What I Did Wednesday Once More At My Bay!

So here at my bay I will tell you what I did Wednesday. Wait, isn't today that date? Hmm I am telling you what I am doing, don't hate. So away we go with the Wednesday show.

First Cassie and I,
Came upon that Tarsier Man guy.
He was saving the day.
He'll make the wedgie bullies pay.

We had to do the rough stuff.
For with mimes we've had enough.
We really got rough.
That mime wasn't so tough.

But this guy sure thought he was all of that.
A slug does not scare the cat.
He looks like green crap.
I think he thought he could rap.

Zombie Man came and saw dinner.
I guess the slug was a real winner.
Before long he was goo,
Inside a dead guy, sad but true.

Drazin wanted to play too.
I guess he had a few.
Looking like a dead hobo.
No idea who that cat is though.

And then the dancing crowd.
Came out of the bar and got real loud.
That sax really echoes off the seat.
It wasn't a very catchy beat.

So we decided to break in,
For their song was such a sin.
Had to turn that music off soon,
That ghost was a real loon.

But we got in and there he was.
Singing his stupid theme song buzz.
And spanking a brat,
Which I guess doesn't bother the cat.
But we were out of there,
Before another mime ruffled my hair.
And we stepped out to dragons on a rampage.
I guess they didn't want to be put in a zoo cage.

Yikes, the probe!
We were on the wrong side of the globe.
The dragons and aliens can fight.
We wanted no part of this plight.

So we ran back home where no aliens roam, just a nut or two, who occasionally show up at our zoo. Hopefully none followed us here. What? I'm being an advertising little rhyming rear? Yeah they may be in a book or ten but all is true at our den. Or maybe I just went out and rolled in the grass? You will never know thanks to my clever little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. What do you know
      It's 3 in a row!


    2. One two three
      Trying for 1 but can't beat thee

  2. Replies
    1. 27 seconds were on my clock
      In my head this isn't fast enough
      For my first comment to rock

      If I had got it, I'd have a lot to thank
      But instead all I seen was "number one, Hank."

      I'm proud of this rhyme for once

    2. Yeah good rhyme, Yeamie.......

      Crunch the numbers, one, two, three
      Lucky tomorrow who will it be?

    3. At least you spelled one right
      This time at my site lol
      And timing too
      Look at you
      Hank just has it down
      Making all others frown

  3. I loved every one of these Pat but my favourite was the Tarsier man one right at the start. That guy is just crazy haha, spending his day avenging wedgies, the ultimate lad in my eyes.

  4. That must have been an exhausting day

  5. What there is on a Wednesday?
    It's a respite in a mid-week day
    Just to relax
    None to affect
    For the rest of the week held sway


    1. The cat doesn't know how
      He just likes to run and meow
      Rest when we are dead
      And lay down our head
      Or if we see a scary cow

  6. Great artwork and quite the day you had, never go near the probe

  7. Avoid alien probes.
    Thought those images were an assortment from your books!

    1. Yes, avoid those indeed
      Many released and not released at my feed

  8. this sounds like a very trying day!
    you should take a break, relax, enjoy the game!

    1. We will relax
      But never pay cat tax

    2. not even if you risked to be sued?
      it isn't worth, dude! ;)

      (I had no other rhyme in mind)

    3. haha pffft let them try
      They can't get anything from a broke person under my sky haha

  9. no no not the probe!
    he ate a slug? i did not know zombie man was french
    oh wait that is snails, cat of nine tails, how hard would that be if all nine went different directions...fun play at your bay today...maybe some one should reform wedgie boy, help him un-wedge he might turn to joy

    1. haha that would be hard to do
      With tails all over the place in view
      But a zombie would probably just yank them off
      Then chow down taking a drink from a horse trough

  10. great advertising campaign, colourful pictures will always work on me!

    Hope you guys are getting a nap in after that day.

