A dVerse Way Of Doing What You Say!

So the other day at Pat's work bay in came a guy who barely knew English under the sky. So when an expression was used he was confused and I think he felt a bit abused. But it left me amused and so this dVerse one was fused.

How is it hanging?
I was snip snip, so it doesn't matter there will be no banging.
What's up?
The sky? The ceiling? Your coffee cup?

What's in a name?
Letters, is this some sort of game?
Kiss my ass!
Only if it is a mighty fine mass.

Bite me!
Would you like it in the arm or the knee?
Go fly a kite.
Can I chew the string at my site?

Time to go water the dog.
I didn't know we had a hose at the blog.
You are so hot.
Actually I am cold at my plot.

This is a no put down zone.
Why would I want to put anything down and hear you moan?
Watch out for the nuts on the road.
Who would throw away perfectly good nuts to a toad?

My back is killing me.
Can you put it in jail at your sea?
It's raining cats and dogs.
I don't even see any frogs.

And you can take that to the bank.
But I have no money or gas in my tank.
Not alive anymore because he kicked the bucket.
Buckets are scary, next time I see one I will duck it.

I had a very long day.
You exceeded 24 hours at your bay?
I think I'm in a bit of a pickle.
Being inside a bit of a pickle must tickle.

He just put his foot in his mouth.
That has to stunt growth.
That guy has a chip on his shoulder.
Why doesn't he just eat it or crush it with a boulder?

Good luck, and break a leg.
Leave my leg alone I don't want a peg.
I can't get through to you so screw this.
You are not going to screw me for any bliss.

Oh how language can be taken in so many ways. It can sure leave one in a daze, if they can ever get through the maze. But then taking things literally can be fun as you can pick at many under your sun. That is all today class from my literal little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. World would be strange if things were taken literally by everyone

  2. It had been a long day
    Everyone had had a say
    A fun thing
    Was amusing
    The language went astray


    1. That it did
      Flipped their lid
      There again
      At my den
      A gave one a bid

  3. It's quite funny because figures of speech just aren't something that foreign people are able to understand, it's a very Western thing and it's always funny when people take them seriously. With that said I wouldn't know where to start with anybody else's language so I don't judge, it's more funny than anything bad.

    1. Yeah it is interesting to see
      When they drop from a tree

  4. Understanding a regions idiom
    At best you have to pity-em
    What did you say
    Don't know him from a load of hay
    How much hay do you really know
    Do you take it to see a show

    1. Maybe a roll in the hay
      On a sunny day
      Or hay fever comes due
      With the hay that flew

  5. Some expressions don't travel well but some "like as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit" do though!

    1. haha yeah that is all around
      Not welcome at my ground

  6. I become aware of figures of speech I use only when talking to young children and those who are newer with English. Some of them definitely are funny if you take them literally. And I always wonder how they originated and also how they became prevalent in the language. Example: raining cats & dogs. Why not raining pigs and hogs or raining chickens and mice????

    1. Yeah that is the main time I think of it too
      When they give you the wtf look as they hear something new

  7. I one time told my Granddaughter to Break a Leg... she looked at me like I was such a bitch... Her mom had to explain to her what it meant.

    1. hahaha can see why
      Must have thought you were high

  8. ha. its funny the way we say things, i said yesterday i was under the weather and someone looked it up to make sure i was not drowning in a flood, change our location and we would be lost as well, the way their words swell and some even the same but with different meaning...oh my....here's mud in your eye....

    1. hahaha that is funny indeed
      Not drowning at your feed
      That mud better miss
      Or the cat will sure hiss

  9. If you said whoppdi friggin doo,
    he'd really not know what to do!

    1. Spelling error from you
      Look what time away can do
      Yeah confuse him to hell
      Think I was trying to sell

  10. If you exceed twenty-four hours, let me know how you did it.

  11. I never heard of "time to go water the dog". Is that just a Canadian thang, 'cause here in North Cackalacky we feed and water our dogs, with the exception of wackos who enjoy bestiality.

    1. No I hear it all over
      Have to water rover
      As it put it in his bowl
      Not grab the hose and spray him down as you stroll

  12. English is such a hard language--even beyond the all-over-the-place grammar rules. Add in turns of phrases. Ugh.

    1. Yeah it is a pain for all
      Who don't know it at each hall

  13. Planning to mess with English
    Better instead go and have a fish
    Coz if you say a different bit
    For some, it might simply not fit
    You might need to watch out for grievances
    Caused of ambiguities...obvious concequences

    1. Yeah obvious ones
      That may give some the runs
      Literally they could run home
      To where they roam

  14. the wonder of language

    makes you wonder who coined these phrases?

    1. Makes you wonder how they caught on too
      As some's beginning are rather eww

    2. I'm told people who flaunt their rhymes are responsible. It's a historical fact, so...

    3. So I guess ?I'm historical at my sea
      What a great thing for a kitty

  15. why? ok is enough lol

    ln all languajes we talk.so: when the twins were little and fight all the time I told Why you dont go if is raining??! but they understand I was teasing them!

