Fill Your Purse With A Tweetful dVerse!

So as Pat sat at work waiting for the one and only perk, well besides the pay that lets us eat at our bay, which is for the day to be done and to go out in the sun. He decided to watch the twitter feed. A brain cell or 10 some of them are surely in need.

I am better than instant coffee.
You must be so hyper you swing from a tree.
Canadians get the message of saving more borrowing less.
I was too broke to get that message I guess.

I think it is wrong that monopoly is only made by one place.
So a monopoly you don't embrace?
I am sitting in class and we're talking about sperm.
You may get some if you swallow the worm.

If they treat you like an option, leave them like a choice.
Now that is a saying in which one should rejoice.
Facts to tickle your bone.
So you're going to cut my arm? Leave me the hell alone.

Four ways to use yelp.
I don't want to use yelp, help!
Can I start up a kickstarter just because?
Could get you dough if you made enough buzz.

The blessing of the present is from the complications of the past.
Even if those complications don't go away fast?
My laptop just squeaked, I don't think this is a good thing.
While it is better than it letting swear words fling.

Totally free access to debt.
That is a conundrum you can bet.
In heaven all the interesting people are missing.
Oh that could lead to some hissing.

You have got to throw beer out the window.
Such a litter bug at your show.
At 1:30 AM my Internet is always sucky.
It could be those gremlins or maybe chucky.

I want something real fattening right now.
Could always go out in the field and eat a cow.
That hurt like hell.
So I guess it was not swell?

With every opportunity comes another setback.
Like stepping on a thumbtack?
I always feel like somebody is watching me.
Sorry, I was bored I tell you at my work sea.

Explaining this over and over is too much for me.
Is it really that hard to climb a tree?
I am not being negative, I am positive you will screw it up.
Stealing a line from a movie for that hiccup.

And with that we had a very dVerse display of some oh so great tweets at my bay. I know I did this a time or two but whoopdi friggin doo. For with thousands of messages that come to pass, it leaves many wide open to attack by my little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. As you know I'm sure Pat I am a big fan of Twitter! The only problem is that I agree, some serious rot can be posted on there at times, especially by myself haha! Great post buddy, 140 characters sure can cover a heck of a lot!

    1. Oh yes you fill the feed
      With such whining for all to read lol

  2. Hope they don't hit anyone when they throw beer out the window

    1. Then they may sue
      So m ay as well throw two

  3. It's always more of the same
    Tweeter makes the thinking lame
    Petty snippets
    That one gets
    Taking one close to being insane


    1. Yeah that is right
      By its sight
      You will go
      Rather slow
      As brain cells take flight

  4. all our intelligence in 140 characters...makes me wonder how some times we even fill that, ha. a thimble will hold all our intelligence we boldly use because we can, that is our excuse.

    1. Yeah some only say
      Ten words at twitters bay
      So they can't even fill
      The thimble must feel ill

  5. I wish the better ideas could last
    As for complications...they never go away fast
    Some have issues while others prefer to tweet
    Just Coz they can't bear the heat

    1. Seems many can bear the heat
      On the Twitter street
      All you sea
      At each tree

  6. My morning is made by perusing Twitter
    It's more entertaining that a cat covered in glitter

    1. A cat covered in glitter would just lick
      Maybe throw up a hairball and get rather sick

  7. I am not witty enough to post a lot
    But, I must admit I will watch the trot
    I enjoy the comedians and funny ones
    But, skip all the 'buy me' cons!

