They Really Went There At Their Lair!

So Claudia of all people went all bathroom at dVerse. I expected Brian to be the one to go that perverse. He probably ghost wrote it for her, I bet. Either way it will be done by this pet. They want to know what you do in the place you go to, well, go. I know! How can I ever sink so low?

This may offend a prude,
But they asked what happens when in the mood.
Maybe they think all do it differently at their sea?
Really beats the heck out of me.

So when in the loo,
I either do number one or two.
Did that confuse dVerse?
I guess I'll have to get worse.

I drop the kids off at the pool.
Isn't that cool?
I take the Brown's to the super bowl.
And they surely score a goal.

I deliver the requested order for a number two.
Are you getting it yet dVerse zoo?
Send some floaties out on some boaties.
I hope I don't offend any goaties.

I export fudge to Mexico.
What a way to go.
I chuck a brownie,
Like an uber townie.

I have to see a man about a horse.
I hope the horse has remorse.
Putting a deposit in the throne room,
For which the smell will loom.

Yes, you oaf.
I pinch a loaf.
I've really got the juice,
As I drop a deuce.

Also punish the porcelain seat,
With a brownie treat.
Yes, you hicks,
I lay some bricks.

I lay down a bridge.
Might not get you across a ridge.
I have to let the brown bear out of his cave,
So he too can rant and rave.

dVerse are you with me yet?
Come now, don't fret.
For sometimes there is a blizzard,
And I do need to drain the lizard.

Ask and you shall receive, although you may just want to leave. For the cat gives what you asked for at his sea, no matter how crazy. And just in case you are still confused by it, in the bathroom I take a shit. I probably also pass some gas from my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Far be it from me to Poo Poo a bathroom post.

    1. My Journey...Hahahaha
      Good one girl
      That one was a pearl

    2. haha thanks for no dump
      On my bathroom rhyme clump

  2. Oh dear, now you've sunk to here
    Scoot over and grab a beer
    At my house, around the dinner table
    Hilarity descends around such fables
    A husband not grown and two boys
    make potty talk and laughter the choice
    for dinner time cheer!

    1. hahaha that must be interesting indeed
      At your feed
      Seems crap
      Is talked about all over the map

  3. hehe...see..most of the girls go reflective or romantic when they think bathroom...and the guys...ha.. smiles...and's the actually WAS brian's idea..smiles

    1. haha yeah nothing romantic about the loo
      Here at my zoo
      And Brian I knew
      Had to be his idea to come due

  4. Sinking low is also my game/just like the cat I think life is sometimes insane/Sometimes I go to the loo for a number one/Suddenly, I'm all sweaty and SITTING, the number two has won! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. LOL quite the visual there
      I hope when you have to push you don't swear

  5. Awww some of these ways of describing going to the toilet are just sick Pat haha! Such as taking the kids to the swimming pool or the superbowl one, I'd never heard of some of these before haha, amazing stuff!

    1. hahahaha said I was going to sink low
      Couldn't let any down at my show

  6. When going to the loo
    What one just has to do
    Have some respect
    on what to expect
    A ritual of cleansing do


    1. But with the respect
      You can't neglect
      The truth
      At the loo's booth

  7. Hmmm, I think I will take a 'pass' on this one'
    and not 'gas' either. LOL!!

  8. Marilyn, Terry and I always talk poop
    Our health depends on the scoop
    If shy and get sick
    To you shake a stick
    You shoulda stayed in the loop in your coop with the poop

    1. Yeah i've talked poop
      With all the crap at my coop
      Even watch cat poop too
      It's a shitty job but has to come due haha

  9. hahahaha pinching you loaf to get the juice while you drop a deuce eh>...let the brown bear out his cave, ha, your metaphors all the rave...that one was new on me, now i need to go pee...

