Forth And Back Can Cause Flack!

Isn't it fun how you give one thing a run then something else is spun under your sun? Do you get what they cat is yapping about? Come now don't pout. I am sure you will catch on before the end of this trend and won't go completely around the bend. Although that can be fun too. The cat knows it to be true.

Finally, your big job is done.
No longer do you have to give it a run.
You think you have time,
Then comes another crime.

Now you have to clean some grime,
Left by some stupid mime.
Oops, time to cook food,
Deal with an idiot that is rude.

Have to get gas,
The grocery list needs another pass,
Another job crops up,
No coffee left for your cup.

Add that to the list,
As you grit your fist.
Just when you had some relief,
Comes a whole bunch more grief.

Damn phone rings over and over,
You have to walk rover,
Have to shovel too,
What is left behind for you.

Then comes some yapping in your hear,
As you try to make something come near,
Getting rid of that list,
Wanting to smack them with your fist.

Another maybe comes due,
Giving you the old switcheroo.
For now you have to start anew,
After they dropped another clue.

Can't make up their mind,
Annoying your behind.
But you push on,
Hoping for the coming dawn.

Lord and behold it comes,
You give off cheery hums.
Damn! Time for the first job once more,
That you completed last month at your shore.

It never ends,
These forth and back trends.
But such is life,
Guess we just have to look at it with less strife.

And now you get the cat as I went on about the mundane at my mat. For it comes to us all and has to get done at our hall. But if you don't get stuck behind the eight ball, that list doesn't get so tall. Now I'm off to pass some gas from my wiggling little rhyming ass.

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. Back and forth, it does happen
    Some make it so just to be even
    But learn something
    from it and think
    It makes life all the more fun


    1. Yeah one can learn
      At every turn
      Gives way
      Each day
      As the mind continues to churn

  2. Better than sitting around all day doing nothing. I'd rather be up and about.

    1. So videogames are up and about?
      Do you twist and shout

  3. There's so much out there to embrace
    As you walk...just keep looking sideways
    You'll get to notice it fast
    That might reduce the tasks that last
    Nerves won't irk with the breakdown of server
    Empty mug of coffee won't come as a torture
    What's the fun in life
    Without any strife?

    1. Don't drink coffee at all
      So safe at my hall
      As for nerves though
      At those things at my show

  4. just bought your book, keep up the good work :)

  5. When dealing with those who are humming,
    Methinks I'd rather be rumming!

  6. I prefer the mundane things in life rather than the crazy surprises. That way I know what to expect. Guess I'm a simple person with a pea sized brain.

    1. haha well you could be a relation to a cat
      That is the size of their brain at their mat

  7. One thing to do after another
    enough to make you smother
    never the end of the list
    everything's a catalyst
    there's just too much to do
    and then to redo and redo!

    1. Yep that is the thing
      At ones wing
      The redo
      Always crops up on you

  8. My lawn - that is the first chore that comes to mind. Worse than dishes.

    1. Rather mow the lawn any day
      Then shovel snow at my bay

  9. This reminds me of Gruondhog Day
    Same thing over and over again at one's bay
    Gotta change things up every once in a while
    That's the surest way to make one smile

    1. Yeah that you need
      Like fun take seed
      Then away one can go
      But the crap will still be there at your show

  10. he, you been spying on me to see the to do list my wife leaves for me daily...having summers of make it quite long, i whistle the seven dwarf song & like foxworth git r dun

    1. haha off to work you go
      Do you do things in a row

    2. So he DID make that dinner his son spit out! hahahahah!

    3. hahaha figures it was him
      Cooking must be grim

    4. that's what I told my twin...
      be easy on punishing him.
      if he made the food
      and it turned out crude.

    5. haha yeah can't help if it was crude
      I'd too give attitude

  11. A routine is set it seems so silly
    Would be more fun doing willy nilly
    It's extra chores that make me crazy
    Alternatives are pushing daisy
    Today it's cat food I must make
    I think that cat is on the take
    My boxes sit, await to mail
    Do you think I will be put in jail?

    1. Nah there will be no jail
      The cat will just wail
      Until you get that food down
      And the boxes get shipped from town

  12. that's why they call them chores

    such bores

  13. Always something to do, and nothing ever wants to wait. :)

    1. All comes at the same time too
      Sometimes at ones zoo

  14. I think not getting enough sleep and failing to properly organize leave me in the running in circles as you describe. I am not going to talk about my ability to screw things up either that contributes to making such lists longer. Enjoy your weekend Pat.

    1. haha well you will never have an empty list
      Although screwing things up may leave some pissed

  15. There used to be a song. A Girls Work Is Never Done! So true..

    For me, the faster I go the behinder I get.

    1. Yeah always seems to be the way
      Things pile up at each bay

  16. I like putting things off... which inspired my own quote, "The only thing that cannot successfully be put off until another time is procrastination."

