Are You This Crazy A Fan Of Tarsier Man?

There was a man,
In need of a tan.
He had a tendancy to stare.
A fact which he was unaware.

This lead to many a slap.
Or a good lip flap.
People were not kind.
They even slapped him on the behind.

He never knew why.
He was just admiring the sky,
Giving it a good gawk,
When he went about his walk.

No, he wasn't bare.
So don't go there.
He just liked to glare,
Not having a care.

Or so he thought.
All hot to trot,
On his stroll.
Could it be mind control?

For in his youth.
He built a booth.
To a certain man,
Whom he was a big fan.

He wished one day,
To be such a hero on display.
So kept his eyes wide,
Through life's ride.

He could not stop.
For he secretly wished for them to plop.
And go flying through the air.
A fact which he was unaware.

Did I mention the others?
Fathers, sisters, mothers, brothers?
All of which stop and stare,
All completely unaware.

There is a syndrome going around.
And it seems from childhood it was found.
Something to go with a man,
Who they were all a big fan.

They received a gift,
Giving their spirits a lift.
From a cereal box.
It was some flashy socks.

The sock mind control plot.
Who would have thought?
There is only one man that can stop such a thing.
So just give his theme song a sing.

The evil corporate clowns.
Made memoribila and even night gowns.
Not giving him a cent.
So he will make them repent.

But who put the curse on the socks?
Billy the blue tailed ox?
I guess that adventure is yet to be told.
Although it could come should he smell gold.

I guess Tarsier Man left his deranged fan high and dry. The poor guy. He even wanted his eyes to plop. Tarsier Man better make this sock plot stop. Maybe he has a new foe? The Deranged Fan would sure put on a bad guy show. At least this time the cat did not have to repeat a Tarsier Man tale, just the epic fail of a deranged fan. He would be better off idolizing Peter Pan. But Tarsier Man fans have no class. Unlike those who are a fan of my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Tarsier Man with big eyes, man!
    Easily enough to worry his fans
    When he blinked
    And he winked
    They just helter skelter and ran


    1. haha one way to scare away
      The bad guys on display
      For with one blink
      Each and every fink
      Will jump in the nearest bay

  2. Tarsier Man sounds like a bully to me!!

    1. He is all about the dough
      Flying high and low

  3. Replies
    1. An adventure
      With a guy in need of a denture

  4. more adventures --ha-- they eyes, the eyes-- i don't mind a bit of staring if they really see a bit more than usually, you know..

    1. Yeah see a bit more
      At ones shore
      Nothing wrong with that
      At any mat

  5. i thought you might be telling my life story in all its gawking glory, never wanted my eyes to pop though, that would be a show, though i worry at times they might get stuck, just my luck, all wide and gawky in my mo-hawk eeee

    1. haha bugs eyes and a mohawk
      It would be reverse and at you all would gawk

  6. There was a man,
    In need of a tan.

    He was so pale he could make you shun
    His name was Micheal Jackson.

    1. haha he is rather green now
      Prob without an eyebrow

  7. He just liked to stare
    not meaning to scare
    gawking away during
    his busy day...

    taking in the view
    as his eyes grew
    wishing he could fly
    in that big blue sky

    tell me who put the
    curse on the socks
    that came out of the box
    he must have been a sly fox

    PS - I enjoyed this one today under
    your sun..a nice adventure to
    start the day..glad I came to say hey..

    Are you still moving from your bay?
    now, when I come looking for that
    piece of my puzzle the cat did steal
    where, o' where will I stay...(lol)

    1. Grammar nazi may have done that
      For the guys grammar could be flat
      Or he could just hate socks
      Pitching them in the sea at the docks
      Who really knows
      Still not moving or changing a hose
      Sitting in the old den for another 2 weeks
      Then go over a few creeks
      And off we go
      Brand new place to show
      Was just getting new furniture delivered at the new place
      So when it is time off we can race
      and all will be set up already
      None of that moving all day steady
      Been there one too many a time
      that can suck a lime
      The place is nice and new
      Big enough to fit two
      Lets hope your piece doesn't get lost in the move though
      Then a waste it will be when you show haha

    2. I guess we will never know
      why the dreaded curse,
      hating socks, barefoot he goes
      hope he has pretty toes..(lol)
      you are organized at your show
      moving rather slow..will be
      easier you know..just go with the flow
      new place sounds nice..the cat
      won't have to chase mice
      more time to create rhymes
      my piece will be lost at sea
      oh dear what will become of thee don't like lime
      not even key lime pie...
      Good Night my friend, I have
      something else to pen.

