Dog And Cat At My Mat!

So today the cat will prove how gullible the dog is with his rhyming biz. Yeah, I'll give some attention to the mutt. It's okay to do every once in a while at my hut. So just nod your head and agree as I go on my rhyming spree.

The dog wants to treat,
It wiggles its ass and puts up its feet.
Like a good little attention whore,
It gets a treat for such a chore.

While the cat demands a treat,
Or you'll be out on the street.
And after you feed a treat to a cat,
The only way you will get a paw as if it wants to give you a bat.

The dog has to go for a walk,
To prance about and let people gawk.
But it can't even pee all at once.
Instead it goes from tree to tree like a dunce.

While the cat digs a hole,
Maybe even taking care of that mole.
Then let's it fly,
Back once more to watching the birds in the sky,

You tell the dog a simple no,
It pouts and sinks down real low.
Waiting for you to change your mind.
Hoping from its sad face you'll turn kind.

Tell a cat anything to do with no.
They will do it anyway at their show.
Maybe even pretend they don't for a while,
Waiting until your sleep to act so vile.

You tell a dog to come as you pat your knee,
Looking like a crazy person at your sea.
And they come and slobber on you.
Just like you knew they would at your zoo.

You call a cat and do a dance.
They will barely give you a glance.
If you want them you have to come their way.
Don't expect it to be the other way around at any bay.

Then of course is where you sleep.
In the dog will creep.
And try to take the bed from you.
But at the end it will reside in view.

While in the cat struts its stuff.
If you don't move, things will get rough.
As extra scratch marks are just for you,
I know you needed an extra one or two.

The cat could go on all day here at his bay, that you obviously know from each daily rhyming show. Especially with the difference between the two. They are so gullible at each zoo. So was the cat spot on? At least we never leave things for you to pick up on the lawn. Of course you may find a dead rodent in the grass but that is just what is left and you will never see the part that comes out my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I love the feud that cats and dogs have but both are awesome and at the end of the day they're hard to decide between, I know which one you'll say though Pat.

    1. Yeah both are great
      But to the cat Pat has to relate

  2. Cat/Dog difference is so true
    Especially habits of the loo
    At the Farmers Market I did stroll
    To buy some veggies was my goal
    A man came walking with his duck
    Harness and leash and a bit of luck
    What a pet, is he potty-trained
    I think the man must be hair-brained
    I'll take the cat with his box of sand
    And free the duck to roam the land

    1. hahaha wow that would be a sight
      Hope the duck doesn't bite
      Cat and dog over duck
      Will surely board this truck
      Err umm car
      At our sand bar

  3. Between cats and dogs are lots of difference
    They react not the same to similar situations
    Dogs follow it plain
    Cats are difficult to train
    Funny enough Pat's Cat is never a problem


    1. Yeah never a problem at all
      Here at my hall
      Just create a few
      For those to view
      And give a cat call

  4. My lame brain never understood cats because they are complicated creatures. I speak dog language 'cause it's easier, "eat, pet, play, poop".

    1. haha well you have them down
      As they want to mark everything in town

  5. I used to have a cat
    A while back,
    That would come to my feet in a rush,
    Every time I'd pull out his brush.
    Odd I know,
    But I did love that cat so.
    I miss him.

    1. Some love the brush
      Others won't mush
      They'll go the other way
      With such a display

  6. Ha, ya I agree...if you tell a cat to do something (or not) it doesn't listen.
    Whereas a dog listens perhaps half the time! LOL..
    And as for peeing all at once, mine (for the most part) do.
    Odd boy dog doesn't 'mark' places other dogs have been
    but one of my females sometimes does. LOL.
    And my boy dog, being so much around his sisters,
    most of the time will pee like a girl! Ha.
    Too much information, I know.

