From The Comment Below Comes A New Flow!

So a long long time ago, like months at my show. Except more like weeks for me, since I'm so far ahead at my sea. There was a waffle comment as the cat made fun of some of you and Adam left a question I just have to answer in a typical What To Do.

What to do, What to do
To cope after being assaulted by a waffle at your zoo.

What can I do?
For now I am blue.
Give me a single malt.
How else can I cope with a waffle assault?

Use it as a circus act.
Could get in that book for a world record fact.
Arm yourself with a fork and spoon.
Call that waffle out at high noon.

Make your plate good and hot.
That could burn it a whole lot.
Smash each toaster you see.
Bury all waffles beneath a tree.

Go on a crusade,
The path is now laid.
Become the waffle avenger.
Or would that be revenger?

Either way,
You could surely make those waffles pay.
Get your pitch fork ready,
And stab them to death steady.

Then those you miss,
Will also get no bliss.
For the cost of waffles will be through the roof.
No one will buy, they'll rot and then poof.

Away they will go.
No more waffles will grow.
Then you will cope,
And not eye that rope.

After such an assault it is all you can do.
Unless you want to eat them all and use the loo.
That also is an evil fate.
But could give you a heart attack at any rate.

Either way it will cure your waffle hate.
And stop a waffle shipment crate.
But you will always carry the insult,
Of the time you were on the receiving end of your waffle assault.

So there you go class. Should a waffle assault ever come to pass, whether lad or lass, now there is no need to jump in a sea of bass. You can win back your dignity and roll in the grass. All thanks to my little rhyming ass. 

Fill your rummer, get drunk all summer.


  1. I was #1 but it went to spam that is my excuse

    1. Sure use that excuse
      But it was off to my spam box for your caboose

  2. An unwanted assault comes your way
    Face up and take account on any day
    It'll fizzle
    You'll sizzle
    Sweet victory you'll triumphantly say


    1. And then plan
      To get a tan
      at some beach
      Out of reach
      Preferably nude without a single man lol

  3. Next you will be wondering why trees don't grow upside down.

    1. Well you never know
      I could give that a go

  4. i am hungry for waffles now, mhh hot waffles.

    No one assaults me with waffles - that means you would have free waffles right?

    1. Yeah but if the are burnt and hard
      You may run as you get pelted across the yard

  5. This is so funny, ho ho ho
    Sting that waffle, watch him go
    As waffle avenger you can strike anytime
    Make all waffles pay if they make a bad rhyme
    The waffle assault can come to an end
    Your honor restored by a waffle defend

    1. haha honor taken by a waffle assault
      That would make many come to a halt
      They raise and eye, curling up their nose
      Thinking you drank the bong water right from the hose

  6. This leaves me speechless!

    1. LMAO and it wasn't gross or zombie feet
      Damn I can't be beat

  7. Waffle Avengers! The new superheroes.

    1. You never know
      Could be a great team at ones show

  8. To get to your lair soon
    The fight is rough and tough
    Can't call the Waffle at High Noon!
    He will be napping on his duff!

    1. Need a nap
      After a lap
      For good old one
      Under my sun

  9. By a waffle??????????????????????????????????

    Gentle hugs,
    (Who is being a little silly, after the Holiday...)

  10. If you wanta get pay back,
    To punish and spite them,
    Grab the syrup, lay back,
    Sink your teeth in and bite 'em!

    1. Bite the things
      Hope no indigestion it brings

  11. but i like waffles...surely better than pancakes
    i like the crisp & hot with syrup...
    i will take the front line of the assault
    and take some butter to get us out

    1. haha okay, sounds good
      You can be the waffle stopper in every hood

  12. You can straighten that waffle out with a good iron!

    1. Then it would be flat
      Kinda like the one of you at your mat

  13. I wouldn't mind being attacked by a waffle in my zoo
    Throw in a pancake while you're at it; maybe even two!

    1. I'll send the attack your way
      Should it near my bay

  14. A man was arrested,
    film at eleven
    for a waffle he had
    and he did throw
    at a waitress
    tray held high
    was said to lose
    both her eyes.

