Let's Fly Into The Sky!

In the movies and TV they are sure grand to see. One has been wanted by many for a while as they wish to fly a good long mile. But the thing with that is they are fake. I for one am glad they have yet to be made at any lake. And what am I going on about today? Why it's the flying car at my bay.

Wouldn't it be cool,
To fly around like a fool?
Many can't even drive right on the ground.
But surely such problems would no longer be found.

I mean it's a flying car.
With it you could travel far.
Not have a twisty road.
No need to crush a toad.

Forget the need to land.
Accidentally crushing some food stand.
I'm sure there is insurance for that.
If not, we'll keep that mishap under our hat.

No lines or roads at all.
We can twirl and have a ball.
Look another collision just took place,
Can I help it I want to fly all over to the rat race?

Pffft to the snow.
That no longer stops me when I want to go.
Besides it makes a nice cushy landing too.
When I try to land unable to view.

That powerline was in the way.
You can't expect me to watch out for that every day.
Those things are everywhere.
Hit one, what do I care?

Oops, bumped a building or two.
Sorry if I scared you.
Just pretend it was an earthquake,
The next time the building gives a shake.

At least you didn't have it rough,
Like the last one I left in a huff.
I went right through the window there.
But I only did that once, I swear.

Pfft to any plane.
I will get in their lane.
I can move faster than those things.
Did I just clip their wings?

Damn, that was all in just one day.
But at least I'll never drive into the bay.
Of course there I may crash,
But I'll make a big splash.

Yep, so glad flying cars have never been made and I hope such tracks are never laid. Nuts are bad enough with the constrictions on the ground. Let them loose in the air and many more problems would be found. Plus they would cost a lot of gas and this has just been another thought from my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Flying cars? Amazing I would say
    Well, it may just happen any day
    Pilot's licence?
    That's the essence
    The police will have a field day


    1. That is true
      They'd harass you
      With tickets galore
      At your shore
      Many would prob sue

  2. For some reason I love the idea of flying cars, I guess that comes from watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang when I was younger haha! No need for competition today, Hank is well on his way, congrats buddy!

    1. Exactly what I was thinking!

      Bang, Bang, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
      Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, We love you!

      haha...omg...now it's stuck in my head!
      Somebody help me!

    2. haha was not me this time
      With a chitty chitty bang bang chime
      Grab your spoon
      And sing the tune

    3. Me too. I used to dream of a flying car after seeing that film. But I was little and didn't think about power lines and such.

    4. Yeah none of us ever do
      At that point at our zoo

  3. Yeah, that would be grand alright! I do rather prefer to stay on the ground though...

    1. The ground is where I would stay
      Any old day

  4. Good Morning,

    flying cars, would be the rave
    but, better left for the brave
    as I think it might be scary
    all that traffic in the airways

    I wonder how this would work
    it certainly would have quirks
    and I might add some nice perks
    but, there will always be some jerk

    Would we need airbags all way around
    to save us in case we hit the ground
    oh, my and can you imagine the sound
    as everyone flies around...

    Interesting thoughts to ponder
    as I fly way over yonder..
    ascending and descending
    popping my eardrums
    as the engine hums...

    Wishing you and the cats
    a wonderful day..as you
    fly the sky with a smile

    don't forget to buckle
    up as the ride could
    get kind of wild as
    you try avoid air pockets..

    I now have the image
    of the Jetsons flying
    around in my head..

    so here is a line from Mrs Spacely - her quote..

    "Traffic is thicker than a cloud of meteors today"


    1. Har-ing away
      Now at my bay
      you can har
      While i get my flying car haha

      But yeah so much to ponder indeed
      And so much greed
      Would prob come due
      Along with the nuts at the zoo
      that surely not worth the time
      For it would add to many a crime
      Teleportation is the thing
      That we need at each wing
      Day is good
      Got massaged in my hood
      Oh so nice
      with insurance $3 was the price lol

    2. Sorry about the Har-ing
      but, I had to give it a try
      teleportation, what a
      mode of transportation
      we could be on Bora beach
      eating a juicy peach
      in no time at all..
      a massage in your hood
      that must have felt good
      and the price was nice..

      Hope you are enjoying your day..

