Today We Trim The Skim!

So over at Anne's sea when she was being all blog whore-y, yeah a cheat rhyme I know but blog whore'y just has such a glow, she did a post on how to tell if people skim. But it was rather grim. I mean she did not even rhyme. That there is just a crime. So once again for old Irish Air the cat will have to pick up the slack at his lair.

Wrote a post,
You are a proud host,
You hit publish on the day,
Or schedule if like my bay,

Then all is cheery.
But then you see something eerie.
"Nice post"
Is given a boast.

"That was fun"
Is given a run.
"Great job"
You hear from Bob.

Wow, your post threw them for a tizzy,
They must be really dizzy,
Or oh so busy.
Maybe they need to take a umm whizzy.

I mean such a comment is so grand,
How can you not think you topped yourself in your land.
But wait there is more,
As others come to explore.

"I win"
Something got into the gin.
"Yeah I saw the snow today."
Meanwhile you said it was sunny at your bay.

"I love dogs, you are great."
That just automatically gets hate.
"Nice picture of a monkey"
Meanwhile your post was about something funky.

"Look at those boobies on display."
They can distract, so okay.
"Can't wait until your next post"
My, you strike the ego of the host.

"Great photo of you."
Actually it was of a log in view.
And the best of the best,
"You blog beats all the rest."

My such wise words in there,
How can you not stop and stare.
I mean now all can be aware,
That you have the bestest best ever besty best lair.

See Anne, that is how it is done under my sun and with a rhyming run. But still yours was spun and gave me my fun so I will give you that one. Now I am done as I heard the gun and off I run to go pester a nun. Don't look at me like that way lass. I will pester anyone with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. You can always tell how somebody has skim read from the shortness of their comments but I guess a lengthy comment doesn't always mean they've read. This is a great guide though Pat, sometimes I like to refer specifically to certain bits that aren't really important to mention so people know that I've fully read, I don't like being thought of as a skim reader although I guess we've all done it before in the past. On a side note where has R been these days? I miss his "nice post," ways.

    1. Yeah sometimes a skimmer has to come due
      As a rush or someone is way to boring at their zoo
      But for the most part one can tell
      It isn't a tough sell

  2. whore'y? would rather say hooray!
    Some semblance of life on any day
    And a limerick
    Does the trick
    Takes care of the rhyming if you may


    1. That is does indeed
      At any feed
      But limericks can be dirty
      And a bit flirty
      So take heed haha

  3. Some times ya just gotta skim. Good Job!

  4. haha
    you are the best,
    dogs are so cool
    i dont know new words
    to say how cool you are
    buy cialis
    oh wait that is spam
    i am supposed to skim
    i saw that one by anne

    1. Cialis at whole sale
      Could set sail
      Would get a rise
      Unless that is lies

  5. I raise my hand, guilty as sin
    So many posts I have to skim
    If writers are a boring word hog
    I skim and go on to find a good blog

    1. A skim sinner
      I guess you have to cook dinner
      And yeah the word hogs with paragraphs the size of a house
      Make the cat want to go play with a dead mouse

  6. Best post you ever made!!

  7. Hi! Pat Hatt, Miss Priss and the Cat...
    I don't meant to flaunt this in other bloggers that skim faces, but when I visit others bloggers "places"...I always read teh post from A to Z...
    Because I know that if I don't it will come back to haunt me...Heh!heh!
    deedee :)

    1. Yeah it can come back to bite you in the ass
      Should a skim come to pass haha

  8. Yes, some people are infamous skimmers
    but I guess we all have choices
    would we rather they not visit at all
    or at least share a bit of their voices.

    I guess it is heartening to see they
    have some interest in one's bay
    and sometimes they do surprise
    with a comment depthful and wise!

    And on that note I just have to say
    I loved the words you shared today
    wonderful post, you're a great host
    I especially like your pic of a ghost!!

    1. Yeah I guess it is all how one hits
      If the post is the pits
      Then a nice post is all one may get in return
      But if zombie feet come and make their eyes burn
      Then a retort one may get at their sea
      That is delightful and causes glee

    2. True for sure about the glee
      We all like others to see
      what we share at our sea!

    3. Yeah best to be
      From blog tree to blog tree

  9. I don't think the shortness of comment always means guilt
    Some people just keep it succint, as short as a kilt
    But yeah the cliched "nice post" is kinda rude in blogland
    At least acknowledge the blogger's writing or give them a hand

    p.s. Great Post. Love your blog! That was so fun. And great photo!!