    For she had
    no fork
    don't you see
    and too scared
    she was
    to flee.

    Death by waffle,
    what a way to go
    could only happen
    here at your show,

    Dude, I'm really hungry now. Pass the maple syrup.

    1. haha that probably did occur
      After some redneck ruffled his fur

    2. I thought you meant literal waffles here.

      Off topic but not totally. The Hubby says you guys have a Maple Reserve and that not long ago some people tried to infiltrate it and steal the syrup. It sounds like a bogus story to me as he got it off the interwebs.

    3. I meant the waffle assualt came due
      In real life mentioned by you
      I think that is false about our shore
      But you are welcome to come and explore

  15. Waffles do assault my hips and ass. Gotta stay away from those carbs.

    1. A hip and ass assault
      No wonder why you go for the malt

  16. Replies
    1. Never would have guessed
      Glad you confessed lol

    2. I like the kind you eat, too! haha...

    3. speaking of waffles, where is he today?

    4. Probably at work
      He'll be around to lurk

  17. A waffle lover, too
    Powers bodies on wheels two
    Gotta see what comes of trees
    Upside down growing perhaps in threes

    1. Would be interesting to be had
      Upside down trees at ones pad

  18. So this time a waffle
    actually did baffle
    next time employ some tact
    caution is needed as a matter of fact

    1. Some caution tape
      Or don a waffle fighting cape

  19. A crazy waffle attack
    at your looney shack
    better watch your back
    now, I need a snack

    Pass the maple syrup
    I'd like a big cup
    slow, rich & sweet
    straight from the tree

    Let the sugar flow
    just not on zombie toes
    Belgium waffles to go
    you don't like them, whoa
    just give them a throw

    waffle attack by the cat
    don't give him a stack
    he might give you a smack
    leaving before I get a whack...

    lol..funny stuff cat..
    here at your mat...

    PS - It's hot here today let's go for
    a swim under the sun until the day
    is done..oh what fun..floating about
    eating some

    1. The waffles would certaintly be thrown
      They would just make be groan
      And a swim would be nice indeed
      as it as very hot at our feed
      With no a/c
      Sucks, believe me

    2. Ah cat some a/c would be nice
      need some cash in that hand
      so you can cool off in your land
      no central a/c at my shore
      just those window stands
      but, it's better than a fan

      a beach would be a treat
      cool those zombie feet
      as we swim about
      crash on the shore
      as the waves roar...

    3. Went and bought an a/c
      This morning at my sea
      Had to be done
      Way too hot under my sun
      So the credit card got another ding
      93 degrees it was in here before I got the thing

  20. Hey,

    Where did my post go
    did you erase it
    from your show
    then away I go...

    1. Yep blabbered too much
      So poof it went and such lol

  21. Kids love waffles...
    New super hero
    who's looking
    for syrup,
    escapes the flames
    and waters,
    takes trip
    to the Europe...
    been caught on the hook,
    ends up in your book? :)

    1. haha could make for a book
      Stranger things have happened at my nook

  22. Hi Pat,

    Is there something wrong at your
    zoo, my posts are not coming through

    Hope you are having a good day!

    1. Yeah many go to spam
      Blogger is in some kind of traffic jam

  23. This post seems a bit sticky
    a waffle assault is certainly icky
    No breakfast have I had yet
    But hungry for a waffle, is a safe bet.

    1. A waffle advertiser at my sea
      Someone should pay me lol

  24. what do you do about french toast - or pancakes?

    1. Just flush them away
      And hope they have a nice day

  25. Will try this again
    & see if it's a win

    A crazy waffle attack
    at your looney shack
    now, I want a snack
    can I have a stack

    I'll take mine to go
    you don't like them, whoa
    give them a quick throw
    just don't hit zombie toes

    cat might fling them back
    hit you hard with a smack
    waffle assault with a hacky sack
    better go before he gives me a whack

    You are funny with your waffle attack
    always amusing at your shack..

