Shining Through The Crack At My Shack!

Why do people say such things at their wings? Don't they comprehend what they say? You humans are a strange bunch I will say. For with all your sayings and such you can surely confuse much.

Up at the butt crack of dawn.
Is this some kind of con?
I see no crack in the sky,
Although pigeon shit does fly.

Are you telling me that is one big crack,
From above on the attack?
Or are you really saying,
With your sun praying,

That all women named Dawn,
Even if living with Tron,
Get up the same time as you,
And have their butt crack in view?

That could  be a perk,
And make one smirk.
Unless of course its the size of a house,
Then you'd go blind no matter how close.

Or is something up literally the butt crack of Dawn?
Does she have worms from the lawn?
Maybe a grass stain or two?
And who the heck is there to view?

I guess that left you all cracked up?
Did your cheeks move as you spit in your coffee cup?
I hope you don't cackle,
Then your voice may crackle.

Could step on a crack,
And break your back.
That is quite the load.
Don't know if one can even crack this code.

Maybe one needs to crackdown,
On such sayings in human town.
And whack some upside the head,
For ever getting out of bed.

Then they'd never see the  butt crack of dawn,
And wouldn't be the sayings pawn.
Leaving the cat having a nice day,
And not having to think of the sun's butt crack at his bay.

Or maybe it will slip through the cracks,
And keep being said at shacks.
Forever going on their attacks,
Looking at Dawn's butt crack in packs.

All from one little saying came what is displaying. My, what the cat can do here at his zoo. But it is true, makes no sense as the sun has no gazoo. But I guess not much does with you humans anyway at any time of the day. Next the moon will have gas worse than my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot Yeamie
      Thanks JWC and Manzi
      For the moral support
      And making things hot
      From tomorrow am taking a rest
      Wishing you all the best


    2. Congrats Hank
      10 times in a row, your #1
      Often pays to get up with the sun
      While your away, get a good rest
      When you return to face another test.

    3. Congrats on ten
      At my den
      Right on time
      With every chime

  2. Hank is number one at your den and I think that brings him up to a mammoth number ten! Absolutely amazing stuff, well done Hank! Speaking about amazing, this rhyme is great Pat, especially since I'm literally just up so I can relate and feel that waking up early hate.

    1. Yep right on top
      With ten at the #1 hop
      And getting up can be bad
      If no sleep was had

  3. Getting up early in the morning makes you tired far too early at night. I know because I live that life. ;)

    But (butt?) rather the sun than a moon I'd like to see, especially if the latter refers to anatomy.

    1. Yeah that would be quite the sight
      Surely bring a fright
      And yeah getting up early makes bed come
      All the sooner for ones tired bum

  4. There are lots of cracks
    Easily for one to detect
    Get cracking
    And be seeing
    Or that will set you back

    P/S A limerick this time

    1. Limericks are grand
      Have to get cracking in my land

  5. ruined dawn for me
    for when i see the sun rise
    now i'll think of the butt
    of a cow, cover my eyes and scream
    ow ow ow luckily i had no coffee
    in my mouth so the computer did not
    go pow pow pow

    1. hahaha sorry about that
      Now you can always curse the cat
      And no spitting coffee is good
      In your hood

  6. There are some butt nuts who hang around here
    Who like to rhyme when butt dawn's crack is near
    They're jolly good people who jest in good taste
    Having a droll time to get in your face

    1. And with an embrace
      Away from the rat race
      At a steady pace
      Straggle them with a shoe lace lol

  7. I giggled at "butt crack of Dawn" ~
    I don't get up so early during weekends
    would rather take it easy
    and not break my back ~

    1. Yeah that is the way to be
      Never hurt your back, sucks, trust me

  8. LOL. I knew this would be a post, to "watch out for." -grin- tooo much temptation to use butttttttttttttttttttt crack.

    1. haha yep as soon as the crack
      Came on the attack
      That you knew
      Would be quite the view

  9. When I saw the title I wasn't sure?
    Which crack will he head for?
    Either one is sure to cause trouble
    Will it be the one that causes you to see double?

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. Nope not that one
      Unless it is truly had by the sun

  10. butt crack of dawn....maybe if the sun rises and a mountain peak is in between it might look like a butt? A shiny butt?

  11. I love to learn where phrases originate
    I read about them and even stay up late
    Some of the origins are funny as hell
    If people knew some of the origins, they would surely yell

    1. Yeah some of them are grand
      Across the land
      Funny to see
      Where they started in history

  12. Silly cat!
    Look up the meaning at your flat!
    It's always fun to play a word game
    and see from wince it came!

    the word "crack" in old english is used to mean a moment in time. For example, "I'll be with you in a crack."

    The Crack of Dawn literally means, the exact moment that the sun rises.

    And there you have it without any disguises! lol....

    1. LOL but that is no fun
      Crack had to be given a run
      Going all spoiler on me
      Geez how rude of thee lol

    2. hahaha...but you couldn't spoil the clouds for me,
      seeing a butt crack floating in the sky above me?
      No, I'd rather see elephants above my zoo
      even if everyone thinks I'm a loon.

