This Could Be Fun Or Some May Shun!

So the cat has done it here and there, not really paying attention to it at my lair. Stealing borrowing ways others write and giving them a spin at my site. Why not come right out and admit it? This may or may not turn out to be a hit. But a week long thing here at my wing.

LOOK at me, LOOK at me,
You can win this for free.
It was tried and is so good,
I use it all the time in my hood.

Just follow this,
You won't miss.
Click on that,
And you'll be a happy cat.

You can make your teeth white,
In any type of light.
You can jump up and down,
Winning some inspiration at your town.

You could see a movie,
Isn't that groovy?
You could win a cleanse too.
Some really make you poo.

You could win stuff for a new dad.
How is that not rad?
This product is so great,
It cleaned my plate.

This one cleaned my ear.
I wonder if it works the same on my rear?
Wait! That is not allowed.
Can't share that with the crowd.

Win some toys too.
Or just for the kiddo in you.
We won't judge,
Just give the box a nudge.

Put in your name.
You could get fame.
For it could rain money.
That will make all sunny.

So sign up for this,
And be in pure bliss.
Sign up for that,
And be a happy cat.

Disclaimer though,
The results may vary at your show.
I was paid in no way for this post,
All thoughts are of the host.

And what do you have to do,
To win this time on cue?
Just show your toes,
All dolled up in a fancy pose.

All fluffed and buffed. Cassie wasn't happy Pat stole her furry balls at our sea. My aren't those legs in need of some sun, between you and me. See men can join a pedi-party too. Now lets see if the Gawker can keep up at his zoo.

Aren't you in the contest mood? There are three to this brood. Theresa has some here and there, Candida has some in case you aren't aware. And mail4rosey blows all away. Some times having ten a day. But shhhh don't tell, she tries to hide them at her cell. Betsy once or twice a year too with toes on display at her zoo. Sorry Gloria, no zombie feet, winning those would not be sweet. The cat may have mocked each lass but it was fun to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Sorry Hank, seconds too late. Are those clown toes?

    1. A photo finish
      Nothing's amiss


    2. you two are funny with the race for #1..much too early under my sun..have a great day John &'re both number in the book of life.

    3. I think Trudessa had a typo there
      Caught her at my lair

      Clown toes are fun
      Here under my sun

    4. Haha clown toes I do wear
      as a typo does show
      too early under my sun

    5. Guess the early bird didn't catch the worm
      You went an screwed up that idiom term haha

  2. I don't trust these giveaways Pat but at the same time if I could win a prize like what's depicted in the photo, just maybe it might be worth it! You'll say I'm deflecting and tell me to hush, but getting ready for work meant I missed out on the first comment rush! It's good to be back but I'm annoyed it'll affect my first comment attack!

    1. The ones that are around
      Are very sound
      The ones that are scammers
      Need to be whacked with hammers
      You were close
      To #1 at my house

  3. No, no padded toes for me
    Best left that to a lady
    They do declare
    Being only fair
    But leave it to us the trendy


    1. haha afraid to show your toes?
      Could wrap them in bows
      Snap a pic
      Look really slick
      Then strike a pose

  4. Does the sun even shine in canada lol

  5. Good Morning,

    Up before the crack of dawn (lol)
    that sure was a funny one..
    Did I hear you say if I put in
    my name I could win money
    then it would always be sunny
    add my name, the winnings I claim
    then it will be blue skies
    eating golden honey while
    I count all my money (haha)

    Now, those are some legs
    you put on display
    love those fancy toes
    that's quite the pose

    I have to go..I owe, I owe
    it's off to work I go..(lol)

    1. Usually not money for the prize
      But some winnings are such cries
      Not sure how far you will get though
      As 1000 is usually as far as they go
      Yeah Pat should hide those things away
      Until they get some sun at our bay lol
      Yeah work is a pain
      Lets just heave it all and jump a train

    2. Hey I am with you heave away
      let's jump that train and away we go
      could be fun you know, you and I

      I don't enter giveaways as nothing is ever
      really free unless it 's from the heart

      I think you need some sun, tan those
      hairy legs..maybe have tons of fun

      Now about those colorful toes ...

