The Top Tunes At My Sand Dunes!

So the cat has done movies time and time again, especially with 24 posts in one day at his den. Done a few music ones too. But never the top albums at his zoo. So found the list of the top and now will rhyme away even if some of them are a total flop.

Time to make a stand,
With Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club band.
And if that doesn't fill her,
I guess it's time for a Thriller.

Or go down Abbey Road,
And crush a poor toad.
Make sure it doesn't have a revolver though.
Or death may become you at your show.

But I suppose if you have a Rubber Soul.
You could easily slay a troll.
But Led Zepplin 2,
May have a bone or two to pick with you.

Then you'd be on a Bridge Over Troubled Water,
Like a lamb to the slaughter.
Unless you have some Brothers in Arms,
Then it may raise no alarms.

I hear the Joshua Tree,
Is up all night with glee.
Having Saturday Night Fever.
Someone needs to pull the off lever.

But only Rumours they are,
Could be from a drunk at a bar.
Who lived on the Dark Side of The Moon.
Boy, would he be a loon.

He was probably Born in the USA.
Whoops, a dig at my bay.
Don't build up The Wall,
Those Mexicans don't like it so tall.

Instead take a Jagged Little Pill,
That has to cure you from being ill.
The Hotel California serves a ton,
So go there for some jagged pills and sun.

Watch out for Sticky Fingers though,
Or away your wallet may go.
But that is a West Side Story,
And far far too gory.

At least after A Hard Day's Night,
You can hop on a flight.
Purple Rain is so kind,
Ah hell, Nevermind.

That was easy to do, could go on forever at my zoo. For the tunes and movies can flow easy enough at my show. Skipped some though as an album named Elvis Presley or Grease the Soundtrack is so unoriginal don't you know. So there were some top albums in mass from my ever so lyrical little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling. 


  1. I think I need to get a toaster out and fry some waffles

    1. Timewise it is kind of a tie but I suppose top billing counts. Oh oh, the toaster's coming out.

    2. haha poor waffles is getting fried?
      He better go and hide

  2. I recognized many there, great job working them in. You make it look easy.

  3. Sheesh, always I am too slow
    ah well, I approve of your tunes though!

  4. I loved all of these references and I'm so proud to say that I knew which every one of these were from, my favourite was the Simon and Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water reference, such a great idea for a post, you've done this with movies now music is getting things groovy!

    1. Look at you go
      Getting every single one at my show
      Movies i can do with less work
      But music can be done as a perk

  5. Love music, read it twice, awesome job using them all

    1. Read it twice?
      Hope your mind didn't pay the price

  6. I seen my first Joshua Tree when we were in Las Vegas heading to Laughlin for a day trip.

  7. To get the tunes it took some skill
    Done matter of factly without frill
    Music is the staff of life
    Without rhythm life is strife

    1. Yeah has to be around
      For joy to be found
      At least to the ears
      unless someone that can't carry a tune in a bucket nears

  8. WOW, I knew every single one!!! Now I'll be singin' all day long. Since I'm a Disco Queen my favorite of course is: listen to the ground, there is movement all around, there is somethin' goin' down, and I can feel it!

    1. Well at least there is more than one song
      So singing all day long
      Is not so bad
      Going all Saturday night fever can be rad

  9. I only know 3.....
    How godawful of me.

    1. Well it beats knowing one
      Or two with my run

  10. I love the vast majority of those songs
    With many of them, you can't go wrong
    I am mainly a 90s music fan
    I think modern music should be banned

    1. Yeah i so agree
      The modern crap just annoys me

  11. I am surprised I recognised so many!

    Now I have night fever stuck in my head.

    1. haha beats an annoying song
      Just let loose and sing along

  12. Ya, I knew every one of them as well. I really miss Simon and Garfunkel!! Ah, The Sound of Silence! Hello darkness, my old friend........... And I do wonder whatever happened to poor Mrs. Robinson!

    1. Got every single one
      Damn I'll have to go obscure next time under my sun haha
      Maybe Mrs Robinson flew to coop
      Or drowned in a vat of goop?

  13. There's quite a few I agree with as well!

    1. Agreeing with me
      Something is wrong at my sea haha

  14. dude, love me some alanis & u2, but missed rubber soul
    have to look that one up, but knew most, keep it rocking coast to coast, rather like Zep, got a bunch of bootlegs now thats hip...