    1. No not always at all
      At any hall
      But when they say the same thing at every place
      You know skimming they embrace
      Glad you liked the pic
      Did you sea that great big stick?

  10. Maybe you look like a log to them?
    My comments are short, but I do read and try to comment on something relevant.
    And cool photo!
    Oh wait, there wasn't one...

    1. Hmmm i guess you never know
      I could look like a log at my show
      Yeah jumping around to 100 blogs a day
      Can make for the need of a short display
      But I am as yappy as can be
      So even with 100 blogs let it fly at sea to sea

  11. Let me make a toast
    To this great post
    And dat wonderful pic
    Of that beautiful stick
    You did well
    And I'm going to hell
    For the cliched nice post
    And den disappearing like a ghost.

    Sometimes I just don't know wat to say

    1. Well you seem to know
      How to flow
      So let it rip
      Hell is quite the trip

  12. Skimming... Afraid we are stuck with it. But agree, if people are gonna' skim and try to fake a good comment, let them try harder!!!!

    1. Yeah if you are going to be a fake
      At least be a good fake at ones lake

  13. When busy day
    and sky so gray
    I must to SKIM OFF
    best to sail
    with much of fun
    and no delay.

    1. Skim off
      And don't scoff
      Just full to the brim
      So your day isn't grim

  14. great post

    wait a bunch of people already said that so I can't boast.

  15. Ha, I think this may be one of my favorite posts from you, my friend. So here's a fun story: one time I made a post where I poured my heart out about how my dog wasn't feeling well. She got worse, lost the use of her legs, and I had to put her through hours of physical therapy with my own two hands because the vet wanted to charge $5,000 to do it (you might even remember the post). Anyways, some asshole (and notorious skimmer) only saw "my dog wasn't feeling well" and tried to make a joke by commenting, "Take him out to the woods and shoot him if he's sick."

    1. Yeah i remember that one
      Under your sun
      Amazing how inconsiderate some assholes can be
      With their skimming spree
      And yuck once more to the $5000 too
      Spent nearly that much on the friggin cats at my zoo

  16. We sometimes skim, sometimes not, but with so many blogs we sure read a lot.

    1. haha yeah hopping here and there
      Can sure leave one with much reading at each lair

  17. great post, I can't wait for tomorrows one and please visit my blog too....

    haha kidding, you already did! Do you actually rhyme all the time? I could imagine you get stuck and can't talk without rhyming.

    1. Yeah beat you too that
      Already at your mat
      When talking to myself I sometime rhyme
      But with others not most of the time

  18. Your blog is one of the best!
    You challenge my brain, put it to the test!

    Some blogs I visit there's not much I can say,
    Like maybe, "beautiful photos...great post today!"

    It isn't because I have run out of words.
    Me out of words, that's one for the birds!

    All blogs that I visit I truly like.
    If I didn't enjoy them then I'd take a hike!

    To visit and not leave them a comment would be,
    to damn rude and that's just not me!

    So I guess what I'm saying is it depends on the blog.
    Some of my comments are skinny and on some I'm a fat this one :}

    1. haha a comment hog
      At my blog
      Nothing wrong with that
      As you rhyme away at my mat
      And yeah some in sight
      Not much to saw so few words take flight
      And hope no brain pain comes due
      At least not much thanks to my zoo

    2. "No pain, no gain, is what they all say.
      But, a little pain can go a very long way.

      I'll just take an aspirin and lay down my head.
      What a great excuse to jump back into bed!

      When I awake, my head will be clear,
      and my brain will feel better from ear-to-ear!!!

    3. What a way to be
      Be nice to do at my sea
      Just go have a nap
      And forget the 9 to 5 work lap

  19. Hmmm. Such imaginative skimmers! ;)

    1. Yeah they can really create
      Must be a great fate

  20. Rhyming is fun it is true
    Not everyone does it well like you

    I like your blog, it's one of the best
    My rhyming is lacking? Surely you jest!