    3. Yeah found a new bay
      Also today
      Get out of this hole
      That is the goal
      and with teleportation cars and such we'd barely need
      So it will never come due do to greed

    4. You found a new bay
      hip hip hooray
      hopefully it's not
      too far away..

      Do you know why my posts have those gaps..lol..
      sometimes they are there and sometimes they
      are not..

      I know your thoughts are deep
      but, do try and get some sleep

    5. nope only a hop skip and a jump away
      Makes moving easy at my bay
      Blogger just doesn't like you i guess
      those gaps happen off and on more or less

  5. Hmm....maybe for the snow, no never mind the white-outs would block the view of the power lines and hitting them would put people at risk of freezing (at least in my ridiculously cold state). One thing's for sure, your rhyme reminded me that I don't miss winter. ;)

    1. Yes winter sucks indeed
      Need to move south at every feed

  6. They would be fun if you had the only one

  7. I'm going to wait for teleporting but I better not hold my breath!

    1. Yeah that would be great
      Someone supposedly already did it at their gate

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. They're were too many typos in my writing here
      So I had to start fresh, as fresh as a new yar

    2. A typo a day
      Brings the grammar nazi to your bay

  9. I remember in the 1980's watching movies taking place in future years
    They all featured flying cars by now, no need for gears
    I guess those movies understimated our technological advances
    But what the heck, at least they took their chances

    1. Yeah funny to watch them now
      And raise an eye brow
      But maybe one day
      If we don't get blown away

  10. what
    i would total dig the jetsons gig
    at least then we have up n down
    to clear traffic, no not that up n down
    thats sick, in public & would stop
    traffic with the size of my buick
    it would probably help in the elements
    and no more nasty embankments

    1. First to I address
      You gutter confess? lol
      elimination is the key
      But when the crash and go into the sea
      Way less of a chance of surviving too
      So better off with the up n down at your zoo

  11. I just kept 'hearing' the Jetson's theme song and remembering that they never had any clouds, or just white puffy ones, I think? Now, let's order up that fun world! Oh, and their fun robots that did all the housework, yeah, I want the Jetson's world. lol

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. haha until the robots go all terminator on you
      Then what will you do?

  12. The Jetsons had it all figured out. Spacely's Sprockets were the bomb!!!

    1. They knew how to get it done
      But some nut here would fly into the sun

  13. And, Happy Summer!
    I'm here with my rummer!
    But it's filled to the brim
    with coffee for my caffeine whim!

    1. A pot before noon
      With it you swoon

    2. no...without it, I swoon.

    3. haha staring at it all day
      wishing it would come out and play

    4. um...that sounded realllly funny.

    5. LOL going to the gutter
      Want some butter?

    6. No..don't need any butter!
      would you get out of my mind? You're making me shudder!

    7. LOL only fair I return the jaunt
      After you were in my haunt

  14. Flying cars sound good, but ultimately it would be a bad idea.
    Now, get me one that teleports and we'll talk.

    1. Teleporters would be the best
      Unless they allowed in an unwanted house guest

  15. What a thought, ain't no bummer
    Fly around, fill your rummer
    Would be a thrill, would be so rare
    If you were the only one in the air
    With other cars, same old fuss
    I think I'd rather take a bus

    1. Yeah at least if you were to get hit
      They'd be the one crushed in it
      The bus less of a chance
      Away you'd prance

  16. Sorry, but you still have to watch-for-traffic, when flying. Not quite as bad as on the ground. But!!!!!!! It's harder to see 'em coming, up there.

    Speaking about, in a little Cessna, I mean.

    1. Bah just fly under and over
      Could be done by rover

  17. I, too, thought of the Jetson's... but you'd need so many air traffic controllers... doubt it'd be cost effective. It could solve the unemployment problem and bankrupt nations at the same time!

    1. Yeah it would never ever work
      Way too many a jerk
      But jobs a plenty indeed
      At least at the non bankrupt feed

  18. No need to crush Toad

    unless you're Bowser down the road

  19. hehe..
    so much clutter on road..
    what will happen in air...
    up up and away... hehe may be for forever :P

    1. Yeah some would go up up and away
      They wouldn't have a very nice day

    2. haha but a very very bad day :P

    3. that they wood
      In their hood

  20. Bumper cars in the sky?
    Makes me want to never fly!

    1. Yeah avoid we all will
      Crash into a landfill

  21. I think a flying car might be okay though!

  22. Hey Pat, A flying car would be totally cool, I would definitely be a flying fool. Reminds me of one of my fav cartoons "The Jetsons."