    Hey cat it's hot & sunny today
    how about a swim at my bay
    we can eat trout as we float about...

    Hope you are having a great day


    1. haha mixed it up a bit
      Couldn't remember exactly how you wrote it? lol
      Now all will think you are as crazy as me
      With a repeat blabber session at my sea

    2. This is too funny at your sea
      I swear it wasn't there and
      now it is here twice..
      I guess that makes it extra nice

      It is true..I couldn't remember
      how the first one
      crazy you say at your bay
      well, at least that makes
      two you & I what more can I say
      I think I've said enough for one day..

      still laughing - now where is that
      duck tape????

      Have a good night..

    3. haha so they make duck tape now?
      Is that the same as duct tape or is it more cow?
      Crazy is fun
      So it is okay to be so under the sun

    4. Haha - This is funny that I did a blooper
      I think I'll call it "duck" tape super
      to tape those bills, that quack & quack
      while they waddle around your
      but, I know you have "duct" tape hidden
      at your bay..just sayin' lol..have a good

      Oh crazy is indeed fun..glad it is ok
      under your can you play me
      hot cross buns ..laughing

    5. Hidden you say?
      What could it be for at my bay lol
      Hot crossed buns I could play
      But I'll save that for another day

  26. I made the kids waffles for breakfast his morning. Pretty tasty dish, I have to say. No idea how they could incite such rage. :)

    1. haha blah to me
      But yeah such rage would make me flee

  27. I am seriously jonesing for a hot waffle drenched in melted butter and syrup now. I got no hate for the waffles, even the ones that assault :)

    1. You can have mine too
      As that just sounds nasty at my zoo

  28. Waffles dry out very fast, esp if you put them in the sun. Then you can use them to tile the walls or the patio. Revenge is sweet.

    1. haha sounded like you've had some experience come due
      There at your zoo

  29. Even though this wasn't about me, seeing waffles pointed out so much really made me smile, and the blue waffle reference that you threw in really made that smile turn into a smirk, funny stuff Pat!

    1. an assault by a blue waffle would be a big crime

      imagine the slime

    2. Yeah or the mold
      That would not be waffle gold

  30. I may be the only person in the world who doesn't like waffles or pancakes. But I saw a post recently where a waffle iron, 18 years old (a wedding gift) was finally taken out of its box and used. Writer said her waffles were amazing.
    But assault by waffle, could be worse I guess, especially if covered in syrup and butter. Messy, messy!

    1. Not the only one
      As they are hated under my sun

  31. Waffles can be hazardous to your health. Unless you top them with bananas. Then they can keep the mosquitos away.

    1. Well that is a good tip
      As off the mosquitos they flip

  32. As long as it's a gluten free waffle!

  33. I use to hate waffles.. Now I love them..they assault my stomach though or maybe that was the eggs and ham

    1. Eggs and ham
      Can leave ones stomach in a jam

  34. Somehow you've managed to make me hungry for waffles. Even though it's been years since I last ate one.

    1. haha damn the cat is good
      Advertise he should

  35. Silly me! I read this and thought for sure it was about Matthew. Then I get to end and see it wasn't. ha ha ha!!!

    1. haha i guess that is what happens when you have one eye
      Here under your sky

  36. stabbing a stack of waffles sounds like my kind of crime
    grab the syrup and i'll drop a dime
    for cream cheese taking my sweet time
    with blackberry jelly leaving a bluebeard shine
    the assault must stop
    i take them golden squares piping hot

    ...thanks, i'm starving for waffles now and have none:)

    1. Damn you have waffle eating down
      There at your town
      Sorry you have none
      To the store you'll have to run

  37. From now on, I am gonna read your posts from bottom to top. It will still make sense :-)


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