A Fetish For dVerse That Is Rather Perverse!

Thanks to a post from Al you get a picture of this gal.

What that isn't a gal? Don't you still want him as a pal? I needed a reason to rhyme Al and Gal. Did you really want to see Sal? Too bad, you get Big Momma at your pad.

Wait, wasn't ripping off people last week? Bah, I can still do it at my creek. Anyway, away we go here at my show with the word of the day here at my bay

I wish I was making this up.
Actaully no, then that would mean I'm one sick pup.
Err umm cat.
You get the expression at my mat.

Coprophilia is a fetish to some.
It is much much worse than drinking rum.
So awful I throw up in my mouth.
You know that has be bad to make me go south.

In reality though,
It is basically a human acting like an amp-ed up dog at their show.
For a dog just likes a snack.
Not a sexual attack.

So ready for this?
Shit causes some people pure bliss.
That is right.
Instead of a partner to hold tight,

They get aroused by shit.
Have you had a fit?
Well if not here we go,
With a little more info.

The sexual fetish comes,
When they get near stuff that comes out bums.
They can like the smell,
Which they savor at their cell.

They can like the taste.
Yep, they eat their waste.
Or someone elses crap.
They find as they walk across the map.

They can also like the feel.
Stroking crap like a banana peel.
Think of that next time you shake a hand.
The person could have just chowed down at a shit stand.

But it does not stop there.
Oh no, there is more which you should be aware.
There are people who make movies involving it.
I guess you can really say their movie is shit.

Imagine excepting a shit award.
That has to strike a cord.
But they have their own definition too.
The movies involving coprophilia are called scatology if you wish to view.

Would you rather I have just shown Al's favorite picture instead? Now after that what is running through your head? The cat can go dVerse and give a curse, with some messed up crap. Bad choice of words, better go take a nap. I bet they also like gas. I better watch my little rhyming ass.

Enjoy your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. This post might have been the sickest of all I've ever read, I almost feel like I need a lie down in my bed haha. Sick stuff but hilarious at the same time, it's insane some of the fetishes people have. Credit to Al, he's a brilliant pal.

    1. hahaha the sickest post ever
      I can take that is a new endeavor

  2. Some things done are just plain 'shit'
    There're those who accept them neat
    A little fun
    No harm done
    Tell those who don't like it to just 'beat'


    1. They they are
      Near and far
      Nasty as shit
      Not a hit
      Not much else on par

  3. That is one fetish I wish I had never read about

  4. Coprophilia's a word I didn't know
    Although I suspect it could be so
    The fetish is a disgusting low
    Let's forget and laugh with Larry, Curly and Mo

    1. It is ewww
      An one i never knew
      Until Al
      Shared it like a pal

  5. Wow I guess there really is a fetish for everything out there
    I'd rather keep things pretty simple at my lair

    1. Yeah not fetish for me
      Especially something this nasty

  6. This is not what I was expecting
    when I came knocking at your door
    need I say more..to erase this
    memory will now be a chore

    I'd rather roll the dice
    hoping for 7 or maybe 11
    that would be rather nice
    if we could make a big win
    flying the sky with a grin
    to bora bora shore..haha..

    Did you think I forgot
    formulating a new plan
    as I dream of that land
    we need to head for a casino
    & play craps as we rap...

    lol..Have a great day at your bay..

    1. Well if you ever see someone in the yard
      You won't have to think too hard
      If they are playing with crap
      Or cuddling with it while they nap lol

      If you got the dough
      I'll go to a casino
      My game is roulette though
      i'll let you give craps a go
      while I build up my cushion on roulette
      Being careful as i bet
      Once you get it well and good
      No way you can lose at the casino's hood
      Trick is getting it up there
      trust me on that at my lair
      As i've done it
      Only way you can lose at that point is if you bet like a nitwit
      But they may kick you out if you don't lose
      Then that probably isn't news

    2. Hey, we got a winner
      now, he can buy me dinner..(lol)
      gambling at our show
      does that make us a sinner
      I've tried the wheel before
      laid my money on black or red
      odd or even..depends how I'm feelin'
      it's a hoot to win some loot
      maybe, buy a new swimsuit
      you know in case we swim
      to bora bora..lol..

    3. haha better off buying a rubber dingy
      or some floating thingy
      Just in case we tire
      That is quite the swim in which to aspire
      And pffft I'm a big sinner
      As i can be quite the spinner

    4. Maybe, you are right
      that is a long swim
      perhaps, we could grow
      some fins..lol..
      watch out for the big waves
      as we strive to be brave...
      don't want to get wash away
      to some other bay..lol..
      pffft you are a sinner
      but, still a winner..
      now, about that dinner..lol..
      should we cook a trout
      as we swim about..

