A Hot To Trot Robot

There you go Betsy, used it in the title just for thee. Is that more than my once per month quota at my sea? I guess I'm just hot to trot like a busy bee. At least not a procrastinating fox. I better get on with it before the gawker gawks.

dVerse wants hot.
Google thinks I am a robot.
Two in one,
Oh what fun.

In a one horse open sleigh.
Damn, I got the wrong day.
For it is supposed to be hot not cold.
That just sort of took hold.

What can you expect from a spammer?
I must have some sort of stammer.
For the little guy from Timbuktu,
Trying to sell shoes to all of you,

Does not end up in spam.
Yet away the cat goes like toe jam.
Hey, at least it is not zombie toe jam.
Or some kind of Christmas ham.

See now I have that on the brain.
No wonder I get thrown in spam at every lane.
I'm just too hot for blogger to handle.
It does not want to get burnt by my candle.

Yep, I really went there to.
See what the heat can do?
It makes blogger think the cat is a spammer.
It makes humans walk around like they got hit with a hammer.

It makes dogs wag that big drooly tongue,
And Canadians treat old one eye like dung.
Invading her poor beach.
The cat so wishes he was in reach.

Then I would leave her something special at her sand bar.
It may end up on the floor mat of her car.
Now I am just rambling on.
But since when is that any different at my lawn?

I hope I type this all right.
After all it's hard to see when it's 93 degrees at your site.
Nothing wants to work.
It's like everything is snip snip and not a perk.

At least I suppose when some are all hot and steamy,
They can pretend they just got done with Mr. Dreamy.
Or Mrs. for all of you that aren't snip snip.
Now I am done giving all lip.

Except of course if you are dumb blogger and you keep putting in spam. Then I'm going to turn you to toe jam. Or feed you to a killer clam. Maybe I should just give you a lamb. Then you can go get your thrill and leave me alone at my hill. So if recently you have not seen me come to pass, check your spam box to find my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Santa and his one horse sledge?
    Rein deer no more a privilege
    It's too hot
    Better not
    Back next year that's a pledge


    1. haha wait until next time
      Way more sublime
      Then flying
      While dying
      Heat is just a crime

  2. There was a time when spam was all I needed to get me through the day/fried with eggs and rice, a little sugar on top and I would while the hours away! :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Ummm yuck
      The cat would rather eat a duck haha

  3. Spam really is best when it remains in the can!

  4. I love when dVerse comes out haha. Honestly I'm still not 100% sure what it is although I know that I also miss the days where the Face It Facts were plugged on a regular basis! Also I hate spam myself, especially since it lacks stealth as they try to gain wealth. Can I have your suit now Pat?

    1. dVerse can bring much out
      As i rant and shout
      The facts hit the three year mark
      And so ended my bark
      Spam is all a robot
      sending out 100,000's of messages all hot to trot

  5. its hard to do much anything once the heat gets to you...you barely have the energy...maybe that is how we handle spammers make them all stay where its hot and not have the strength to send out what they shout...and google did that to me, it will go away...

    1. haha that is a good thing to do
      Shove all the spammers in a new zoo
      Sweat lodgeville
      That would give all but them a thrill

  6. It's only good when it comes with spam, spam, spam, eggs, and spam.

    1. Yeah not good to me
      That way either at my sea

  7. Hahaha All hot and steamy
    Pretend you just got done with Mr. Dreamy?
    Sizzling hot this July morn
    Will spam think that's a bit of porn?

    1. Hmmm porn it seems to like
      Just tells my rhyming to take a hike
      How rude is that
      At ones mat

  8. When days like this are to hot
    the cat will look for shadowy spot
    and wait for the coolness of night
    to avoid this scorching hot blight


    1. That the cat will
      On hot days there is no sitting on a windowsill

  9. I will pass on spam whatever the weather
    I think I would rather choke on a feather!

    1. Geez that could make you die
      Don't go giving that a try

  10. spam usually goes to the can
    but, I do check it in my land
    as some should not be stranded

    This weather is rather sticky
    makes thinking kinda tricky
    as I try to write this down
    & stay cool in this town
    perhaps, I need to swim
    just float around & around

    PS hope it's cooler there than
    here another 90 plus day at my bay
    humidity rising not surprising

    1. Uggg that sucks indeed
      There at your feed
      Jump in the river
      Then the cold water will make you shiver
      The warm sun will be nice after that
      For a minute or ten at your mat
      Not like that here, yet, thankfully
      But i'll ready my ac

    2. Hey Pat and Cat,

      How's it going at your bay
      turned on the AC this day
      it will be hot all week
      makes me feel sort of weak
      actually, I enjoy a summer day
      as long as there is no hay..lol..
      and a nice cold drink..what
      more can I say..listening
      to music to soothe my weary soul..
      now where is that pirate's gold

    3. Yep turned it on
      Here at my lawn
      As the heat
      Can also make me beat
      Just feel blah all day
      When sweating to death at ones bay
      Have a weary soul do you?
      Hopefully the tunes see you through

    4. Hi,

      It's been a long day at my bay
      as you see I'm still blabbering away
      always, something to say
      hope you had a great day

      are you still busy packing
      & stacking boxes upon boxes
      hope you get some rest
      as you hit the bed
      pleasant dreams..

