According To The Screen We Will Stay Clean!

So I'm sure you have noticed just like the cat that the end of the world doesn't seem so bad at your mat. And by that I mean on the TV for they all still look oh so pretty.

Zombies have taken over,
Eating everyone from human to rover.
Unless it is Dawn of the Dead,
Then it's not off with Rovers head.

But back on task,
All still look like they have just gotten a facial mask.
All prim and proper toes,
Their hair is even cut and not dirty like their clothes.

Same goes for when aliens attack,
They still have clean nails at their shack.
Their teeth are all white and shiny,
Even the teenagers are still whiny.

The world has been turned to ice,
That is just not nice.
But as you can see,
We may freeze our butt off but I'm still pretty.

Or there could be some big war,
Planet is not prepared for what is in store.
Barely any humans left on earth,
But barbers still hold worth.

Not to mention crest whitening strips,
They must have enough for double dips.
What's a nuke against teeth whitening,
It can even surpass Zeus's lightning.

Then comes some disease,
From something as simple as a sneeze.
Or maybe a bird, monkey or hog.
Even the cat won't blame a dog.

Yet even the sick and dying,
With their oh so fake crying,
Are still prim and proper.
From the guy on the corner to a copper.

So according to the TV screen,
Should the world ever really become obscene,
Like aliens from outer space,
Or dinosaurs come back and eat the human race.

There is no need to fear,
For your local barber will still be near.
As well the day spa.
So you can now go run and tell your ma and pa.

Ever notice that at your shack? I just had to go and give them flack. For their ego claims their fiction is oh so true sometimes, yet they commit such obvious crimes. Not that I really care but I still had to point it out at my lair. Though on a day spa I will take a pass there is no need to fluff my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. So they now came off clean
    With barbers making the scene
    Money they made
    Even with fakes
    The wonder of the TV screen


    1. Wonder indeed
      As they plant the seed
      That all is clean
      On the screen
      Even when they bleed

  2. They will show anything, pawn anything, sell anything, there's a new one on a bakery and a call centre!

    1. haha anything is the correct word
      Starting to get absurd

  3. Ha, if zombies have taken over....I'm going on vacation!

  4. ha no help needed on my hair
    it all sticks up straight at my lair
    at least in the middle---barbers are the stuff
    ours used to know everyone and everything
    to which the brain would cling, so if the world was ending i imagine they would know, no matter what our hair will grow, and i am ready whenever the end may come, i am not so glum about it though i would rather not be eaten by a zombie

    1. hahaha yeah that is not a way to go
      Would rather get sucked up in a tornado
      And go to the yellow brick road
      Then get eaten and then go all zombie mode

  5. The TV world is so sublime,
    To look less than perfect would be a crime.
    No dirty nails or stringy hair,
    And fashion must have a certain flair.
    So zombies are coming to bring all death?
    Make sure no one has morning breath!

    1. Susan ..haha....good one
      Morning breath might be a blessing
      Knock em all dead in their window dressing

    2. haha morning breath could work
      Could use that as a perk
      To keep the creepy crawlies away
      But that would ruin their display
      Rather look good dying
      Then have frizzy hair flying

  6. why do undead zombies never go to McDonalds? That's where the living ones visit.

    1. It is a brand thing
      Have to pay a fee to show it at their world ending wing haha

  7. Oh, don't even get me started with all we do to portray perfection. It really is a shame and some actors look so plastic you wonder what it is going to do them eventually.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. Yeah the plastic asses and face
      Is not something I'd ever embrace

  8. I don't believe in zombies Pat:)
    and the twins love all these zombies movies:)

    1. haha the twins have good taste
      And you'll never be eaten by zombie paste
      You are too far under the dirt
      To have a zombie flirt

    2. what do you think?
      pfft I dont need a zombie flirt
      anyway You say it
      Tarsier man talk with me!

