Strike It Rich With This dVerse Glitch!

The cat has found it for one and all. The way to get rich at every hall. It is so easy too. That it is something all can do. Never fear it is not even one bit dVerse so you won't have to curse. It is not perverse but you may have to run after you fill your purse.

The lottery you say?
Pfft forget that at your bay.
Some sweepstakes too?
Pfft no one will knock on the door at your zoo.

Nope, you have to take the easy way.
No casinos or scams at your bay.
There is only one thing to do,
Hire an accountant at your zoo.

Yep, go to the nearest wanted site.
Don't worry, it will be alright.
Everyone you find on there,
Is on the up and up, I swear.

Then just let them go to town.
They will get you a golden crown.
You will be rolling in dough,
So much you will even glow.

I am telling you the truth,
It happened to the brother of a friend of a cousin of a horse owned by Ruth.
Did you follow all of that?
Neither did the cat.

But it is the best deal around,
And it is so sound.
For it is amazing what they can do,
And find money for you.

You will be able to buy a new car,
And go some where far.
Heck, just borrow a car,
Save your money for the bar.

Just get one of those medal rods,
And do some head nods.
Stick it in the door,
And cruise away to some far off shore.

With your borrowed car and money,
You will live some place sunny.
No extradition is just a perk,
Something to leave you with a smirk.

So hire an accountant today,
From some place like ebay.
I bet you will get a sweet deal.
The money he finds will be unreal!

The cat just had to go there at his lair after watching a few believe what their so called accountant did was true. Oh we're getting tons of money back. Whoops, now they have to pay in with interest at their shack. Bravo, at your show. At least you could go to that private island first class and that is all from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. A new rising star
      Seen by wise ones from afar

    2. Hank may have his streak
      Sent up the creek

    3. i think i supported you in this quest by commenting late..yes

    4. Pfft could excuse
      Such abuse

  2. Yeah, people should think twice where they hire from, unless they want the irs on their rump.

    1. Yeah having those on your rump
      Would leave quite the lump

  3. My Hubs is in Atlantic City Right now trying to strike it rich!

    1. You never know
      I have won gambling a bit way back when at my show

  4. You can call me Gump,
    If on this advice I jump!

  5. My account made me rich... oh wait, I don't have enough money to need an accountant. ;)

    We downloaded two of your books on the Kindle the day you were giving them out (I felt greedy not paying but couldn't resist 2). Now I am on the fence w/a fave. It was the Swashbuckle Chuckle (seems the first one you read is always a fave), but now I loved Zagonk too! My son was crazy over Boo, but when he saw Bug in the Rug he wanted to read that one again. Not sure what his fave is and he won't say. I suspect he likes them all equally. He really loves that I let him keep reading them and stay up late. He's going to be tired today at school. ;)

    1. haha never fear
      Not enough is made by my rear
      So I can do it myself
      At my shelf
      And glad he likes them all
      The Honk of Zagonk and The Swashbuckle Cjhuckle are two that seemed to be liked the most at my hall
      Along with the cat ones
      Tarsier Man also seems to be having a few runs
      Nice to hear
      Hope in the morning he isn't dragging his rear haha

  6. Sadly way too many people trust such things as craigslist

  7. Check credentials, people! And work with someone you can see eyeball-to-eyeball.

    1. A simple lesson all should use
      Yet they fail to light such a fuse

  8. haha hire him off ebay you say
    well i am sure he'll be high qualit-ay
    i usually look on the bathroom wall
    at the courthouse stall
    i mean crooks should know
    for services who to go to
    right? cyke

    1. haha well much can be learned
      as out a message is churned
      On the bathroom wall
      But brain cells usually fall

  9. If an accountant can do all this then it seems like I've been missing out on a trick Pat, I'd love to have one of these bad boys myself.

    1. And you may end up in jail
      Don't go down that trail

  10. Thanks for the excellent advice. I will get right on this as soon as I finish the FREE seminar I signed up for yesterday that GUARANTEES me millions in the real estate market flipping houses!!!!

    1. WOW count me in too
      After my make millions from selling manure course is through

  11. ......Get a metal rod and do some head nods...hahahaha
    Right. Ebay is the place to look
    If you want to get a crook
    Get rich overnight, straight from the horses mouth
    They take your money and then go South
    OR invest in real estate, it's a bubble
    When in breaks, you're in trouble.