    3. haha being a loon is fun
      Cloud spoiling will never come with all the ones you find under your sun

  13. What I hate is men who let their pants hang down so low you can see the top of their butt crack. Spare me!! For us it was always 'step on a crack, break your mother's back,' and I do this now with my granddaughter as well! And as for the 'butt crack of dawn' I generally see it, LOL, as I am an early riser!

    1. You get mooned every day?
      That must be a delight at your bay haha

  14. Oh Cat look what you've done
    you've gone and added butt crack to dawn
    would that be the time the moon still shines
    and the sun just starts to rise..I dare
    not look at it's behind, a disturbing vision
    this crack of division...yikes..
    it's funny about stepping on cracks
    I still do not like to do it today
    I guess I'm afraid of breaking backs
    what a clever word attack
    the sun is golden yellow at my bay
    so, I intend to enjoy each bit of ray
    hope you do the same and hooray for a new day...

    Plan to get myself in a pool of blue..and drift away..

    1. Nice plan indeed
      Wish one was near my feed
      Instead stuff in a hot crap hole place
      But such is my pace
      And not a vision you would like?
      Could be fun to watch as you hike lol

    2. Pat,

      Don't you live near the sea
      or do you live in the woods
      I'm not sure but either way
      seems like it would be good
      hiking or swimming both agree
      with me..but, it is really
      hot here today..must be 90 degrees
      so I need to cool off you see
      well, if you were closer we
      could take a dip and a sip of tea

      PS I tried to get you books but, saw they were for the kindle and I have a no books I took, but may order a few hard copies for a friend of mine her kid's birthday is coming up and I know he would like these rhymes.

    3. Yeah live near the sea
      But it is a 2 hour drive and that costs gas money lol
      Hot like that here today too
      Here at my zoo
      Can hike around as well
      But in the crummy city I dwell
      So none of that
      Thanks a ton if you order any from the cat

    4. Oh, that is too bad you don't live by the sea
      but, hey I don't live by one either..actually
      about 5 minutes from the city line.
      yeah, that gas cost money and the tax man
      wants his share...

      good night..try and get some rest..if not I guess
      you'll be up at the crack of dawn..smiling...

    5. A little passed the crack of dawn
      Is when I got up at my lawn

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. The plumber's crack is pretty whack

      too many disgusting ones at Walmart's shack

    2. hahaha that there are
      Avoid such a crack bar

  16. By cracky you nailed it Pat!

  17. Some sayings are down right strange, it's true.

  18. A sun's butt crack beats seeing another as you awake, depending of course

    1. That is true
      Except if a nice one is in view

  19. Kinda got butt cracks on the mind today, huh? Duct Tape.

    1. Duct tape works for all
      Here at my hall haha

  20. Saw my mates butt crack once, had to use Dettol to clean my eyes!

    1. LOL must have been an awful sight
      Hope your eyes made it out alright

  21. donna's comment..duct tape just fixes everything...smiles

    1. Duct tape all around
      A fix can easily be found

  22. Ha! I say that all the time!

  23. I'd rather avoid butt cracks and dawn altogether.

    1. Yeah it would be nice
      But have to pay the 9 to 5 price

  24. Happy dawn for you Cat,
    hope yours won't get a crack
    every day at sunset...

    1. Yeah no need for a whack
      That would be a rude attack

  25. And then there's the plumber's crack
    Who I hope doesn't come back. :-)

    1. haha not a sight
      One should see in any light

  26. You know they sell crack cream that would work for that butt crack!

    1. Big enough for the sun?
      That would cost a ton

  27. Reminds me of that awful plumber
    Which is really quite a bummer

    1. Not something one would want
      As it would surely haunt

  28. You know you know what I'm saying
    Overused expressions keep me baying
    And the end of the day
    What can I say
    Put you where the sun don't shine
    I've reached the bottom with this rhyme...

    1. haha that would stink
      I'd rather go to an ice rink

    2. Go to the rink
      Would make you think
      Become a Canuck
      Stanley Cup? No luck!

    3. Nope not a chance
      Must be in a trance
      For with that cup
      Always a hiccup

  29. I can honestly say I've never thought about that idiom. Maybe because I will do anything to avoid getting up early :)

  30. Dawn has a crack;
    Crack gives a buzz.
    I'd give one crack a smack -
    But Smack's not Crack
    And never was.

    1. All high and mighty today
      Making me think at my bay
      Nice word play
      I will say

  31. I'm not a huge morning person and the next time someone tells me I should enjoy a sunrise, I should refer them to your poem!

    1. haha send them my way
      Then with the crack they can play

  32. And yesterday I was thinking how writers are told to steer clear of the 'cliche' but almost every damn song is written around just that. Drives me crazy sometimes. And truth be told, I get up at the crack of dawn almost every day. :) will never look at that phrase again the same way!

    1. Yeah they are in every damn thing
      Even those people sing

  33. Not a fan of dawn, but will never look at it the same way again.

  34. My stepsister's name is Dawn. Someone used to leave her notes about waking up in the crack of Dawn. She wasn't amused, but we all found it funny.

    1. hahahaha I can see how it wouldn't amuse her at all
      But funny for everyone else at your hall


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