Stuck In A Tree? Beats Me!

So dVerse wants the cat to go all twin here at his bin. But pfffft to that I have better things to do at my mat. For looking out the window I had quite the show. I get to stare all day at a person wrapped in a tree at my bay.

There was a person in a tree.
How did she get there? Beats me.
But there she was stuck in the tree.
How did she get stuck? Beats me.

But there she was stuck in a tree.
Suffering through dogs lifting their leg and having a pee.
She could not even wash her knee.
I'm sure they never gave her any glee.

How do you get in a tree?
I wish I knew to tell all of thee.
Then you could set her free.
So a dog can't pee on her knee.

Maybe I'll ask a friendly flea,
What was the cause of her in a tree.
Maybe she went on a shopping spree,
And pissed off her husband named Lee.

Or maybe she tried to get things for free.
Instead getting a one-way trip in the tree.
Maybe she drank some herbal tea,
That was cursed at her sea.

Or she pissed off a busy bee,
Who stuck her there with a tee hee.
Or she ate a magic pea,
Those are nasty between you and me.

Maybe she got a guilty plea,
For kicking a shopper in the knee.
Her sentence was to be stuck in a tree,
Letting dogs pee on her knee.

We could go on from A to Z.
But that would only be conjecture from me.
So I will go in search of the flea,
That could tell me how she got stuck in the tree,

With dogs peeing on her knee.
Taking away all her glee.
For such a hefty fee,
I may just ask three.

But if they were to decree,
A simple, beats the hell out of me.
I would have a sight to see,
And she'd remain stuck in a tree.

So just in case don't piss off a bee,
Or kick someone in the knee.
Or if you get a guilty plea,
You too may end up in a tree.

If you want to live with glee,
Avoid getting trapped in a tree.
With nothing at all to stop the spree,
Of dogs passing by and peeing on your knee.

Now doesn't that make you want to avoid hugging a tree at your haunt? I mean wouldn't want to trapped inside one. That would just be no fun. Plus you would smell like dog pee all day. But if that's your thing, what the hey. I suppose you would at least have the company of the lass that I stare at with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Congrats Hank
      You're back at it again
      Heading for another win

    2. Hey Hank!! You trying to beat your perfect 10?

    3. Going for 20 this time
      With your first chime

    4. Thank you all
      You kind folks!


    5. you have a crew
      Cheering you

  2. What of getting stuck in a tree
    Watching the crowd below walking gaily
    Some fun
    For one
    Who knows staying above ground is heavenly


    1. Yeah you never know
      As it can be quite the show
      As they go to and fro
      Down below

  3. A girl in a tree, what could that be
    To look from the window and that's what you see
    Maybe she's a tree trimmer who dropped her saw
    And hit the peeing dog right on his little paw

    1. The poor mutt
      Would run back to its hut
      That would be mean
      But quite the scene

  4. rather stuck in a tree then struck with pee!

  5. If I would get stuck in a tree
    What would I do if I had to pee?

    1. Umm hold it all day
      Or let it go and create a bay

  6. Or maybe she was running away from a fox/that wanted to give her some chicken pox/she knew the vulpine the chicken wanted but not the pox/and so she climbed up the tree using a box! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. That could be
      For why she was stuck in the tree
      And caused no glee
      That fox is creepy

  7. haha i like the thought she drank herbal tea
    maybe there was a seed and it rooted and she
    became the tree...though that might hurt a bit
    when it starts coming out...might give a shout...

    1. That would hurt a ton
      Should she grow into a tree under her sun
      Some sort of dna mix
      Or some witch tricks

    2. I read fi- story
      about girl,
      who drank the tea
      with whimsy seed -
      she got the itchy feet,
      asked for seat
      in ground,
      a tree...

    3. I guess then it is true
      It can happen to you
      Better avoid the tea
      At your sea haha

  8. Replies
    1. The pee or the tree
      Both get an eeeek out of thee?

  9. Wonder what you can see
    from the top of the tree
    bet you feel really free
    until you have to pee

    1. Yes but then give out a look out below
      And let it flow

  10. If there are too many fleas
    they could ruin good trees
    for all the birds and bees
    that search for cheese
    on the bees' hairy knees
    and don't say please!

    1. hat would be bad
      No fun would be had
      At any pad
      Make the bees kinda mad

    2. And if the bees would be mad
      that would for sure be sad!

    3. Then there would be no honey
      And all would not be sunny

  11. I feel sorry for that girl getting stuck in the tree and falling victims to the cats pee. I beat it was Orlin, going it with a big grin. He's a little bugger but I love his games all the same, or would it be better said as "all the sames?" hmm

    1. The cat had nothing to do with it at all
      Cat's don't pee on trees at their hall

  12. Wouldn't want to get stuck in the tree
    all day, that would be painful to my knees ~

    Happy Sunday Pat ~

    1. Yeah in more ways than one
      Under the hot sun

  13. Hey Pat - And what about the poor Tree? Pee is not so great for them either. Thanks - very very cute. There is a part of me that is an inveterate proofreader that notices that there may be a typo in the second line of the last stanza - I think you mean "in a tree" rather than "and"? Maybe. Anyway, thanks. k.

    1. The poor tree was getting watered at least
      By the hairy beast
      And yeah you were right
      Must have missed that typo last nigt

  14. Being stuck in a tree
    perhaps, her spirit
    needs to be freed
    or perhaps, she is
    the spirit of the tree
    so, there she dwells
    or perhaps, she is
    waiting for someone
    to break the magic spell
    waiting for her soul-mate
    to arrive, all he need
    do, is hug the tree...
    then they will be happy
    as bees, making honey
    until three..