    5. The cat would eat the trout raw
      So you better give it a gnaw
      Before he gets a hold
      On that he is sold
      So not a good dinner
      May have to cook our own if we want it to be a winner

  7. They can smell and chew you say...they can lick
    Oh My God, that's absolutely sick
    I was about to throw up on my dish
    Knowing about this 'amazing' fetish
    Next time...with your little rhyming ass as you go on with your rhyme
    I'll keep aside my cookies along with my apple juice with a hint of lime

    1. that is the size of it
      Some sick shit
      Better come well after you eat
      To my side of the blog street

  8. Yikes... don't know what to say
    from fetishes I stay away!

  9. that is more than a little gross
    and a little close to my tipping point
    for acid reflux, the smell of shit dont make me
    want to fu%%s, people are wacko, for a little smacko

    1. hahaha even grossed you out
      That is hard to make come about
      They are wacko indeed
      With their fetish seed

  10. Scatology is the study of shit,
    And usually not something you do for the love of it.
    Once upon a time I used to hunt rats and bugs,
    And used scatology to find these nasty thugs,
    Their little poops were like fingerprints,
    Pointing me to their lairs like smelly blueprints.

    1. That one i remember from your shore
      And they use it to explore
      That makes sense
      But these fetish people are dense

  11. OK, you've done it. I couldn't even keep reading this one. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

  12. that's gross as crap

    I bet they would lay in it to take a nap

  13. Oh, crap
    After all that
    I may not come back!

    There are things in life, I just don't want to know! Really!

    You win the award, for most Y e c h!

  14. That last picture looks like The Tightie Whitie Zombies. lol...

    1. haha Al uses it time and time again
      At his den

    2. maybe he has a fetish
      that would turn our faces reddish? :)

    3. Oh he has more than one
      Any sane person would run

  15. So thats not a gal but a guy in the first picture.... Kind of grosses me out thinking about it.

    1. And it takes a lot to gross me out as you know.

    2. yep Martin Lawerence in a fat suit
      Did it 3 times to boot

  16. If you need me I will be in the litter box!!!

  17. How shall I say?
    Your post is quite disturbing today.
    Might I suggest we offer anyone who consumes human waste,
    at least ten tubes of minty toothpaste?


    1. Need more than that
      To get me to go near them and not scat

  18. Hahaha I needed a reason to rhyme al and gal. And yes! I always want Martin Lawrence as my pal!

    1. Even in a fat suit you say?
      I suppose more for you to love at your bay

  19. some of these pictures you used before LOL

  20. Holy Crap.. Ok maybe not quite.. People are strange

    1. Strange indeed
      With poop eating at their feed

  21. I just don't understand some people and how did you find this out? Wait, I don't want to know, I will smile and go with "Ignorance is bliss"

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. Al told me
      Blame him for what you see today at my sea

  22. Well, yeah, I'd rather look at a Gary Coleman wannabe in tighty-whiteys than read about coprophilia.


  23. Replies
    1. Should have known
      To eat long after or before my rhyming tone haha

  24. I'm with Alex. All it took was looking at the big mama!

  25. ha - no fetish for me but i'll take a glass of rum please

    1. Need that after seeing this
      Rum would be bliss

  26. I pulled this up and left when the phone rang...so it was up for a long time and I forgot it. My daughter just sat down and saw it and wondered why I had men in underwear up on the screen, buwahahaaa

    1. LMAO thinks your a perv at your sea
      Glancing at men in a tighty whitie

  27. orlin N cassie...wear due ewe come up with this $hit !!

  28. I haven't eaten lunch yet, and may not after this. Was the leader of the tidy whitey bunch Matthew O'Conaughy?

    1. Nope not him
      Can easily make ones appetite turn grim

  29. Yikes on the fetish things
    I would rather be elsewhere, doing some things

  30. I could have gone all day without that - thanks a lot my dear friend Pat! :P

    1. Could have gone all life
      Crap as a wife haha

  31. yeah...
    no inspiration
    for rhyme
    lol at your stall

  32. Yuck! Gross! Icky poo!
    I can't believe the strange things people do!

    1. Not much surprises me any more
      After that at my shore

  33. Now will take a minute
    to rid my mind of this grim-age

  34. Yuck! Now I want to upchuck! I don't need to know what people like to do, with poo at their zoo. That is just Pee Yew!

    1. haha that is way more than that
      So disturbing to the cat

  35. Mind-bleach? There is not enough I rue
    the chance I took, your poem view
    to clear my wretched eyes of poo
    Now all that's left is to boo-hoo

  36. What is read
    Cannot be un-read
    And really we do
    Say Ewwwwwwww!

  37. Bahaha... that is gross!! I can't believe that's a real fetish, but then again ya just never know!

    1. Yeah you never know
      What humans will do at their show

  38. Oh Pat , I have no words....

    1. Lost for words you say
      Yippeee, score one for me at my bay haha

  39. Yo, man, the cat's got it once more/this type of s**t, I give it the heave-ho at my door/I prefer relish/and leave other folks with their fetish. :-)

    Greetings from London.

  40. Oh Pat, what can I say?
    Your fetish poetic saved the day
    for from my diet, I wanted to sway
    until some shit came into play.

    1. haha damn I am good
      Saving all added weight at my hood


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