How Open Can We Be Before We Are Empty?

So the cat saw a quote the other day while out and about at his bay. Actually when this runs it will be months ago, but that you already know. Anyway, let's have some fun with it under my sun. What is it you ask? I guess we will put that to the task.

Dogs can talk.
You get fit from a walk.
What you drink is safe.
Rusty nails make you chafe.

Aliens live next door.
Lions yawn when they roar.
Cats can fly.
She really likes that guy.

Cancer has no cure.
Lindsay Lohan as an allure.
The lottery is easy to win.
Whatever it is I am in.

Cars need to drink.
It is safe to drink from the sink.
Oswald was really Howard The Duck.
Nuns never suck.

For that I'm going to Hell.
It is cool there I can tell.
That is a real million dollar bill.
You can get rich at the landfill.

Elvis is alive.
A nuclear bomb you can survive.
Just find a fridge,
And its water under the bridge.

King Abubu really wants to share.
You can get inches, we swear.
Bald be gone,
Using grass from your lawn.

There is no catch,
Buy this slug as it really plays fetch.
I am a time traveler from 2999.
It is safe to touch an electric sign.

By stock in my iceberg squirm.
You can finish 40 courses in one term.
Politicians don't lie.
Babies never drool or cry.

Any idea yet?
Are you cursing this pet?
I hope nothing fell out,
As that is what this is all about.

"Always keep your mind open but not so open your brain falls out."

Is the quote I was talking about. For it is true, some wear blinders up the gazoo. Thinking everything they are spoon fed is oh so true. Being nothing but a robot at their zoo. While others have brains oozing out their ear for they believe everything they hear. One in the same you say? Not likely, as each are in their own fray. Just thought it was interesting at my grass. So it came to pass from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. The lot of those folks gullible
    Taking in anything without trouble
    Happy as they please
    Not aware of being fleeced
    Until thumbed real hard and stumbled


    1. Break the thumb
      Kick em in the bum
      Then after their cries
      They may get wise
      And be less dumb

  2. So true, and the more it's said in public, the more it seems to be taken as a given. Crazy stuff, that, little or small.

    1. Yeah the more the masses hear it
      The more the believe the shit

  3. "Lindsay Lohan as an allure."
    "Elvis is alive."
    "Politicians don't lie."

    I believe the first two/but with the third, you really stretched the truth! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Yeah such a stretch
      You could use it to play fetch

  4. What a post to set things straight
    I'd like to hide behind my gate
    That hucksters lie, affects me none
    These I tell to take a run
    The ones who make the laws I cry
    You can't escape until you die

    1. Nope stuck we are
      Drives one right to the bar
      The go around the ridge
      and sail it off a bridge
      Could escape then
      But better off staying in at your den haha

  5. just wondering how much you had to drink
    before you found the allure in lohan
    man, you dfe have to use wisdom in this world
    or you will get whirled by the errant
    any chance they get...

    1. Yeah wisdom has to be used
      Or one quickly becomes abused
      And think I'd have to drink a whole liquor store
      For that to be true at my shore

  6. To be honest Pat I just didn't recognise the quote right up until you told us it because I guess it's just something that I've never heard before or if I have it's something I've forgotten. Funny post that does not put me to sleep and to be honest when I read the title I thought that it was very deep. That's the core point I wanted to make, it's a deep title and that's not very fake.

    1. Always fun with a little deep
      As out a bit of wisdom seems to seep

  7. Everything's possible in this world-
    depends on your perception
    mode and quotes collection

  8. Ahhhh but.... If it was on the Net, it *HAS* to be true!!!!!


    1. haha oh yes
      The net is true and nothing less

  9. The kind of things you wrote here made my brain fall out before I reached the quote.

    1. haha hope you can put it back in
      There at your bin

  10. I gave up on the lottery after many tries I couldn't win even a dollar

    not worth the holler

    1. Yeah i tried a time or ten
      Pfft to that at my den

  11. "Just find a fridge" reminds me of the latest Indy flick;
    yeah, that one was sick (not in a good way).

