Up To Fourteen Already As They Come Steady!

And the cat is back once more with another search engine nut encore. They never stop. I guess they like me giving them attention for each major flop. Like the ones today who go from crazy to scary at my bay.

"i play all day with my little red wagon g"

You typed out so much, Google didn't even want to reach out and touch. Had to cut you off, hope you and your little red wagon did not scoff.

"original rooms of superheroes mascot costume for kids"

Umm run on sentence there. I hope your kids are not aware. Such mouthy people today wanting to have their say.

"trippy pictures to look at when your high"

Even the dope heads can type away. But the trippiest of all would be looking at your own display.

"animals that mezmerize hypnotize"

I know I'm such a hypnotic cat that you can't help but come to my mat.

"bouncy ball with handle canada"

We have a bouncy ball with a handle up here? News to my little rhyming rear.

"he let out bad fart very gross coughing it is lingering"

Sorry for the smell, but the cat likes to cause hell.

"big eye cartoon creatures with black rings around the eye"

They just keep getting longer today. The shame, seeking Tarsier Man at my bay.

"bathroom rhymes your aim will"

Here is one I can do, all about the loo.

Your aim will thrill,
If you miss the sill,
And don't make a splash,
Putting the seat back down before you dash.

"facebook "someone is making up a horrible blog"

Yep that is a scam, equivalent of toe jam.

"boobies on the beach"

Now that is the attitude, just strut around nude.

"chicken ans bunny matung"

Or maybe not. You need to seek help a whole lot.

"real people real sex"

Boy, you must have been disappointed finding me. At least my blog is free.


How absurd, they are here looking for Betsy's bird.

"both of us railing on yo butt"

Didn't I promise scary today? Sounds like some hick wants to see Honey Boo Boo's butt on display.

And to get even weirder at my sea the winner is here to greet all of thee. I think they are asking you for a favor too. So which one of you will write them such a thing at your zoo?

"barney & robin smutty fanfiction"

No takers? Aren't you purple dinosaur and boy wonder movers and shakers? Hmmm that sounded a bit dirty too. Or course they could mean the Barney from Bedrock, that type of bam bam could send one into shock. While you write fan fiction for this nut at your hut, the cat is just glad another one has come to pass. And never share such fan fiction with my little rhyming ass.

Experience spring, have a fling.


  1. Replies
    1. Keeping a streak
      Sending waffles up the creek

  2. That is one fan fiction I'd never want to see

  3. Creatures with black rings around the eye?
    Who would rather want that one for a try!
    One gets questioned
    On one's intentions
    One ends up making an exit quietly on the sly


    1. haha yeah they run away
      After finding my bay
      Sneaking off into the night
      Avoiding the light
      Searching more for what they say

  4. Bet they were in for a surprise when they found a cat instead of boobies

  5. The things that people search up to come across your blog never fails to shock and amaze me man, it just goes to show that the more words you write the more likely it is that your blog will be found as weird as that is, great post buddy.

    1. Yep just keep on writing away
      And new crazies will find you every day

  6. This is one blog catering to a real wide audience. Congrats, and keep up the good, bad, crazy, crazy and crazy stuff.

    1. Yeah all come and go
      Not sure I want such peepers though at my show haha

  7. People reach you in some very strange ways. :)

  8. I mostly get things that pertain to my blog .. Like coffee enemas and candida. Once in awhile I get something really crazy.

    1. Well coffee enemas would be weird for me
      To see at my sea

  9. It's so funny that people actually Google those phrases
    I suppose a lot of minds are in foggy hazes
    I will have to look and see what brings people to mine
    Probably people who've had a little too much wine

    1. Mine are just plain drunk
      Or as smelly as a skunk
      Can't get anyone to come near
      So they type things that cause fear

  10. i am so sorry i think boobies at the beach was mine...ha not. seriously smutty fanfiction ?? there is a whole new niche for you.

    1. hahaha the smutty fan fiction king
      Kinda has a certain ring

  11. Good idea from the post
    I'll write smutt fanfiction, be the host
    A new calling, can this be
    I don't know, just wait and see.

    1. Okay I'll wait for thee
      To write one at your sea
      And until you do
      Will never be let go off at my zoo hahaha

  12. Come on Pat, I think in your next smutty book you can really do something unique with the main characters Barney and Robin who have very bad farts, see boobies on the beach and have real sex. Be sure to include some trippy pictures for those folks to look at when they are high and then your readers can all go out and play in their little red wagons.