    1. hahaha never fear
      It is never tmi here
      That is funny that he'll squat when he pees
      Maybe he doesn't like going when there is a breeze

  7. And the cat does it all with attitude. The dog has an attitude as well, just not sure what.

    1. Yeah the dog has an attitude of me me me
      Look look look, child like at ones sea

  8. There is only one Queen in my house.
    Although,I wouldn't mind a cat
    IF, it would kill the mouse
    But my dogs listen nicely to my chat.
    So,I will stick with critter control
    Therefore,I guess I'm a silly fool.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. haha yep you are the silly fool
      At least you don't drool

  9. ha the cat def has a mind of its own, but it does have a compassionate bone, mine likes to snuggle, but only when it wants, or it will give trouble....

    1. Oh yeah when they want to
      They can show compassion at ones zoo
      When they want to
      Otherwise big screw you

  10. Cats are jerks, but at least they're incredibly graceful. Cats are the only animal that can jump up on my computer desk and walk across my laptop, my pictures, and knick knacks like a little ninja without touching a single one of them. A dog, meanwhile, would jump up on the desk, freak out, and destroy everything in a single step.

    1. haha yeah that is true
      They can go across and not bother you
      Dogs just bulldoze through
      Who cares what is in view

  11. My cats come when I call!
    All 15 at my stall!

    1. haha follow the leader
      To the kibble feeder

  12. This is SO TRUE. Cats never conform, well maybe for one moment then back to their selfish ways. Although I love dogs and cats both, cats keep you on your toes and that's much more fun.

    1. Yeah cats keep you on your toes
      Dogs do to, as they chew things and cause woes

  13. Cats are naturally selective to say the least

    1. Yep select everything
      When they want to do it at their wing

  14. When my dog goes for a walk she likes to run at light speed

    she's faster than a steed

    1. Guess it would no longer be a walk
      A run then as people gawk

  15. Hi ! Pat Hatt, Miss Priss, and The Cat...
    ...I must admit that you were spot-on [today] here at your mat as you compare[d] dogs [sometimes silly behavior] to [prissy out-going] cats...
    By the way, it's good to be at you mat...I have missed Miss Priss, and the ever-so bossy
    deedee :)

    1. Yeah both are sure that way
      As they go about ones bay

  16. You sure nailed a host of great comparisons. Dogs want to please, cats demand to be pleased.

    1. Yep they sure have the demand down
      And if you don't listen they'll make you frown

  17. Dogs can be logs and cats can be brats
    despite the all the scratches
    despite all the pats.
    But be they big or be they small
    it's hard not to love them in the face of it all.

    VR Barkowski

    1. That is very true
      Once they are with you
      Hard not to
      At your zoo

  18. Yikes that kitty
    shows no pity
    for this drooling sort
    that loves to cavort
    over hill and dale
    searching for a tail
    to tug
    overturn any rug
    that doesn't allow
    my sexy bow wow

    1. haha must be many a rug
      You give a tug
      And destroy
      But it can bring joy

  19. I could get my cats on my lap at will
    Open a can of tuna, oh what a thrill
    They always thought cat food for sure
    And often I couldn't resist, so pure
    I also could coax them to my lap
    But never for a relaxing nap
    I'd pick up my yarn and then my hook
    And they'd be playing before I could look
    Yarn would be all over the floor
    And I'd have to go buy more

    1. haha yeah they see string
      And they want the thing
      Be right there at your feet
      To tear it apart and eat

  20. Cats and dogs have their differences
    that is true, but what can you do
    they both like treats & are unique
    as they play hide and seek..
    cats have their own mystique

    But, just keep the cat away from
    my bird, as I think he might
    like that treat..yikes..

    Hope you are enjoying your day!

    1. haha yeah they both go for the treat
      There at their street
      And just keep the he/she up high
      And all the cat will do is give birdie the evil eye haha

  21. orlin N cassie

    everee thing said bout de dawgs bee troo
    think yur dadz gonna haz one ther at yur zoo !!

    bulldog :)

    1. haha maybe one day
      But not for a while at our bay

  22. So very true
    Cats leave me feeling blue
    When they don't come when I call
    Instead, they high tail it down the hall.

    My dogs are always eager to please
    Every time I pat my knees.