    1. haha everyone is agreed
      The jetsons are on today at my feed

  23. How would road-rage play out in the sky?
    Would one flip the bird with birds flying by?
    And scream out loud
    While in a cloud?
    Or catch a bee
    When driving over a tree?
    Or slam on the brake
    And fall into a lake?
    Maybe road rage is best when kept to the streets
    Where drivers can't perform such amazing feats.


    1. Yeah best to stay
      On the highway
      Where all they can do
      Is cause an pile up or two

  24. A car in the air's not a sight to see
    Hot air balloons instead for me
    Ah, to float gently in the breeze
    Unless allergies make me sneeze
    I could really love to fly
    But just too expensive to buy

    1. Hmm that would be fun
      To one day give a run
      Unless you were to crash
      Then I would be out of there in a flash

  25. orlin N cassie...ya dunno how manee times we thanx cod everee day ther iz noe flyin carz...flyin cars wood meen trips ta de vet in de flyin car N next thing ya noe ya look over inta de next lane N sure enuff ...

    damn burdz.....

    hay, hope everee one haza grate week oh end !

    1. hahaha you would be up close
      And personal with the burds in your flying house

  26. To fly in the sky
    sounds fine to my mind
    but reality is there
    and 'twould make
    me swear.

    To clutter the
    skies with folk
    and all their smoke
    my view would be
    blocked from the sun
    I love much.

    And on cloudy wet days
    to fly on a dare
    could end ones life
    and cause some strife.

    Hell that's what killed John Junior and he was an experienced pilot.

    1. Yeah just wouldn't do
      Without a flight crew
      No one thinks of the crap
      That happens flying across the map
      If it were to come to pass
      No sun means dead grass

  27. I'd fly high
    Up in the sky.
    No potholes there,
    Just pockets of air.
    A silky smooth ride;
    We'd take great pride,
    If no one else is there
    Up in the air.

    1. Yeah but all would join
      Drop the coin
      And get in the way
      You wouldn't have a nice day

  28. Shouldn't we have already had flying cars, per the folks who make Back to the Future? I'm sure glad they got that one wrong, because if that's how you plan on driving in the air, I don't want to have anything to do with flying cars lol.

    1. haha yeah glad they got it wrong too
      No need for nuts to be lets loose in the air at each zoo

  29. Hi! Pat Hatt, Miss Priss, and The Cat...

    Flying cars...Oh ! no, I can imagine some "nuts" trying to fly to mars ! Therefore, let us thank our lucky stars...
    ...That this idea didn't come to pass...Oh ! I just had a terrible thought what if in mid air the super flying car run out Of gas ! ha! ha !

    deedee :)

    1. haha yeah down they would go
      To the earth below
      Have to build in a censor bar
      That when low won't let it be a flying car

  30. I couldn't even imagine what it would be like for people to drive in the sky! I hope it never happens, or the human race will go extinct!

    1. Yeah I hope so too
      Would be bad for every zoo

  31. I can't even drive and flying cars is what they're talking about? Aren't planes enough?

  32. Shouldn't be a problem,
    if you wear the helmet,
    like in a movie "5th element"...

  33. i'd land on a food stand
    then be told to pound sand
    a man without a land
    with nothing planned
    forced to glad hand
    eventually canned
    at best bland

    1. Better tune up the band
      And never pound sand up that gland

  34. Happy summer! A flying car with sass...I like that! I hear they're making self-driving cars, so who knows what kind of vehicle technology would be available in 50 years. =)

    1. Yeah those things can bite me
      No way is a robot car driving at my sea

  35. Haha, a flying car
    Like in Back to the Future?
    You could travel through time
    And continue to rhyme
    In present and past
    It would be a blast! :)

    1. Yeah that would be grand
      Could then win the lottery in my land lol

  36. The Jetsons used to fly their car!! Maybe you don't remember the Jetsons. They used to talk on phones where you could see each other and talk also... Now look, we can do that.

    1. Yeah I remember that
      I hope no flying cars come to our mat

  37. It would lead to mass confusion and accidents


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