Idioms Galore, Once More!

It has been done a time or two under my sun, but what the heck the cat will let the idioms hit the deck. Feel free to hit the deck to, all you crazies who visit my zoo, meaning the creepy search engine nuts who would probably fall down and sniff some butts.

You humans and your sayings,
Quite weird with their displayings.
But you can put your heads together.
Do you use glue or wait for cold weather?

Someone's face against it?
I hope it doesn't smell like umm spit.
Take a breath is a duh moment in time.
You need to breathe even to rhyme.

Turn the tables though?
If they are rounded is their any point at your show?
I've gotten wind of much.
Some of it I never want to touch.

These rhymes can go a long way.
You see that every single day.
Bear in mind is quite dumb.
Why would you want a bear in your mind when you can hum?

I can see keeping a person in the dark.
After all you don't want to listen to them bark.
But don't ever touch bottom.
Even if they look good in autumn.

Lay that up for a rainy day.
Is almost as dumb as raining cats and dogs that you humans say.
I mean have you ever really seen it rain a cat or dog?
Fish I hear it has done but never even a hog. 

Don't worry there's still plenty more to my bull session today.
Just sit right there and don't go away
For I always burn the candle on both ends.
I never carry a torch for anyone wearing Depends. 

I don't cast sheep's eyes at anyone either at my hall.
And don't try to get a lot of cheek from my wall.
Unless your a chip off the old block.
But if you're chipped the Gawker may gawk. 

I will sure give you a bill and coo,
If you give me a bitter pill to swallow at my zoo.
But I won't blow hot and cold,
For that could just cause mold.

I blow my own trumpet though.
As I get a bouquet of orchids at my show.
I would probably eat them.
I hope they don't cause a hairball or flem.

I guess it will soon be peter out.
What is that saying about?
I guess they just pull the wool over their eyes,
Putting on airs and thinking they were wise.

And how do you put one's foot in one's mouth?
Are you pulling my leg and heading south?
Could rack one's brains all day.
If one has any at their bay.

Without any it could be tough to catch one red-handed.
Living within one's means my leave you stranded.
Just don't bite off more than you can chew.
Seeing inside your mouth is just eww.

Thankfully I never get bogged down,
Being so far ahead at my town.
Why would I want to break even?
Maybe I could go out Steven?

What, you wanted to out peter before.
Humans are crazy at their shore.
But that is nothing new under the sun.
Finally, the cat will never give a clean slate to anyone.

There you go dVerse now there is no need to curse. For the cat used every single one and could go on forever under his sun. But then what idioms what I leave for everyone else at their sea? Wait! I didn't do that anyway, I guess I'm just greedy. And so the idiots, I mean idioms, have come to pass. Now I will go out Steven with my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Right on top
      Hank, waffles and john are once more a flop

  2. ha ha.. that was fun :P
    Humans are crazy at their shore
    Of Course they are..
    you, me, we all are

    otherwise how we'll survive Pat's idiom war :)

    1. haha have to be crazy at my place
      Just let go and embrace

  3. I'm sure 'raining cats and dogs' is not a very popular saying over at your place. :)

    1. No the cat doesn't like that
      But mutts are fine to go rain at his mat

  4. If one studies dialect of a region
    They have sayings by the legion
    If you take the literal meaning
    Makes no sense to a cat preening
    Some familiar, some are not
    Cat tells many, he is hot

    1. Yeah literally taking each
      can surely cause one to be out of reach
      Or give their brain a breach
      Lets hope they don't reach for the bleach

  5. haha i wonder about petering out as well
    and how did peter get the short end of that stick you know
    carry a big one too, but speak soft
    keep lofty goals and steer clear of the sholes

    1. I'll carry a big stick
      That will do the trick
      If peter comes out and about
      I'll give him a whack and make him shout

  6. Ha, in a dog-eat-dog world, it is never good to cry wolf even if one is at the end of one's rope! And if the cat won't give a clean slate, I will definitely give the cat a cold shoulder! This is definitely quite a bull session, but it left me crying crocodile tears! This is all for the birds!! Smiles.

    1. haha heard every one of those before
      Nice use of them at my shore
      I wonder if one is at the end of their rope
      If they have any hope
      Of doing the saying, go piss up a rope
      That could not make them mope

  7. I actually can blow a trumpet.
    I've heard of it raining frogs before. Cats and dogs, no.

    1. I could blow it I suppose
      But one would surely curl up their nose
      Forgot about frogs
      But yep, no cats and dogs

  8. I hope its not raining cats & dogs today
    or next weekend, or else it will be bummer day ~

    Happy day ~

    1. that it will
      To have mutts landing at ones hill

    2. Wanted to tell you that I love the Wanted Poster ~

      I saw the same in Mary & TrueDessa blogs, so was curious to see mine as well ~ Thanks Pat ~

    3. haha yeah it went to spam
      you missed my wanted jam

  9. Ah epic idiom galore
    But idioms i don't adore
    But let me stop beating round Di bush
    Pat you are lush
    And the cat has gone off the deep end
    And needs to go on the mend
    Saying humans are crazy at their shore
    Better to be crazy than an absolute bore

    1. Crazy is the way to be
      At each and every sea
      But humans are just dense
      They remain on the fence haha

  10. ...aww, hey you... you literally brought home the bacon after that... ha... bizarre! smiles...

    1. I'll eat the bacon too
      at least the cat will at our zoo

  11. "Cast sheep's eyes".... Mmmmm, interesting. And new to me.