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

    1. The buy me buy me
      Are also ignored at my sea

  8. If they treat you like an option, leave them like a choice.

    Damn true
    so intelligent are you

    1. Yeah that is a good saying
      One worth displaying

  9. Frightening ideas,
    full of fleas,
    thank you and please,
    I'm on my knees

    1. Damn what those fleas can do
      I have such power at my zoo

  10. I'm still a Twidiot. Can't get the hang of it.

    1. Need to bone up on it
      Hmmm bad choice of words I spit

  11. I had been on Twitter for a while
    maybe I should look at it again!

  12. I want something real fattening right now

    What does that mean?
    I don't hold myself in esteem?
    I want to look like a blimp
    Call me Hindenberg, I'm a wimp
    I want to eat till I pop
    Clean me up with a mop
    When I ride on a plane
    Would it be better by train
    Or travel by barge
    With a girl they call Marge

    1. Well at least they can amuse
      As the peruse
      Being kin to a whale
      Could get them in jail
      Locked in a cage
      On the yellow page
      Come see the sight
      At the bronx zoo day and night

  13. Twitter's full of funnies on the feed, that's for sure. :) And it's a fun way to pass a few minutes or so when work's getting boring. ;)

    1. Yep gives me something to do
      But that quickly gets boring too

  14. Not a huge Twitter fan here
    But must admit the truth quite clear
    Sometimes news travels faster
    Along the Twitter blaster

    1. Yeah travels the twitter waves
      Put some into early graves

  15. I do tweet n' run quite a bit, but I never yelp!

    1. Good you don't yelp
      People may think you need help

  16. Not twitter watching now but interesting to what
    people are writing to pass the time ~

    Soaking my feet in the sands, better option for me
    anytime ~ Go out and enjoy summer time ~

    Smiles from BC ~

    1. Pffft not all of us are on vacation at our sea
      Stuck at work is little old me

  17. Throw beer out the window? Isn't that alcohol abuse?

    1. Hmmm gives it a new meaning at least
      Nature of the beast

  18. me your tweet and i'll tell you... smiles... i think it's a good exercise for wordy people though to shorten down....smiles

    1. Yeah that is true
      But I like being wordy at my zoo lol

  19. I did tweet. But not for too long.

    Actually, it's not a good idea to tell-the-world, just what one is doing, and is going to do next. IMHO, anyway...

  20. I tweet some days more than others.... Since summer started,... I have been neglecting a lot of things. I need to get on the stick!

    1. Summer makes all slack
      As you can see by the slow down at each blog shack

  21. "Totally free access to debt.
    That is a conundrum you can bet."


    This one struck my funny bone! :)

    1. Yeah not sure how it works
      But worth some smirks

  22. I was just going to comment on the same as Emilyann. Good response re the conundrum. Is "totally free" (as opposed to "partially free" - ?) access to debt a good thing? Is it hard to come by? Because I got it easily, and I don't think it's good. Twitter is a weird, annoying world. I stay away more and more.


    1. Debt must be getting oh so rare
      Soon there will be less than cat hair
      Yeah I avoid it a ton
      Except when I use it for a post under my sun

  23. I've got no time to sit and tweet;
    I've got places to go and people to meet.
    Okay, so that's not true;
    I simply haven't got a clue
    Why what I eat and what I do
    Is of any interest at all to you.

    1. For blog fodder it may be
      Interest to insult thee
      But other than that
      Sure beats the cat

  24. Someone once said that Twitter is sitting there having a conversation with yourself hoping someone else will jump in. While I only use it to promote my giveaways, I do love to watch what flies by from time to time.

    Oh, and I would totally buy a computer that sat here and cussed at me. That would be quite entertaining, for sure!

    1. That is a true definition of it.
      lol would be amusing to have a computer tell us we are full of shit

  25. I tweet blog posts and promotions. That's about it. I don't have time for more than that.

    1. It does take way too much time
      So I only give a once in a while chime

  26. I still never got the appeal of twitter

    1. Not much appeal
      But has to be used when giving a deal

  27. Ha! I'm far too wordy to bother with Twitter!

    1. And your grammar nazi self
      Would go crazy at your shelf

  28. orlin N casie....soundin like de broken recordz we iz....three reezons we due knot tweet...

    7) de food service purrson will knot let uz
    2) itz de hole damn burd song.....tweet

    enjoy yur twoozday !!

    1. haha the burd thing I knew
      Would discourage you

  29. I like to flit,
    I like to tweet...

  30. With tweets like that I may head for the rum
    And spend the day away from work sitting in the sun.
    I'm up and running for another time
    I hope I'll be back tomorrow with another rhyme.