    But I love both dogs and cats
    And would take either, in at my mat.

    1. Yeah they both have their perks
      And can bring forth smirks
      One day a dog may come due
      Won't make for a happy kitty crew

  23. Dogs are superior
    They just don't know it
    While cats can be bitchy
    And ready to show it
    Put them together and
    Ask which is best
    I'll say my stuffed animals
    Beat all the rest.


    1. You still have stuffed animals on display?
      They are easier any day
      No need to feed
      No need to be peed
      Just give them a hug
      Or a drink from an imaginary mug

  24. While cats may be nice and clean
    Licking their paws and using them to preen
    Give me the mutt every single time
    They show that they love you, and don't think it's a crime.

    1. hahaha the mutt can show with ease
      But it can even love fleas

  25. WeeeeeeeeeeeDoggies, you are sure right!

  26. And...that's why I have rats. lol

  27. Hahahhaha.... so true about cats and dogs. A dog will try to please the master, a cat will tell you where to get off if you even try to think you are the master.

    1. haha yep, they'll flip you the bird
      And make you feel absurd

  28. Love them both
    a lot,
    but cats - wiser,
    sitting always on
    the healing spot

    1. Yeah they are more wise
      But both have great ties

  29. Hmmm, woofies are people-pleasers;
    We are People-teasers.
    We kitties value our pride;
    Woofies shove theirs off to the side.
    I'm glad that I'm a cat
    No shred of any doubt about that!

    1. haha yeah none at all
      At your hall
      They do shove theirs aside
      Wanting to go for a car ride

  30. Caught them both, dogs have no pride what so ever

  31. I have to say that I believe Black Jack
    Is part cat!
    She conforms to many of your words
    Never showing the habits of nerds.
    She caught a vole in a hole
    (That's pretty close to a mole)
    And as for coming when I call
    She checks first for, at the very least, a ball (if not food).

    1. hahaha one smart pup
      Make sure food is in her cup

  32. Love it Pat. You captured the cat dog contrast perfectly. :) You should see my cat though. He has a liquid imbalance in his brain, so he slobbers, stumbles, and enjoys walks on the leash around the neighborhood. Check him out, lol:

    1. haha wow he really goes
      Many cats would just sit there and lick their toes

  33. Our old cat used to think that she was a dog: played with toys, came running when I whistled, begged for treats, etc.

    It was a bit confusing for my simple brain.

    1. Maybe that was the point
      To confuse you at your joint

  34. Hey there Pat, I've been away
    Missed some posts at your bay
    But this was funny and true
    Cats and dogs at anyone's zoo
    Act like you said in your post
    Dogs are loyal the most
    Cats are aloof but cute still
    Pets (and poets) are a thrill :)

    1. That they are
      Near and far
      Dogs will please
      And even share fleas

  35. we have had both dogs and cats.
    Myself, I am a wolf
    A wolf isn't like cats, Pat
    it is way more like a dog.
    I was going to rhyme this thing
    but I just am too tired!!!
    Good to see you today at my home base,
    You always cheer me up. xox jean

    1. haha too tired to rhyme
      That is a crime
      But glad I can bring cheer
      With my little rhyming rear

  36. I think the cats.ony make they want and sometimes love teasing you!
    you know always looking with his eyes so proud of themselves :)

  37. Sigh, this reminds me of how my ferrets used to break into the pantry all the time to steal food and treats for themselves.

    1. haha no manners at all
      Just steal, eat and have a ball

  38. I love cats and dogs, but am highly allergic to cats. So Patches is my pet and my hubby says sometimes she's more cat than dog! :)

    1. Allergies surely suck
      Better cat than duck haha

  39. Hi Y'all,

    While we run from tree to tree, boy cats spray all far and near without regard to indoor or out.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    1. haha yes there are some like that
      They are a naughty cat

  40. Cat and Mutt..
    giving you hard time Pat :)
    But, it looks like you are enjoying that too :P

    1. haha oh yeah fun to watch indeed
      As long as none bleed


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