rhyming affliction
    its turned out to be rather an addiction

    1. haha cross border suing you say
      Don't give them any ideas at their bay
      And sadly even if you were to win
      You can't get anything out of an empty money tin haha

    2. haha Brian, we could make this a class action lawsuit..as I am addicted too..this cat has me
      rhyming day & night at his mat...

    3. Pffft you just try
      Away I'll fly
      You will never find me
      Plus you can't sue a kitty

    4. lol - I would never sue
      my pretty kitty..the
      kitty is so witty
      what would I do
      rhyming by myself
      would be no fun...

    5. Add me to that suit...
      the cat's in my brain, to boot!

    6. Rhyming by yourself can be fun
      Just make fun of everyone

      Pffft since the cat is in your brain
      He'll steer you down another lane

    7. I feel so helpless!
      Maybe in there you'll get restless.

    8. Confession:

      I have an addiction
      rhyme is my affliction
      I do it all the time
      now is that a crime
      always looking for the next
      silly line, then I feel fine

      You see I met this cat
      he had a friend named Pat
      we had a chat at his mat
      I already had a word addiction
      now I have a rhyme affliction
      caught between fiction/non-fiction

      that cat likes science fiction
      zombies and aliens roam about
      always, fishing for some trout
      there is no doubt..he turned
      us into should I spell it out
      a.d.d.i.c.t.s that need a fix
      just for kicks...

    9. I can always find something to do
      May be fun to cause a rattle or two haha

      And it keeps you coming back for more
      Here at my shore
      So fun to do
      And yeah aliens and zombies have been used a time or two
      As one can scare with its pic
      and the other has a probe that should not click

  7. Ha ha..this is so true
    Our favorites saying is if we were in the US we would sue.
    Imagine you broke into my house and got hurt and have the audacity to want to sue me...

    1. haha yeah that has been done
      They will sue over anything and everything under their US sun

  8. Forget suing... go look for the beautiful moon!!!!

    Happy June Strawberry Full Moon!!!

    1. Technically it is the sun
      Might go blind if you stare up at that one

  9. Suing for this, suing for that
    Too much litigation, a bunch of drat
    Just a way for the lawyers to make a bunch of dough
    So they waste the court's time with an unnecessary show

    1. Yep way for them to make a buck
      Everyone else is out of luck

  10. Hanging around just to sue...
    They need some help with their point of view

  11. Ah, my home territory. Palm Beach was notorious for everyone suing (and for absolutely no good reason). I don't miss that mentality at all.

    1. No good reason at all
      Must have been quite the hall

  12. today is about suing
    in the US you could get
    sued just for chewing..
    what about those people
    who fall in the stores
    on purpose just to make
    some green money..and
    those that will cause
    a car accident just
    to collect from your

    the list could go on
    and on..they are lazy
    as the rest of us go
    to work each day
    trying to pay for
    our stay..

    interesting blog
    oh so true....

    Try not fret over this cat..
    and enjoy your day at your mat..

    It's Saturday and where is
    that promised sun?????

    1. We had sun for a bit
      Then it fell into a pit
      faker abound everywhere
      Trying to get rich easy a their lair
      Have to watch out
      and don't chew a trout

  13. Oh some of those are so funny. I can't imagine someone getting offended by seeing a Christmas show on a tv through a window in someone else's home. But then if it hasn't been done, I'm sure it will be because some people need things to complain about.

    1. Yeah they always find a way
      To complain about something at their bay

  14. I think the world would be a better place if Sue would change her name!

    1. Yeah need to get on that
      Maybe Merry would be better at every flat

  15. I'm embarrassed to be an attorney sometimes. Thank Gawd, I stopped practicing law years ago and took up blogging instead.

    1. Blogging is so much more fun
      Plus you make a ton
      Now I'll take flight lol

  16. I am with Brian, the Cat:
    change the name
    and don't fret!

  17. This one is a beaut.
    I shan't file a law suit!
    xox jean

    1. That is good
      Would get nothing anyway from my hood lol

  18. Replies
    1. Yeah sadly it would or has prob come true
      With the pc crap at each zoo

  19. ha - i like the irony you tackle a subject with that seriously makes me shake my head

  20. It just goes to show that things such as stubbing your toe can turn into a pretty big deal, I guess the moral of the story is to never stub your toe! Worthy winner of first comment today though, leaving us in the shade

    1. Yeah never stub your toe
      Or down the drain you go

  21. Hahaha - you know they say 99% of lawyers give the rest a bad name!

    1. Yeah would say 99.9
      But that is just the feline

  22. Really Pat, the things people sue for money
    just to get a little bit more honey
    are absurd ~ And they are lazy
    too, not wanting to work as a daisy ~

    Happy weekend ~

    1. Yep lazy is the word
      Although with greed, so absurd

  23. garbage can abuse is no fun

    for oscar the grouch under the sun.

  24. Maybe I should get on the sue band wagon and sue the dude who was suing the other dude after viewing the Christmas show through his window. That is seriously messed up!

    1. haha you may win the most
      Just remember to send a kickback to this host

  25. Sue them hard and you'll know
    Pick those with lots of dough
    Make them embarassed
    With a little harass
    The vultures would get on the show


    1. Yeah the would surround
      Many are always found
      When money is at hand
      Trying to tune up the band
      And sue them into the ground

  26. I burned my tongue
    On coffee I flung
    What can I do
    Its time to sue.

  27. It's amazing what people will sue over.
    The lawyers are the only ones who win in the end.

    1. Yep they add to their greed
      As from you the money they bleed

  28. You give too much homework ~
    So our suit you can't shirk!
    How dare you give my kid a C--
    Best get ready for a suit from me!
    She lied so you kept her after school?
    Oh no no no, that wasn't cool-
    I think you must've committed a tort
    For that I'll see you next week in court!!

    1. haha wow you've heard em all
      At your teaching hall

  29. You and I better get a Law degree in midst of all this suing :P

    1. Yeah only way to get rich
      Although I think it would make me twitch

  30. We Sue
    We Counter Sue
    We get Blue
    In our USA ZOO

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  31. I haven't been able to sue anyone yet.... If I can ever get a hold of that Lacey Roop who scammed us... I will sue her to the MOON and BACK

    1. haha deserves it indeed
      Sue away at your feed

  32. all people seem to have on their mind


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