    1. I'll be here
      With my rear
      I'll give an oh dear
      Should you not come near lol

  31. I liked:
    Totally free access to debt.
    In heaven all the interesting people are missing.

  32. A little bird went tweet
    &followers came to greet
    with a little song of their own
    who would have known how big
    it would have people
    pass time from zone to zone
    posting words on twitter
    as they fry a fritter...

    Hope you are having a good
    day there at your bay and
    not working too hard today...

    1. Work is all I do
      At my zoo
      And as of late
      Late is your fate
      Have to beat that traffic in the morning I suppose
      Don't want to cause road rage woes

    2. Sorry Pat been busy at my mat
      I try to get on in the morning
      but, some days its hard to do
      working OT this week at my zoo
      oh and I love the new picture
      this one is simply great..

      Perhaps, I should tweet would
      be easy to do on my phone
      then I can drop a tweet hello

      Have a good night Captain Pat Hatt..(laughing)
      I like the sound of that..have you done
      a Pirate book yet? If not perhaps you
      should..would be fun to see what you
      would do..

      Speaking of books I donated that one to
      the library they put it in the children's
      section on big display as new...

    3. Hard to do
      There at your zoo
      I know the feeling as well
      But thankfully where I dwell
      I have one perk
      I can lurk at work
      The tweet I may not see for a while though
      As I barely look at that show
      New you say
      Great display
      Maybe Captain Pat Hatt will rise
      And yeah I already did a book with pirates and patch eyes

  33. Tweets and twitters--I would rather communicate face-to-face.

    1. Yeah much easier to do
      But can't always be done at ones zoo

  34. No twitter for me.
    I've never tried it at my sea.
    Although pithy I can be,
    I've never had the desire to twit or tweet!

    1. I use it for the books
      As it gets them looks

  35. Cracking up at that new header. Oh, that is SO you.

    1. Wish I really had that gold around my neck
      Then I could have a place with a huge deck

  36. use it for my books, has to be done. Great new header too

  37. Nice new header
    Couldn't be bedder!

    I'd like to tweet
    But it would be a feat
    Since I'm a kitty
    And meow so pretty
    I don't wanna sound like a bird
    In fact, it would just be absurd!

    1. Yeah that it would be
      Avoid the bird, stay a kitty

  38. Not much to say 'bout twitter -
    -cept sometimes they need a baby sitter -
    and it's not like I'm just a quitter
    but for me they're just a no-hitter!

    Much rather just eat a worm,
    (if'n it don't squirm)
    I'd just hold it real firm,
    squeeze it for a little term
    and swaller it like a big 'ol germ!
    But got no need for no more sperm...
    Ya'll can keep that, thank ye mightily!

    1. Good luck with the worm
      Down it will squirm
      Could give you a perm
      When it comes to full term

  39. I LOVE the header! :)
    I need to visit Twitter more often. I haven't read any silly tweets today, but I did get a funny text from Ruby. It said, "Mama, I'll love you for arrest of my life."
    She needs a Twitter account :)

    1. hahaha she would fit right in
      With the twitter bin

  40. I don't go on Twitter. I really don't see the appeal of microblogging.

    1. Need it to promote
      Otherwise not much of note

  41. I love Twitter, now that I've gotten used to it. It took me a while to figure it out but I like it now. Love the new picture.

  42. I'm not on Twitter, who has time
    For all those messages without rhyme?
    Too much nonsense I don't want to read
    I need something better at my feed
    Than silly tweets, rather have sweets :)

    1. Sweets would be neat
      For a treat
      But have to go the tweet beat
      To sell at my street

    2. Yep, for business Twitter is good
      Not necessary for now in my hood
      Later when I'm famous, I will tweet
      Selling books would be sweet
      Tweet away at your bay :)

    3. haha fame and tweeting
      Can be a tad fleeting

  43. I love the new site look. How perfect:)

  44. Nice new header Pat..
    and twitter is tale in itself
    go on and on.. people just never sleep there :P

    1. yeah they keep yapping
      All day they are flapping


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