An Epic Sale Or Fail?

So for today we will look at the sales you humans love at your bay. Actually the ones you love that are far away, as they make less sense I say. But then I am just a cat that likes to tear up the mat.

Big sale today,
In the city on display.
It is only a two hour drive,
Which I am sure you'll survive.

Unless a crazy person is on the road,
But that is a whole other rhyming mode.
But you must get that sale.
You have to get there come rain, snow or hail.

You'd be a good mailman with that attitude,
Just don't go postal, that is rather rude.
Hop in your car and go,
You can't wait to save money at your show.

That is the best thing to do.
When those sales come in your view.
Better stop for gas,
Don't want to run out and start to sass.

May as well buy a snack while you are there.
Those chips are great at your lair.
Need something to drink too.
Have to stay hydrated for all the shopping you will do.

Now back on your way,
Nothing can stop you today.
You will have that sale.
Even if you have to shove another on the third rail.

Would not recommend that,
You may get an orange jumpsuit at your mat.
Save that for black friday,
Then you can blame the other nuts at the shopping bay.

You are finally there.
You even fix up your hair.
Ready to march into that store,
And get the things you really need at your shore.

You smile as you see the sign.
This sale truly is divine.
You save $1 on fruit loops,
To feed the troops.

Wow, you are so happy.
With no signs of sappy.
You just saved a $1 on fruit loops at your sea,
While spending $20 on gas to get there, yippeee!

Can you tell the cat was being sarcastic there? My the things some humans do at their lair. We won't even go into the snacks too, rising the price in view. Save a buck and spend twenty to fill up the truck. Great logic there has come to pass. It is just so astounding to my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Replies
    1. Good heavens
      All 3 at seven!


    2. 3 at one time
      But you once more have the top chime

  2. Replies
    1. Mary
      Congratulations to all three
      But today I'll pull for thee

    2. Got a fan at my sea
      #1 has been done before by thee

  3. Oh well...them's the breaks

  4. #1 just because I want to do it to

  5. Every lass loves a bargain
    And that ain't no marketing jargon.

  6. I can't believe how many of us scrambled for first this morning haha. Great post Pat, you're right that some salespeople really can take it to extremes and go way too far in their attempt to get you to part with your money. Can be quite annoying especially if in your head you solidly know there is no way that you're making the purchase.

    1. Yeah there were a ton
      That tried to give first a run
      Yeah that too
      They try to make the sale come due

  7. Many grand sales can well be so lame
    Saving $1 spending $20 a real bargain
    It's satisfaction
    That's the reason
    All stakeholders making a name so vain


    1. Yeah satisfaction
      That gets no traction
      Ever the fool
      For a 2 dollar stool
      From the sale attraction

  8. Funny thing, yesterday I want to buy a new pair of glasses and the salesmen did not want to sell them to me. I left with nothing, his reluctance left me wondering, but will go somewhere familiar - where I know they'll take my money and not hem and ha, but simply put out their paw!

    Wouldn't be so bad if I didn't need the damn things to see! :)

    1. haha wouldn't even sell them to you?
      Well that is a rather rude thing to do
      Were you a whiny customer at his sea?
      Or was he just rather prissy

    2. I honestly don't think he thought I could afford them, I guess wearing that garbage bag as a dress, made him think I slept on the street! :)

    3. hahaha treated you like trash
      That was rather rash

  9. If - no purchase
    why spending on gas?-
    better to dream
    and play in the grass.

    1. Unless you have to mow
      Then still have to part with dough

  10. Some people (who shall remain nameless) will even open up a can of whoop ass to nail that bargain.

    1. haha I wonder who that would be
      I bet it isn't thee

  11. I smiled all through this post. My mother-in-law drives to all the stores (sometimes up to four and across town) grocery stores to get all the sale items and refuses to go to one name brand store 'Kroger' because it is too pricey. She tells me I waste more money by shopping at one store and could save her sons money (yes she says her sons money)if I would be more frugal and only purchase items on sale and with a coupon. I just shake my head. The time and money she wastes on driving. I go to one store and do my best :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. Wow that is just a time waste
      And throwing money away for a sale taste
      All she supposedly saves
      As she rants and raves
      While you spend her sons money hahaha
      I find that rather funny
      Goes up in smoke
      Don't spend her sons money and go broke lol

  12. I shop online
    and it's divine
    I use no gas
    and no sales tax.

    No queues to wait
    and make me late
    for matters more divine.