    1. A bootlegger at your sea
      Are you like Smokey and the Bandit running away with glee? haha

  15. Your list resembles my hubby's list. :)

    I want to see more of these post!!! What do you have for rap? lol

    1. I can do more with ease
      They are a breeze
      As for rap
      Not sure on that gap

  16. Definitely not a flop - those album titles fit very well. You could go on forever.

    1. Yeah forever and ever indeed
      Easy enough at my feed

  17. I don't know a lot about movies, but music...
    Now you're singing my tune! :)

    1. Glad you like the tune
      Of this rhyming loon

  18. One awesome rhyme with the tunes at your bay...
    Some hit my head hard...some others made my day!

    1. Hopefully there was no bump
      Or any kind of lump

  19. You jukebox was playing all the hits today Pat!

    1. It would not shut off one bit
      Must have had a fit

  20. What? No Taylor Swift and screaming goat,
    Or Beyoncé to keep your rhyming butt afloat?
    Where is Perry and her melted popsicle?
    Or Gaga to kick you in the singing testicle?
    Rihanna I hear is all the rage,
    And likes to sing in her S&M cage.
    So many pop starlets are missing from your list,
    Must be why I like coming here--you get the gist.

    1. haha glad you aren't pissed
      That they are missed
      Or the cat would throw you to the wolves I fear
      Or at least give an oh dear

  21. You brought back some great memories! I may have to pop in Grease and sing along. Or maybe even West Side Story. Will I be a Jet or a Shark? Of course I'm always taking a jagged little pill so that's nothing new. Loved this one. Damn, agreeing with cat again? Can't have this go on!!

    1. haha the Twlight Zone
      We have entered with your nice tone
      I need to get Anne's creepy stalker to go after you
      That will make this niceness be through

    2. Wait just a second you wretched, cat. I was nice to you and wish a stalker on me? How rude are you?!!!

    3. haha well you did say this can't go on
      So i just thought I'd help out at my lawn

  22. Some really awesome tunes
    Sorry to leave so soon
    But other blogs I must visit
    That's not a crime, is it?

    (My quick, albeit lame, attempt to rhyme)

    Cheers from Brandy's Bustlings

    1. Not a crime at all
      As there is many a wall
      To visit each day
      With so many on display

  23. Wow. Knowing you, you really held back on that one!

    1. haha held back a ton
      Plus the arm sometimes cramps my fun
      And is the Grammar Nazi back
      At the blogland shack?

    2. Go to my door,
      And you'll find four!

    3. Found them indeed
      Had to refresh blogroll and now it shows new ones at your feed

    4. wow...the fox is back
      and even on a rhyming attack!
      We better double check out grammar
      or he'll put us in the slammer!

    5. Yeah I could be slack
      Without a grammar nazi for like a year not at my shack

    6. Maybe he just missed us too much,
      had to come back from the dead and such.
      Because, you know, we're so much fun...
      better to give the blogroll another run.

    7. Or his grammar senses were tingling
      So he had to come mingling
      To point out each wrong
      Or maybe he just got bored of playing Donkey Kong

  24. We have a few restaurants called sticky fingers down here. They're not bad.

    1. Never heard of them at all
      Hopefully there is nothing sticky on the wall

  25. What a trip down Memory Lane
    Some of those tunes kept me sane
    Back when I was just a teen
    Often making my parents scream
    Music today just isn't the same
    Too much is just plain lame!

    1. Yeah it is crap today
      Not even worth pressing play
      I will take older instead
      Even if they get stuck in my head

  26. Quite the musical smorgasbord
    Enough to satisfy any hoard.
    Makes me want to turn up the radio
    sit down and listen to a musical show.

    1. There you go
      You might scare the whales away though

  27. This was cute, I must agree
    Always a pleasure to visit your sea!

    1. If it is a real pleasure
      You could point me to treasure lol

  28. I detected some good songs
    Embedded into your rhyme!
    You have some good taste
    it's about goddamn time!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. You mean you weren't to drunk to detect
      Or standing on the edge of the patio umm erect
      Pissing on the grass
      You too impress my rhyming ass

  29. Wait! Where's my mic?
    I'll grab my wooden spoon and sing with all my might!
    hahahah. Maybe dance a little, too
    since you listed all those tunes!

    1. Just watch where you dance
      Make sure to give a glance
      Wouldn't want a real cat slipper
      They'd sure be quite the lipper

    2. haha...oh, that would be so sad
      and really just too bad
      if I squashed a kitty flat
      and slippers were made like that!
      Then I'd be singing the blues
      if I lost a kitty or two...

    3. Drazin might pay
      For them at your bay
      But yeah I'm sure they would scatter
      And not want to be flatter

    4. by the way, just how fat do you think I am,
      that with one step, a kitty would go SLAM?

