Strike That Itch As Whoopdi Friggin Doo Helps You Get Rich!

So Robbie Raisin here with the Whoopdi Friggin Doo news of the day coming near. Don't change that dial, for we are going to show you the oh so vile. If you are able to track them down. You may get enough dough to go out on the town. Just remember to send a kickback to me should you collect the bounty.


You could buy a house if you were to get more than close and nab all these bad guys. Don't fall for their lies. They will say anything to avoid jail. Just snatch them up and let them wail. And that is all the show we have for you today. Whoopdi Friggin Doo is all I have left to say.


Wow, the cat has to get his act in gear and find you all I fear. Such dough would be grand. Who knew there were such evil people in blogland? Each lad, cat and lass better watch out for my bounty hunting little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. good thing you got the number one spot today

      it would been ironic otherwise I might say

    2. Yeah stuck to his name
      Snatching up number one adding to his claim

    3. Lucky again
      A second time
      And thanks!


    4. Not Outta luck
      With your the #1 comment you struck

    5. DO YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK? I think Hank is paying The Batcat to be first. Yep, so when Hank was late the other day and Pat had to cancel his date, I put one and one together... no cash means no date and no #1 spot.

      Shit I'm smart. No wonder I'm worth $10,000. And those had better not be Canadian dollars either.

    6. Sorry they are Canadian loonies I fear
      And pffft to that just rumors you hear

  2. Such dizzying heights from up there perched
    Consolation at least not the highest offered
    Otherwise bounty hunters
    Go for most rewarding first
    For the moment not likely the subject of search


    1. haha yeah you got a ways to go
      Before they come to your show
      Unless your bounty were to grow
      Then you may have to duck down low

  3. This is absolute quality Pat haha, funniest thing I swear that I've ever seen, Anne is my favourite one, for being a "blog slacker," really can't wait to hear Anne's opinion on that one, this is amazing!

    1. I'm struggling to work out why Betsy's a trash digger too haha, is it the auctioning???

    2. We shall see if she stops slacking
      And come here attacking haha

      Yeah she digs through the auction trash
      I guess she never got away in a flash
      And now wanted
      Forever she will be haunted

  4. 1 fecking cent, that's all for enough said, I'm going to cry and hide but who would look for 1 cent!!!!!

    1. I laughed when I saw that, Fran!

    2. LMAO I knew that would get a rise
      So had to do it under my skies

    3. yeah, and in Canada, that's worth...nothing?
      lol...poor Fran!

    4. haha we round up or down
      So yeah he'd frown

  5. Replies
    1. A smile is all we want
      Here at our haunt

    2. Allow me to quote someone you know very well: 'just threw up in (my) mouth a little bit, mushy stuff blah...' Source: CLICK!

      $10,000 $10,000 $10,000 $10,000
      Come and get it.... meow!

    3. haha and who is the one meowing around here?
      You are just crazy I fear

    4. It's the batcat in me
      Meowing for free
      As I swing from a tree
      With glee

    5. Mixed up again
      Guess it is that old age at your den

    6. I'm old and still not sold
      How will the story unfold?
      But it's a bit cold
      Do I come from a mold?
      How are you? Have they told?
      Am I nuts in my cave?
      Is it chocolate I crave?
      Or just dough
      Don't say no
      At your show
      Just say no

  6. You have outdone yourself Pat!!! This one's got braggin' rights fo' sho!!!! Hey, thanks for settin' my bounty fairly high. Glad to know I'm worth somethin' to someone.

    1. The cat's ego will wise indeed
      With this one at his feed
      And didn't even have to rhyme a ton
      I was going to, but would have been waaay to long a run

    2. Pfffffft don't make him, you know, Pat himself. (Wait... that sounds a bit disturbing.)

    3. haha that is a bit in the gutter
      But sure no one around here will stutter

    4. All you need to do is use that shutter
      And perhaps a bit of butter? :p

    5. Dirty talk are we using?
      That can be amusing

  7. For all Bounty Hunters I have known
    This is the classiest show in town
    For a fee they may be wanted
    From mass of elite, they are hunted
    BE CAREFUL they are dangerous crooks
    You'll find their names in all the books
    Let's go hunting, open the jail
    Collect the loot, hear them wail.
    (Pat, this is sooooo clever and the names are priceless)

    1. I think I screwed with your senses today
      As your rhyming is a tad off at my bay
      Unless an eye rhyme is what you went for
      Then it works at my shore
      But I'll get my trusty pellet gun
      And away we will run
      The names just pop in
      The more i learn at my bin

  8. Dude this is my new favorite blog post of ALL TIME
    Even more than all the ones that ryme
    I seriously cannot stop cracking up
    Yelping like a silly pup
    I do have a question though
    If I turn myself in, do I get the $1400 in dough??