    1. Some readers better have more than a little red wagon though
      As they would not fit at their show
      I suppose that would be good for boobies on the beach
      As they would always be just out of reach
      Look a title there
      Boobies On The Beach That Are Just Out Of Reach, even rhymes at my lair

  13. lol, keep up the good work bro

  14. I'll pass, on alllllllllllllll of them! ,-)

  15. Some dyslexic bird lover
    came to the wrong blogger!
    Better learn to spell it right
    or end up here and get a fright!

    love somebody was tattling to facebook
    that someone is making a bad blog full of gook.

    1. Yeah I never even posted that here
      Don't know how their nuthatch/catch loving found my rear
      Unless you take it literally
      Then it is just scary
      Hope they weren't tattling on me
      Then I'd get more creepy people at my sea

  16. Hi! Pat Hatt, Miss Priss, and The Cat...
    I can see that the planters nuts, are back out... As you give them a shout!

    As they go hunting for your shore and leaving silly words in order to reach your door!
    deedee :)

    1. Technically hunting for other things
      Then end up getting lost in my rhyming wings

    2. Had to say it twice
      For paying the price

    3. Hey, Pat, another bold type fetishist...
      I thought I was alone on my little blue list

    4. Nope not alone
      She bolds her tone

  17. ...Then again, they may not be looking for your shore, but somehow end up at your door?

  18. Boobies on the beach? Where? I missed it!

    1. So it was you?
      Well at least you can admit it at your zoo

  19. honey boo boo...you
    had to go there...ugh, not me
    its funny the things people use to find your sea
    some i am glad i dont have to see

    1. Yeah they would scare
      Never want to see them in real life at my lair

  20. Maybe I won't search for anything for a while!

  21. "real people real sex"

    Seriously though, where can I find this? I'm sick of finding porn videos with fake people having fake sex.

    1. Yeah those fake blown up dolls
      Can;t give good cat calls

  22. Such a hypnotic cat,
    just where're you
    hiding the magnet...

    1. Wouldn't you like to know
      Where it is at my show haha

  23. Always amazed at the way people phrase their searches. It's surprising that some of them ever find what they're seeking... if indeed they do.

    1. Well those ones don't I bet
      Highly doubt they are looking for sex when they find this pet
      At least I hope not
      At my plot

  24. Replies
    1. Copying a humbird
      Suppose she says the right word

  25. That one about the fart had me laughing sooooo hard!

    1. haha not sure why one would type that in
      At googles bin

  26. I have never checked to see how one lands on my page but after reading those searches I am not sure I want to know. Glad it is all virtual fun :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. Yeah the weirdos aren't near
      Thankfully or they'd cause fear

  27. With all the things you rhyme about your bound to get some newbies,
    I am not sure how many times I've seen you mention boobies :}

    A fart, the cat, a little red wagon,
    sex and smut...that's a lot of braggin'!

    So now when I Google something new
    there always a chance I'll be Googling you ;}

    1. Just never know
      When you will get kicked back to my show
      With over 800 posts on the go
      My google legend continues to grow

  28. I haven't had any weird ones lately. I'll have you to thank for that since it seems they are flocking to your bay most days.

  29. Search engines scare me mor than they should
    Kind of like that guy who wants you to take a walk in the wood.
    Keep your head down don't make eye contact
    Best not to laugh and that is a fact.

    1. Yeah that guy is creepy
      Could make one weepy
      If he were to flash
      Time to surely dash

  30. orlin N cassie....ten $$$ says when betty heerz bout barney shes gonna bee a wee bit eye rate.....wunder if bam bam iz two old now for her ta get child support.....


    1. Yeah a bit too old now
      As he married in vegas I heard through a meow

  31. You can find a lot of those on the beach

    easy in an eye's reach

    1. Not around here I fear
      At least none without a huge rear

  32. Good Afternoon,

    That is some crazy list at your zoo
    I bet they were surprised to find you
    and all that is on your display,
    as they went astray, to your dismay
    but, some are funny a bouncy ball
    with a handle, I think that's called
    a hippity hop they use them at some
    gyms so you can hop around, great
    exercise I guess if your into
    bouncing balls..(yikes) that doesn't
    sound quite right..

    Always, something interesting on your wall
    and you never know who will call...

    So, tell me how is Pat and his cats today
    I was thinking of you at your bay...
    wondering if you joined the fray..(lol)

    1. So you are in to bouncy balls?
      Off walls and down the halls lol
      Yeah they are sure in for a surprise
      When they end up in my skies
      never know indeed
      As plenty come to my feed
      We are okay I suppose
      But each cat has to go to the vet as they have woes
      More money for the credit card
      soon be living in ones back yard lol

    2. Sorry to hear the cats
      have to visit the vet,
      I know your woes
      I paid a bundle
      for my birdie when
      she was sick..
      but, at least she is well
      and now, sings her songs
      so that makes my heart glad..