    3. Tarsier Man will sing his tune
      So you can have fun with the loon

  9. Actors are a special lot
    They look good when they're not
    They wake up in the morning light
    With lipstick shining oh so bright
    They never slobber on their pillow
    But wake up graceful like a willow

    1. Yeah they cane fake
      With each take
      When really more crass
      Than a stubborn ass

  10. Ha Pat, you said you still pretty?
    despite the ice...
    so...Zombies among us? lol

  11. ha - true that - the world is upside down and everyone still looks pretty and neatly combed - ha - we are mad when even the zombies have to look pretty

    1. haha yeah mad is a good word
      Simply a bit absurd

  12. Zombies? There you go with my neighbors again!!!

    1. Those neighbors are a pain
      Need to ship them from your lane

  13. To me this is more than enough encouragement to stay clean Pat, if it's good enough for zombies than I have to accept that it's good enough for me! Funny post buddy, but then again if it wasn't I'd be surprised and confused!

    1. haha there you go
      Zombies making you stay clean at your show

  14. Have to keep the salons in business

  15. wonder what it is with the zombie craze
    as they all walk around half dead in a haze
    but, you're right they have the perfect hair
    while they lounge about their lair
    having a crazy zombie affair
    screaming on a silver screen
    tell me do they eat ice cream
    while waiting for the alien beam
    just wondering at your sea
    as I drink raspberry ice tea

    Have a great day at your bay!

    1. The zombie craze catches on
      Not sure why at each lawn
      but some are fine indeed
      To give a watch at each feed
      You never know they could
      As the beams come down in each hood
      Don't drink too much tea
      Especially if there is no where near by to pee lol

  16. And they are all perfectly in shape as well. Not that I want to see a bunch of fat dudes running from zombies. Then again - cardio! First rule, because the fatties always get eaten first.

    1. Yeah that they are
      But they have to run far
      And not much to eat
      So that helps them lose meat
      Unless they kill poor Bill
      Then they'll have plenty as they take over his mansion on the hollywood hill

  17. My darling, precious, sweet daughter is watching zombies as I type (Warm Bodies). I thought it was a different movie and she snuck it right past me. Her wickedly delighted laugh alerting me...once I'd already paid to rent it and we were in the car. ;)

    1. hahahaha that is that way to be
      Be tricky to watch a zombie

  18. I am not fond of zombies
    but will take a foot spa any day

    Happy weekend Pat ~

    1. haha help your feet
      So they don't become a zombie treat

  19. Hahaha - very good! Though my fav zombie show is Shaun of the Dead. ;-)

  20. My husband points that out all the time while I'm watching Horror movies. A guy just killed a demon, monster, demon/monster hybrid and he comes away without a speck of blood on his and his hair is still nice. lol

    1. haha yeah at most they usually get a speck or two
      Maybe even things don't bleed much goo

  21. Kind of similar to the fact that the Gilligan's Island crew wears the same fresh, clean clothes everyday.


    1. Yeah with no holes or grime
      But coconuts for cleaning could be sublime

  22. I always say that about movies....
    the real life details are never shown, those loonies!
    Women wake up with their lipstick still perfectly in place
    and nobody's hair is messy, cuz that would be a disgrace.
    And yes, even the zombies bleach their teeth
    and probably powder their noses in between scenes.

    1. Life of a movie star
      All have to be on par
      Or they may go insane
      With a fake tooth stain

  23. We like our city
    Cause it's gritty
    The TV Peeps are way too pretty
    They fill the Humans with self-pity!

  24. TV takes us to multiple worlds...
    some bizarre some absurd.. but we never get tired of it :)

    1. Yeah seems to be the way
      With their same old display

  25. Are you saying come the end of the world my unruly hair and makeup free face, will transform into a beauty space...or something like that

    1. Yeah just end the world at your sea
      And everything will be pretty

  26. Seeing them without the makeup on is a fright to

    1. haha that is true
      Maybe we don't want the no makeup view

  27. I'm pretty sure my husband thinks I'm a zombie when he wakes up and sees me all makeup free and grotesque looking.

    1. hahaha poor hubby having to look at that
      Might even scare the cat

  28. If the world turns to ice, I'd have to learn how to ice skate!


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