    1. Even gave you a new one
      I consider that well done
      Enjoy your pee
      Does miss the bowl at your sea

  10. Memo to self. Stop reading here, before breakfast! LOLLLLLLLL!

  11. If you're talking about the Cleveland Browns...they never score a touchdown. Just sayin'. hehe

    1. haha well in the loo world they do
      I guess they are just shitty at each zoo

  12. Do not get congested,
    don't breath as arrested,
    dream and you'll receive
    inspiration script

    1. Dream on the loo?
      That might be hard to do
      As you push and grunt
      Can't lay down a bunt lol

  13. What to do, what to do in the loo
    was never a problem for you, I know
    We girls don't think about horses
    in the bathroom, but we do on remorse ~

    Happy Sunday ~

  14. and everything is fine in town
    as long as toilet seat is DOWN

    Have a wonderful Sunday in the loo

    1. It is always down here
      After used by my rear

  15. Well, cat I was wondering how long
    it would take for you to play along
    I knew the subject of poo would
    make you want to fling some words in your loo
    seems the guys have no problem talking poo
    but, for me that is something one just has to do
    perhaps, keep some magazine handy to read
    so, you can forget the dirty deed
    but, thank goodness you keep the seat down
    wouldn't want you to fall into that bowl
    well, this is all I have to say..I rather
    take a bubble bath..try it at your sea
    and you will see what I relaxing
    just dream, dream, dream..(laughing)

    you naughty cat just use your litter box...

    1. PS - this time you were late...but, I knew you would play as poo is one of your favorite cat know I'm teasing..have a great day..Pat and his Cat...

    2. The cat couldn't pass it up
      As dVerse brought this out in their bar cup
      Not late at all though
      As it is the correct time it always does show
      And pffftt to a bath too
      Too nasty at my zoo
      And the lid always goes back down
      So the cat doesn't get near flush town

    3. Well, you're not technically late
      for the dVerse bar date
      it's just usually you are in
      the top few, when posting is due
      I heard cats don't like baths
      at least the cat I had as kid
      did not like them..she used to
      walk along the edge of the tub
      until one day she fell in
      and that was the end of that
      for my fluffy Angora cat...

    4. the cat likes it just fine
      But not the other feline
      She avoids it at our sea
      While the cat jumps in with glee

    5. The other feline
      did I miss something
      at your zoo?

    6. There are two
      cassie and Orlin at my zoo
      Hence the two cats in the header above
      Geez were you too busy chasing a dove

    7. Thanks for the clarification
      how did I miss that one
      well, two would be more fun
      that must have flown over my head
      speaking of flying I have to get to work.

    8. haha oh the dread
      Maybe you should stay more in bed haha

  16. WOW Pat, that was pretty deep MOL!

  17. don't export chocolate to Mexico in the summer

    without ac to keep it from being a melted bummer

  18. Which just goes to show there's nothing you can't make rhyme:)

  19. I think they make a pill for that

    1. May need one at my mat
      But then pills are hated by the cat

  20. I do my best reading in the loo with a number two!

  21. you see, I was wondering if we could write about both number one or two, but you answered that one...

    high tech toilet power

    1. Number one had its day
      at least in the last verse I say haha

  22. Replies
    1. hahaha that is your shortest reply ever
      My today you aren't clever lol
      And blame your twin
      It was his bin

  23. Thought I'd read one more blog before supper
    and yours is the one I chose.
    So now I'll go eat
    To later repeat
    What you're talking 'bout. Yeah, one of those.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

    1. haha hope it is a tasty treat
      and there is no hardship when you try and deplete

  24. Once it arrived in the email shoot
    All I could do was say, "What?!"
    dVerse has a way with its poetry loot
    Just no way I'd write about my butt!

    1. haha bah nothing to fear
      Everyone has a rear

  25. Someday, aliens will 'find' a web server with this page, and their history textbooks will reflect this. Human life revolved around activities involving shit, they even wrote poems about it!

    1. Aliens scoping out me
      That would be interesting to see

  26. Oh no, I saw too many brownies in this one. I may never eat another brownie again. But I laughed all the way through.


    1. haha a brownie turn off at my sea
      Could be a new diet fad from me

  27. Are you sure you aren't shipping "brownie treats" to Mexico instead...?

    I question your business model.

    1. Well if I could make some dough
      A shipping I would go

  28. Wow never knew there were so many ways to say shit

    1. Shit is much easier to say
      And then one can move on with their day

  29. Lots of rhymes here about poo
    Or as my mom called it, number two
    I'll have to remember some of these for future reference
    In order to confuse people at my residence

    1. haha confuse away
      Would be fun to do night or day

  30. Oh, to think I almost missed such fun!

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  31. This post makes me think of Stand By Me when he say's "I think I just turned my Fruit of the Looms into a fudge factory." I was around 9 the first time I saw that and laughed so hard I almost turned mine into a fudge factory too lol.

    1. hahaha that was a great line
      Forgot that one, shame on the feline


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