    3. Be fun to see where we ended up too
      Unless it was in a place like Timbuktu
      Oh there is always a catch
      You have to fetch
      I don't tan easily at all
      Was out 5 days a while ago at ny's hall
      Still as white as could be
      But doesn't bother me
      At least I can make the snow jealous I suppose
      And cause it woes lol
      Colorful toes are all the rage
      Didn't you get that memo or page

    4. Five days you say in New York Halls?
      Hmmm interesting to know
      I have colorful toes with a fancy design
      did them myself, now just wondering
      do you have ticklish toes..haha

      Well, let me know if you want to ride
      that train to who knows where

    5. haha could show them off and win
      There at your bin
      But keep them away from the cat
      He chews those of Pat

    6. You are funny..would I win money
      I'll keep my toes away from the cat
      if he tries to chew, I'll say scat
      and then I'll yell PAT......'s the moving going????
      sweet dreams kitty cat...

    7. Still waiting to see if we are approved for it
      Then out of his sauna pit
      And watch your toes
      He'll snack on them like they were crows haha

  6. WOW Twinkle toes has won the prize
    Pedi-cures for all you guys
    At the beach your toes will shine
    Makes the sand feel oh so fine

    1. Beach would prob kill me legs
      Make me feel like I drank two kegs
      But i could show off the toes
      With a little pose

  7. stealing anothers furry balls, that might send them screaming down the hall, ha but makes for colorful dawgs...err i dont want anything that cleaned your ear, your prizes are things that scare...smiles.

    1. hahaha yeah the scare indeed
      That's why I want to get rid of them at my feed
      And she was not a happy camper
      When i stole her furry balls she did scamper

  8. Never really taken part in a giveaway
    Nothing interesting for me to give at my bay
    Unless someone would like me to give them the opportunity
    To clean my house top to bottom with impunity?
    Nah, didn't think so
    I need to collect worthy things to give away at my show

    1. hahaha well you never know
      One with ocd could clean at your show

  9. You win the prize for having balls enough to put those furry contraptions on your toes!!!

    1. hahaha not afraid to do much at my hall
      Even attach a furry ball

  10. Too many Giveaways
    I don't bother to play

    But I do like Reviews
    they give me a clearer view.

    Now, get out in the sun
    AND have some FUN!

    You are PALE
    Don't become a WHALE!!

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. No chance of the wahle
      But I may remain kinda pale
      Too much work to get out
      But once in a while the sun does sprout

  11. lmao!
    Seriously, I did laugh out loud
    at your toes that look like clowns!
    And what skinny hairy legs you have
    from your toes up to your calves!
    But if you'd shaved just for the day
    We'd think you'd gone batty at your bay.

    Thanks for playing guys make it much more fun!

    1. LOL yeah those legs always get the chicken reply
      Here under my sky
      But oh well
      I'll show them off at my cell
      Could have zipped the razor down
      But a cut would make me frown
      So just grabbed the furry balls
      And ignored cassie's calls
      She wanted them back
      And was ready to attack haha

    2. Better to have chicken legs
      than huge elephant pegs! ha.

    3. That is surely true
      Wouldn't want those at my zoo

    4. elephant legs with a skinny body
      would make you look kinda squatty.
      At least you wouldn't topple over
      with stability like a boulder.

    5. haha yeah could join the circus then
      Be part of a traveling den
      Wouldn't get back up though
      If I fell at my show

    6. hey...there's the windfall
      you've been looking for at your hall!
      Just join the circus there
      and you won't have another financial care.
      Could be a little scary, though
      if the bearded lady loves you so.

    7. LOL lions would scare the cat
      Like such a lady would scare Pat
      We wouldn't make it one day
      Unless a lot they did pay

    8. You could be in the center ring
      with your rhyming scheme!
      Can just see that lady chasing you
      as you make a getaway, too!
      Could be worse than a mime!
      Might not be worth the dime.

    9. Yeah a mime would at least not flap
      I will avoid such a trap

  12. Replies
    1. haha I suppose they are
      All clowned up at my bar

  13. Never interested in contests or give-aways. Yeah, I am that one-in-a-million. ,-)

  14. I would not show my toes
    or bare them among us.
    Because, as nobody knows
    I have that toe fungus.

    1. They make cream for that
      To squash it flat
      So it may mellow
      But they could turn yellow

  15. I have those same hairy chicken legs, so at least I know what those would look like on me.

    I don't need a pedicure. I need a chainsaw, a floor buffer, and holy water.