    3. haha could have zombie feet
      That may not be neat
      And yeah slow pace
      Beats a full day's embrace
      Nope food and me don't get along
      So lime is all wrong

  8. WOW I sense an adventure so big
    It could lift off the hairs of your wig
    It's like a sock hop
    And eyes that go plop
    Mind control, greed and money
    The plot will be a honey
    To this story stay tuned
    To avoid getting mooned

    1. haha yes no getting mooned
      Even if it is cartooned
      That would be bad
      Unless a nice rump was had

  9. Never have been a fan
    of the tarsier man!

    1. Works for the cat
      Here at my mat

    2. well, of course you like him,
      since you created the little gem.

    3. Created Drazin too
      Actually Pat did him before our zoo
      Still don't like that guy
      Under our sky

  10. Sounds like a lunatic fan
    Following around like a madman
    Have you ever had a rhyme stalker?
    Boy I bet they would be a talker

    1. haha god I hope that never comes due
      No need for another stalker at my zoo

  11. I am always amazed at how well you seem to know my neighbors!!!

  12. I'd be the first one to be happy for the free socks in the cereal box too... just when ya' think you're safe...

    1. The cereal box can hold much
      Not sure the cereal i would touch

  13. A Tarsier man
    Can't sound better than Peter Pan

    1. Oh but he thinks he is
      With his eye popping biz

  14. Nothing wrong with a good stalker
    or a nutty talker
    it's the bunny boilers
    you've got to watch out for!

    1. Never heard the term before
      But yeah looked it up, don't want those at my shore

  15. Oh I think Tarsier man is a good man LOL

    1. He thinks so too
      In the dirt with both of you

    2. He is bury too? I dont think so!

    3. don't want company
      He only has eyes for you, you see haha

    4. haha!silly ofcourse if we are bury the both we can see only each other!

    5. Then he truly will
      Have eyes for you, what a thrill lol

  16. Oh, so that's where my missing socks went!

    1. Should we return them to your sea
      They are rather stinky

  17. Cruel of Tarsier Man for sure but I love him so much even if he isn't pure. Great rhyme but I hope he doesn't attack me this time!

    1. Tarsier man may be on the way
      Better watch out at your bay

  18. Some people stare
    When butts are bare
    Others do
    When at the zoo
    But I never heard it due to socks
    I'd avoid that man wherever he walks.


    1. Yeah all because of socks
      Even worse than those with pet rocks

  19. I need to be very careful with that staring problem but sometimes the sight is worth a good stare :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. haha yeah sometimes it is indeed
      although sometimes you better run away at top speed

  20. The socks from
    Pajama Sam?
    Now I know
    what happened
    to them...

  21. Silly Tarsier man. Better to have a deranged fan than no fan at all:)

    1. Hmmm maybe that is true
      unless they try and kill you

  22. At least the fan wasn't a Korean girl? I've seen some of them, and I know how crazy they can get.

    1. That would be scary too
      I'll leave those for you

  23. Tarsier Man is a softie/all he wants to do is look up and fell all lofty. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. You may never know
      But i still think it is all about the dough

  24. I think Tarsier man could be a new superhero, communicating through National Enquirer magazines about his latest crime fighting.
    His super powers could be sarcasm,leaving every criminal with slightly lower self esteem.

    1. haha that would be fun to do
      May have to use the national enquirer one at my zoo

  25. Doesn't sound like the kind of fan I would like to have!

  26. trasier man is a one of its kind :)

    Did I mention the others?
    Fathers, sisters, mothers, brothers?
    All of which stop and stare,
    All completely unaware.

    loved it :D

    1. haha yeah they he is one of a kind
      Without a mind


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