    1. Nope, out of luck there
      If you turn yourself in it goes to the cop that books you at the cop shop lair
      But if you strike a deal with one
      You could split it under your sun
      The best of all time too?
      Damn I'll never top that at my zoo

    2. Hmmm well I suppose half is better than none
      So there will indeed be a deal struck under my sun

    3. But then you have to spend time in jail
      Unless you use it for bail

  9. Well Good Morning to you!

    This was great morning news
    bounties will come tracking
    come high or low, just for the dough
    I see I'm worth $1599.99
    for not robbing a bank (lol)
    A blabbermouth indeed
    I read it on the sign
    I said it before and I'll
    say it never
    seize to amaze me...

    I see my friend blue has
    a high price upon his head
    he better not go out,
    stay in bed...what do
    you think blue..don't
    leave any clues...

    Really, I know I talk too
    much but, hey what can I say
    I always have a word or two
    just for you...

    This was a grand display
    have a great day...

    PS - A new plan..we round
    them all up, collect the dough
    then it's off to Bora Bora land
    we can go...but, we will have
    to leave as fast as we can
    as I have a price on my head (lol)

    1. PS - I took my pic and posted it to my blog..I am guilty as charged but, gave you full credit for this deed in your land...

    2. The cat will have to be the one
      To turn them in under his sun
      Or the cops will grab you at first sight
      Have to tape your mouth shut day and night
      So no blabbermouthing can come due
      Duct tape is good for that between me and you lol
      As long as they don't hear you talk
      It will be safe to walk
      And then away we can go
      Of course around the world these criminals show
      So it may cost more to gather them all
      And I may have to turn you in at the cop hall
      Then take all the dough
      And away I'll go hahaha

      Adding to your wanted fame
      On your blog with your blabbering claim

    3. Well now, I feel a bit ashamed
      for all my blabbering..
      I did take the pic but, gave
      you full credit can I take
      in fact I am a criminal at your place
      well, bring the duct tape,
      I'll wear a cape and no one
      will know it is I trying to escape..
      I'll leave the plan up to you
      as it is your zoo..but, really
      if you ever get to bora bora land
      please take me with you..
      turn me in you say, hey I thought
      we both were going to bora bora land..
      now, I am crying and rather sad..

    4. LOL the cat will think of you
      When he's on the beach having a drink or two
      But when your sentence is done
      You can join him under the sun haha
      See should have went with the first plan
      Robbing a bank and stealing from the man
      I'll mail you a post card
      You can read when you aren't out getting exercise in the yard hahahaha

    5. haha - How much I wonder for the cat's head
      he is a criminal mastermind, it is said
      then, I will take the money..and split
      it with the other wanted..and we will
      all go to Bora Bora land and run around
      in the sand...

      I should have let the twin do her thing
      in and out on a wing..then I would
      be in bora bora land singing on a swing..

      Now, Robbie Raisin has everyone craving for
      the reward..there will be no place for us to, I guess we just keep misbehaving...

      PS - You have an amazing blog..oh so clever
      I wouldn't dare change the dial
      as you bring so many smiles...(laughing)

      I know I'm still blabbering..get the duct

    6. the duct tape is ready
      But can you hold your head steady
      And glad I can amaze
      As you come for a gaze
      Good way to look at it too
      If everyone is after you
      Just misbehave away
      What else are they going to say haha
      Should have let that twin do the dirty work
      Then bora bora would be the perk
      Instead you can blabber on from jail
      Such an epic fail
      And oh the things that go through Pat's head
      Criminal thoughts are there but put to bed haha

    7. Ok, one more quick one
      then I'll be done..
      tell Pat, I need a
      new plan, get me out
      of this land..I want
      to run barefoot in the sand..
      I'm sure he can help me escape
      he can use batman's cape
      I think I would like to
      visit Pat's
      that would be a trip..
      would it be like a
      comic strip..(lol)
      would I have to jump
      on his bed to see what's
      in his head..(lol)

      Now this feline needs some dinner..meow..

      see you tomorrow Pat and his crazy cats...