    I've been drinking tea
    so now excuse me as
    I have to pee..see
    what you did to me...

    so have a good day under your bay..and watch who you kick in the knee..(laughing)

    1. I guess you never know
      Could be like a disney show
      And go all lovey dovey in need
      At ones feed
      Then they wouldn't be able to show the honey
      As G ratings don't think that is funny haha
      Run and pee
      while I decide who to kick in the knee

    2. hahaha..I see your humour hasn't gone away
      always, here to play for another day..
      be careful who you kick in the knee
      as they might kick you back and
      that is a fact..but, I did enjoy
      your show, you's just the
      way it flows...

      Have a great day Pat...

    3. Humor is always here
      even when i rant off my rear
      And they have to catch me first
      After my knee kicking burst

    4. indeed, humor is always at your lair
      even when you're on a rant, you do enchant
      better make sure you have fast running shoes
      after that karate kick, you might suffer a bruise
      or two..this I tell you may be beware
      of grizzly bears that hide behind trees
      trying to steal that honey from the bees..

      Ok..enough I know..I've got things to do this day..but, I wanted to say hey..

    5. Do you things
      Watch out for stings
      The bees may just like
      Setting you up for a strike
      For telling all
      About the bears at my stall

  15. I once fell out of a tree
    and I think this is where my fear of heights came to be
    I was climbing to look into a bird's nest
    But then tumbled until the ground caught me for a rest

    1. That had to hurt indeed
      So it planted the fear at your feed

  16. I once tried to climb the giant tree in my backyard

    never got far enough to get scarred

    stupid shoes and weak hands.

    1. Well at least you tried
      Can take it with pride

  17. Being stuck in a tree
    would be bad I agree.
    But hugging one
    has always been done.
    Maybe she wanted to be up high!
    Climbed that tree to reach for the sky!
    As she climbed on up she scraped her knee.
    Then along came a dog who took a pee for all to see.
    To climb back down, it just couldn't be!
    She was afraid of heights and now she needed a pee :}

    1. The dog must have made her want to go
      With his leg lifting flow
      And now there she is stuck
      Crossing her legs like a duck

    2. Quite the picture you have struck,
      crossing her legs in a tree like a duck...LOL!!!

    3. haha yeah she may even give a quack
      Wanting to get back to her shack

  18. Another story. Real.
    Winter spree.
    One person drunk.
    He wants to pee.
    Bus stop. Siberia.
    And there is tree..
    You know..he's..
    froze to tree!
    Sure, people helped...
    Thanks - close Pharmacy
    and warm/hot tea

    1. hahaha oh that would suck
      What rotten luck
      Although should have been wise
      Not to do that under Siberia's cold skies

  19. So she's up a tree - just leaf her be.

    1. So I should turn a new leaf
      And no give her grief

  20. oh let her in the tree and come to my blog
    I have a Birthday Cake in my land
    and you can eat all the berries you want:))

    1. I'll let her in the tree
      And throw more sand on thee

  21. Dutch Elm disease
    is what she needs
    To stop the spread
    and land on her knees!

  22. Impossibly
    penned up the tree
    quite disagreeably
    poor cat says "Me
    ow" pitiably
    and now the rhyme ends miserably.

  23. Hi Pat!
    After ice and scratch I'm all rhymed out.
    Simple rhyming takes more effort from me than a creative writing assignment!
    (And yes, I think I have a take on your views of university nonsense!)
    As someone who has spent many unfortunate hours stuck in trees,
    whatever the motivation for which she went up,
    I may have a solution for why the lady is stuck.
    Like me, she may be afraid of heights!

    1. Afraid of heights you say
      Could be at my bay
      As she sits there stuck
      And yeah university nonsense is all about the buck

  24. Poor lass
    May seem crass
    When I say
    What the hey

  25. So she was inside the tree?
    Not just up high on a branch for all to see?
    And not high at all if a dog could pee
    on her knee.
    What a confusing sight.
    Did she get out alright?

    1. Still stuck as far as i know
      And yeah she was inside at the dverse show
      So the cat went with it
      At his pit

    2. I guess she'll have to chew on some bark
      or maybe find a nest of a lark
      and swallow some eggs
      while the dog pees on her legs.

    3. hah that is quite the picture there
      Two barks in on if you are aware

  26. Well now, i had a great response all typed out. Sadly this old laptop quit on me and went kaput.

    I shall have to just say, it reads like the woman in your poem was in a tree for a reason, personally i would have put her on Yt, sounds like a viral video to me.

    1. haha a youtube hit
      That would be fun at my pit

  27. Sometimes the doggies know how and when to make a statement!

    1. That they surely do
      As they lift their leg at each zoo

  28. So was the tree hollow and she got stuck?

  29. My dogs would never pee on anyone's knee. They have to much class for such a nasty thing. Sounds more like something the wretched cat would do.

    1. Pfft a mutt would do it will glee
      A cat would just find your shoe and have a pee

  30. Poor kitty! We hope the next post is how to get out of a tree!

    1. Just jump on a human to get out
      Then make them pout

  31. Poor thing
    You should sing
    Make it fun
    Or make di dogs run
    Give her a hand
    Bring her back to land

    1. Pfft the cat will watch away
      Her stuck there each day
      No need to tangle with a mutt
      That could sniff my butt

  32. Climbing trees must not be her thing.
    If she gets stuck in them like a ding a ling.

  33. This silly Human was not verreh smart
    And I will say for my part
    That maybe someone should go get a cart
    And let her leap in--it'd be a start.

    1. Put a pillow or two in too
      Then they will be fine at ones zoo

  34. Stuck in a tree?
    Maybe a squirrel she be.

    1. Around she could whirl
      If she was a squirrel

  35. I wonder about the tree
    But I now feel free :)

  36. This is fantastically mad I love it!


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