    1. some can keep up
      Others are a slow pup
      Or need more coffee in their cup
      You suffered no hiccup

  21. I admit to skimming on occasion. Sometimes a short reply is just because I don't have anything to add to the discussion. But I do keep that in mind and try not to be too wordy. lol That almost guarantees skimming.

    1. haha yeah too wordy can guarantee a skim
      Especially if it makes the eyes grow dim

  22. Skimming is an art
    One in which I don't take part
    Because I lack the will
    like so many other skills.

    (Bet you can guess what other skills lol)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. haha there could be many a skill
      I could guess at my hill
      But would I be right?
      I won't let them take flight

  23. Skimming...we used to skim the cream from the fresh milk on our farm. Then we'd make ice cream and/or butter. MMMmmm...butter.

    1. Blah to that
      Rather have someone skim as the read at my mat

  24. said boobie. ... hahaha

    1. hahaha you'd pick up on that
      Not surprise to the cat

  25. Almost as bad as skimming
    are the commentors that gimme
    lines of my original post
    in their reply, all put in quotes.
    Really, is this necessary?
    I'd almost rather have a skimmer say "that's cheery!"

    1. Yeah that is just dumb too
      As you can tell easily at your zoo
      No need for a repeat
      You know how I hate those at my street

  26. I've read posts before about a pet getting sick and then dying and somebody replies, "I hope he gets better soon!"

    Oh deary dear. Bad, bad skimming. ha.

    1. Yeah I've seen that a time or two too
      Some people have no clue
      And I can tell as well
      As I use what you do where you dwell haha

  27. I once wrote a post about death and someone responded with: "Funniest blog post ever. Can't wait to share this with my friends."

    So, wow lol

    1. LOL well maybe you did it in a fun way?
      Many nuts on display

  28. orlin N cassie...glad yur post wuz bout sum thin funkee coz we frank lee thought we kneaded like a vizshun exam....ther goez R drivin licents...coz we looked for like 18 seconds N never saw a monkee.....nother gin N tonic boomer N dai$y...dont mind if we due tuna....

    1. haha well monkeys can be hard to spot
      They like to monkey around a whole lot

  29. I once read a post about a car being broke into and nothing being taken and a commenter said they hope they didn't take anything. lol Guess they skipped right over that part.

  30. Hello,

    Another great post from Pat & Cats
    I have to take my hat off to you
    as this is one everyone should view
    I am not a skimmer at your show
    as you know in fact, I stay so long
    you may have to cook me dinner..(haha)
    speaking of which I am hungry
    so, away I go, but it was great
    at your show..always insightful
    as you give it a go with
    rhyming words..nothing
    is slurred so all can be heard

    Hope you had a good day at your bay
    it's raining here..

    1. Well if you like the microwave
      Pat's cooking can be all the rave
      Other than that
      You may go hungry at our flat haha
      Unless you like food from a can
      Which the cat is somewhat a fan

  31. You have reason haha but some people is laconic:) or dont talk so much :)
    anyway I can say sometime syou are terrible and sometimes you really make me laugh Pat!!

    all these quotes you put are real???

    ok good post! LOL
    Om teasing you silly!

    1. haha can really make you laugh or run away
      With the stuff i put on display
      So fun to do
      And sadly many of them are true

  32. "I love dogs, you are great."
    That just automatically gets hate.
    Yup that's my fave....heh heh

    1. haha give them hate
      For dog loving at my gate

  33. Oh, I hate those comments, and then they expect you to visit their blogs and comment. A few times I've been tempted to write, "Thanks for getting up this morning. Have a great day!" *snort*

    1. hahaha should do that
      Be so fun to see for the cat

  34. If you skim on a whim the results could be grim.
    So it's best to take care in case you should err.
    If you read on the slip and record but a blip,
    you may be surprised and end up chastised
    when that "oh-so-fun post" about fuzzy mutt Clyde
    turns out to be about a dog who died.

    VR Barkowski

    1. Yeah that is the way
      You get screwed with your display
      As you retort something dumb
      Deserving a kick to the bum

  35. While skimmers can make me quite annoyed
    It's better than thinking my words just went into the void.
    I'm guilty of skimming a time or two
    But on those occasions I normally don't comment or even say boo.