    8. Enjoy your dinner
      Eating it out of a can is a real winner
      Pat could come up with a plan for most anything
      As his muse does sing
      Could be criminal though
      And I'm sure he could break you out if he wanted to at his show haha
      The cat may scratch if you jump on the bed
      Unless of course he is fed

    9. TRUEDESSA!!!!!!!!!! Don't tell him I'm in my bed! Now he'll know where I'm at! And how come you know I'm in my bed will be his second question! Hello! There goes my blue butt! In jail!

    10. WHAT'S THAT I'M READING: 'You have an amazing blog..oh so clever..' Well, Cat, I guess it's time for you to quote yourself. Since you're so lazy, let me do it for you: CLICK!!

    11. hahaha hmm there is a loaded question or two
      I'd like an answer to the later at my zoo haha
      Pfft the cat is the best around
      No matter the clicks you try and send around

    12. @Blue...sorry, I spilled the secret you were in your bed..(dreaming)..that cat has put a price on our perhaps, it is better to hide in our bed..
      we need a plan to capture the cat..that will bring a lot of money to our flat..hahaha..we hold him for ransom...

    13. @blue - yes, the cat didn't get a blue rose..only you received one from me..a birthday gift to thee for the kindness you displayed..I'd gladly write it again..

    14. No rose for the Cat though he says 'he's the best around'
      If that is a fact, how come he sleeps on the ground?
      Could it be he is hoping for a bed all warm and filled
      A girl all meowy to tell him he's skilled?
      Of course I'm talking about writing a line or two
      Should we send him a zombie shoe?
      Should we put him in jail instead?
      Would his butt be worth silver or lead?
      Should we tell him he's got batcat wings
      That could take him all the way to Bora Bora things?
      Will he ever be as blue as me
      So you could send him a rose or three?
      Maybe he's just getting a bit grumpy too
      Getting older does that to you
      Or so I'm told
      I wouldn't know for I'm not old
      Okay let's just win the lottery and bring him along
      This is the end of my batcat song.

    15. haha hold be for ransom all you want
      For you will get laughed out of my haunt
      Might get a loonie or toonie i suppose
      Maybe some dirty clothes
      A zombie shoe would be fun
      here under my sun
      Then I could scare all away
      And have bora bora to myself at my bay

    16. hmmm..I say we play Blue's Blogger board game
      and see who gets to bora bora land
      a game of chance..just to get that dance
      I promise not to cheat, (hehe)
      but, if I do I'll be discreet
      then away I go with a window seat

    17. I'll use loaded dice
      The win and get there at half price
      You can have your window seat though
      As you travel by bus to some nearby show lol

    18. Travel by bus, no no no
      I get bus sick it's true
      took one to the city once
      and that was the end of that
      now, it's a train for me
      but, to bora bora we need
      a plane..if you get one
      for half price, then you
      take me..I promise to be trouble at all
      I'll put the kitty in a nice him a fancy
      collar and dish...what
      do you think can I
      have this
      I need a genie in a bottle..

    19. We all need such a bottle I suppose
      Would cure a lot of woes
      And i suppose that would work for the cat
      But bus sick at your mat?
      Is the train that different of a thing?
      I guess, hate buses anyway at my wing

  10. Those are hilarious!!! Hey, the Ninjas ripped off me. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    1. hahaha the ninjas may not take too kindly to that
      May raise the bounty at my mat

  11. ha i am with the optimist
    ther eis money to be made in this
    like bets i was a repo man
    wonder if i can repo a man
    nah nah i wouldnt do that to friends..


    1. haha pull out your old repo bag of tricks
      And you could have plenty of golden bricks

    2. Brian, how about I repo you and you repo me.
      Then we'll split the money! ha.

    3. That is a good way to go about it
      And an even split

    4. that sounds like the trick to me...
      wonder if the cat has the clams to pay...

    5. I could charge it I suppose
      Or give it to you in crows

  12. LOL.....I can't remember when I have smiled so broadly!!
    I noticed that MY reward is the highest.....which obviously
    speaks to how sneaky I am in my criminal ways. I am
    going to try to capture that picture for my blog
    and give you credit, of course. LOL. Love it.

    1. OOPS, I see one reward higher than mine. Sigh! But second highest still isn't bad!!

    2. haha glad a good a big old smile
      As I went the most wanted mile
      Yeah you are second to the blue guy
      As he told a terrible lie haha
      Sneaky you are with all the dogs
      Giving the law brain fogs

    3. Hi Pat.... I just want you to know that I will be gone for a week with my daughter and my grandchildren. We are going to Disney World. This means I won't be visiting any blogs or posting any poetry for this time......I know you will miss me. (Smiles) And hey, your wanted poster looks cool on my site. And I also have some nice new pictures of the dogs.....LOL.

