Open Your Purse To dVerse!

It is time the cat showed dVerse how to make some real dough and not just have some silly tip jar at their show. So I suppose I will rip off them today here at my bay.

Hi, my name is Orlin the rhyming cat.
And I am running the dVerse mat.
Poetry to me means many things.
It can give words wings.

It can even confuse the masses,
And knock some on their asses.
Dumbfounded humans isn't that uncommon though.
Just look around your show.

You can see them painting a wall.
You can see them crawling down a hall.
Did I mention naked people were there?
Which one? Use your imagination at your lair.

But all in all what it means,
To many you see on computer screens.
Is that one is nice and broke.
Yep, one broke bloke.

How else can they see,
All this misery?
They must be all down in the gutter,
Literally, as they sit and mutter.

Watching the world go by,
With their one good eye.
Typing on Windows 95,
With dial up at some food court hive,

With their one good arm.
The other works like a charm.
To hold up the antenna to get a signal to come near.
They even wrap it around their ear.

Dumpster diving is a sport.
More exercise than a basketball court.
Line ups for the best view,
Of all the caged animals at the zoo,

Are fought over every day.
Inspiration from a caged display,
Seems to be all the rage.
But then they scribble on a newspaper page.

Between the black and white.
That gives them another idea each night.
As they literally read between the lines,
To meowing, stray, horny felines.

Then they have to eat,
Their work for a treat.
I hear it tastes sweet,
But nothing like meat.

So grab your purse,
And help out dVerse.
Forget the linky thing,
Let the money fling.

See isn't the cat helpful today? For all the poor poets on display. Wait, that could be me. Better yet, forget the dVerse sea and just give all to the cat. Leave it under my door mat. Wallets are excepted too. They just don't rhyme with dVerse at my zoo. So dVerse hosting has come to pass from my ever so helpful little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Late in, Hank AND JOHN have put me in the bin

    1. Have to be fast
      Or they'll make you a thing of the past

  2. Between the good and the bad
    They would all have been had
    There and here
    At d'Verse cheer
    Rightly fooled by Orlin the Cat


    1. The cat can fool
      And doesn't drool
      He is great
      Just his fate
      Unless he has a loose stool

  3. haha oh you sure captured what some revel in

    1. I tried too
      Scary to have to live in such a zoo

  4. To be honest Pat it sounds like a lot of imagination was put into this post never mind just into this naked people being in there. Funny post Pat, great stuff buddy.

    1. Bah didn't have to stretch too far
      It goes on and on at my bar haha

  5. know..i can't type properly because i have to hold up the antenna...smiles... not kidding...when i was a kid, we didn't have much money and when i wanted to paint i always searched for blank space in newspaper ads to fit in my paintings in between...and that is no joke..smiles..plenty of paper to jot down my poetry now...luckily...i would write them with chalk on the boardwalk otherwise...smiles

    1. haha geez still have that antenna around
      I hope not lightning is found
      and made due to find a place for art
      Nicely done at your cart

  6. I now officially never want to be a poet and I know it

  7. ha. i think i am glad i dont have to hold an antenna up at my pad...we did when i was young, and we were the remote control too...hey, you go change the channel...aint quite broke but...smiles.

    1. Having to get up to change the channel cannot be
      That must have been so horrible at your sea lol

  8. What about catnip? Will he accept catnip?

    1. If it is the high end stuff
      He will accept it and even give you a puff

    2. Orson only likes "home-grown" catnip. Hates the store-bought stuff.

    3. Organic is all the cat goes for
      Cassie is way more picky at our shore

    4. My cats like catnip of any kind!
      One whiff and they're rolling around on their behinds.

    5. haha mine eat it most days
      I guess it is such a craze

  9. My dad used go twist the roof antenna, look down and shout
    "How's it look now?" when the tv signal would go out
    And wow how I remember the big deal of Windows 95
    Made every computer geek feel extra alive

    1. Yeah windows 95 sure was the change
      That started all the computers at each range
      LOL that must have been a pain
      Damn antenna at your lane

  10. Well, now aren't you being clever
    in your poet describing endeavor
    sounds like you pegged them all pretty well
    and I think this post was really swell!