    1. You mean you don't scare
      At your lair
      or even a boo hoo
      i guess it is good no cry babies come due haha

  36. Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar
    Can out-rhyme you all with her paws from afar
    I'm sitting in my Chevrolet
    Passing away another day
    Traffic light please turn green
    Before I yell something obscene
    Great post and thanks for sharing
    At this rate you'll think I'm caring

    1. Geez with such a response from you
      Such caring must come due
      Or you are bored out of your tree
      Maybe stuck in a hospital unable to pee? lol

  37. Oh my, I think this one's for me
    Cuz I do skim, but ne'er *fingers crossed*
    at your fine sea.
    And then I think, what can I say?
    "Great job" is just a bit cliche
    But I go with that one anyway
    It says it all. It says it swell.
    "Great job" I'll stick with.
    What the hell!
    But skim again, I'll never do *fingers crossed*
    All posts are "great" and "fun"
    I'll read each one through and through.
    *fingers crossed*


    1. A lie within a lie
      But at least you try hahaha
      And yeah very cliche
      Try wonderful job at your bay
      Mix and match
      Then you can skim the batch

  38. Yep, I can surely tell
    When people skim, oh well
    They miss out on details
    Of some great tales (or tails)
    My comments are not only nice
    But I try to add some spice
    I analyze a poem or post
    And observe photos the most
    I say something specific and true
    And never give anyone a boo
    Your comments at my feed
    Are always a delight to read
    That's why you get flowers, too
    They will arrive in a week or two
    That's what the mailman says
    Though he didn't know where NS is! :)

    1. Yeah easy to tell
      Where we dwell
      Who smoke blows
      Out their nose
      And hahaha not the first time I heard that
      Many americans have no idea about my mat
      Is that by Alaska they say?
      Such fun to make fun at my bay

    2. Oops you're not in Alaska
      Not even in Nebraska? :)
      Perhaps the North Pole, Pat
      Is where you dwell with the cat :)

    3. Me and my igloo
      With the kitty crew
      Is where we are
      Near an ice bar

  39. We saw skim and we thought STEAL
    like skimming profits--such a deal
    Or then we thought, Oh he means skim milk
    Or something low-fat of that ilk....
    But then we found you meant read fast
    Which we confess we've done in our past
    We've not been caught yet
    In that hot net
    For the bad guys
    Who aren't so wise ;-)

    1. Glad you don't get caught
      Could hurt a lot
      Or cause a hairball
      Being left in the hall
      Skim could go many away
      I'd like to skim money somehow at my bay haha

  40. Great post
    may not say the most
    or even give you luck.
    But it could be worse
    if you get the verse,
    "What a waste of time. You suck."

    By the way, you don't.
    Nice job.

    1. haha they save the you suck
      Be being a queer duck
      and hiding from view
      Sending hate mail or two

  41. Too much fun
    Out here in our sun
    Reading your rhymes
    The happiest of times

    Oh, you want me to google + that or something - sure, heck why not...Let's show my crowd just what you got...

    1. haha a google + is fun
      As I rhyme a ton
      Showing all things
      Like the dong before dings

  42. I have one that likes to post totally out there comments. One of my blogging friends sent me a message saying "Is that a spam commenter on your blog today?" Um, no. It's a real person. It used to irritate me, but now I find the comments hilarious!

    So, I guess if you post out there comments, you can be seen as a spammer- not a skimmer. I'll take the skimmers over the spammers any day.

    1. hahaha been there as well
      Where I dwell
      Since long gone though
      And agreed, rather take them over spammers at my show

  43. Haha, among the vices and the virtues at your station...
    It really feels great when you get some actual appreciation!
    Especially when you know you are worth it...
    Anything less convincing should sure irk your wit!

    1. An irk it may have done
      In the past under my sun
      But now it is just funny
      And all remains sunny

  44. Well since I chat with the living all day
    I believe it would only be right
    To take a moment and contemplate
    Chatting with the dead all night

    Ufos might not take kindly
    Nor skeletons I shouldn't ignore
    If I dare to try and squash them
    So please, I must implore

    That of all the ones I talk to
    It should come as no surprise
    I'm more than likely better off
    Speaking with dead who tell no lies

    1. But they may not be so wise
      With the bringing on of flies
      And their rotting disguise
      Causing many scary cries

  45. skimming.. are you kidding me
    who will skim at this place :)

    if one does... ohh he/she's losing so much :D

    1. haha oh there are some
      They must be drunk off rum


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