    Yeah, people do go bat shit crazy over the word "sale" and when you add in all the extra's you've lost money. This is what happens in a commercially driven population though. I was watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and they had this advert from GM in there from the 1950's Jaysus, it was insane. Way back then people were being taught that their sole worth lay in their ability to acquire expensive "stuff". And we wonder what is wrong with people today.

    1. Yes, some of the are waaaay nuts
      As they go about the store huts
      Way safer online
      But they still charge tax which isn't divine
      At least here
      And yeah sad even back then it was engrained from brain to rear

  13. I have been to sales before where other patrons grab the item right out of my hands. Boy does that ever make me mad....

    1. haha the whackos come out in force
      With sales it is par for the course

  14. People get all filled with glee
    Embarking on a shopping spree
    Cat's so wise he's in the know
    When human's think they save some dough
    One item on sale is a loss leader
    Be sure you remember put coins in the meter

    1. haha yeah that takes them too
      Or a ticket could come due
      Sucking away your dough
      At your show

  15. ha we can get pretty excited about a sale cant we...and the savings we fool ourselves into thinking gets lost easy in the drive or just staying alive to get mom can do that, but she also bunches them up to save a buck....

    1. Bunching them is better than one
      But yeah we lose the actual thought with excitement as we go on a sale run

  16. Haha we all love a bargain. Off to a sale in a hour, but only a few minutes drive away!

    1. haha well at least not much gas
      Is spent to get the sale pass

  17. One thing about sales
    if you miss the one today
    there will be another one tomorrow
    and it might be better than today's!
    One way or another money is made.

    1. Yeah they always come back around
      Just like a butt sniffing hound

  18. That's why I avoid sales. No gas spent when you shop online!

    1. Best way to be
      Except when they charge shipping up the wazoo to thee

  19. I have a friend like that
    drive an hour to save a buck on a mat
    always thought she was crazy
    and her thinking a bit hazy.
    I want that truck that only costs $20 to fill up!
    Unless it's gas tank is as tiny as a pup.

    1. haha yep a bit hazy indeed
      At ones feed
      But when a sale they read
      Have to go do the deed
      Maybe it is a future truck
      Or wasn't that empty so didn't cost a huge buck

  20. My mother does this with grocery 'sales.' In particular, she always finds sales for toothpaste, so she buys about 2-3 tubes of toothpaste per week. I'm not joking, per week.

    If you look in her pantry, there's about 20-30 extra tubes of toothpaste just sitting there. When I ask her, why the hell do you have all of this? she always says, Because they were on sale! It was such a great deal! *sigh*

    Also, I just noticed on your new banner that the cat is being fanned off by the two dogs. I should mention that I have a brown Italian greyhound and a solid white shiba inu, and they look almost identical (the shiba especially) to the dogs in the cartoon. So, not only did I get a huge kick out of that, but... yeah, that sounds about right. My cat rules this house with an iron fist (paw?), and the 30 lb shiba is deathly afraid of her.

    1. Wow that is kinda crazy too
      But you will never be in need of toothpaste at your zoo
      If the world goes into doom
      Your teeth will still sparkle and loom

      hahaha the brown one isn't as skinny though
      But yeah the cats do rule each show
      Even if the dogs are bigger and could win
      Cats still rule each bin
      Also one day
      A Shiba Inu may grace my bay

  21. I would never go 2 hours for a sale

    that would be an epic fail

    1. haha yep, it would have to be large
      For I to ever even consider such a barge

  22. I despise shopping, which is why I'm so happy my daughter drives now. I send her to do the dirty work. Lol

    1. hahaha well that is a perk
      No shopping or dealing with the clerk

  23. Beware of the sale of the day
    that is a trick at their bay
    reel you in to buy one thing
    then you find out they only
    had five at their hive
    so they hit you up for the big ring

    While I like a bargain it is true
    but, to save a dollar at their zoo
    I will not drive my car too far
    I will pass because of the price
    of gas

    I do like to buy on line just need
    to watch the shipping fee and
    try to get it for free.

    Taxes come due either way
    need to collect from you
    is what they say.

    I have gotten really good sales
    on Black Friday but that is no holiday
    people pushing & shoving so rude
    one day giving thanks & next day
    they will siphon your tanks..

