The Story Of My Life With Plenty Of Strife!

Hi everyone, how are you doing today under your sun. I just thought I would drop you a line to let you know what is going on in the life of the feline. I have not had catnip in 5000000000000 days. That is so many 0's you might go into a daze. I'm sorry about that. I just need to rant at my mat.

The fish in the tank swims back and forth.
I guess it is a thing from up north.
You know that doorknob looks shiny.
But it is rather tiny.

My boss is snoring today.
My sister ran away.
Can you believe that?
It really surprises the cat.

I heard something else too.
That there is a new panda in the zoo.
Isn't that just the best thing ever?
I so like a saving species endeavor.

Do you have a favorite animal at your place?
One that you really like to embrace?
Feel free to tell me if you wish.
If not I'll go back to watching fish.

I seriously apologize for this being too long.
Things are just so wrong.
I just need to vent,
Here at my tent.

Did you know that guy over there,
Likes to sit and stare?
I hate his glare,
Those eyes move as a pair.

I guess that is obvious right?
Maybe I should vent on Twitter tonight.
If you follow me there,
I thank you from my lair.

My parents are away too.
They went to Timbuktu.
At least there is lots of sand.
A giant litterbox is grand.

Did I mention its been 5000000 days?
Doesn't that just amaze?
I like a pat on the back.
Just don't cause a panic attack.

And that is my thoughts for today,
Here at my bay.
I hope you liked it.
Now I have to go for a bit.

The cat just had to get that off his chest. Isn't telling all everything the best? Even if it is made up at my sea. No wonder Waffles does it all the time at his tree. Of course all in fun under my sun. But if Waffles wants to sass, feel free to do so to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. No competitors today
      Lazy they are at mybay

  2. The Cat got it off his chest
    One for the road at his behest
    No holds barred
    Pitching it hard
    He'll turn on hoping for the best


    1. That he will
      At his hill
      With a pitch
      That may twitch
      Or maybe thrill

  3. Always get to let people know
    what is happening at your show
    getting things off one's chest
    sometimes makes one feel best.

    Timbuktu would be the place to go
    to take good pictures for a show.
    I wonder how long the fish will last
    how long it will be before their lives are past.

    You might check Poetics out today
    I am tending bar at the dVerse Bay
    I bet you would have a lot to say
    as Disney character are the subject today!

    1. haha oh that would be fun
      To give a disney run
      Could knock them all down
      Here in rhyme town
      And I can sure be a pest
      Getting things off my chest

  4. I tend to vent at my tent
    Some of us just share our dents and bents
    We like you to know our woes
    Aren't you lucky Joe's

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. yeah oh so lucky
      To find out one is ducky
      Oh so fun
      When a rant is run

  5. I guess cat time and dog time are the same - much longer than people time.
    Now, get that cat some nip.

    1. Yeah much longer indeed
      As they wait at their feed

  6. i rather like new life
    and ending extinction strife
    o am afraid to take my cat to the beach
    as there would be a protocol breach
    poop in the sand and stepped in, or picked up by hand
    as if a shell, oh hell...good job on your recovery
    from catnip, later today i hope to nip a nap

    1. Nip a nap
      I'll do that at my map
      LOL eww to thinking it is a shell
      That is surely not swell

  7. Always good to vent
    under you screen tent
    let it rip from your lip
    glad you conquered the catnip

    I've been thinking of doing
    the twitter thing at my show
    so I can catch up on the go
    while drinking a cup of joe

    A favorite animal, you say
    I only have one at my bay
    a beautiful bird on display
    she likes to sing & play

    I will pat you on the back
    will not cause a panic attack
    I promise not to smack
    as I have a gentle knack birdie laid another egg this morning
    what is going on with her this makes two
    in her zoo

    Have a great day at your sea

    1. The cat may smack though
      As he runs to and fro
      And another egg you say
      Is she getting fertilized at your bay?
      When you are away
      In the males come to play lol
      And the Twitter thing can be fun
      But it is another time suck under ones sun

    2. I hear what you say twitter may be fun
      but, do I have the time under my sun
      I work all day and sometimes at night
      always, something to get done

      My birdie has no mate perhaps,
      she needs a date, but then
      I would have more playmates
      as little birds come & flap

      Have a great day Pat are you packed yet???

      going to a grad party today
      having a drink since it is summer
      maybe, even meet a

    3. Yeah no the feeling
      With my wheeling and dealing
      But I factor it in
      To sell at my bin

      There you go
      Bring a drummer to your show
      Maybe he'll have a bird
      Then all will being doing, what's the word? lol

    4. Hey Pat and his crazy cats..

      party is done no drummer to be found
      nor no hummer in sight, what a bummer...