    1. Why are you stopping
      Why aren't you shopping
      Why would you tease
      Why would it rain with no breeze
      Why do you have fleas
      Why are they on your knees
      Why don't they understand
      Why are you talking when in the sand? lol

    2. Pat, I don't understand it. What is Gloria saying... Don't go if it raining blueberries? I don't get it. Get what? Is it your birthday? Many happy returns. But I'm not leaving.

      Okay... enough. I've had it. Had what?

    3. I just nod and agree
      Better thing to do blue guy you see

    4. why Im on the sand?
      why you bury me so many times?
      why you think Im shopping?
      Is the Tarsier man with me!
      why you alwsys teasing me
      why Grumpy always comment between the comments?

    5. Why not tease you?
      Why try to find logic with grumpy goo?
      Why you like Tarsier Man?
      Why are you smitten in your land?
      Why not bury you?
      Why not let your sand legend brew?

    6. Yes why I come to your land?
      Why I like Tarsier man?
      Why think in all these things?
      Why I dont go to my bed and sleep well?
      Why Why Why Why Why?

    7. Why don't you get a new bed?
      Why don't you listen to what I said?

    8. my.bed is ok
      that is all.I will say!

    9. Then why don't you sleep
      Ever so deep?

  16. This was rather fun to read
    interesting thoughts at your feed
    one could get lost in the meaning
    as they are busy cleaning

    here is one the cat would not like
    curiosity killed the cat how can that be
    why does it only kill a cat?

    can you tell me how one steals
    another's thunder, this is a task
    that might result in a blunder
    but, it still makes me wonder

    and how does one catch some sleep
    do you wear a catcher's glove to
    bed as dreams play in your head

    thanks for the interesting post
    now I have much to ponder
    as my mind wanders..lol

    hope you have a great day!

    1. Fun to think about
      With my crazy shout
      As much can come due
      As seen by you
      Curiosity can't kill a cat
      With 9 lives at ones mat
      Curiosity can kill a human though
      So they just blame the cat at their show
      You can steal ones thunder with ease
      Tape their mouth shut and they'll be as quiet as the breeze
      As far as catching sleep goes
      Maybe you intertwine with your partners toes
      Then catch up to them with sleep
      While they are already dreaming deep
      Don't wander to far though
      Wouldn't want you to get lost at your show

  17. That sure does make communicating quite a challenge!

    1. A simple meow is easier I say
      At each and every bay

  18. I think every language has expressions that don't translate well to other languages. This is even the case with American English versus British English. Try telling an American dad that you plan to knock his daughter up in the morning.

    1. haha you'll get shot
      Bloody hell that would hurt a lot

    2. Right! And a Latina friend of mine says that there's a Spanish expression for when you want to talk plainly and honestly with each other that translates literally as "Let's talk with our pants off." There's an interesting one.

    3. There's a French idiom for meaning you find someone interesting... but the literal translation is, "You pick my nose."

    4. haha well talking with ones pants off
      Depending on the person, may or may not make me scoff

      Pick my nose
      And off the finger goes haha

  19. I volunteer at a Literacy Agency and it is hard. I have to constantly remember not to use any sarcasm. It is hard enough trying to express English let alone sarcasm or figures of speech. I never realize how often I use both until I can't use them at all.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. haha yeah I never do either until I sit back
      And listen to the crap I say at my shack

  20. Expressions can be quite murky...
    Who REALLY wants to dress a turkey?
    Or climb the wall
    Or have a ball?
    Perhaps we shouldn't speak at all.

    1. Might be a good call
      Then less we would appall
      Might dress a turkey
      With some jerky

  21. Some of those phrases make no sense
    Even when you recite then in any tense
    Confusion are all that they cause
    Giving each person a time to pause.

    Use them only if you must
    Knowing your directions may take a bust
    Better to speak simple and plain
    If understanding is your gain.

    1. But if you wish to confuse
      Using them, you can't lose
      Give one a go
      And confusion will show

  22. English with all its idioms can be quite confusing, especially for a non-native speaker!

    1. Don't remind me. I've got to teach a summer course starting next week. 'Up yours.' 'Up my what?'

    2. That it is indeed
      Poor blue guy at his feed

  23. People never tell me to break a leg
    When I go and drain the lizard
    Must be thinking I'm some kind of wizard
    Draining in a blizzard
    The IRS is killing me
    Sucking me dry you see
    And not even for free
    This is between you and me

    1. haha IRS is after you
      Even across the pond at your zoo
      Geez they have reach
      Don't drain the lizard on any spanish beach

    2. Hi Blue

      Your secret is out the Irs
      has it out for you oh no
      what will you do I hope
      they don't take you
      away as I will miss you
      and why have you not
      visited my page..hmmm

    3. Blue doesn't like you
      You helped me make him into shark stew lol

    4. Pat you say Blue doesn't like me
      even after I wrote him a sonnet
      Blue is this true be honest
      as I hear the moans of the sea

    5. haha Blue has forsaken thee
      All thanks to me

    6. lol..forsaken you say
      at your bay..well, then
      away we go sailing aboard
      the ship of Pat Hatt in
      search of our treasure
      and a little pleasure
      I heard there is some buried
      off the coast..but, do
      you know how to dive
      at your hive..as we
      will have to go down
      deep..to see what we
      can reap...lol..