    1. haha quite the true quote
      But death or birth in some ways can't be put off as when one wants out they want out lol

  17. This is exactly that Pat, in life there just seems to be more and more things to do and they all only seem to cross your mind when you've finished other things. Great post buddy, humorous stuff to me haha.

    1. Yeah always comes back around
      Something else is always found

  18. I really get what you say
    life kind-of always gets its way...
    It has its own whims and fancies
    and we are left crying like pansies...

  19. orlin N cassie...tell yur dad if him pazzez enuff gas him could purrhaps fill up de tank on de car...him could save a few $$$$


    hay, hope everee one haza grate week oh end !~~~~~~~~

  20. All day long I work in sprints,
    In between interruptions that make me squint.
    I long for calm and quiet days,
    Forgive my crappy little clich├ęs,
    Gotta run the laundry buzzer calls,
    Better than cleaning out a horse's stall...

    1. That is very true
      Better than cleaning poo
      Could always be worse
      Even if almost worse makes you curse

  21. My life you just described in full
    Guess though it never gets dull
    Sometimes, though, I really wish
    Me off my feet freedom might swish!

    1. That would be grand
      Want that too in my land

  22. Ahhh, sounds like the life of a mother.
    Always doing stuff for another.
    No time for myself to do what I want.
    But away I work, with a tear and a grunt.

    1. haha a grunt you say
      Sure that could scare many away

  23. Yep, round and round and round we go,sometimes I feel I get it all done only to start it all over again :)

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  24. You must be busy today
    zipping from here to there
    as you are never far away
    I hope you are well &
    having a fabulous day
    hope the cat didn't
    stray & comes back
    to play..miss you
    Pat when you are away..

    1. Aww miss the cat
      And even Pat
      Never fear
      I am here
      Had to wait on stupid furniture moving guys
      They are not wise

    2. Good night you crazy cat
      and your friend wild Pat
      miss you I did at your sea
      are you moving in or
      moving out, are you
      hungry for a trout...
      good night my friend
      I hope your dreams sprout
      as that candles softly
      burns out...Good Night

    3. Just getting set up to move about
      But the cat will still take a trout

  25. I can totally relate. That's exactly as it is at my zoo!

  26. Yeah too many a chore
    On the weekend, what a bore
    I'd rather have some fun
    Spend some time in the sun
    Instead of running errands too
    Back and forth at my zoo
    Time to chill
    Experience a thrill :)

    1. Be nice to have a thrill
      And some time to kill
      But much to do
      plus the sun has to show first at my zoo

  27. That is way too much to do, not for me...butt for you!

    1. haha how rude
      I'll leave it to the pat, dude

  28. Procrastinators actually get on my nerves.
    I think they are absurd!

    Grit your fist? That's a new expression to me! lol... teeth maybe, but not fists.

    1. haha teeth did not rhyme
      So grit away had to be the chime
      Poor grammar nazi gets on your nerves then?
      Oh the shame at your den

    2. your teeth you can clench
      just like a wrench. ha.

      Yeah, as a matter of fact, he does!
      But, don't you judge! lol....
      And I've told him so myself
      so don't think you can blackmail me for wealth.

    3. I have a snappy reply for both of you, but... I think I'll tell you later!

    4. hahaha damn, blackmail would have be fine
      To this feline

      Have to think on that snappy reply
      Under your sky?

    5. No... I'm just procrastinating about posting it!

    6. So lazy at your sea
      Need to be a busy bee

    7. Busy bee? Yeah, that's the thing!
      Beware the Grammar Nazi's sting!

    8. But if you lose your stinger
      You'll be a dead ringer

  29. Just stop by to say Happy Friday Pat and to totally ignore the cat!!

    1. Pfft the cat says screw you
      Go scare animals in the zoo

  30. One thing nice about getting older:
    About mundane chores, we get much bolder.
    For peace of mind is a step way;
    Just remember tomorrow's another day.

    1. That is true
      It will still be there the next day to do

  31. sorry Pat today I have s terrible headsche. but I whish you a nice and fun saturday!

    1. Hopefully it goes away
      And you have a nice day

  32. Got many chores? -
    close all doors,
    leave for vacation
    on mysterious shore

    1. That takes dough
      Otherwise I'd agree at my show

  33. That's why the Human is so lazy about getting out the sucky monster to suck up all my furs on the rugs. She knows that I am just going to put a whole bunch more right where it always was and then she will just have to do it again. She shouldbe bought black rugs--it would've been sooooo much easier.

    1. Yeah that should have been the way
      Black and your hair could stay

  34. Done the bathroom/oops, forgot the lounge and here I am throwing a tantrum/dusted the windowsill in the kitchen/but there is still dirt under the sink, hidden.

    Your cat's right/work will keep you up all night.

    It's already summer, do a runner. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. haha a runner you say
      They are at least fit at ones bay

  35. yeah.. It never ends,
    These forth and back trends

    go on n on. in circles !!


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