    1. Advertise in unique ways
      With my rhyming craze

  11. Wow this looks like quite the adventure
    If I were elderly I would have lost my dentures
    I knew some wedgie bullies in junior high school
    Now those same bullies are looked at as fools haha

    1. Well if you keep your teeth well
      No need to go to denture hell haha
      Knew some too
      Now they are laughed at like monkeys in a zoo

  12. That must have been a terribly tiresome day...
    Under your sun...so much adventure at your bay!

    1. We had a cat nap
      After trotting across the map

  13. All of these are really great!

    That cat better watch out though, a spanking these days will land you in BadParentLand. Oh how a generation can change things. ;)

    1. Yeah can't do that
      That is why all hire Tarsier Man at their mat

  14. What a day this has been
    What a rare mood you're in
    Wait a minute that's a song
    Do plumbers really wear a thong?
    A new book coming, I can see
    From my perch high in a tree

    1. Hmmm I suppose
      You could just peek out your nose
      When under the sink he goes
      If he is too big for his clothes
      Then commando thong or otherwise
      You could give cries

  15. Your illustrations never disappoint!
    Always enjoy them at your joint!

    The slug that looks like green crap
    looks to be a rather friendly chap!
    Too bad, however, he became dinner;
    he definitely was not the day's winner!

    1. No the green crap
      Had a zombie nap
      I guess he tasted swell
      Must have been some kind of hell

  16. I find Fridays to be the best. Thinking so much about a weekend that can never get up to my (infinite) expectations.

    Wednesdays are the time that I really start believing that Friday is near!!

    1. Yeah Wednesday means you are half way there
      And Friday becomes more aware

  17. Tarsier Man needs his own ongoing comic book series.

    1. He has three out and about
      With a fourth I'm sitting on to put out

    2. He has three out and about
      With a fourth I'm sitting on to put out

    3. Yeah, I guess that would qualify as "ongoing." :)

    4. Although I chopped up the comic panels and put one per page
      Trying to keep in line wit the rest I engage
      And a comic in rhyme
      Such a fun time

  18. Some may wonder why my name is there
    But I caught it at your lair.

    1. Yeah been a while
      Since you went the wednesday mile

    2. Yes, that is true!
      It's turned into an auction day or shopping, too.
      Need a day at home
      to show how I roam
      around the house here
      doing things with cheer.
      Off to run errands in a minute, too
      so today one will not come due!

    3. haha always on the go
      With errands I guess rain will show
      Or is that just groceries at your sea
      When it decides to rain on thee

    4. Groceries,
      But I got home before the rains came today
      and now it's pouring at my bay!
      Was gone a good long time, too
      with plenty of time for the rain to pursue.

    5. Guess it felt you needed a break
      Or maybe its prepping for an earth quake

  19. Purrfect Pat! How doesn't love a hero?!?!

    1. Heroes abound
      Even if they belong in the pound

  20. You are certainly going to have a much more exciting Wednesday than I am having. Enjoy!

  21. Nice illustrations Pat ~
    Hope all is well at your mat,
    no probes nor aliens to beat
    up, just make sure you are protected from sun's heat ~

    Happy Wednesday ~

    1. Friggin sauna at my hole
      Hiding from the heat is a goal

  22. I can see you never bore
    in your land
    always happens some things
    in your mat but I love your
    draws anyway this post
    remember me some posts
    of a lovely friend of mine lol

    1. Yeah never a bore
      Here at our shore
      And a reminder too
      What I can do

  23. Wild illustrations... :-))))))))))))

  24. wow, iam sorta speechless here Pat! ?I wish I could do a post like this!

  25. Spanking, probing, shameless promotions - oh wait, wrong blogger....

    I recognize a pic or two
    with lots of fun at your zoo
    I'm even a star in one
    and I had lots of fun
    but there was something awry
    I only had one eye
    Next time I better have two
    or I'll come after you!

    1. Pfft threats threats
      You can't take the pets
      We'll pelt you with a rock
      And run while you squawk haha

    2. I'm not afraid of you and your fleas, cat

    3. haha yeah with all the mutts
      You are already used to fleas jumping from their butts

  26. What a busy Wednesday!
    So much action, But,
    Things are always happening at your bay
    And,I am no longer surprised with Pat's Hut!

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. Hmmm I would not say that
      Then something worse than zombie feet will show up at my mat haha

  27. wedgies, karate cats, spankings! Oh, my!!! :D

    1. And that's just what I was allowed to show
      Above at my show haha

  28. Excellent Wednesday adventure it seems, to go along with magnificent illustrations.

    Love them.