    5. haha well if you are dancing around
      You are more likely to stomp harder on the ground

  30. This grabbed my attention quick
    thanks for the musical fix
    so many to choose from
    music galore, how did you pick

    so much fun under your sun
    music to make the day, go hooray
    I listen to music each and every day
    it's just something that has to be done

    the cat with a music box at his bay
    Zeppelin may not have an escalator
    but, they do have a stairway to heaven
    if you know what I'm saying (to climb that tower)

    A great day at your sea
    swaying to the harmony
    getting lost in the melody
    all done so artfully..

    Thanks to Pat and his rhyming cat...

    Have a great day..stay away from the hay..(lol)
    as I drift Dobie Gray

    Oh, give me the beat boys and free my soul
    I wanna get lost in your rock and roll
    and drift away..

    1. An attention grabber you say
      With the music on display
      I guess it's just the click
      From each musical pick
      The cat would eat an actual music box
      Even if it had locks
      Hope you don't get too lost
      As that could cost
      Skipping work, lost at sea
      that would be a pity
      But the cat likes to roll in hay
      Go ahead and join the fray

    2. Lol Go ahead and join the fray
      a great play on words today

      PS - Posted in the wrong spot above..what can I say
      a hectic day at my bay...

    3. So you weren't telling off Dan?
      Fearing some sort of ban lol
      Word play
      I can do night and day

    4. lol...Did I need to tell off Dan???
      too funny, would you ban me
      or just shoot me with rubber bands..
      yes, I think you could play with
      words all day, hide and seek or tag
      the questions remains
      would you play nice????? hahahaha

    5. Nope the cat would cheat
      And win the treat
      No need to tell any one off
      Just drown one or too in a horse trough
      Lead them to water and make them drink
      Okay you can use the sink

  31. orlin N cassie....we wood like ta haz sum oh de looze coin that came with theez albums....cranberreez thatz a butt load oh trout !!!

    1. Yeah that would sure be grand
      Could also buy lots of litterbox sand

  32. Music helps me pass the time away
    When I have nothing else to do all day
    I sit and listen as I dream this way
    all the pains that make me go astray
    When there are no more words to say
    I close my eyes and let the music play

    1. The way to be
      Just let your mind free
      And think away at your sea
      Filling you with glee
      As you sit under a tree
      Until you have to pee

  33. Glad to see Hotel California. It's one of the best.
    While some I've not heard of, I know most of the rest.
    Great job with this rhyme,
    and a perfect last line.


    1. Always try and purrfect
      No need to neglect
      As I get in my final word
      Even if i act absurd

  34. Brothers in Arms was one of my favs and I realised I haven't listened to it in ages. Thanks for the reminder.

  35. 24 posts in one day? How do you do it?

    1. Did that way back in march
      ummmm I eat no starch?

  36. You can rhyme but can you play?
    Music's great to dance the night away!
    Can you sing? Carry a tune?
    Or just sit back and listen in a swoon!
    You have talent that's for sure.
    I hope for our sake there is no cure!!!

    Keep up the great rhyming, Pat :}

    1. Nope not a chance
      Can't even dance
      Unless one wants no feet
      Musicially inclined I hang my head in defeat

  37. Beatles came right at the end
    And Elvis just had a mention
    Two favorites of my generation
    Looking forward for your next one!


    1. haha I guess i will have to do another music run
      As an encore seems to be wanted from everyone

  38. And I was the 100 commenr:)
    I read all!!

    1. The big 100 for you
      And reading all in view too

  39. Love your musical references. I feel nostalgic just reading about some of these old school musicians.

    1. Yeah nostalgia sure sets in
      When reading them at my bin

  40. Who knew
    top tunes -
    at Cat's
    sand dunes!
    Let's sing
    and dance
    all June(s?)

    1. Might be tuckered out
      Should that come about

  41. Oh, the Joshua Tree how I adore thee. And Jagged Little Pill brings me floating back to my high school days.

    1. Hopefully there were no pills
      Just music thrills

  42. I only recognized a few tunes. I guess I must live under a rock or something.

    1. That rock must be big
      Won't let you dance a jig

  43. I love tunes, the soft and the sweet,
    the ones you can dance to,
    the ones with a beat.
    I like Bach and rock and jazz and blues,
    ska and opera and cajun too.
    So glad I visited your zoo today.
    Now on to my iPod,
    it's time to press play.

    VR Barkowski

    1. Varying tastes from you
      All good ones too
      Play away
      All day

  44. After three days in the car I can't tell you how many of those songs got us through the long hours.

    1. Songs sure make the drive
      Letting you come out alive


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