    4. haha enjoy your trip down in Disney World land
      Sure it will be grand
      Wanted and new pics of the dogs
      I guess it beats hogs

  13. LOL best blog post I have ever seen, Outdone yourself

    1. That is hard to do
      With all I've done at my zoo

  14. Replies
    1. Hopefully some spirits i can lift
      With such a gift

  15. Hilarious! Poor Fran, only worth a penny. I thought for sure I'd be worth zero after I saw that. Phew! $4500 isn't bad at all. Then you attack Anne for being a slacker. Rude! You must have searched high and low for that picture, cat. I haven't used it in over a year ha ha.

    1. A mystical cyclops can fetch a high price
      After all one can use it to scare away mice
      Decided to pick on Fran today too
      And that pic was easy to find at my zoo
      Just went back to a year or so ago
      And found a comment you left on a post at my show
      Easy enough
      Wasn't at all rough

    2. I love that you call me mystical, it has such a beautiful sound. Then again, I am quite a lovely sight to see!

    3. If only that one eye
      Didn't stick out like a pig sty

  16. Grammar Nazi Sez: And here I was, thinking I was safe cuz I never show photos of myself...

    1. Ahhh but you did a time or two
      Sorta in the avatar of you
      I just came upon that one first
      When I went back and looked through old posts at my sea looking for a grammar nazi burst

  17. What a show
    with Robbie Raisin
    Track them down
    'All these bad guys'
    Pat Hatt in disguise
    as he is Number 1
    as a main prize! :)

    1. The prize would be grand
      Need that here in my land

  18. Diggin' through the trash
    like a homeless little lass.
    And am I only worth
    a $2000 burst?
    You are a clever cat
    we all must admit that!
    Each one very funny
    especially the amounts of money!

    1. Yeah the amounts were fun
      To surely give a run
      I didn't want to make your twin
      Jealous at my bin
      So the same price had to come due
      Of course it doubles with the two of you

  19. That's one heck of a 'wanted' list! Very funny.

    1. Yeah oh so large
      The dough could fill a barge

  20. That are some great recommendations.

    1. Go on the hunt
      Watch out they bite and grunt

  21. Oh my goodness Pat, that is darn cool, but I will be in hiding and avoiding least until dinner time!

    1. Hide away indeed
      Watch the hairballs at your feed

  22. LOL, these are hilarious!! And Terry is the world's best Tweeter. In fact, I bet she's already Tweeted this post, I'm going to go look for it and re-tweet it if she did!!

    Thanks for the laugh, there were some real good ones here.

    And you know I'm married to a mailman...I would never open other people's mail (well, unless it's my husband's or kiddo's...never mind, that's admitting criminal guilt).

    1. haha she hasn't tweeted it yet
      Must be off staring at the sunset
      See you admit your guilt
      My case doesn't even need to be built

    2. And I did it in writing. -_-

    3. Can't take it back
      At your shack

  23. Oh this was fun. You did a lot of work on this, Pat!


    1. Yeah this one took a while
      More than my typical rhyming style

  24. -chuckle-


    1. You'll get extra time for that
      At the jailhouse flat

  25. A virtual "who's who" of a wanted list;
    Not one desperado has been missed.
    For their crimes against the blogging world,
    We'll tickle their bellies 'til their toes gets curled.

    1. haha hmm not sure I would go there
      But you can do that at your lair

  26. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I'm going to steal mine to post to my blog, and I'm so relieved to be worth more than Al Penwasser. ;-) These are fully amusing, Pat. I have no idea how you created them, but this is the best, most imaginative shout-out to bloggers I've ever seen. Thank you!!


    1. hahaha worth more than Al
      He may no longer be your pal
      Glad I could delight
      With my blog shout out today at my site

  27. LOL That was great. Love how you did that.

  28. Hi! Pat Hatt, Miss Priss, and The Cat...

    The Wanted posters are very you take a "stab" and a "jab" at your fellow bloggers "uniqueness" too here at your zoo...

    I must admit the display is [very] clever and have style, but most importantly, it made me smile !