    5. haha ohhh mind went to the gutter
      hummer with butter?

    6. naughty cat take that mind
      out of the gutter..I was
      talking about a 4 wheel

    7. haha or it could have been someone humming a tune
      Under the moon
      But the gutter is fun
      Give it a run

    8. oh, I like that someone humming a tune
      under the moon, that would surely
      make me swoon..

    9. A hummer and not a drummer
      Maybe he's a strummer

  8. Catnip withdrawal is a terrible thing.

    1. Yes it is so bad
      Going through it at my pad

  9. I often think about all cats
    Perhaps their life would drive me bats
    But who am I to judge their day
    I work and work but not for pay
    Today I visited Yeamie's blog
    Positive and young, he keeps a log
    If Cat watches fish go round and round
    My Puss sees birds as they peck the ground
    My life must seem dreary as I dig in the dirt
    I should be like Robyn and give guys a flirt LOL

    1. LOL could pick up one or ten
      There at your den
      Just go on plenty of fish
      Could get your wish
      Or just scary or three
      On that trust me haha

  10. I'm hoping Mr. feels so much better, and that catnip will be his reward for being brave enough to share.

    Happy weekend to the cats (and Pat too). :)

    1. haha the cat nip he may get back one day
      Should his addiction go away

  11. I wish there was a panda at my zoo

    just boring animals with the crew

    1. Yeah they are nice to see
      Swinging from a tree

  12. I have a favorite animal at land
    I find all of my dogs just grand!
    We think you are one evil cat
    so stay away from our mat
    or we will have to make you pay
    just stay at your northern bay

    Happy Saturday, Pat!!

    1. Pfft they too go to the beach and crap in the sand
      And they don't even bury it and need a hand
      great mutts they are
      Pfft why would I want to come to your bar
      There are already loads of canadians there
      It would just be like my lair haha

    2. You sent them all down to my shore
      I can have peace no more!
      I'll find some quiet sand
      and take back my land!!

    3. Haha good luck with that
      I'll send armies to your mat

  13. Life as a cat is not as easy and carefree as it seems. :)

    1. No not at all
      Have to run down the big hall

  14. I'd love to go on here and give you some sass but I don't want to see that rhyming ass! I feel like I've been buried here haha, very accurate and hilarious parody, oh the hilarity. I'd love to write an attack back maybe as a rhyme, maybe I'd be in level with you if I wrote a line. Apologies for my comment length, I know my blog does the same but that's just the Yeamiewaffles game ;) Love you really Pat.

    1. This was really cute
      and now you're famous, to boot!
      Having a whole post about you
      and the way you blog, it's so true! :)

    2. hahaha go ahead and give a retort
      The cat can take it at his court
      The parody had to come due
      as you joined the rip off week crew
      Betsy already had one or three
      So she wore off that luxary

  15. A cat's life is rougher than one would think.

  16. I knew it was Waffles right off the bat
    You really nailed him, Pat!
    hahaha....very clever
    in your endeavor!

    1. haha got him down
      After all his rants at his town

  17. pssshhh...if your boss snares, take the chance and sneak out of the office and have some fun in the sun

    1. haha and then get fired
      Rather stay in and be tired

  18. Telling all everything is surely the best
    For some it's fun,'s hard to digest
    But the cat should really take a nap
    Has to be tiresome, trotting all over the map
    I guess that should matter
    Anyways, the cat knows better

    1. The cat knows what to do
      Here at his zoo
      As he runs across the map
      Still finding time to take a nap

  19. I did twitter for two seconds
    Then cuppa tea and toast beckoned..

    1. Yeah the best thing to do
      Ignore it at your zoo

  20. That's way toooooooo long to go
    Without catnip at your show
    No wonder you want to vent
    You need more treats under your tent
    Haha :)

    1. Yeah they are so in need
      Catnip Pat should feed

  21. Ha..ha...I thought I recognize all the ranting away
    Matthew, he does rant away in his bay
    But people cope with real life in different ways
    for me, I will take ice cream and while the time away ~

    Have a good long weekend Pat ~

    1. Time away works too
      But dairy is scary at my zoo

  22. talented feline, once again your rhyme had shine. Hope you got much off your chest and your feeling your best.