    Interesting post today so much one
    can say about this at their bay
    I hope you have a great day!

    PS someone else I know likes to
    blabber so I will blabber back
    on pages of black & white...

    1. haha and you had a blabber a thon
      Today at my lawn
      Except this one is grey and black
      With your comment attack
      And yeah they like to reel you in
      With each sale at their bin
      Only to find the next day
      They have a better one at their bay
      But they usually just jack up the price
      Then put it down pretending to be nice
      And lol never want to visit an american lair
      With the black friday tear
      Thankful and then nuts
      Better manners in mutts
      Online is the way to go
      Except to ship something from there to my canadian show
      Cost a friggin ton
      Stupid border crossing crap they have to have done

  24. My MIL will call me up and tell me go to Kroger's for milk, go to Meijer for meat, go to Walmart for cereal... all to save money. But by the time I went to each of those stores, I'm quite sure I'd have little to no savings at all, and might even put myself in the red driving to and fro. She's a firm believer though.

    I gave up a long time ago trying to convince her otherwise. ;)

    1. hahaha yeah those who believe you can't change their mind
      They likes sales of every single kind

  25. I do love to shop...and I do know a lot of fruit loops too!

    1. haha fruit loops
      Are as common as hula hoops

  26. You get very little in our wargaming industry in the way of sales, well nothing that we ever want!

    1. haha just the junk
      That should be locked in a trunk

  27. orlin N casie...

    we lovez a grate sale...matter oh fact while de food service purrson iz at werk
    we click de linkz ta two oh R fav o rite smart...& amazon....

    fill de shoppin cart; pay with her charge oh card, wait for de dood in brown ta dee liver de goods N we R all set

    then de postal service dee livers de bill :) N we get ta watch hell brake looze !!!

    hay, haza grate week oh end ~~~~~~

    1. hahaha best way to be
      They can't collect from a kitty
      So the food service person is at fault
      As they take money from her vault

  28. ha - sales is a double edged sword indeed...and often you end up with a lot of useless things that you just bought cause they're cheaper - ha- i have one rule - when i see a piece i ask that one question: would i buy it for the regular price? if not, i don't buy it

    1. That is a good rule to use
      Then you won't fall for the sale fuse

  29. Cat figured it all out. The whole point of sales is to get you to spend more!

    1. Yep all figured out
      We won't go out and about

  30. You shop to save but you also spend to get there
    and buy other stuff so not really saving anything here

    Have a good day Pat ~ (I find it amusing to see so many
    trying to get # 1, ha )

    1. haha fun for number one
      And yeah may break even on the run

  31. I'd leave a longer comment, but something reminded me of the Fruit Loops I need to go purchase. Back later...

    1. Hope you find
      And not have to get another kind

  32. Are tales of sales
    Never fails
    What the buck
    Fill up your truck
    Save at the sale
    Stay out of jail
    On the way back home
    Should of known
    Run out of gas
    A pain in the ass...

    1. Stuck on the road
      Passed by a toad
      In no go mode
      What a load

  33. Red dot clearance here I come......

  34. It amazes me the stupidity of some folks who are trying to save a buck. Like lining up outside Best Buy for days for the Black Friday sales. I usually find better deals that aren't "advertised" just by going into the store and doing a little digging myself. No need to get up at the butt crack of dawn and fight the mob to save a few dollars.

    1. Yeah screw all of that
      Just have to look at ones mar

  35. Ugh! We don't like shopping and neither does the mom! Black Friday is a good day to stay at home.

  36. a two hour drive is NOT survivable if I drink Mountain Dew before hand. haha. totally bad idea.

    1. Yes that would be a bad idea indeed
      Have to go on side the road at your feed

  37. This is exactly why I order things online and then get charged $20 in shipping costs.

    But at least I get to stay home doing it.

    1. Yeah they ding us a ton
      With the shipping run

  38. Used to have a bumper sticker, so lame
    "Sale items are calling my name"
    Was a much younger lass then
    Not as worried about when
    Next paycheck would come
    As long as I had yarn in the sun
    Still think that sticker funny as heck
    But no longer displayed on my deck!

  39. haha...
    Sale.. the vicious cycle that never ends.. :D

    You just saved a $1 on fruit loops at your sea,
    While spending $20 on gas to get there, yippeee!

    My mum does that sometimes :P

    1. hahaha i think many do
      Fun to pick at them at my zoo


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