      Well, hope you don't end up
      living in the backyard..
      because then you'll have
      to be like Tarsier Man
      living off the land...
      and let me tell you it's
      a jungle out there...

      How about those "super balls"
      they bounce so high they
      reach the sky..I think
      they long to fly maybe
      become their own planet
      what would we name it?
      "Superstar" maybe Superman
      could visit that land..

      Ok..I know enough right..
      I get carried away always
      something to say and you
      do humor me so..thanks for
      that Pat and his cats..

    3. Yeah it sure isn't cheap
      To visit that vet creep
      As their fees run deep
      And your wallet starts to weep haha
      Well I'd have to move somewhere warm
      To avoid any snow storm
      If I were to use that ball
      And hope down the hall
      Maybe I'd get bounced to bora bora with ease
      Leaving behind all the fleas

    4. Saying Good Night..good luck at the vet
      tomorrow..yeah, I would like a nice
      warm beach as well..I guess I can
      go to one in my dreams...
      Speaking of which have
      some sweet ones..

    5. First I have to sleep
      At my sauna of a keep
      Not much comes due
      Hence how I keep up at my zoo

    6. Cats, them cute kittens, they don't come very cheap
      Which seems like a bad deal as mine always sleep
      Make sure your next girlfriend's a mighty fine vet
      So your bills will go 'poof!' or fly away like a jet
      Hope the furry kids are ok by now
      Pat them on the back and say..... ;)

    7. haha off to the vet we go
      Tomorrow at my show
      One needs a shot
      The other needs to pee a lot
      Such a pain indeed
      I will have to find a vet at my feed

    8. I know a girl...her name is Susy
      Minor problem though, she's a bit of a boozy
      But she's as cute as a kitten
      I'm sure you'd be smitten
      When she takes good cate of the Cat
      Guess who will be meowing on his mat?

  33. You know, I was just playing the other day with my bouncy ball with a handle. Unfortunately the ball bounced the wrong way and the handle whacked me in the head. But don't worry. It was nothing 20 stitches couldn't fix. :)

    1. damn is that true?
      Bouncy balls are very dangerous at your zoo

  34. Ha, ha! Your key search words are so much better than ours! I do hope the dope heads learn the difference between "your" and "you're", but then, I guess they have an excuse.

    1. Yeah being a dope head
      You and you're prob causes them much dread

  35. Where do you find those
    Is what we wants to knoze!

    They gave us a laff
    Before taking our baff ;-)

    1. They are just in stats
      And surely aren't looking for cats
      When they come here
      I surely fear

  36. That smutty one wasn't from me
    They spelled "Robyn" wrong, as all can see.
    But I liked your apology for the cat's smell
    And if they don't, they can go to...
    Canada to find a bouncy ball with handle. What the hell?!


    1. haha I guess we have better bouncy balls up here
      So dirty to my little rhyming rear

  37. Yeah, if your cat is letting off gas that lingers and smells that bad you might want to consider changing their diet.

    1. Oh don't even go there
      With their picky ass pain in the ass eating at my lair

  38. Well, that was very interesting...weird. lol

  39. Oh, dear, dear me
    Some of these I just can't see
    The weird things people type
    Makes for humor oh, so ripe!

  40. Always I think
    where you find all these things
    and sometimes I think.
    Maybe you need a flink:)

    1. A flink you say
      What the heck is that at my bay?

    2. What is she saying, Cat?
      Did Gloria give you the flink?
      Is that like a finger or a drink?
      A flink what could it be..
      Maybe she mean you need a tree
      So you can climb and see things clear
      Did you know she calls me Grumpy Dear?
      She loves my rubber boots,
      My whip and skirt
      But what she doesn't like is dirty dirt
      That's why she gives you a flink
      Is it me or do we need a drink?

    3. yeah think
      A drink is needed at each rink
      Maybe she thinks pink
      Is a flink that is the missing link

    4. Maybe she means (notice the s there too)
      A fink.. which is like a flink... which is like um poo
      It's a mystery only she can solve
      Meanwhile let's evolve

  41. I found you because I typed 'cute little kitten'
    And when I saw your pretty face I was instantly smitten
    No, I'm just kidding for you really found me
    I wonder what you typed... something dir..TY? ;)
    'Real people real sex' what the hell does that mean?
    Could it be a sitcom with Charlie Sheen?
    Black rings around the eye?
    Were they just very verrrrry high?
    Is it time to say goodbye?

    1. haha yeah who knows
      Maybe they were really after zombie toes
      I found you on your teacher blog
      Somewhere through the blogland fog
      Then found you at your stalker one
      and now under your new sun

  42. Only Cat can be this versatile :)

    1. Yeah find me they do
      All with a loose screw


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