      Hope you have a good night
      under moonlight..

    7. haha I can dive
      As long as no sharks come five by five
      So away we will go
      Treasure will glow

    8. Good to know you can dive
      as long as sharks don't come
      five by five which would be
      twenty five..(laughing)
      I am afraid of sharks but
      like to swim even if I don't
      have fins...so lets find our

    9. haha 25 sharks
      Would sure leave bite marks
      Maybe they swallowed the treasure though
      Of course more likely a whale would give that a go
      But still plenty for us to find
      If we have the mind

  24. Some of our sayings are ridiculous, and/or funny. One of my husband's closest friends married a gal from Brazil who spoke only Portuguese. It took her about a year to get all of our sayings and she still struggles (while laughing) from time to time with some of them. :)

    1. haha well at least she can have fun with it
      Even if confused a bit

  25. ha - some english expressions can be a real challenge for non native speakers - someone once told me he is doing this until he's pushing up the daisies....and i was .... what....???? ha

    1. hahaha can see how that would confuse
      But at least the daises won't lose

  26. Very happy to see
    Absence of some that bug me
    Turn blue sounded so dumb
    My fav color turned to crumb
    Gag me with a spoon
    Sounded so y-loon
    So glad those are history now
    'Cuz I couldn't standy them anyhow

    1. Yeah those aren't used much
      As people latch on and such
      To the new kid on the block
      Or something sad by Spock

  27. Now I'm afraid of buckets. Cheers Pat.

    1. haha run from the bucket
      Might want to duck it

  28. eggs cell ant post two day orlin, cassie N pat !!!!

    it bee troo....peepulz due talk crazed ...they shuld lurn frum uz catz huh... tho even
    sum times we all R like....what de ba jezuz????


    1. yep go the cat way
      and humans would be much better off at every bay

  29. Just read an interesting statement around the phrase 'smells like rain' - how lots of folks just don't get it!

    I've used a few in my writing - as dialogue - and the reactions are hilarious, but still had to remove them. You'd think in the digital age folks would look it up - but no, it's easier to call the writer 'stupid'.

    Great post!

    1. hahaha I use them here and there
      They think it's stupid, I just don't care

  30. It took me forever to figure out "Time to see a man about a wallaby" when I heard that one in Finding Nemo. I can see where our phrases are quite confusing to non native speakers!

    1. Yeah can really confuse those not in the know
      Even if one knows english at their show

  31. Nice, language can be taken in so many ways that is true..sometimes I translate something and I realize it does not make sense in English. When you come from another country it takes awhile to get it.

    1. haha that would be rough too
      Trying to make sense of a translation at ones zoo

  32. I got to admit, the raining cats and dogs thing has never made sense to me.

    1. Yeah me either I'd say
      Not even on a rainy day

  33. Some expressions are really
    funny if you take them literally
    you will go nuts and people will look
    at you strangely like you swallowed a hook ~

    1. haha yeah they will look
      But doesn't bother me at my nook

  34. When I was living in Japan, people often laughed at my Japanese--I think my usage must have been terrible--this reminded me of that! Hope all is well in your world!

    1. haha I'd have none at all
      So I'd get laughed at, at every hall

  35. It sounds like the language is going to the dogs!

  36. First time reader and what a whimsical one to come in on Pat -I shall not get started on our Australian colloquialisms - we could be here for days!

    1. haha yeah a few of them I have heard
      But some I may think absurd

  37. Lately, all my days seem longer than 24 hours, but I'm still not getting everything done.

    This was fun Pat :)

    Oh, and love the new blog look. I guess I'm going to have to re-vamp mine since I somehow lost my three columns. Very strange.


    1. Blogger can be a pain
      Fun to revamp though at ones lane

  38. Ha ha ha--these were funny
    In fact, they're Right on the Money!

    1. Wish I had some money
      To put them right on and be sunny

  39. While it can't rain cats and dogs, there have been cases of it raining frogs.

  40. I can't imagine how hard it would be to learn English as a second language with all of these things to learn as well.

    1. Yeah it would be tough
      But many a language can be rough

  41. In every language and in every place
    people use some very strange phrases;
    why they do they could not say,
    but still they do it every day.

    1. Yep, they catch on
      And are passed from lawn to lawn

  42. language accidents..
    happens all the time :)


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