    1. Yep a huge load of crap
      Needs to take a dirt nap

  12. I will be sure to tell my Dad about the grass from the lawn thing!

    1. haha good to let him know
      Just in case at your show

  13. Hi! Pat Hatt, Miss Priss, and The Cat...
    "Always keep your mind open but not so open your brain falls out."

    I must admit that's what my life is all about keeping an open mind, but not [so] open that my brains will fall out... By the way,

    That's so true that some people wear blinders and that's just not right...
    ...Because they believe every thing that they read & hear and will never see the light [truth]

    Oh ! I have one more thing to say and that Happy Father's Day! to all the Fathers and the ones who visit your bay today !
    deedee :)

    1. Yeah refuse to take them off
      But they are the first to scoff

  14. Not to open but not too closed
    Either way you end up being hosed
    Somewhere in the middle is the place to be
    That way your not ignorant with glee

    1. That is right
      Open enough to see the light
      But not to forget the night
      To avoid such a plight

  15. So many hidden truth/lies
    it's better to just be wise
    All things are possible
    but, are they probable
    it's all a matter of perception
    or perhaps some deception
    depends on what you wish to believe
    but, careful you might get deceived
    When the sun rises I open the blinds
    to my mind, never know what I will find

    Interesting read at your feed and don't
    believe everything you see and hear...

    Oh, and by the way Jim Morrison is still
    alive I heard he lives on a farm in Canada

    That's all I have to have a nice day

    1. Maybe he lives nearby
      I could go and spy
      Snap a pic and get rich
      That could cure the bora bora itch
      And yep deception is at play
      Each and every day
      In more than one way
      Have to watch what people say

    2. that's've found the plan
      now, go and find the man
      take a will make
      a good news flick
      maybe, even a movie script
      money will surely flow
      then away we can go
      to dance at bora bora beach..

    3. haha fat chance though
      I bet at my show
      But I could fake one
      That would be fun

    4. Fake one you say, that is a thought
      inquiring minds need to know
      and hey they have the dough
      so away we can go..are you

    5. Packing a bit actually
      But not for Bora Bora's sea
      Looking to get out of this dump
      Even if my wallet isn't plump lol

    6. Packing really? You know I joke around
      but, money isn't everything under
      one's sea, happiness is the key
      to life whether there or bora bora beach
      we all need dreams under our sun or
      moon which ever be the case...

      Good night my friend..close your eyes
      you can go anywhere iet your dreams
      take flight

    7. Yeah packing up and trying to get out
      Of the shit hole where I lounge about
      Money isn't everything I suppose
      But without it may as well be sleeping with crows haha

    8. Well, money would sure sweeten the pot..that's it
      we find a rainbow and follow it's trail I heard
      there is a pot of gold on the other side..

      And no thank you to sleeping with crows..
      I sort of want to keep my toes..

      Hope you are having a good day..:))

    9. yeah I need an awfully big pot
      To make my debt go hot to trot haha

  16. open mind.. good only in moderation :)
    Politicians don't lie
    cracked a big smile up there :)

    1. haha yeah that is so true
      or not at my zoo haha

  17. I must admit that's what my life is all about keeping an open mind, but not [so] open that my brain will fall out...
    [I'm out Of rhyming mode...]

    By the way,
    Oops ! believe me I'm not insane...and when I go and get an ex-ray the ex-ray reveal only one brain... Ha!ha!ha!ha!...

    1. ex-ray. ha. Was your former husband named Ray? :)

    2. haha one brain you say
      Between you and ray lol

    3. Hi! Pat Hatt...
      I guess that what I get for pointing my mistake...out !
      Pat Hatt, retorting with an insult and a Shout-out !
      and Hello ! Betsy, I'm so happy say that I have never been married to a man name Ray... Ha ! ha !

    4. Hello ! Betsy, I'm so happy [to]say that I have never been married to a man name Ray...Ha ! ha !

      By the way, I keep making mistakes and I don't know what that is all about...Therefore, go right ahead Pat Hatt, hit me with another insult and shout-out !
      [Not proof-reading...hmmm ]

    5. Just got excited with the prospect of Ray
      That you made a typo at my bay hahaha

  18. You mean nuns really do suck?
    I bet they also run amok
    And drive a truck,
    Play craps for luck,
    'Cuz they don't really give a
    ...buck to charity.


    1. You have the nuns pegged so well
      Guess we are both going to hell

    2. We'd both be going there, it's true.
      But I don't believe in hell as a Jew.
      I'm off the hook - Woohoo!
      Sorry, Pat, but it's just you.
      I advise sunblock protection 502.