    1. haha glad I could show
      What the fuzzy balls would look like all aglow
      Damn, that would be rough
      Better to just cover them with fluff

    2. the floor buffer! haha...reminds me of the sander I showed in one of my posts...

    3. Could buff and fluff
      Then sand away the rough

  16. You'll regret using it in the rear.
    I don't think you'll be setting any new fashion trends though.

    1. Yeah I will avoid that
      What? Fuzzy toes won't catch on at every blog mat?

    2. they might...since I just 'pinned' them on my Pinterest! I put them on the board titled, "Too Funny" haha.

    3. hahaha chicken legs on pinterest now
      Pat will soon have to take a bow

  17. buwahahhha, I was reading along and thinking, 'yep, I do that,' 'uh huh, I've done that too,' and then I got to the end, lolol.

    Some people hate the contests and giveaways. Some love them. I like them, so I do have quite a few. And I layer them...not hide them. Braaaaaaaat.

    Fun post. :)

    1. LMAO that cat has your number
      Posting even when i slumber
      There will always be those
      That they cause woes
      Pfft layer or hide
      I'll still stick with the later and be a brat with pride haha

  18. I could never reveal my crooked toes
    I wouldn't want to trigger everyone's woes
    My feet are fugly as can be
    But a pedi for me would bestow such glee.

    1. Bah just put them side by side
      With zombie toes for a toe ride
      then they will look great
      At any rate

  19. Pat, what a funny but cute picture of your toes
    in a colorful fancy pose ~

    Too bad I can't participate for now
    but maybe next time, I will show my dolled up nails

    1. haha let the toes flow
      And give it a go
      If Brian can do it
      So can you at your pit haha

  20. Ears to a good cleaning no matter where it all ends up!

  21. I am really slowing down of the giveaways... Thank God!!

    Summer is here and I want to enjoy it as much as I possibly can.. Like you, I have pasty looking legs. Love your fancy toes!

    1. Have to enjoy at your show
      Soon enough there will be snow

  22. Your feet needs a tan
    go lay in the sun my man
    Nice furry toe balls

  23. Love those toes
    but not much shows
    how the toenail grows!

    My dogs need a pedicure
    a toenail clip they all fear
    when I come near
    with the clipping gear!

    And as for giveaways
    there's no free lunch
    I'm not gullible
    won't accept the munch!

    1. haha not even if free
      Is plastered all over for thee
      And yeah the cat runs too
      When he knows a clipping is due

  24. I'm okay not going to a pedicure party of course

    I'd rather clean a horse

    1. You'd rather clean out manure?
      Enjoy that chore

  25. I would rather look at your insane photo of your toes
    than display mine to them and those.

    who could beat that great shot?

    jean :)

  26. Hahaha - hey funny feet, I'll bet they don't smell sweet! :o)

    1. That may be a safe bet
      But they are liked by the pet

  27. There's a giveaway
    At my bay
    Time to play
    Actually that would be another day
    I jest
    Leave the best
    To the rest
    Those be your feet
    I wouldn't want to meet
    Toe bad for you
    At your zoo

    1. No fuzzy meet and greet
      In the house or street
      I must repeat
      No fuzzy meet and greet

  28. HA! Colorful and fuzzy toes...very creative! For some reason this reminds me of a sesame street character : ) But what would they name it? Fuzzy Feet Monster???

    1. haha I suppose it could work
      Furry ball feet monster would make be smirk

  29. Replies
    1. Can beat the fuzzy balls
      Could use them to deck the halls

  30. orlin N casie...if R mom putted R toys on her feetz we wood...knot even for all de trout in de werld 80 bazillions times over..... ever play with em again... coz her haz de nastee est feetz on de planit.....her feetz is THAT bad... we wood look at burd claw furst....but like onlee for 2.3 seconds...


    1. Wow they must be really really bad
      Remind me never to go near your pad haha

  31. Wow, I've missed being here at your crazy cat lair. I go away for a little while, and you grow fuzzy things between your toes. Eww.