    1. Some are new some are old
      Join the idiom fold

  12. Oh, I wish I could think of some off the top of my head but in the United States in the deep south they have some awesome sayings, and with their Southern Drawl,just great. Ok, I looked one up, "It's hotter than a billy goat's ass in a pepper patch." I don't know, there is just something about those deep southern sayings that crack me up :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. LOL they are fun indeed
      To hear at ones feed
      I will keep my ass
      Away from pepper patches thanks to your sass

  13. You have us laughing so hard, we're dropping like flies!
    and to you we'd never turn a blind eye.
    Because it's like curiosity killed the cat
    and your humor gets down to brass tacks.
    Even if we get up on the wrong side of the bed
    and feel like we lost our head,
    or if our day is going to hell in a hand basket
    we know there's a method to your madness.
    So while we try to keep body and soul together
    if it's not one thing, it's another,
    Other's just can't cut the mustard
    even if they bend over backward,
    You're the apple of our rhyming eye
    and we know you're all bark and no bite.

    1. LOL look at you go
      Adding to the idiom show
      I can handle being an apple too
      As long as no biting comes due
      More like all meow and no bite
      Except if a vet is in sight
      Then they get bit
      With a hiss and spit
      a method is sure at play
      Even on the most crazy day
      Here at my bay
      Tomorrow is another day
      Could curl your toes with my display

    2. just so you show some toes
      I won't give you woes
      although I'm prepared for anything
      as you link up at my wing!

    3. haha even zombies toes
      Won't curl your nose
      Gloria wants those
      To cause some woes

  14. You can still hum
    bearing in mind
    to beat the drum
    for your friend
    or mom,

    storm the weather
    charm, meet
    with rainy cat and dogs,
    washed from the roofs
    with the quirky frogs
    chiming in...

    1. Beat the drum all day
      Here at my bay
      Whistle well i work
      Can also be a perk

  15. Never pay much attention to the "turn the tables" phrase

    not very antagonistic these days.

    1. Yeah pretty hum drum
      Unless you need some rum

  16. No Depends for your friends? lol

    See I can rhyme too. :P

    1. haha nope no friends with depends
      Can't set such trends

  17. Good Morning,

    I knew you would have fun
    with all these idioms
    so many to put to rhyme
    in your crazy kingdom
    when I saw idioms the
    first one I thought of was
    does cat's got your tongue
    perhaps, he does as now I'm
    a rhyming fool in his pool (lol)
    well, at least I'm cool
    on a very hot day at my bay..

    Have a great day is what I have to say!

    1. Not cool here
      Suana for my little rhyming rear
      But oh well
      the cat can cause hell
      And grab a tongue
      A surprise would sure be sprung

    2. It was a hot day here as well
      but, at least it didn't rain
      cats & dogs..

      Wishing you a great night
      stay cool under starlight..

    3. Cool now I suppose
      Dogs cause the cat woes

    4. Well, let's keep those dogs away
      as the kitty likes to play
      night & day at his bay..

      now excuse me as I purr - meow...

    5. A human purring at my sea
      Hmm could be scary

  18. I often put my foot in my mouth but not as often as most humans I know!

    1. Yeah many have it always there
      At their lair

  19. Ha loved that foot in the mouth (should be easy enough for a cat).

  20. One mans trash is another mans treasure and you have a treasure trove of idioms here.

  21. It seems like it's been ages upon ages since you did this kind of thing Pat so it's great to see it back, love idioms so much, even though you've dissected and destroyed them all in such a powerful fashion haha.

  22. The cat thinks idioms are tough? How about them English-language-learners; for them it's seriously rough.
    Nice idiorhymes, Pat.

    1. Yeah that would be hard indeed
      To see them as they read

  23. Totally great
    as you always rate
    except for one idiom
    which may be dumb
    I CAN put my foot in my mouth
    do it all the time...then I head south

    jean :)

    1. haha just don't chew
      That would be rather eww

  24. Did you read about this?

    Morris the cat for Mayor

    1. haha never saw that
      But i know Alaska already has a mayor cat

  25. The Cat managed to include the lot
    Idiomatic slant all the way so hot
    Makes for good reading
    Good for the hearing
    Raised higher the finesse one slot


    1. Raised it higher
      Like kicking a tire
      Might hurt your toe
      If given a go
      Then it would be dire

  26. We love idiom! It makes speech so colorful, even out here in the boonies where we live.

    1. Out in the boonies
      Do you know the goonies?

    2. Yes and there's lots of loonies.

    3. I can send some toonies
      For the loonies

  27. We do have a lot of idioms to confuse the conversation :)


  28. Many sayings seem strange to those not in the know

    1. That they do
      Stranger still to those in the know at their zoo

  29. Me and my girlfriend love researching origins of sayings
    They make us laugh, much like hens a laying
    You would not believe where some phrases come from
    Most people think they're pulled out of someone's bum
    But nope, they all have a cool beginning
    The origin of which sometimes leaves your head spinning.

    1. I've come across a few
      And agree with the two of you
      Strange they can surely be
      Where they hang on the origin tree

  30. Well that is a head full....

  31. Now this is a funny set of youtube videos all about idioms: It makes me laugh every time I see em.

    Check em out!

  32. I've put my foot in my mouth a time or too
    Sure not a good way to make friends at my zoo

    What's with having your cake and wanting to eat it too? Why the hell would I want a cake and not be able to eat it? I HATE that one!

    1. haha I wouldn't eat it at all
      But yeah pretty dumb idiom call

  33. I like "pissed on the chips" - which means having screwed it up.

    And also "What's the story?", "What's the craic?", which just means how are ya and what's going on...ah the Irish!

    1. haha never heard the first and last
      Using them would be a blast


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