    3. haha no company for me?
      Damn, I'll have to bring a long a flea

    4. No worries, Pat.
      You'll still have fun.
      You might just meet some sexy nun.


    5. Hmm if she is there
      Must have been naughty at her lair
      So I could have fun
      With the naughty nun

  19. I am the most naive, literal, pathetic lameass you will ever meet online. Except that now that I know you like Burn Notice as much as I do, I shall always be devoted to you. That is not a stalking statement. Bleech! Just saying what I mean.
    Thanks and Happy Father's day,Pat.
    jean xox

    1. haha naive you say
      Just think the opposite at your bay
      Then you could be right
      Or it could take flight

  20. There was a girl in my high school class
    who was quite the gullible lass.
    We all had fun saying outrageous things
    and watching her fall for our little games.
    One time we even said there was a lion
    in the parking lot. No lyin'!
    And she said, "Realllly?"
    and we all laughed til we almost peed.

    1. hahaha I knew one like that
      Was quite the lass at her mat
      And no in a good way
      Not sure she would have fell for a lion like at your bay haha

    2. yeah, someone said it escaped from the zoo
      and she ran to the window to have a view!

    3. hahaha that is too funny
      Bet she try and spend monopoly money

  21. Capricorn I am
    Hubby a cancer no scam
    opposites attract
    no truer a fact
    yet skepticism reigns high for me
    but not in the least for he
    colourful discussions
    with no repercussions
    alas the nuttier can be

    1. Being a nut
      Is fine at my hut
      and opposites can attract
      Just depends on how they act

  22. Each line is like a National Enquirer headline.
    Food for the gullibile, P.T Barnum said 'There is a sucker born every minute'. They used to call those suckers 'pigeons' when they went to the fair, and mark their back with a piece of chalk so all the other fairground workers would know a dumbo with money has walked in.I suppose people focus on the mindless gossip rather than engage in critical thinking, there is never anything to fear from reality, it's never as worse as its made out to be. Read several broadsheets, but always read critically.
    I liked the line about buying shares in Icebergs, did you ever see 'Brewsters millions'?, starring Richard Pryor, he ends up buying shares in an iceberg that they will attach a motor to and drive it in to New York harbour for ice cubes for rich people.

    1. yeah saw brewsters millions a time or two
      Probably where I stole it from at my zoo haha
      and believe the crap all will
      Interesting how they used the chalk when one fit the bill

  23. If politicians say its true,
    Watch your back or shame on you.

  24. Sometimes having an open mind is almost impossible... but I do try.

    1. Not too open though
      Don't want your brains to flow

  25. Nuns never suck
    they also can't fu...
    Oh, I'd better not tell
    or it's straight to Hell.
    So I must stop this story
    and settle for...Purgatory?

    1. Isn't that one in the same
      Think you are less than tame
      so away you may go
      at least it will be warm though

  26. My mind is wide open but don't call me insane,
    I've been waiting for years to receive a brain.
    The paint is dry,
    The room is fly,
    But much like the scarecrow of Oz,
    My mind remains full of stuffing and gauze.

    1. Try to switch in
      Some nails for the win
      then at least you'll be sharp
      Able to out fox a carp

  27. Hmmm, we think there is an alternative universe where some of these thing may be true!

    1. haha using an old post
      That was used by this host

  28. The Human laffed at this---she a-members hearing this quote when she was a girl from a priest giving a sermon at church!

    1. A priest used it too
      haha that would be funny to hear at ones zoo

  29. I know way too many people who are on one end of the extreme or the other.

  30. sometimes having an open mind takes a lot especially when I know what i'm hearing is total bull. lol But I try..

    1. Well that open a mind there is no need
      If it is bs at ones feed

  31. Seems many aren't in the middle but on either side

  32. Replies
    1. Yep tons and tons
      Enough to give one the runs

  33. according to indiana jones you do can survive a nuclear bomb inside a it must be true. i like the quote.

    1. Yeah it must be true
      According to a movie that was the equivalent of poo

    2. Tell her, Cat, and I will tell her too:
      Indiana 4 was worse than zombie poo
      I almost walked out of the theater too
      In a fridge they say.. then it must be true.

    3. Yeah such a waste of space
      Better off watching Rat Race

  34. It must be opposite day at your bay...

    1. Dirty mind
      With your tit find

    2. I'm ashamed... and her name's Theresa too
      A tit for a tat sounds better than a zombie shoe

    3. haha may get struck down
      That could make one frown

  35. Wait.... Elvis is alive? He's alive?

    I know you'd never lie to me.

    1. Hmm gullible today
      Or very trusting at my bay lol

  36. Not sure which is funnier today
    The post or the comments coming your way
    What a hoot, what people believe
    Now pardon me, I've some pain to relieve...

    1. Pop a pill
      Just don't have your fill
      and yeah fun was sure had
      At my pad


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