    5. Blabbering at my sea
      Is sure a thing for thee haha
      One of those long days
      They can stink in many ways
      Most all is packed and ready to go
      Off to bed i should go at my show
      As up to work I have to be
      So not a perk hope a good night is had by thee

  11. I saw a hot Robot,
    trotting like a microbe,
    in circus loops
    without stops...

    Its cord connection
    was at fire
    and to survive -
    it switched mode
    to ventilation.

    P.S. When hot at sea -
    Turn On AC.

    1. haha that must have been quite the sight
      Maybe a bit of a fire hazard fright

  12. The spam got real bad since about a year ago

    had to disabled other anonymous comments to keep it down or so.

  13. ha...too hot for blogger...happens easily..right... i kinda get very hot, boiling hot in fact with their word verification - ha

    1. Enough to make anyone lose their cool
      WV should be turned off by ever fool

  14. That is the third ref. to Christmas (though FAR more mild here than at the other two) I've read this week...I guess there's a reason Christmas in July is popular. I for one, can wait. ;)

    1. haha more mild you say?
      I'll have to try harder next time at my bay

  15. So they spam you
    and another blogger too
    With us all left to wonder
    what the spammer was upto

    (attempt at poetry abruptly ceased due to doorbell... what the hell... I want to yell!!)

    1. Well maybe it is a cheque for you
      Saying you won the lotto at your zoo haha

  16. I like hot and hotter
    specially when the beach is near
    You must really visit Vancouver
    Sea, mountains, beaches - all are near
    I want to move here

    Happy day Pat ~

    1. Never been out that way
      We have the sea and beaches at least at our bay

  17. Santa is now the N - S - A
    brought to you proud in the U - S - A
    Not Santa Anymore
    that's shutting your door
    it's big brother that's a pain in your A

    1. Damn big brother won't leave me be
      On them I'd like to take a great big pee

  18. Very free-flowing. Stammeringly stunning work!

  19. i say this with a cheeky grin
    spam looks worse coming out than going in
    the cat thinks so, too
    as she looks at her poo
    sizzling in the heat
    to Bob Marley's beat -
    greetings to pat
    and his marvelous hat
    now i better stop
    before you go get the mop...
    and chase me out of your comment section for inappropriate behavior. ;)

    1. haha behave how you like
      I'll never tell one to take a hike
      Beat them with a mop though
      That i may do at my show haha

  20. I always check my spammer space at my little old place.
    It is an easy feat for I do not have a lot to greet :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. Makes it easier I suppose
      and doesn't cause too many woes

  21. I don't know why, but I have been getting a lot less spam than I used to get. Makes me happy

    1. It is summer time
      The spammers are off doing some other crime

  22. You've taken a bath in the spam pool a few times
    but I've grabbed a net and rescued you, oh cat of mine.
    hahaha. 93 is pretty hot.
    It's 88 here at my spot.

    1. haha pulled me back out
      catching me like a trout
      yes, that day was awful with the heat
      Now it is only 78 without ac at my street

  23. And you used hot to trot just for me?
    I did let out a giggle or three.
    Almost as funny as whoopdi friggin doo
    which is also used by you!

    1. haha hot to trot just come out
      Whoopdi friggin doo I actually mean to use when I yap about

  24. Does anyone actually eat spam, that is the question, the original software engineers must have hated that stuff so much, i'd rather die of starvation in a nuclear bunker full of spam, than eat one tin.

  25. It's so hot at your pad, you could probably fry spam on your sidewalk.

  26. Spam is only good when used on a sandwich. lol

  27. Funny, because one of your comments did find its way to our spam folder last week. But we rescued you and stood up for your character!

  28. You haven't gone to my spam yet but a lot of my regular visitors have. Irritating! And I love it hot! I wish it was July year round here!

    1. Crazy person to have it that hot
      Yeah spam thing must be some evil plot

  29. I'll have egg bacon spam sausage and spam and spam with a side of spam....Oh wait, no--that was Monty Python.

  30. The first time I ever tasted spam
    All I could do was say "damn"
    And not in a good way
    Wanted to go to the poison control center that day

    1. Never went it my mouth before
      If it did, I'd surely be heading to poison control shore

  31. I sometimes get lumped into spam, it must be my vanilla personality. Pet cat for me.

  32. you can handle heat Pat..
    I'm sure of that :D

    your rhyming ass shields everythin :P

    1. haha the rhyming ass
      Is good for all that comes to pass

  33. Did i comment on this already?
    Spam, spam, spam, come here kiddie and get in the van, got a taste like Typhoid Mary, quite lairy, get in the van like Rollins, bit psycho, turn on the light-ho, because spam will kill ya.

    1. Spam will do a ton
      Yes you already gave this a run


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