    1. Got them pegged
      Even being chicken legged haha
      Thankfully I'm just a nut
      Rhyming away at my hut

  11. My husband's aunt lives in a neighborhood full of houses w/those old big antennas on the roof. I'm amazed their weren't more injuries with those big humongous things up there.

    1. Yeah you'd think people would get stabbed or fall
      But they did what needed to be done to see the tube at their hall

  12. Ha, Windows 95.....what an antique, I say
    sort of like an Apple II e in someone's bay.

    ya once dial-up was the way to go
    we thought it was fast, little did we know!

    if dumpster diving is a sport I'll pass
    as I think I would encounter smelly gas,

    1. haha yeah so so old
      Wonder if any still grabs hold
      And uses it still
      Dial up would make me feel ill

  13. Memories have a way to conjure up many mirrors
    Oh the things of yesteryear
    that make us sneer
    Or,sometimes fill us with good cheer

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. I sneer at the days of slow
      And when i had a big lawn to mow

  14. Third World country gal
    We only had two channels that worked
    And it was a running joke about
    Twisting our bamboo antennae

    Now I'm grown
    Still poor and not rven a bamboo antennae
    Imagine if I was a poet

    1. Damn not even a bamboo antenna for thee
      That has to be annoying at you sea
      I mean you can't use it to beat people back
      When their mouth has a flap attack lol

  15. I'm glad my W95 with dial up days are over

    Cause I loved waiting 30 minutes for a web page to load

    1. Yeah that was sooo awful indeed
      So glad for the speed

  16. Boy, Windows 95 sure sound old now!

    1. Yeah only 18 years or so
      And still sounds like it is a 100 at ones show

  17. Being poor was all the rage
    When I was young no need to stage.
    But so was everyone in town
    And yet you never saw a frown
    They never knew that they were poor
    Oh what the hell, this is a bore

    An easy way to make some money
    Go out and find the perfect honey
    I made my money the old fashion way
    I married it but way the hey

    1. haha a bore you say
      Geez I made you nap at my bay? haha
      Yeah poor is fun as a kid
      Can play with a garbage can lid
      Doesn't matter much at all
      Nice job at your hall
      I look for a woman that is rich
      But all I find is a crazy umm witch haha

  18. My family wasn't exactly poor,
    But we knew not to ask for more.
    What we had was what we got,
    And we ate dry bean soup from the pot.

    1. Dig on in
      At your bin
      The more you scoop
      The faster you'll poop

  19. I remember when you had to get up to change the channel,
    still sends a shiver down my spine.

    1. haha yeah that was not fun
      But then back then I was like one

    2. Back then we children were the remote control for the adults.

    3. Yeah there was no need
      Call a kid and plant the seed

  20. Poets, money poor
    rich with words
    painting pictures
    on the canvas of my mind.

    With rhythm, cadence
    tattoos they beat
    and with currency trade
    ideas not things.

    1. Rather have currency to spend
      Then in the dumpster give a bend
      They can gawk
      While my money and I go for a walk lol

  21. poetry gives words wings. love that!

  22. Oh the tv antenna days
    How I hated them in so many ways
    And the picture was always so blurry
    Made me want to turn it off in a hurry

    1. One way to get kids away from the tv
      Make it nice and blurry

  23. Back when I was a kid my dad had us kids get up and change the channel for him. When you have kids, who needs a remote. lol

  24. Naked people did the cat say?/as long as they're fit, you've made my day! :-)

    It is summer, get a stunna! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. haha well you that is true
      Wouldn't be a bad view

  25. Windows 95 does sound kind of old, now that you mention it.

  26. If the audience is on windows 95 and have antennas round their ears the crowd seriously lack money. Pennies is all they have :-)

  27. orlin N cassie...ewe noe, now that we think bout it, nothin doez rhyme with wallet...knot one werd any way...

    de WALLET must be ORANGE carried by a WOLF sted oh a lite BULB ore a FIFTH oh whiskey while him wuz bein FILMED for de NINTH time by de nature channel !


    1. Wallet call it ball it
      Just have to have a split up befall it a bit

  28. Omy! Windows 95 sounds now really old!!

  29. I'll fill up my shot,
    With rum and some pop.
    Get drunk all summer?
    Non-compliance would be a bummer.
    So lets grab a stool,
    And fill up like fools.
    Then laugh at Sean Penn,
    Before I crawl back to my writer's den.