    1. haha well at least it is colorful mold
      At least that is what I'm told

  32. It's the Great Cover Up.
    Sit back and clink your cup.

    We all thank you for not showing,
    The things that might be growing.

    Cheers and Jeers
    But no more Tears.

    1. haha yeah that is grand
      Didn't have to bury them in the litterbox sand
      Instead just use a fuzzy ball or three
      At my sea

  33. Fuzzy Wuzzy
    Wuz a Bear
    Fuzzy Wuzzy.............
    Oh, never mind.
    Like your toes, but I think you have some lint balls stuck on them or something.:)

    1. haha no lint on me
      That wouldn't go over well with my ocd

  34. And I thought I needed a pedicure . . .
    Sometimes I'm just not sure
    What you write, or why
    But I always try
    To understand, to post in comment
    Or go away rubbing my bonnet
    This time I understood perfectly
    But the vision of your toes
    I thought was the worst
    until I picked up the phrase
    'masturbating fetuses' on CNN
    I think I need a drum of rum!!!!!

    1. haha wow you really need some rum
      Now with that phrase you'll make the creepy search engine people come
      Back to my shore
      Thanks for the fetus encore lol

  35. You know what they say about men with pasty legs and fuzzy toes, right?
    Because I'm afraid that I don't, but I figured you might.


    1. Ummm I could make something up at my sea
      But the imagination can be used by thee haha

  36. Nice pom poms. But you had better watch out, I hear lint balls are tough to get rid of once they're stuck between your toes. ;)

    1. Bah the lint can just be sucked away
      With a vacuum so it's not here to stay

  37. Replies
    1. haha the past legs and toes
      Didn't cause woes

  38. Well that there was quite a post
    but I liked the final picture the most
    About these things I'm not sure you should boast
    But it might be better than making a toast.

    1. That it might
      Even if the chicken legs are a fright lol

  39. We're convinced! Where do we sign up?

    We have to say, Pat, you are full of good advice! You had us smashing printers, having flings and now being perpetually drunk! We think your home must be a zoo!

    1. haha fall is less
      Of a mess
      We catch our breath then
      And clean our den

  40. The perfect ad. You're not really sure what you're buying, but it sure sounds great. :D

  41. Tee hee hee hee hee
    Funniest toes I see
    Make me smile
    A great big mile
    Silly contest or two
    Some are legit but boohoo
    Others make people drool
    And look like a fool

    No computer the rest of the week
    At the girls camp peak
    See you again in a few days
    If I can survive teenage hormone craze

    1. Good luck with that
      Such a situation would surely scare the cat

  42. Sometimes, advertising can be so overwhelming . .

    Actually, those legs look like mine :)


    1. haha saying Pat has girlie legs at our sea
      Fine by me

  43. Hi ! Pat Hatt, Miss Priss, and the Cat...
    Oh my ! What do I see when I enter your mat...
    ...only Heaven knows cute feet with balls no less on your toes !
    Believe me what I say is true and I'm not trying to trick you...
    By the way, if all goes well, and you do win the prize you can paint yours, Miss Priss and the cat toe nails...Now, wouldn't that be swell... Or you can tell me to stop teasing you
    and go to he_ _ !

    [Tsk, Tsk, I shake my finger from left to right...that's not nice!]

    deedee :)

    1. Well I could raise hell
      And scare you from my cell
      Just let Drazin loose
      And let him dish out some abuse haha

  44. Bwhahaha! I love giveaways! I've won some really awesome stuff and love how excited folks get when I send them winning emails! However, that fluffy toe look is not a good one Pat. You won't be winning shit at my mat with a photo like that :P

    1. hahaha what no love for the fluffy toe?
      What if I wrapped it in a bow

  45. If I were to follow the cat's cue/You would probably die of something worse than the flu/You should see my toes/Nothing in between them grows! :-)

    In the summer/get a stunna! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Nothing at all
      Such a clean toe fate at your hall

  46. Honestly cat I prefer your pom pom in feet tan your
    zombie feet:)
    lovely colors of your pom pom you are really creative LOL

    1. haha pom pom feet
      Will have to play zombie toe meet and greet

  47. i never win but that might be because i never play...i will think on that


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