    Thanks, for sharing !
    deedee :)

  29. Hi, I'm Courtney. You're a really good writer- are you published? If you are in fact published, could you tell me how you did it? I'm trying to get published, but I don't even know where to start

    1. Umm spammer alert at my lair?
      As away you blare?

  30. I'm a cowbow, on steel horse I ride... I'm Wanted... Dead or alive. Do you know who sang that? If you can't guess, it was Jon Bonjovi. Love him....
    Great post Pat! You made me smile.

    1. haha yeah knew that right away
      An enjoyable tune at my bay

  31. Hey that blue guy looks just like me
    $10,000 is quite a bit of money on your money tree

    1. yeah need to get you dead or alive
      I hope though you survive

    2. You... willl... never..... get.... me.... woohahahahaaaaaaaaa! And do you know why? Because I'm Batman.
      Oh wait. I'm not.
      Okay. Plan B.

    3. Yeah you ruined that
      There at your mat
      With batcat
      So I'll squash you flat

    4. Hahaha come and get me
      You're as blind as a batcat so you won't see
      But at least now you can fly
      To Bora Bora so don't cry ;)

    5. I have ears
      That can strike fears
      With sonar
      You won't get far

  32. 99.99 problems but a toilet ain't one!

  33. "$99.99"
    Well, that seems fair.
    For a man who sits on a curbside toilet
    without his underwear.

    1. Glad you agree
      At least they'll know where to find thee

  34. $1300 for hoarding chocolate? How big is her stash? Forget the bounty, I'm breaking in her house and taking the chocolate!

    These are seriously cracking me up! And I hope Journey doesn't get caught. Her constant retweets probably keep me in business lol.

    1. haha she has chocolate everything at here place
      Yeah lets hope Journey doesn't disappear without a trace

  35. Only a measly $200? What kinda speeding we talking about here--the kind that does or doesn't involve a motor vehicle? Ha ha ha ha ha!

    1. you were on one of your dates
      I guess you got discount rates

  36. Definitely some moola on that list
    Nabbing any one for a little tryst
    Checking around to see who might be hiding
    But today I'm so late it, almost morning abiding

    1. Yeah oh so close
      To morning at my house
      But that is grand
      Then you can nab them while they are sleeping in the land

  37. Dang, looks like I'm not notorious enough to make the wanted list.


    1. you would have made it on the list
      But the post I used to grab everyone you must have missed

    2. Pat.... is he crying? I just turned him into the Incredible Sulk and now he's complaining again. Let's call him the Grey Grumpster.

    3. haha sounds good to be
      He is very whiny

  38. Hahaha - that's quite the rogues' gallery you have there!

    1. Yeah tons near and far
      Can collect them all at a bar

    2. He made a mistake. I'm not a rogie. I'm innocent. Ask my lawyer.

    3. Pfft those with lawyers on call
      Are always guilty of something at their hall

  39. Ah, seems to me you have an interesting crowd hanging here.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. Yeah plenty come and plenty go
      But always used on the whoopdi friggin doo show

  40. So many Wanted posters
    Bloggers with the mosters
    Even though Penny pawmoted you
    Put in a link for you to view
    She's glad she's not wanted
    Doesn't want to be taunted

    1. haha maybe one day
      She will be on display
      For all to see
      At my blog tree

  41. Replies
    1. haha you are buried though
      Not hard to catch at ones show

  42. This gotta be one your best posts..
    loved the Crimes of each one of them :)

    1. Yeah it was enjoyed by one and all
      Here at my hall

  43. if i turn myself in do i get the bounty? i could do with some cash even if it is canadian dollars!!

    1. Nope bounty goes to the cop
      That booked you at the cop shop

  44. Hahah very funny,
    An interesting way to make some money.
    If it works let me know,
    And I'll post wanted ads at my show.

    1. haha have to find some one to pay
      Then it may work at my bay

  45. I'm gonna keep my eyes open for the ninja Pat. Cool posters Bro.

    1. Capture him and get the dough
      Then run away all aglow

  46. Saving the best for when I'm gone, I see
    Well, hope I'm gettin' the best of thee
    Going back and catching up
    Why oh why not a better rhyme than cup?!?

    1. Could use pup
      Or hiccup
      And away many go
      As they are shown at my show

  47. How could I have missed this ~

    Thanks Pat will post this in my blog ~

    Happy summer day ~

  48. How could I have missed this ~

    Thanks Pat, will post this in my blog ~

    This is really hilarious ~ I am curious how you set the amounts, ha..ha..

    1. haha just random as could be
      Used a number generator at my sea


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