    1. But then you won't write
      Just sleep day and night
      So better forgo
      Letting the liquor flow

  30. Good thing I don't have to scribble between
    newspaper lines nor hold up an antennae to glean
    a sound or words for my post ~ Smiles ~

    1. haha yeah that would take forever
      And not be a fun endeavor

  31. Between the black and white
    I cannot sleep at night
    always thinking of a word to write
    that's my plight or is it
    my secret delight..

    A poet is a dreamer
    a schemer of words
    I know it sounds absurd
    but, at least I have
    high speed..

    PS - A package came for me today
    two books I did order at your bay
    Tune at High Noon was a blast to read
    so many characters seen on your screen
    I laughed with delight as I saw them
    in a new light..and I saw grumpy goo too

    Zombie Man Feared to Cheered
    he wore a mask and a cape
    he's not without a heart
    (he has duct tape) lol..

    My hat is off to Pat and his cat
    well done my's 3 cheers..
    or perhaps, you would enjoy 3 beers..

    1. Yeah surely been there
      Many a night at my lair
      But have to try and shut it down
      So sleep can come due at your town
      And yeah no dial up at all
      Here at my hall
      Thank god for that
      Would be hated by the cat

      haha thanks a ton
      Glad they were enjoyed under your sun
      As grumpy goo
      Guarded the loo
      And with duct tape along for the ride
      He can sure take pride
      I'll take the cheers
      Not a fan of beers
      Used to be the rum
      But liquor is no longer consumed by my little rhyming bum

  32. Kind of like the thought of dumpster diving,
    not just jiving, the bend of stretch and good core workout
    would be cheaper than my current blob out

    1. haha yeah it would be cheap
      But up your arms the germs may creep

  33. Not to go off topic, but we are going to do just that. Your header is cool and reminds us of the moai on Easter Island.

    1. Going to have fun
      With another contest run
      Just noticed the header under our sun?
      Were you hiding under the bed when you came for fun lol

    2. No, we noticed it long ago but its been up for a while and you like to mix it up, so we thought we better say something soon. Of course it WOULD be like the mom to not notice something really obvious . . .

    3. haha yeah the humans can be kinda slow
      I think it is about time for a new one at our show

  34. We're pretty sure
    All poets are poor
    They need side work
    Play Captain Kirk?
    Be a soda jerk?
    I'm sure there's a perk
    For pawparazzi who lurk!

    1. Yeah take in the view
      Of a camera crew
      Or poor you
      Catching you while you use the loo

  35. do you take credit card?

    Maybe i should do a rhyming appeal for donations
    so i can create masterpieces for the coming generations!

    1. That could hit the mark
      And donations it could spark
      I take credit cards too
      Just swipe them on Pat's arm and payment will come due lol

  36. Maybe we could barter! I have a garden coming in and we can swap vegetables.

    1. haha well that isn't bad
      To swap at ones pad

  37. Got sidetracked reading the remarks !
    Enjoyed your poem...
    rhyming is not my specialty so really enjoy
    your poem.

    With their one good arm.
    The other works like a charm.
    To hold up the antenna to get a signal to come near.
    They even wrap it around their ear.

    ....remembering that it was wrapped around one's ear with
    aluminum foil ! And the kids working as a remote...another
    precious memory...can't imagine how many times the knob was broken from turning too fast ! Can hear my dad's voice ..."slow down or you'll break it again"! Of course I don't know what we were searching for back in the day...not many channels to choose from !
    finally...would catnip...home grown, organc, not inhaled
    by Mr Pussum's, work for ye cat? Organic Farmers approved.☺

    Thanks for the trip back in time.

    1. haha never knew about the knob
      Must have been annoying to try and watch what about bob
      Glad it was a fun trip
      My little rhyming blip

  38. That cat is a liar
    if he doesn't aspire
    to more than chump coins
    that enliven his loins
    cuz poets are cheaper
    than a greedy grim reaper
    who always collects
    from kings and rejects
    there's no credit in hell
    nor paper as well
    your cash better not fold:
    Orlin only takes gold

    1. haha that works for me
      Forget the typical forms of money
      Just give the gold
      Then I'll grab hold


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