    1. And a ton of hassle too
      That real estate wazoo
      can always find a crook
      As they try to bait the hook

  12. Yep there's no such thing as a free lunch
    Shortcuts will get you in a troublesome bunch
    As if hiring an accountant will make money magically appear
    Those people must have brains in their rear

    1. That they surely must
      As they easily trust
      Seen it a time or two
      Better off trusting the loo

    2. Hahahaha
      Keith and Pat
      This is a good one
      Made me laugh!!!!!!!

    3. haha at least you already know
      The loo is full of crap at your show
      So you can trust that
      Such a wise cat

  13. If it sounds too good to be true,
    it IS too good to be true.
    Nothing comes for free
    that's what I see.........

  14. My husband the CPA would smile at this
    He cannot understand their silliness
    He shakes his head as they refuse his advice
    And yet each year they moan and groan
    As to why they lack and need a loan
    As for me, well guess who owes?
    Yeah, we take every bit home!

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. haha yeah they refuse
      And then they lose
      Nice to take every bit home
      Don't know what tat is like at my dome haha

  15. sddddddd\saaaaaaaaaaaaaa]'

    that was from Jack
    doing the keyboard attack.

    1. haha hope he doesn't eat the keys
      Or give them fleas

    2. He doesn't chew,
      just walks across a few!

    3. Lucky you
      As the cat chews at my zoo

    4. Nugget does enough of that
      for all 15 cats! ha.

    5. haha at least he doesn't chew on a cat
      Hawking up his own hairball at your mat

    6. He has a taste for electrical cords
      and has really been chewing them up! Good lord!

    7. haha that must be a pain
      Surprised there is no fried bunny at your lane

  16. A sure thing - those hawkers fling-
    A way to get rich - without sewing a stitch....

    Your note on extradition is exact, Pat,
    avoiding exhibition is a nact, in fact.

    From bankers in Nigeria
    to Princes in Siberia,
    it seems the rest of the world has money to give.
    Sometimes it's difficult to see
    how they could ever suspect me
    as one who might desire their wealth to live.

    I'm as happy with poverty
    as you are with cat's snobbery
    so I veiw their pleas as so much flutter.
    If I ever need to feel rich,
    (and this works without glitch)
    I'll just spice my nightly rice with butter!

    1. That may make your stomach squirm
      Like drinking the worm
      But it would sure be more wise
      The listening to their cries
      Yet so many do
      Thinking riches will come due
      Instead the get more dread
      Sleeping on the floor, losing their bed
      Face to face is the way to be
      When using such services at ones sea

  17. I think the last thing I'd want to do is win a lot of money is a public way like a lottery. Too many leeches out there.

    1. Oh yeah that would surely suck
      But I'd run away so those leeches would be shit outta luck

  18. "Unreal" money, I have enough!
    Monopoly money is just the stuff!
    If ever I should come into lots of dollars,
    maybe then I'll give accountants lots of hollers!
    Until I'm rich and in the money,
    I'll save for a cloudy day and it will stay forever sunny :}

    1. Yeah that I have a ton
      Here under my sun
      Sadly it isn't a perk
      As it does not work
      I try to pay for more than Boardwalk
      And all they do is stand and gawk

  19. When something looks too good to be usually is. I love your spin on this :)

    1. Love to give a spin
      On many a thing at my bin

  20. Ha ha ...I was reading this while you were visiting me :)

  21. HA! There is no such thing as free kibble!

    1. Well there could be
      Might it might not be kibble between you and me

  22. ha - the thing with the quick and easy money never seem to work out really well.

  23. I dated an accountant once...I am still not sure what they do but I believe they sit in a room full of money and just count it.

    1. That is all they pretty much do
      Play with other peoples money at their zoo

  24. Sadly, I cannot afford an accountant!

    1. Well then you are safe at your sea
      From such misery

  25. loterry would be nice to win

    unless it's the loterry in that book with the same name

    wouldn't play that game

    1. Yeah I'd run from that one
      No stones needed by the ton

  26. Get rich quick?
    What a hoot.
    No one on e-bay's
    Gonna earn you loot.
    Their means might soar like a rocket,
    'Cause they use YOUR money to line their pocket.

    1. Yep they are the only ones
      Going on shopping runs
      Getting richer by the day
      As you sink in the bay

  27. Brains in their rear, better trusting a loo...
    Laughed so hard, looked like a cuckoo!
    Oh, the funny things some believe,
    Oh, the plots some greedy folks weave!

    1. Yeah a con can sure weave
      A scheme out their sleeve
      And don't go too cuckoo
      Although a little is fine for you to do haha

  28. My accountant never returned my call about my tax returns, so I had to do it on my own. I screwed up, to my disadvantage in a major way. Fortunately, the government (who I trust no more than I trust EBay) reimbursed me. Phew. I think I'll go at it alone from here on out, in more ways than one.