  23. No NipFest is ever the best! My favorite to watch is a bunny, but it doesn't hop backwards. Hey, I don't know if I am following you on twitter or not, the memory fails!

    1. haha doesn't hop the wrong way
      Screwed up at ones bay
      Who knows at my sea
      As I have two one for pat and one for the kitty

  24. Hi Y'all!

    To think your folks left for Timbuktu and left you with no nip! How cruel!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    1. So cruel indeed
      Need to speak to them at my feed

  25. Hi! Pat hatt, Miss Priss, and the Cat...
    I'm so sorry to read that you didn't have catnip at your bay for 5000000000000 days. Ha ! ha!

    By the way, I tell you know lie, but I think it for the best that you don't have any catnip for now because it will only make you high!

    Go Here To Find Out Why--->

    Nor do you want to lose your mind like this cat while having a good-time... lol
    GO HERE--->
    Cat Goes Crazy Over Cat-nip

    deedee :)

    1. Bah crazy is fun
      the cat doesn't mind doing that under his sun

  26. I'm a Chinese Crested Powder Puff, named Indy.
    Too bad, my mom, Tracy isn't named Cindy.
    But she loves to cuddle with me,
    Unless she gets stung by a mad bee.

    Great post cat,
    Now get Pat.

    Have a great summer Pat, I'll be back in September.

    Tracy :-)

    1. Running away
      For the summer at your bay
      Watch out for a bee
      Could sting thee

  27. I'm a Chinese Crested Powder Puff, named Indy.
    Too bad, my mom, Tracy isn't named Cindy.
    But she loves to cuddle with me,
    Unless she gets stung by a mad bee.

    Great post cat,
    Now get Pat.

    Have a great summer Pat, I'll be back in September.

    Tracy :-)

  28. Sometimes when I came to your land
    I finish with a terrible headache
    try to understand and I know Im not in my land
    and I think what hell make me always come back??:)))

  29. Poor cat. Your owner is such a slacker. So far ahead on his blog posts, crankin' out books, but can't find the time to buy you some catnip?

  30. My dogs want to know if they can rant too. It's been that many days since they got to chase the "red dot" laser here. They were definitely getting addicted! Hope you get your stash of nip back soon :)

    1. Yeah he can rant away
      There at your bay
      Need that light
      Fun to take flight

  31. Letter rip
    and don't pay no zip
    to what anyone tinks
    'cause it sure stinks
    when the weed
    is for freed
    from the baggy-O!!!

    1. haha getting all high
      Then the cat will surely give ranting a big try

  32. Tell Pat he can grow you some catnip and you will never run out again. Come on Pat... put some fun in this cats life.

    1. haha can grow it you say
      I guess I will have to get him to do that at my bay

  33. I spilled
    the coffee on laptop,
    I got the ticket
    for speed up,
    I cooked
    not right food-
    What a waste of product...

    When someone gets
    the things awkward
    its means there
    Mercury retrograde
    or maybe black cat
    crossed the road...

    1. Damn that is a bad day
      But sure blame a cat at your bay haha

  34. Nice to know everything's fine at your bay.

  35. That's entirely too long to go without catnip
    Perhaps there's some kitty liquor for you to sip?
    That might make the time pass faster
    But it might displease your master

    1. Yeah a drunk cat
      Somehow I don't see Pat allowing that

  36. can't wait til i get a dog
    then again, i won't even jog
    withdrawls from catnip or any type shakes
    is high stakes
    a turd in the sand not a friend to the hand
    timbuktu poo or any type stew
    it all depends on the coat over at my boat

    1. The coat you say
      No turds on display
      Will keep it off
      A dog? I won't scoff

  37. I have no catnip at my bay
    But the rabbit steals all the corn away
    The birds give the neighborhood kitty things to do
    And she likes chasing grasshoppers too

    1. She can sure chase away
      And may even get a meal at your bay

  38. You're enjoying summer
    Winter here is a bummer
    I wish I would emigrate
    for my cold months of fate

  39. Wish i could too
    When winter here comes due


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