    1. They can illustrate much
      As the cat runs and such

  29. Cute way to show some pages from your books! I recognized quite a few of those characters!

    1. Yeah was fun to do
      To show off the books of my zoo

  30. The probe it
    came due
    as you walk
    here and there
    with your arse
    in the air.

    As you wiggle
    your butt and
    off you do strut
    'round corners
    down street and mimes
    you do meet.

    And the band
    it did blow
    off tune
    at your show.

    All ended well
    as you lifted
    your tail
    to let aliens in
    and you made such
    a din.

    Your yowls of delight
    gave me quite a fright
    as from sleep I awoke
    as the hour chimed late
    and you were left to your fate.

    1. Well at least
      Thanks to this rhyming beast
      You never got a good night sleep
      There at your keep
      I can take comfort in that
      As I lick my violated rear on the mat lol

  31. orlin N cassie...ewe both look smaller N reel life then we pick sured...


    oh, N we think de cat dood with drazin mite be brian; tho him looks diffrunt two with out hiz hat ~~~~~~ !!

    1. Yeah without that hat
      It could be pat
      Dressed in a suit
      Taking down the drazin brute

  32. A post full of wedgies and spankings..I can dig it.

  33. Your illustrations
    bring sensations
    beautiful creations
    various interpretations
    singing sensations

    amusing situations
    scary confrontations
    rhyming communications
    promote innovations

    PS..How's Pat and the rhyming cats doing this hot summer day
    perhaps, I can throw a snowball or two your way
    cool you off in a big way at your bay...(haha)
    or are you laying in the hay...have a good day...

    1. The hay is grand
      Lie in it all day at my land
      Chew some too
      Yummy to the cat at his zoo
      And that is a lot of tions today
      You must be all tion-ed out at your bay haha

    2. tion-ed out you say
      I say nay, always
      some cliche'
      would you like to
      play croquet..or
      perhaps a dragon
      we will slay
      as we listen
      to Green Day
      eating some
      raspberry sorbet

      now, to you I say Good-Day..
      sleep tight do you need
      a night light..heehee

    3. A night light
      Taking flight?
      Pfft I'm fine in the dark
      that way when the cat scratches I can't see the mark

  34. Dear Pat, you must spend so much time each day working with your cat to do your post and then finding illustrations and photographs that fit. It all boggles my mind! And besides that you work on your books. I wish I had your boundless energy! Peace.

    1. The energy flows away
      Each and every day
      Will use it while it lasts
      With my rhyming blasts

  35. How DO you find illustrations that work so well?
    Would you be willing to tell?
    And just to mention a point about the slug
    My mind's eye saw it much clearer than mud
    Lying all squished in the dead man's belly,
    Snuggled up like a blog of jelly.

    1. Actually i just take the illustrations then do the rhyme
      Making it up on the fly as the kitties beat up the mime

  36. I left another comment but it must not have sent. All I said was that Tarsier man is such a lad and that was my favourite rhyme, it's always good to avenge somebody who received a wedgie, shows he's a good guy.

    1. Yeah a superhero that helps wedgies get undone
      He will be famous by a ton

  37. Replies
    1. Blob i got too
      I can get through a typo or two haha

  38. The dragon's not daft,
    The alien's got his _ _ _:)
    Dragon breathe fire,
    Take care of the alien's ire.

    1. Blow them back to space
      With a smile on his face

  39. I like the different art styles of the books

    worth the looks

  40. We love all the illustrations, and they are all so unique from each other. Of course, our fav is Cassie.

    So is the autumn line going to be "Celebrate Fall, debauch til you crawl"? Ahahaha!

    1. Later all have a nice fall
      I be more tamed with fall at my hall

  41. It might be fun
    To see that slug run.
    Could a bug
    (Is a slug a bug?)
    Be in a race?
    Could he take first place?
    Does a slug have a face?
    You could make him Atomic
    And give him his own comic!

    1. The turtle would win
      Racing a slug at his bin
      Be fun to do
      The slug with his own comic at my zoo

  42. "Your nose is in the scenter of your face.
    It would be scary if it was in another place."

    What if your nose was on your rear?
    Imagine all the smells that would appear.
    Your eggtastic breakfast would cause a stir
    and your beans for dinner would do you in for sure!

    1. haha oh that is a scary thought
      It would go right in the pot

  43. What a busy Wednesday at your bay! I love the look of the illustrations in each book :)


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