    1. haha yeah that trust issue is sure deserved
      As they take you cash and keep it reserved.
      Glad you got some back though
      Enjoy all those ways at your show

  29. Yes those accountants can easily
    whipped up the numbers like a daisy ~

    Happy Tuesday Pat ~ Smiles ~

    1. That they can each day
      Could add more to ones pay

  30. Here in the land of the mighty Pound
    the road to riches is easily found;
    to get loads of cash in this country
    all you need to do is become an MP.

    1. I think that is all around
      As many of them here are found haha

  31. Hide extra money
    at home
    and forget..
    play money hunt -
    you won't regret

    1. Used to do that all the time
      Was rather sublime

  32. orlin N cassie.....

    ruth's ponee called runnin for gold wuz inn deed owned by de accountantz brotherz husbandz best friendz frum his momz gram mawz aunt...noe wait..unklez ....side of de familee bee a small werld after all huh ;)

    1. Yeah oh so small
      You forgot pet dolphin with your call haha

  33. It seems I've won the Nigerian lottery......again!!!!

  34. "You won't believe how much moeny they found me!"
    Yeah, maybe because it's unbelievable!

    1. That it is indeed
      One better always take heed

  35. I do hate receiving those get rich quick email scams. ugh.

  36. My daughter is best friends with a girl who's parents are both accountants. They have yet to find me some extra money though :(

    1. Damn you are out of luck
      Maybe they'll give you a new truck?

  37. My sister in law is an accountant but she can't help me find any extra

    1. All these ones can't do it
      No wonder ebay is a hit

  38. Imagine hiring an accountant from Ebay, LOL!...I hear good things about Quicken, in case anyone wants a recommendation.

    1. Yeah that can get it done fast
      Making it a thing of the past

  39. Haha, a magic accountant, you say
    Could bring lots of money to your bay?
    Methinks it's too good to be true, Pat
    Can't quit your day job just yet :)

    1. Nope stuck with the 9 to 5
      I'll never get out alive

  40. So, cat this is what you have to share
    a lesson in buyer beware..
    make sure your accountant is certified
    perhaps, gets some testimonials
    find one on ebay you say, I say nay
    there are a lot of get rich quick fixes
    but, they usually land you in a ditch
    with no car as you try to hitch

    The sweepstakes is just a way to get you
    to buy magazines galore, with the promise of more
    why, is it the people who win, are always living
    in those big houses?????

    Interesting food for thought, but that is what
    you do best..putting all these gimmicks to the test
    I guess we could run our own contest or protest..
    what do you think cat, which is best..

    Hope you are having a good day at your bay
    mine was very busy today...

    1. Dropping back to wish you a hearty congrats..
      you know you are the rhyming king..and I like
      you best when you sing your looney tunes..

    2. Well if i get all the money
      I'll move to some place sunny
      The all the contest entries will be screw
      Boy, would that be rude haha
      And yeah have to watch each one
      As they are given a run
      A load of crap
      Is what they flap
      Big houses look great
      For the ad plate
      So they use those
      To hope their scam grows
      Congrats for what?
      same old same old at my hut
      but I am always crazy
      Never lazy

    3. Congrats - check out blog hopper at might be surprised at what you find..but, it is you just being wonderful you..

    4. You mean at the post
      Over at MJ's coast
      Saw that there
      So I am aware

    5. Ok,glad you are aware
      and not a hungry bear
      who catches trout
      while he's out and about..

      hahaha..ok, I just had to do that..sorry

    6. haha have to eat
      Such a treat
      So i can hibernate
      When snow comes back to my gate haha

  41. I need a magic accountant. Can you send one of those my way?

    1. Check out ebay
      Could get one for cheap that way

  42. Striking it rich
    With a longing wish
    Not that easy
    Plain to see!


    1. Yeah not easy at all
      Can even seen the writing on the bathroom wall

  43. If it sounds too good to be true
    You know what you should do
    Run, don't walk, the other way
    Before you're the one who has to pay

    1. Yeah run run and run some more
      Go relax at the shore

  44. Trying to ruin my dreams of winning the lottery or winning it big in a casino. You're terrible.

    1. Well you do stand a better chance at the second one
      Have fun!

  45. Getting rich..
    everyone's dream :P
    only if it was easy

  46. Some accountants can be crooks,
    so 'very carefully' should one look;
    and it's only worthwhile if one has funds,
    sadly not me, for I have none!!

    Liked your poem, Pat!


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